Crime in Auckland, New Zealand

Crime rates in Auckland, New Zealand

Level of crime
52.99 Moderate
Crime increasing in the past 5 years
70.63 High
Worries home broken and things stolen
50.42 Moderate
Worries being mugged or robbed
44.84 Moderate
Worries car stolen
47.90 Moderate
Worries things from car stolen
54.97 Moderate
Worries attacked
45.87 Moderate
Worries being insulted
48.79 Moderate
Worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin color, ethnic origin, gender or religion
35.52 Low
Problem people using or dealing drugs
60.23 High
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft
58.46 Moderate
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery
49.83 Moderate
Problem corruption and bribery
28.73 Low

Safety in Auckland, New Zealand

Safety walking alone during daylight
69.15 High
Safety walking alone during night
38.95 Low

Contributors: 598

Last update: June 2024

These data are based on perceptions of visitors of this website in the past 5 years.

If the value is 0, it means it is perceived as very low, and if the value is 100, it means it is perceived as very high.

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87 Comments so far
Luke H on Jun 02, 2024:
Sorry to hear some Kiwis so down on their country lately. For a little appreciation of this place go visit any city in the US to experience crime and squalor.

Must have been incredible before if this current state is bumming people out.

As for safety when traveling, 100% fine. Prob someone having fun blowing off steam about cost of eggs to say there is anything to worry about beyond normal when traveling to a new city.

Stay decent, be proud of what you have done to keep this place out of the situation the US is in. Hold leaders accountable for their tone and rhetoric and have patience. Stay together.
Niakau on Apr 27, 2024:
Settle down brother I say to previous comment. We still want people from other countries to come here and visit.
Anonymous on Apr 06, 2024:
⅘all you foreigners didn't come here for the politics did you or else you would have kept up with it and realise why māori fight so hard for there rights. Our rights are being stripped from us one by one. Please stay the f out of NZ you ungrateful, rude scum.
Oliver on Dec 06, 2023:
Wow! Visited recently to Auckland New Zealand what a beautiful country. But it has been destroyed by a WOKE Government. Visit this Country with HIGH RISK. Crime out of control, ram raids almost every day. Drunks and Druggies in town everywhere. Maori Elite destroying this country.Propaganda on tv radio all media influenced by corrupt govtment. While I was there Labour was voted out. Hope they can sort all the crap going on there created by rascist Maori Elite. Won't be going back there. Heard New Zealanders are leaving and going to Aussie in their thousands.
Alex on Oct 05, 2023:
I lived in auckland for 18 years and for the most part it was an incredibly safe city. Other than the normal petty crime nothing really happened. If there was one gun incident a year people were horrified. Since Jacinda and her government crime has exploded to highs never seen before. Especially gang and gun related crimes. She heavily taxed everything increasing the cost of living to an unliveable state. Created more divide between Maori and white people trying to force her beliefs on everyone and giving Maori and islanders a free ride crime wise. I recently packed up and moved to Australia and feel much more safe in a city of 6 million people. It's very sad because New Zealand is a beautiful country with beautiful people, white, Maori, islanders ect but this government has allowed the bad bunch to destroy the country
Gaza Stonefield on Sep 25, 2023:
Yea flew from Perth to Auckland stayed for 2 weeks was blown away by the amount of Crime that goes on there. Have read what other people have written and would have to agree. There appears to be something wrong in a Big Way with their govtment. Promoting racism and all the nasty crap that comes from it. Heard that the leader did a runner abandoning the stinking sinking ship. The government seems to encourage crime and violence. Sad thing to see in such a beautiful country.
George on Sep 04, 2023:
As a Maori I am ashamed of what is happening in New Zealand. I work and have worked all my life. My parents have both worked all their lives too. What labour has done and doing to New Zealand is disgusting. Causing problems that were not there before. Causing Racism causing separatism causing apartheid and division. Hope a new Government will change this soon.
Anonymous on Sep 03, 2023:
I used to live in South Auckland back in 1975 -1982. Returned to UK
I wonder if N Z has deteriated in crime and cost of living expensive now?
Mark on Aug 23, 2023:
I flew to Auckland from Melbourne Australia I decided to fly Air New Zealand I will not fly Air New Zealand again the propaganda you are forced to watch about a flying canoe and the keepers of the land and all the other propaganda on tv is un believable. I stayed in Auckland city there were lots of drunks and druggies on the streets. There is lots of crime ram raids people with hammers and other weapons very scary. Alot of beggars and homeless people. My friends in New Zealand explained to me all about labour govt policies with Maori elite. Maori can do crime and get out again and again. People have been shot over and over again. Labour is a woke dictatorship and what I saw while there I would not suggest a place to visit. Crime out of Control.
Sav on Aug 22, 2023:
I'm from Boston, MA and i was in Auckland in early June this year. Let me tell you I did NOT feel safe. I wasnt expecting so much homelessness and there were loads teens running around attacking people in the CBD. The hotel staff were telling me of how a group of teens attacked an older man near Quay St and then I got attacked by a group of teens on Quay St! 7 of them! I thought NZ would be safer than the US, but i guess that was a false assumption.
Louis on Aug 05, 2023:
I traveled up and down North and South Island my god it is very dangerous driving in New Zealand Pot Holes everywhere I got two punctures and a damaged rim with my hire car. I went up to Auckland to watch football world cup. Dear god in the city people getting shot. Ram Raids nearly every day crime very bad. I decided to go home flew out one week earlier than intended. I watched tv a few times alot of propaganda on tv Maori take over. Alot of beggars everywhere you go they say kia ora or something i think it means got a dollar. Will wipe this country and tell my family and friends STAY AWAY.
smat on Aug 02, 2023:
who when the dance and then pulls down all his pants
Anonymous on Jul 30, 2023:
Auckland CBD was massively affected by covid just like every CBD in the world. With this we also have a new underground railway being built turning whole streets into construction sites. Auckland the fastest growing city in australasia before covid had a building boom that has many new buildings going up making the CBD look even more a city under construction. The city will tidy up as these finish. Its gonna look amazing in a couple of years it will be the place to be.
Nancy Mendes on Jul 24, 2023:
I have been travelling to Auckland to watch football world cup here in New Zealand and I was surprised to see so much crime . I had all my posessions and money stolen from my car and my car was in a secure car park. Also around the middle of the city was alot of people looking like they want to fight drunk and with drugs, these people looked like maoori people, they were agressive and dressed very poorly.
I did some research online and came across the New Zealand Herald online paper and couldnt believe how much crime there was

