Quality of Life in Cuenca, Ecuador

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Purchasing Power Index 37.99   Very Low
Safety Index 54.40   Moderate
Health Care Index 76.93   High
Climate Index 98.36   Very High
Cost of Living Index 33.09   Very Low
Property Price to Income Ratio 12.84   High
Traffic Commute Time Index 35.20   Moderate
Pollution Index 46.96   Moderate
ƒ Quality of Life Index: 140.90   Moderate

Minimum contributors for an underlying section: 6

Maximum contributors for an underlying section: 104

Last update: April 2024

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10 Comments so far
Anonymous on Feb 22, 2024:
Oh and by the way, Mr. Feyen is incorrect on many things, one of which you need to know Spanish. You can get around with google translate, and just using a few words, but, of course, learning Spanish will make your experience much richer here. I intend to take a group class, a good way to meet others as well. There are many classes here that won't break the bank and that includes experiences as well.
denise on Feb 22, 2024:
I just landed in Cuenca, and I think I will find it very comfortable here. II have only been here a few weeks, so far just doing all the not so fun things like finding an apartment and getting set up. Also, hope I meet no one like the old crabby and sexist Mr. Feyen. What an awful person. I am sure there are folks like him here, like everywhere else. But I have met several guys here who are very modern and liberal, but I am sure there is a mix. Mr. Feyen needs to go live in Alabama or Texas and never be seen again.
Anonymous on Feb 22, 2024:
This is so often incorrect. The financial requirement for retirement for 2023 is not $1350. It was $1450, and now in 2024 it is $1475. I rarely see this correct anywhere.
Anonymous on Oct 24, 2023:
2023 financial requirement for retirement visa is $1350. This changes yearly, and is based on the Ecuador minimum wage. If the min wage increases by 20% which it had been doing then the financial requirements will increase 20%. I suggest this info is updated yearly. I see so many websites with outdated info on this.
Anonymous on Sep 26, 2023:
Richard,Following up with your query about the affordability, the newer threshold for income is now around $1275, subject to changes. I would continue to check updates, there's a lot of Youtube content that gets updated and gives good perspectives.

An article outlines: Internal data from our partners on current Retirement Visa applications suggest that around 40% of applicants don't meet the new $1275 monthly income requirements. This is a sizeable chunk of the expat market, which I'd expect to have trickle-down effects on many businesses in Ecuador.

source: https://expatsecuador.com/visas/changes-2022/ Perhaps working with an advisor would better position your situation. best luck with your retirement.
Richard Scott on Feb 28, 2023:
I plan to retire in Cuenca within the next year... I would appreciate any advice you can give me... I only have 1200 a month income and would like to know if that's doable... I'll look forward to your responses... Thanks
Bruce McLaughlin on Feb 22, 2023:
John Feyen comment certainly is about as silly and as misogynistic as they come. Ive US friends in Cuenca and they are not even remotely as out of touch as this. Made me both laugh and shake my head.
Rick Davison on Jan 13, 2022:
I welcome Mr Feyen's comments on life in Cuenca, but do not appreciate his silly references to socialists in America. There are no socialists in America. We're all capitalists or are working for capitalists. We have government benefits, but fewer than in many other countries.
Anonymous on Oct 12, 2021:
Mr. Feyen sounds like an old angry white male. He prefers women who lived in the 50s. A misogynist. The U.S. he describes is not the country in which I live, Sarasota, FL, U.S. I certainly hope all expats in Ecuador are not like this individual.
John Feyen on Oct 07, 2021:
Wonderful place to live, you have to speak Spanish. Very little English is Spoken. Safest city in Ecuador for sure. Cool and crisp at night and warm in the day. Climate is great. Ecuador in general is a conservative and family cultured society. Nice change from Babylonian North America. Some items here are the same price or more than the US. Vitamins are double. Fruits and veggies are 20% of US cost. Meat is clean no steroids or antibiotics, grass fed. Beef is for pressure cookers and crockpots. Filet Mignon think sirloin at best. Fish and chicken are my favorite. Chicken same price as US. Wonderful fish(Corvina-Sea Bass and Mahi and Tuna) is 50% of cost, except Salmon, same price. Beef is 50% of US cost. Pork 50% of US cost and really tasty. Buy your electronics before coming to Ecuador. Small selections and cost more. If your single here take your time. Traditional ladies like your 1960's US. What a great change from media brainwashed mixed up angry and sad US females. Recommended-Latin American Cupid. Cuenca has my endorsement for sure. I live in a great gated community, furnished apartment on 7th floor with a beautiful view. All utilities included with a new gym, basketball court, running track, bbq and 24 hour security. The cost $485. Looking for a nice country home with some land in the beautiful country side. It will be much less. As the Socialist take over the US I have a feeling Ecuador will get more Ex Pats. They already making planes to make the Residency Visas much harder to get and cut the flow. If your planning on moving here I would do it quick.