Quality of Life in Auckland, New Zealand

Purchasing Power Index 94.32   High
Safety Index 51.59   Moderate
Health Care Index 71.89   High
Climate Index 99.89   Very High
Cost of Living Index 76.73   High
Property Price to Income Ratio 11.22   Moderate
Traffic Commute Time Index 36.94   Moderate
Pollution Index 28.78   Low
ƒ Quality of Life Index: 169.03   Very High

Minimum contributors for an underlying section: 133

Maximum contributors for an underlying section: 525

Last update: March 2023

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5 Comments so far
DJ on Nov 19, 2022:
What sort of salary do you need to have in Auckland to live a comfortable life?
cruz on Sep 21, 2022:
New Zealand is a great place to live overall. However, it's not what the world portrays it to be.

The most challenging thing about living here is your weak purchasing power combined with the extremely high cost of living and low salaries. That all combined makes living here very hard, especially if you're not rich or wealthy.

Living here all my life though, and having traveled and lived in many different parts of the world, I must say though that the price to pay here is well worth it. New Zealand isn't exactly an exciting place to live, in fact, if you're after the hustle and bustle you won't get that here. Far from it and quite the polar opposite actually. But if you're after a peaceful, quite, humble life then New Zealand is perfect.
Solarnut on Jul 25, 2022:
New Zealand has been ranked second-worst place in the world to move by immigrants, according to a survey.
The expatriate networking organisation InterNations surveyed nearly 12,000 respondents of 177 different nationalities, living in 181 countries. Respondents were asked how their new homes performed on factors including quality of life, cost of living, safety, financial outlook, bureuacracy, and ease of fitting in.
In a resulting ranking of 52 countries – those for whom there was a large enough sample size – Aotearoa New Zealand ranked in the doldrums, at 51. It was beaten to the bottom by Kuwait.
Solarnut on Jul 07, 2022:
Ironically an article in the news (newshub) today to support what I said previously.
"Cost of Living: MYOB poll shows more than 1 million Kiwis actively considering leaving NZ
When asked why they were considering a move abroad, half said they could get a better salary, 44 percent said it's for a better quality of life or the cost of living is better overseas while 34 percent wanted to experience living and working in another country."

Population of NZ is about 5m, so 1/5th want to leave for better lifestyle.
Solarnut on Jul 03, 2022:
If you dont have real wealth you will have a very poor lifestyle in NZ. New immigrants work themselves to death as modern slaves trying to obtain a lifestyle reserved for rich land-owners and wealthy farmers. You will never get there especially not if you rely on a salary as income as the system is heavily geared against you. As a new immigrant you will be doing most of the work because Kiwi's really dont like to work, just dont expect to paid for your time and if you complain they'll get your visa cancelled and kick you out of the country. Best to go where your skills will be appreciated, NZ is not it.