such things like assaults burglary ram raids on shops so many crime

be carefull here please
Nia on Jul 22, 2023:
New Zealand has its issues with crime, just like any other country but to be honest, I dont see the crime with my own eyes, I only see it on the news and I've lived in South Auckland for 4 years.
Frida Olsen Norway on Jul 20, 2023:
I am a Fan from Norway there was a mass shooting in downtown Auckland yesterday morning. This happening and alot of crime in New Zealand . For any fans visiting take care please especially Auckland CBD there is alot of Assaults happening and crime
Fabrisio De Allende on Jul 10, 2023:
I came from Spain to Holiday in New Zealand, its true what people are saying here crime is high with alot of robbery. If you are travelling here be carefull. In Auckland city is very bad alot of people doing drugs and drunk.

I have travelled alot of the world but New Zealand is one of the worst, by sky tower i saw people aggressive and drunk maori people.

Take care when visiting this country guys there are alot of problems a saw there but media is quiet about it
Brian on Jul 10, 2023:
Have cancelled my flight will not travel to this land of crime and woke trouble...
Marco on Jun 06, 2023:
Lol reading these comments from visitors to new Zealand makes me realize we have a serious problem . We slowly turning into a somalia. I just been to Melbourne what a breath of fresh air.
Lugwig on Jun 03, 2023:
As a visitor to this lovely country I was shocked by the crime and violence I saw. I did not feel safe as I visited this country. The amount of ram raids and other crime was so bad. I could not believe the propaganda the new zealand govt was promoting on all media channels. Will cross this country off my list to visit.
Antoine on May 31, 2023:
ne venez pas ici ce pays a beaucoup de criminels et les choses sont très chères. Very Expensive place alot of poverty
Anonymous on May 27, 2023:
I am a kiwi and find alot of these comments disturbing ,However most of the things people say here is True. New Zealand was never like this it has changed so much
AOTEROA on May 26, 2023:
Yeah Unfortunately crime is at record high for NZ take care if travelling here
Angelica Perez (mexico) on May 26, 2023:
hola a todos he estado en nueva zelanda 1 año, Greetings I have been in Nueva Zelanda one year studying English, where I come from in Monterey Mexico sometimes I think is safer than here in Auckland. Alot of people think Mexico is poor and riddled with crime,but now mexico is changing economy is growing and is way cheaper than here in New mexico we have trouble at times with cartels but now that mexico economy is strong alot of people are leaving cartels and working as alot of US companies have moved to mexico and mexico middle class is growing now we get people from all the world who want to come live in mexico even many kiwi and Australians moving as well as Europeans and US people recently 3 million from US in past few years have moved to mexico

I thought New Zealand was a rich country but i have seen it is not so rich and that many are struggling in new zealand and living with poverty,i ncan understand because price here is too much.

