Quality of Life in Columbus, OH, United States

Purchasing Power Index 130.60   Very High
Safety Index 57.90   Moderate
Health Care Index 75.19   High
Climate Index 71.29   High
Cost of Living Index 66.58   Moderate
Property Price to Income Ratio 2.17   Very Low
Traffic Commute Time Index 25.65   Low
Pollution Index 25.89   Low
ƒ Quality of Life Index: 196.12   Very High

Minimum contributors for an underlying section: 33

Maximum contributors for an underlying section: 167

Last update: April 2019

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DeutschLebensqualität in Columbus
ItalianoQualità della Vita a Columbus
FrançaisQualité de Vie à Columbus
EspañolCalidad de Vida en Columbus

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5 Comments so far

#Anonymous on Apr 17, 2015 :
You'll also have several choices for major services like cable & internet; cell phone signals will be strong throughout Columbus & access to new technology will be rolled out speedily to Columbus; plenty of fire stations who will come save your butt when your house catches on fire; hundreds of politicians struggling with one another to come up with the best ways to serve the community, quick news reporting so you always know what has happened when it happens; etc.

Its all the little things you take for granted because you have never lived in an average city; 20,000 cities in the US. But only like 20, really great ones that people love to hate (because they act like they are too good for the world, spoiled and unable to see all the hard work the colonies of people before them have worked to create); so many people work hard to bring you a full Columbus experience but all you need to realize its only because of the community as a whole that this city can exist. Even your so called 'poor & criminals' help to build this diverse city & give everyone their own chance to live their life the way they see fit... just because everyone doesn't live the same or see the world the same from uptight business suit perspective, make more money perspective doesn't mean their quality of life is low; you reviewers might have way more money than me but clearly my quality of life & happiness is much higher than YOURS !
#Anonymous on Apr 17, 2015 :
Edits: Kors* -- oops Versace* is not in that list I was typing as I would speak, & listed off the top of my head please omit that & replace it rare physical stores such as: Coach, Sephora, Godiva, Homage, kate spade new york, Lacoste, The North Face -- aka stores that aren't present in 95% of the 20,000 US cities.
#Back to the Good on Apr 17, 2015 :
Also you have easy access to every type of store; whether it be a cornerstone for a quick bite to eat, a gas station when your low on fuel or your choice selection of fast food restaurants is always near when you need to get a quick bite to eat.

If you want to take your wife out for an anniversary, there are plenty of high end restaurant to choose from, & so many unique styles of restaurants.

If you're from another country we probably have your homelands restaurant & stores represented as well!

shhh... if you smoke there's probably someone in your circle who knows a guy... just saying. lol

You wont be traveling to see your favorite musicians & bands, they will come to us. You won't have to travel far for a festival or major event, major events & festivals come to us.

ohh so you like to party? there are so many unique bars to choose from in this city; from small pubs to always actually occupied large dance clubs & bars.

(Can your small town boast any of these things?)

You wont have to go to another city or online to shop & enjoy full fledged iconic stores like Versache, Burberry, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Victoria Secret, Express, Michael Kohrs, etc. We have the REAL venders here-- you don't have to browse a little reduced selection from a department store; We have those too, big department stores everywhere.

Huge stores dedicated soley to computers, like Microcenter, & all your sporting goods stores -- seriously what don't we have? We have the entire world bottled up in a city. We have fashion shows, famers markets, the state fair, a beautiful zoo, huge venues for major events & concerts -- brick roads the whole nine. We have a well known university here The Ohio State University & it also comes with alot of hometown support (something to talk about) & we're not bad at sports here. .. not to mention pro teams who compete with other pro teams from across the nation like our Blue Jackets & Crew; so you will always have the opportunity to witness your favorite athletes. & our sister cities Cleveland & Cincinnati are just a hop scotch away!

You will see bike stores, cyclists, dedicated bike routes & runners & joggers everywhere. Motorcycle clubs touring the city; Churches & Churches & all Religion representation Oh My!

The capital of the city & politicians -- tourists from all around the world; cmon seriously, if you're not enjoying Columbus, then who's fault is it??????!!

I haven't even mentioned the stylish, competitive, & beautiful people who make up the city! You will always have opportunities to find someone to play sports with, to dance with, to cheer your favorite team with, to go out with, to raise a family with.

#Charles on Apr 17, 2015 :
Also when you factor in the location of Columbus, you can easily hop over to New York / Chicago / Florida if you need to see some large buildings or beaches!
#Charles on Apr 17, 2015 :
What a couple bitter reviewers; who love to label others, you can clearly see what type of people they are. They are they type who are afraid of their own shadows, thinks everyone is dirty, criminials, & drug heads. No heres the truth. The truth is you have many AFFORDABLE homes in columbus, (because despite this no friend having, not getting a piece of the pie losers berating the citys comments -- not everyone is rich; in fact most aren't.) So you have many families who can happily afford to live in Columbus; this reviewer mentions disgusting words like prostitution to make up a percentage of his choice of words for this city, and that is another indication of his own perception of the world; clearly prostitution is not running rampant in any city-- of the 750,000 people who live here there aren't like some high percentage of prostitutes on the street so please just move. You don't have a good view of anything period. Go to another city.

I'm not saying prostitution doesn't exist in many communities across the nation but lets be honest its like >1 percent of peoples source of income. In any large city you will be bound to have at least a hundred unfortunate / drug users who end up on the street just as much as you will have people who are entirely successful and occupy the very top.

Just because you don't want to live in places where the rent is low doeskin mean the thousands of families who are raising their children don't want to. Everyone would love to live in a mansion, but you were clearly upset with your own stuck inside the house afraid watching the negative highlights of the news when you wrote this;

Quality of life is high. People with alot of money get to enjoy the lifestyle of people with alot of money; middle class gets to enjoy a middle class lifestyle, & the lower class gets to enjoy a lifestyle that is more rich than being lower class in an unhappy neighborhood. It doesn't matter how poor you are, you still have access to so many wonderful things and events in this city -- opportunities to be happy & part of the community (any community you want!)-- whereas in other cities where crime rate may be a little lower, if you're poor, your just poor and your life is absolutely boring.

With that said Columbus is an excellent city across the board, don't believe the bias of the cowards, negative minded, & opportunistic. They haven't even mentioned the music, sights, small businesses, art, people, fashion, education (beyond just public school if you want better education) & love of the city. They are poor with poor minds & small understanding.

[[another example to say, they will say "Columbus education sucks, because they are stuck in public schooling when if they actually paid any attention they could go to a better school that's not public education. They are bound to be bitter in any city they go w/ their lack of common sense.]]] & Most people don't work downtown or in factories. They work everywhere across the city, outside of it, in its universities, underneath it, & even digitally;

If you can't understand that this city offers advantages for everyone, and just want to call people poor and dirty rather than citizens who aren't rich -- go away, move to another city. You sound like a retirement center would be best fitted for you.