Quality of Life in Atlanta, GA, United States

Purchasing Power Index 150.62   Very High
Safety Index 33.21   Low
Health Care Index 63.59   High
Climate Index 89.73   Very High
Cost of Living Index 72.18   Moderate
Property Price to Income Ratio 2.75   Very Low
Traffic Commute Time Index 45.74   High
Pollution Index 45.20   Moderate
ƒ Quality of Life Index: 169.23   Very High

Minimum contributors for an underlying section: 38

Maximum contributors for an underlying section: 289

Last update: July 2018

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7 Comments so far

#Ane Ty on May 25, 2017 :
Congested roads and aggressive drivers contribute to "danger" sentiments posted here.

Atlanta needs more mass transt and really must reduce the number of big trucks on its roads.
#Anna on Sep 23, 2016 :
I moved to Atlanta after getting a job i have wanted for so long. and now i am building a home with Dr horton after finding this is going to be an amazing year. I am sad that the safety meter is so low...
#Krahman on Dec 30, 2015 :
I moved in Atlanta last 5 months and no job so far even I had over 11 years experience in NY and NJ
#vikas on Dec 05, 2015 :
I am from india I want to move georgia. Can anybody tell how it would be to live in Georgia and about work and about to know about people how can they attract/react with foreigners. Will they be the best friends or supporters for foreign migrants.How are the girls nature for migrants.
#Jean on Jul 13, 2015 :
Crime is here yes, but it is getting better! Tornadoes is not too much of a problem since I lived in Atlanta! The weather can get very dangerous lighting, thunder storms and ice storms!Very hot weather in summer mild in spring, fall and some winters! HOT ATLANTA!! I LOVE MY ATLANTA!
#Neil on Aug 15, 2014 :
My name is Neil. I attended Harvard University in Boston and Dartmouth Business School. I am bi-racial. My father is white and my mother is Jamaican and Spanish. My family is Irish, Scottish, British, Jamaican and Spanish. I am proud of my diversity. My motivation for moving is both more job opportunities and I date interracially. I am personally attracted to white women and I believe and hope I can find a wife who I can settle down and have a family with.

I lived in New York, Massachusetts and I am in the process of relocating because every white woman I see is someone I can't have. One of the most basic things in life is to have a family and that is the most challenging and difficult for me because I am attracted to white women.

I would like to ask anyone who has lived in the Atlanta, Georgia 3 questions that concern me.

1) Is Atlanta, Georgia a place where interracial marriages are growing and are more common?

2) I don't have a car will the public transportation train be able to get me to work and most places?

3) Are tornado's a big issue in Atlanta, Georgia? It scares me.

In closing I would like to thank all the previous people for their advice.
#Realistic on Jul 09, 2014 :
Having lived in Los Angeles area, Philidephia, Miami, Denver, and a few places in the Carolina's, Atlanta ranks in the middle for me. There is a good industrial backbone that keeps it chugging along and an aggressive stance on attracting business. So long term, it is a pretty safe bet for a city in the South. Some negatives, high pollution (air quality), high humidity and very uncomfortable summers full of many varieties of flying pests. High to average property crime and middle of the road for violent crime. Do not listen to the hardcore ATL fans, there are some huge areas that people from most places in the US would not feel safe. It is part of the culture here, it's accepted as the norm in many areas. Atlanta is not as integrated culturally as say NY or CA, but it is not the Confederate the "South Will Rise Again" crowd either (though they are around). It is fairly diverse in pockets if you do not fit into the typical overtly conservative and/or religious South, there are likely many like minded people in areas across the city you would find very comfortable. There is a nightlife if that is important to you. From seedy but trendy bars to upscale hip-hop and top 20 type venues. Good restaurants, but if you are a health nut, into juicing, excercise, organic, farm-to-table type places, they do exist and are popular in their little pocket neighborhoods, but pale compaired to more traditional big cities outside of the South (exception may be Miami).

If you are looking to duplicate your life in NYC or LA, this is likely going to be a bit of a challenge. BTW-The traffic is on par or worse than either of those cities. To live in the areas that make you feel like you are in a big city or cool trendy suburb, you will pay maybe 10-20% less on rents, maybe 10% less on housing. Please keep in mind, if you move a bit out from those areas, the housing price drops dramatically, but you will not have that same experience of your cool local bar, coffee shop, hangout, etc. without a semi-lengthy drive.

The positives are, this is a growing town and has been for some time. A good ammount of work is available from Healthcare, IT, Banking, Transportation, etc. and more recently Film and Television. The wages are good-to-ok in most sectors, but good for the South. For some it is disgustingly low vs. the big Northern or Western cities but that is a Southern trend and not unique to Atlanta. The people here are generally much nicer than other big cities, until they start driving ;) There are a fair ammount of green spaces and redevelopment areas that the younger crowds are gravitating to, with all their charm be prepared for already redeveloped prices and property crime (mainly smash and grab non-violent crimes). But that is much like any new trendy spot in large cities.

I hear and see a lot of reports of Atlanta being corrupt, well like any city, it is. But try Miami on for size and you likely could deal with anything after living there for a while (even though I still love Southern Florida).

The problem I have is there does not seem to be a local "flavor" or anything that stands out as hugely unique in Atlanta. It just feels like an older city with some cool spots, heavy traffic, notoriously bad policing, with good job opportunities that has no major identity other than being a really big urban spral of a city in the South. It has all the stuff most are trying to escape from more interesting cities including taxation.