I was staying in auckland city and unfortunately my appartment got robbed everything taken . I agree with people when they say Mori cause a problems here so many drunk in city fighting taking drug behaving bad to woman like me. I love the rest of New Zealand is beutifull beople but not in city of Auckland
Anonymous on May 26, 2023:
piemice its not racist mate but fact the whole world and all the torists that come to nz are seeint that its mainly maori and pi commiting 90% crime
piemice on May 26, 2023:
Soooo many racist comments here, very sad. What has changed in the last 5 years is all the people who have been in prison in Australia getting deported back here with no family or support network here in Aotearoa/NZ, and that ain’t the Labour government’s fault. There is plenty to criticise the government for but they are not socialists, they are neo-liberals and have just increased spending for the military. The comment on here about reactionaries creating fear and stoking more reactionary opinions was spot on.
Jono on May 22, 2023:
The problem is true most crime is being commited by Maori and pacific youth.and unfortunately this ethnicity is getting a bad name world over as more and more tourists from all over the world come over here and see whats really going on. Years of entitlement and no consequences for actions are to blame for this.
Anonymous on May 21, 2023:
Crime has increased to 65 per cent by 2022. Police have previously said the increase in reports of retail crime is largely due to better reporting and recording methods. This followed a 2017 Retail NZ survey that found close to 70 per cent of retail crime was not being reported, Crime is definately increasing in NZ
Ex cop on May 20, 2023:
Our government has just cut the police budget while giving more money to gangs and maoris. NZ is getting very unsafe. Average NewZealander is oblivious to the crime wave the communist labour government has encouraged and promoted. Our country has become dangerous under the labour government.
Aroha on May 19, 2023:
Very sad to see what is happening to New Zealand. I grew up in the 60s everyone was treated equal everyone helped each other and crime was low. New Zealands lastest govt has done alot of damage in causing problems that were not there before.
Rongomaiwāhine on May 17, 2023:
Crimes that are committed by Māori are statistically more likely to be drug related, abuse, or petty crime (i.e theft, drunk driving). These crimes are easier to prosecute, which leads to a higher prevalence of imprisonment. On top of this, NZ drug laws are severe in punishment, where possession of an ounce of marajuana can lead to 3 years in prison.

Social foundations;

Historically, Māori have not been communally integrated in family/whanāu and education. Whanāu issues were always handled privately, and Māori have a propensity for the arts (or trades, such as crafting, mechanics, and farming) rather than hard science or philosophy. As such, jobs employing Māori are often low grade, or minimum wage. Adding this to large family sizes, the strain on one set of parents creates an easy path for children and adults to seek relief in drugs and alcohol. On top of this, the Ministry for Children and Child Protective Services/Child, Youth and Family (CYFs) do not reguarly remove abused Māori children from the home and into foster or state care. These circumstances coupled with hopelessness and mental illness in Māori foster a strong enviroment for abuse and neglect, as children who have been seen by CYFs but not put into custody are at a greater danger. Combining these two factors (govt negligence and low quality of life) will lead anybody (Māori or otherwise) to a life of crime with very little encouragement.

There are now attempts at encouraging Māori youth into academic fields, but these attempts are most often thwarted by whanāu stigma, lack of resources, and political agendas that sour ambition and expectations.

If you look at the crime statistics for imprisoned Māori, you'll find at least a third are drug related. You'll also find of these imprisoned Māori, a disproportionate number are illiterate. There is no excuse for this as we have free public education, although Māori and not Māori alike are increasingly falling through the gaps.

I was born and raised in small town Nuhaka, to Māori parents. I went to a small school before moving to Auckland as a teenager, and I found the attitudes were of low expectation from the establishment (teachers, BoT, govt) and many, many political forces persuading you to neglect self reliance. These attitudes do not allow a child regardless of race, to find self worth or ambition. It's very insidious, and very much an uncomfortable topic for most people.
Anonymous on May 17, 2023:
In the last five years crime in New Zealand has got way worse.

Northland, Auckland and the Bay of Plenty areas are the worst parts of the country for crime hands down.

Every week now there is at least one stabbing or shooting. Many weeks more than one. Most of them in the areas I mentioned.

New Zealand use to be a lot safer but since around 2016 the country has gone downhill and it is much more unsafe.

I have decided I am going to move out of Auckland to a safer part of the country because I no longer feel safe up this part of the country anymore. It is only a matter of time I happen to be somewhere in public where something like this happens.
Thomas Mokoraka on May 17, 2023:
M I am Maori and it saddens me to say this but its the truth maori and Pacific Island juveniles are responsible for most of the violence and crime. They are rarely imprisoned and instead referred to youth services. There are gangs of them, sometimes not really big ones but some ethnic groups are formed and then fight it out among themselves. . Also, unfortunately, very young kids, pre-teens, are involved in stealing cars for joy rides. They do assaults and ram raid shops They know there is nothing that the Judges can do about them and it is usually revolving door to them. They are mostly MAORI children, . These youngsters are not above a killing someone either.
Rosco Johns on May 17, 2023:
am a New Zealander but have spent the last two decades living in various parts of the world.

I have travelled to many parts of the world and believe I have been to all western countries but extensively through Asia. I have lived in various parts of Indonesia over the past decade and can only share my experience.

Crime in New Zealand is very different to other parts of the world. In New Zealand my house was burgled multiple times, my car was broken into more often than I care to remember, and stolen twice. I have caught intruders on my property, and been assaulted in the process. I have had everthing from lawnmowers, bicycles, to garden hoses to pot plants stolen from various propertis I've owned.

On my last visit to New Zealand for my sons 21st birthday I spent two weeks travelling between Manguwhai, Auckland, Hamilton and Cooks Beach on the Coromandel. In that time I witnessed 5 seperate incidents of violence on both the street, a bar and a private house party. My reason for telling you this is I simply don't experience any of this in other parts of the world. Sure I was pickpocketed in Italy, and threatened with violence in China, but it's the regularity of it in New Zealand that makes it noticeable.

The other thing extremely noticeable is the police state like enforcement of road traffic. It is not uncommon in New Zealand to be constantly pulled over for anything from a random breath test to seat belt inspection, but try calling cop for a home burglary or a stolen vehicle and you're wasting your time.

I think my fellow New Zealanders kid themselves on how the rest of the world are getting on, and whilst the western world in general is becoming far more lawless, New Zealand takes the cake when it comes to theft and violent street crime in my experience.
Marcus on May 17, 2023:
As an older citizen, I am very apprehensive of the future in light of the present crime rate. We a murders regularly, we have uncontrolled youth committing burglaries and ram raid thefts

I grew up in this country in the 40’s and 50’s when we had very little crime, and murders were rare and the trials of murderers were followed by everyone in the daily papers.

The big difference I can see is, in my early days most families did not have alot of money, they all lived within their means. And we were not envious of the few that had better finances than we did. We were all happy with our lot .

Now there are so many people who strive to keep up with their neighbors and make themselves appear better off than they really are. “Keeping up with the Jones" …

The government has removed the ability for goor parents to discipline their children, children are taught at school that they have rights, but schools neglect to teach them that rights have responsibility .

Until we have a government that is able to put some old fashioned values into the country our crime rate will continue to escalate to an even worse level.

That's my opinion anyway .
Zorek Wieczorek poland on May 17, 2023:
I am a tourist and was staying in Auckland, I can say its safe to walk during the day but not at night , along queen street at night there are alot of drugged up people and people looking for trouble, also there is alot of thefts and retail thefts, before you come to New Zealand have a look at the NZ Herald online and you will see most of what people say here is true regarding crime
Sampson on May 16, 2023:
NZ is one of the safest countries in the world, their murder rate is incredibly low. These comments are full of racist rubbish and misinformation designed to scare people. That's what conservatives do, attempt to scare people and make them feel unsafe. NZ is the second most peaceful nation on earth
Jimbo on May 16, 2023:
Ignore the snowflakes claiming Auckland is some 3rd world hellhole. National voters in NZ are an angry, bitter bunch who like to complain and whinge about everything.
Bianca on May 14, 2023:
After traveling to Auckland New Zealand for holiday I was shocked by the violence. Crime is rewarded
By the government. Shocking but True. You see their govtment is socialist. Ram raids happen all the time. Shootings gang related. People are attacked on the streets just going about their business. After buying groceries I was amazed at the cost. I decided to check cost of living rent houses unbelievably expensive. I won't be comming back will pass on my experience to my family and friends.
Danny on May 14, 2023:
I am a kiwi and live here, New Zealand never used to be like this, the Labour Government wants to turn this country into a third world country, The New Zealand Dollar is even weakening, the economy is in a bad way crime out of control, health care worst expensive and getting worse. If the Labour government get in by the end of this year it will just get worse and worse and thousands will move abroad, already there is a massive ammount emigrating
Iccey on May 13, 2023:
Someone else has commented something like this but, I was eating at a café near my hotel and I looked down because I felt pain in my left leg, some old grandpa was biting my leg.... yes this is as bad as it sounds. He even ripped my leggings and l left a bite mark in them and I could see the teeth marks on my leg he bit me so hard! I may have been a little harsh but smacked his head with my plate and he crawled away with salad leaves still on his head. This was one of the worst things that have ever happen to me.
ALI KHAN on May 12, 2023:
Hi all I am from Pakistan I came to New Zealand 20 years ago I bought a shop there but had to close my shop because of crime, I now moved to Canada, government of New zealand want to make country a third world place like africa or somalia so many people closing business and fleeing
Yamisi Sawaki (Japan) on May 12, 2023:
Auckland was a nice city with great restaurants and shopping, bit expensive but everything people say here true, crime is bad people being beaten and robbed and shp getting robbed all time, I not come back
Max on May 12, 2023:
I went to NZ Auckland this year. I have to say what a beautiful country. Was very impressed with scenery. BUT I sadly will never return again I have told my family and friends about the crime there. Very bad. Not safe. The Govt there does not care about the crime. The Govt there encourages crime it wants crime it likes crime. Many Many Ram Raids people with hammars smash grab take everything. I see the poor shop keepers have to clean up and start again. For some shop keepers this happen many time over. I saw gangs riding motor bikes they do what ever they like. On the news shootings almost every day I was there. Do not go down Queen Street very bad drunks, druggies, people begging for money. Main intersections people begging for money with signs and other people wanting to wash windscreens on cars. I went to the local supermaket people by doors begging for money. You are not safe in this country. Many of my friends have been to NZ about 6 years ago was a nice country to visit then. I ask some people what happened here while I was there they say the Govt is corrupt. My advice if you want to have a holiday and be safe don't go to NZ.
Anonymous on May 10, 2023:
I have lived in Auckland all my life, like my husband of 50+ years.

We are both 1st generation New Zealand born pacific islanders. I was born and raised on the North Shore of Auckland in the 70's.
Husband central Auckland.

Lived on the North Shore, Central, South and now Franklin Auckland, once was Waikato.

Both educated, well travelled, work "contribute to the taxes of NZ" and own properties. Very much like alot of other Pacifica and Maori families.

There was very little crime growing up in Auckland, however since covid, crime had definitely escalated.

With the arrival of the 501's and opportunist teaching a generation of drug and alcohol related children born in the 2000's a life of crime is easy to commit, without consequences in NZ. Easy money.

Unfortunately our present government has encouraged laziness and a entitlement behavior amongst NZ'rs by increasing "the dole" to a generous living allowance. This doesn't encourage this generation to aspire, dream, set goals for a better future.

There is no accountability held in many sectors. From government departments, businesses, police, education, medical, parental to criminals - hence the brain drain of many smart kiwis moving to Australia. Not necessarily safer, just better job conditions, education, medical, and a work life balance.

Maori - The treaty was signed many years ago, but yet the tax payers of today are still paying for crimes we never committed?

Collecting money from hardworking tax payers only creates division and animosity - underlining unspoken racism, borderline hatred. Harsh but unfortunately true.

Pacifica - youth crime throughout NZ caused by Maori/Pacifica is frightening and dangerous. I completely understand reading a lot of the comments.

But please know there are many Maori and Pacifica families who, like ourselves, throughout this beautiful country, work hard, alongside every other tax contributing kiwi.

Lots of comments, maybe more solutions from everyday hardworking kiwis.

Rather than forking out absorbident consultation fees leading to no where :)

For those abroad looking to travel to NZ, the country is beautiful, on a whole, the good majority of us are good people.

Stay away from Auckland central "emergency housing". The North Shore or East Auckland are safer places to stay. Visit the Haruki Islands - Waiheke. Avoid Hamilton and Rotorua "emergency housing".

Unfortunately the East Coast - is still suffering from the effects of the February cyclone.
Hawkes Bay and Napier lovely.

Wellington - Capital

South Island - Safer destination.
Anonymous on May 10, 2023:
I have lived in Auckland all my life, like my husband of 50+ years.

We are both 1st generation New Zealand born pacific islanders. I was born and raised on the North Shore of Auckland in the 70's.
Husband central Auckland.

Lived on the North Shore, Central, South and now Franklin Auckland, once was Waikato.

Both educated, well travelled, work "contribute to the taxes of NZ" and own properties. Very much like alot of other Pacifica and Maori families.

There was very little crime growing up in Auckland, however since covid, crime had definitely escalated.

With the arrival of the 501's and opportunist teaching a generation of drug and alcohol related children born in the 2000's a life of crime is easy to commit, without consequences in NZ. Easy money.

Unfortunately our present government has encouraged laziness and a entitlement behavior amongst NZ'rs by increasing "the dole" to a generous living allowance. This doesn't encourage this generation to aspire, dream, set goals for a better future.

There is no accountability held in many sectors. From government departments, businesses, police, education, medical, parental to criminals - hence the brain drain of many smart kiwis moving to Australia. Not necessarily safer, just better job conditions, education, medical, and a work life balance.

Maori - The treaty was signed many years ago, but yet the tax payers of today are still paying for crimes we never committed?

Collecting money from hardworking tax payers only creates division and animosity - underlining unspoken racism, borderline hatred.

Pacifica - youth crime throughout NZ caused by Maori/Pacifica is frightening and dangerous. I completely understand reading a lot of the comments.

But please know there are many Maori and Pacifica families who, like ourselves, throughout this beautiful country, work hard, alongside every other tax contributing kiwi.

Lots of comments, maybe more solutions from everyday hardworking kiwis.

Rather than forking out absorbident consultation fees leading to no where :)
Raji on May 10, 2023:
Jacinda gave the key to Auckland to Maori and Pacific Islanders. Ram raids every day of the week. But Labour Govt gives criminals get out of jail free cards so re affending occurs all the time. Jacinda loves criminals gives them cash, hugs, teddy bears. Jacinda gone now BUT Labour Govt is corrupt puts propaganda tv on all channels to make Maori look good. Labour give Billions to Maori Elite. It is a Bad Country now destroyed by Labour. Dont go to NZ has been destroyed by WOKE GOVT.
Richard Heteraka on Apr 25, 2023:
Sad to see what i have been reading here but its true, crime has got really bad, poiticians dont seem to be doing anything about it
peter chamboro (Zambia) on Apr 25, 2023:
Hi there, I came from Africa to study biology at AUT on scholarship, twice I have been robbed in my appartment in Auckland CBD ,all or most of the appartments in CBD have homeless or drug addicts living there, I had know Idea New Zealand was going to be like this. Every five minutes you hear police sirens downtown, its worse than people say Guys, I am fortunate for my scholarship but i know alot of students mid semester up and left back to Australia Singapore Canada and the US . Its really bad down town Auckland guys so many drugged up people there, so many students and travellers getting harassed in Auckland .
Pierre Schoeman on Apr 24, 2023:
I came to New Zealand from South Africa to visit some relatives in Auckland. In South Africa crime is really bad with daily incidents of murder and robbery assault rape the list is endless, but in South Afric the population is alot bigger 29 Million or so.

What surprised me about New Zealand is that crime has definately increased ten fold, I am not sure the reasons why.I have been comming to New Zealand every second year since 2003, back in 2003 there was hardly any crime , I actually remember the country being one of the safest places in the world. I was shocked to see how things have changed here with regular fire arms incidents and regular Assaults and rapes etc,even recently of a girl being abducted from her own home and molested. Other incidents are stabbings etc, for a population of 5 million I find the statistics disturbing. I remember back in the 80s South Africa was like this then things just got much worse, I hope this does not happen in New Zealand
Hazel Richards UK on Apr 23, 2023:
Crime has got really bad in NZ. I Immigrated 10 years ago and back then NZ was safe. Just heard a girl in waitakere was abducted from her house and sexually assaulted. Be careful if you are a traveller to NZ quite a few been killed or raped here and Assaulted
Luis benetez on Apr 20, 2023:
I have read these posts and what these posts say is mostly true . I was only in nz for a year on a working holiday I am from Spain .Most kiwis are friendly and I enjoyed travelling around nz . But be mindful there are alot of Maori and Pacific Island youth roaming around looking for fights or to steal rape etc. Quite a few back packers have been killed or raped over the years in nz . Auckland and Rotorua is worst full of drug addicts and drunks all over the place
Jean de cladier on Apr 18, 2023:
I was in New Zealand backpacking around . I am originally from Belgium. Beware guys this country is dangerous you have to be careful in Auckland there is alot of crime . Stabbings have happened burglary and Assault is common
Tundra on Apr 13, 2023:
Something has gone very badly wrong in NZ society since covid. 10-15 years ago NZ news was fairly boring and serious crimes were only really committed between people who knew each other, drug deals gone wrong, family violence that sort of thing. Random murders and offences against children were very rare and shocking now they are a daily occurence and nobody cares besides the victims. Police do their best I guess but the justice system has tilted to care for offenders and discards the victims completely. Courts give murderers and rapists with long criminal histories home detention and NZ society is just fine with this. Its not okay.
Rajput (India) on Apr 04, 2023:
I was in Auckland Beware crime bad in CBD I was on student visa for 2 years , There alot of crime and bad things go on in Nz. Quite a few murder too for small population, if you a student dont go NZ .Australia Canada or USA better
Simon Perez on Apr 04, 2023:
Hola, I am from Mexico and visited Auckland for a business Trip, I must say in the day I felt quite safe walking around Auckland,but at night it was different, there were alot of trouble people on the treets which are high on drugs and Alcohol moving around, Some of my friends were assaulted for no reason whilst walking back from dinner, while I was in Auckland I also heard of a guy which was stabbed and died at a car park. Its unfortunate but Auckland city is not as safe as it apperas so beware, I also saw alot of mori people taking drugs and acting in agressive nature , Some fellow mexicans i know in Auckland told me that they are very agressive the maori people and that they arealways drugged or fighting etc sad to see
Kim sung on Mar 13, 2023:
New Zealand crime increased so much. It’s not the greatest country people make it out to be I am much happier in Australia
Rocio de silva on Mar 13, 2023:
I came here as a Tourist from Spain in Jan 2023. Crime is bad in Auckland and Rotorua. When I was in New Zealand I heard criminals killed an Indian shopkeeper. This was done by a Māori or island person. A lot of shops getting robbed and a lot of people being burgled . Most crime appears to be committed by Māori or island people . So if you see a large group at night please avoid. I was staying at a backpackers in Auckland and all the time I was seeing how violent it was people drunk drugged . Also they have a huge problem with gangs there
Anonymous on Feb 04, 2023:
Lived in Auckland my entire life, crime rates have raised significantly, no denial in that, but I have never had any scary incidents or been harassed / robbed ever, even being a female and regularly visiting south Auckland and CBD. I would not be afraid to walk anywhere in Auckland alone in the daytime. Have travelled many places around the world which have been significantly worse, and I think residents here like to over dramatise the danger levels. This is not to say that there isn’t crime or that the police couldn’t be doing a better job, but as far as safety goes, I still consider Auckland to be a safe city that I feel comfortable living in.
ANONYMOUS on Jan 12, 2023:
Back then, I was able to walk around my street or to a nearby dairy with mates or just myself. Nowadays, Auckland has so much crime that I can’t even leave my front driveway/get past the mail box. The news is always filled with gang violence, assault & robbery; streets are filled with high drug addicts; and teenagers are getting involved in stealing, vandalism, etc. The other day my friend was going shopping when the car fllwing behind her opens all four doors, introducing four teenage looking boys with pipes/long stick in hand. They tried to smash her car open and probs would have kicked her out/done worse if she hadn’t quickly drove off. Fr wtflip happened to Auckland??!
Anonymous on Jan 06, 2023:
Have visited many major cities in the world. As single white female. Surprised by how sketchy Auckland has been especially in comparison to Wellington. Have felt unsafe walking around city in the day. Felt unsafe on the bus. Many homeless and drug addicts roaming the streets like zombies. Obviously there are many social issues to be dealt with. Will avoid in future. No plans to return to this city. Waste of time.
Anonymous on Dec 30, 2022:
New Zealand is no longer the great country it once was!!! This Labour (communist), government has stuffed the place in 6 short years. If you are a Criminal, Māori, Gang member who doesn’t want to work for a living and wants a free ride you will do well under this separatist regime. If you are a law abiding, tax paying, immigrant you are totally stuffed!!! I caution you NOT to waste you time going to NEW ZEALAND until this mess is sorted. The rot may have set in too much though!!! Australia is always a better option for immigrants.
Tinky on Nov 18, 2022:
Crime has increased so much. Shootings, ram raids, property crime, seem to be constant and nothing is done about it. It feels unsafe. I feel the police and government don't do much, especially if the crimes are committed by ethnic groups. I would not visit or immigrate, especially to Auckland. Other bigger cities are much safer.
Anonymous on Oct 17, 2022:
I'd love to live in New Zealand suppose to be the prettiest country by far.yall just need to stay strapped what comes around goes around new Zealand I wouldn't be scared to live there I'd stay strapped day n day out pop a mf like no tomorrow.they gotta learn if ya wanna act growen we'll get wat happens to growen an eye for an eye a tooth fo a tooth a life fo a life fair game call it like it's read.
Ludwig (Germany) on Aug 16, 2022:
I visit new Zealand at least once a year. What I have seen is a huge increase in crime in Auckland CBD poverty is the worst I have seen in New Zealand. Per Capita anywhere in the world nz has the most gangs. I used to feel very safe in nz but not anymore crime is bad so be careful and beware especially after dark in the CBD area. There are alot of homeless and packs of people roaming around looking for trouble
Don buckley on Jul 16, 2022:
I was visiting Auckland and New Zealand . I am from a small town in USA called Rhode island . I enjoyed my visit to new Zealand . It is a lovely country however on our last week in Auckland our car got broken into at the hotel car park and some of our possessions stolen. Auckland is by no means safe walking by sky tower I saw people of Maori looking descent doing drugs . Whilst I was in nz there were alot of ram raids and smash and grab type crime mostly committed by Pacific Islanders and Maoris . These ethic groups appear to be the main instigators of crime . I am a black American and can relate to crime poverty etc but what I saw were so many jobs in nz but apparently the Islanders and Maoris don't want to work
Irish tourist on Jul 02, 2022:
Auckland is an eye opener I was a fan visiting here watching rugby .There is alot of crime in Auckland city with homeless beggars everywhere. Car robberies and assaults are common place. It appears most of the crime are comitted by Maori or Pacific Islanders . Our bags were stolen in our hotel not a pleasant place
Tama on Jul 02, 2022:
Crime is rife in Auckland Beware if you a tourist comming here per Capita murders are high burglaries are common and so are assaults the government is very soft on crime
Jason on Jul 01, 2022:
Hobson Street from Sky City to the motorway has transformed into a lawless wasteland of filth with drug dealing and use, assaults and people using sidewalks for toilets… the city government knows full well this is the result of introducing public housing of criminals (and soon-to-be convicts) into high-density housing Watch your back at night.
Ryan on Jun 28, 2022:
Auckland is becomming very dangerous there are gangs of young Polynesians roaming the streets and robbing when they can. Cars are stolen all the time and houses also broken into alot. There are alot of assaults
Gummer on Jun 21, 2022:
I lived in Auckland, every other weekend a large group of gang members would gather at one of our local parks around 1am, form a large circle and scream seigh-heil while they do Nazi salutes and end off barking like dogs, could hear them miles away. They all looked to be severely obese face-tattoo'd pacific islanders dressed in goofy leathers so for these idiots to think that they somehow fit Hitlers idea of the perfect race really speaks volumes about their (severe lack of) intelligence. I blame the NZ school system really, what a bunch of plonkers.
YeahNah on Jun 20, 2022:
Crime is out of control, gangs and social delinquents everywhere. Lots of serious crime like murders and shootings but also lots of petty crime, home breakins etc. Police dont show up to those anymore too busy writing lucrative speeding fines to middle-class mums and dads going a few k's over the speed limit than attend another scary gang or street racer gathering taking over your neighbourhood. Justice system is so weak its laughable, seriously nobody goes to prison here.
Ryan on Jun 17, 2022:
If you are a tourist do not come here crime is rife people are assaulted daily. There are shootouts just about everynight. Burglaries are common and so is ram raids and car theft BEWARE STAY Away from this place
Joon on Jun 14, 2022:
Woke government, woke police, woke judges, cant sent crims to jail that would be racist, to hell with whats left of the decent folk in NZ.
Bayno on Jun 13, 2022:
Auckland is am expensive crap hole. Don't come here. Too many trash human beings roam the streets, its pure lawlessness here now. Drive by shootings, car break ins, fights in broad daylight, pet thieving, the list goes on.. prison? What's a prison? I honestly WISH we had a tough dictator with a back bone to sort this country out. Especially Auckland. And what's with the shitty siren crowd that like to keep people up at 2am every single night? It's the dumbest fad that keeps low IQ entertained and honest workers sleep-deprived.
Anonymous on Mar 28, 2022:
Crime is promoted by New Zealand cops and Government. Cops are only revenue generating system here.
If cops cant catch an ex-prisoner attacking in prime CBD location with complete video footage and numerous CCTVs, it is absolutely evident that they are too busy with self welfare and not crime. Third world countries (as perceived) have a justice system. Not New Zealand. Soon Govt will announce Criminal welfare funds scheme when they run out of our tax money!
Anonymous on Mar 19, 2022:
people up all night in cbd playing ther sirens in their hideous cars crying out for attention,basically saying look at me!look at me!well we are,and we just think what has this country come to,i just think scum in the highest regard.
Anonymous on Mar 19, 2022:
Just disgusting now,people have no respect for elderly and solid kiwis in central city,most people have worked hard all through their lives to secure a home and now braindead eggs driving around all night with their stupid sirens playing the wiggles all night thinking theyre tough,go to work,let people rest,people need to reset their srlf respect levels,im starting to detest these people,their parents and forefathers and mothers would be deeply ashamed.
Reuben on Oct 21, 2021:
I've been living in west Auckland for 2 years now. I'm sad to say that this year the crime in my newly developed area has spiked heavily. Mailbox theft almost every week. Cars being broken into. People walking around with black hoodies late at night in the streets. Some even casually walking into other peoples yards. This is bullshit. We need to be more like China where crimes are NOT tolerated and will result in punishment or death
Brent on Sep 13, 2021:
It’s not safe at all, the law is useless and led by a puppet government nothing is better here.
John on Aug 30, 2021:
I've lived in auckland all my life and I've never EVER had any problems with islanders from any walks of life, poor, gang affiliated to well to do successful Pacifica. Some have made poor choices in life but they never dump their baggage sh!t on me when I converse with them. Funnily enough the crap i get has always predominantly been aggressive often drunk "i'm so (try)hard" redneck racists of caucasian origin with this entitled deleduded attitude that they own nz. (which they never have orginially). I'm not caucasian or Pacifica origin but an successful business owning NZ citizen but it confound me how many times I get treated as a 2nd class one by the majority of ...well you guess which cultural group.
kai tae on Jan 18, 2021:
They put my people in low income communities and expect not do all in our power just to get a meal, there is a war in these streets and all the govt worries about is which mansion they gonna buy next
Edgar on Dec 12, 2020:
People seem to overrate crime in Auckland. It's very safe for a big city. Could be better. Only somewhat dangerous place is south auckland. Just ask your advisor or someone you know about the south if you have/want to venture and apart from that you're pretty much safe
christiaan stirling on Oct 15, 2020:
ive been robbed twice within the time period of 3 days, by the same people. this wasn't long ago, but as a 14 year old living in Auckland his entire life, I can say that the crime has certainly raised in the last couple years.
suwoop on Aug 19, 2020:
South Auckland ain't a bad place at all. Y'all are just pussiez.
Dane on Jul 25, 2020:
Auckland crime is in the rise but it’s not as bad as places in Europe such as London, Paris or Berlin.
Greg on Jun 06, 2020:
I have moved to Auckland from Hamilton in October 2004.
Homeless and beggars have sure increased.
Only problems I have had it with two people in a hostel and backpackers.
Onen was a player and started competing with me because he liked all the attention from women.
The other threatened to kill me and was prosecuted for it and is now in a psychiatric unit, he was a narcissist bully and like to threaten people..
Its very costly to live alone, but woth it if you can find a suitable place,
I now rent a cosy studio apartment on my own.
I have not been a victim of crime on the street.
Dont make eye contact, or general comments and you wont be challenged.
Carry bags in front of you.