Crime in Timmins, ON, Canada

Crime rates in Timmins, ON, Canada

Level of crime
82.32 Very High
Crime increasing in the past 5 years
89.74 Very High
Worries home broken and things stolen
72.85 High
Worries being mugged or robbed
65.27 High
Worries car stolen
49.74 Moderate
Worries things from car stolen
78.15 High
Worries attacked
72.47 High
Worries being insulted
73.02 High
Worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin color, ethnic origin, gender or religion
51.95 Moderate
Problem people using or dealing drugs
94.84 Very High
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft
85.89 Very High
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery
70.96 High
Problem corruption and bribery
61.72 High

Safety in Timmins, ON, Canada

Safety walking alone during daylight
38.00 Low
Safety walking alone during night
14.14 Very Low

Contributors: 66

Last update: May 2024

These data are based on perceptions of visitors of this website in the past 5 years.

If the value is 0, it means it is perceived as very low, and if the value is 100, it means it is perceived as very high.

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8 Comments so far
Jenica Butler on Nov 09, 2023:
Highest crime rate anywhere I’ve travelled. Highest Property tax
Highest population living in poverty
Highest suicide rates and mental health issues
Lowest resources available-funding misuse
Overpaid government and city employees
88 million in audit for welfare! Who owns 3500 units which they rent to social service recipients and cover all damages but leave seniors and disabled on housing list for an average of ten years
Mine dust and damage to homes big issues
Talc mine releases steam containing talc that covers the sky
The hollinger park has higher than government allowed contamination and that’s where they put the water park for kids to play in.
Ymca-only a daycare
Criminals let free and hard working and trying to survive residences held and convicted
Free for all to use injectable drugs anywhere
Corrupt police department in which most of the good ones leave as fast as they can
Highest rate of cancer yet no treatment facility
No train
Cheaper to fly to Europe than from Timmins to Toronto
Never ending winters with little to no city planned events
Horrible roads causing constant vehicle damage with no liability
No homes or rentals or opportunities for the next generation
No liability for countless acts of corruption.
People-indigenous with no weapons or reason killed by police “who were scared”
Highest drop out /not graduated high school rate
Insane high cost of living.
Anonymous on Jun 14, 2022:
People who were born and brought up in Timmins say it’s the best place, the problem is that these people have never left Timmins and know no better., they have not lived in a nice place. It is the most drab town, no shopping , no updated hotels or motels, restaurants are terrible. If you want to shop you have to go to Sudbury or North Bay. There are drugged out people wandering the streets day and night. If you need any specialist type of health needs, surgery, or cancer treatments, you have to drive yourself to Sudbury. The property taxes are outrageous, the roads are in the worst shape in Ontario. The only thing to do is send your kids into hockey related sports. It is not any wonder why the folks there turn to crime, drugs, alcoholism as this is the kind of life they live, there is nothing to do. It is time for the representatives running this city to make changes.
Sebastien Chartrand on Mar 19, 2022:
I lived here for 19 years now and I've seen 3 drug deals my hole life I've walked the streets at night for hours and during the day never had a problem never got approached I even walk in the alley ways and everyone minds there business if u look for trouble you will find it but in any city that's how it works. It's a great place to grow up great hockey driven small minning town with great trails and amazing love for the outdoors timmins is a beautiful active ghost towns in the world
Anonymous on Jan 07, 2022:
Its a heart break town....daddy was a miner...ypu either work as a miner or the wood plant or healthcare ...or your stuck in retail. This town has non culture and is racist. Drugs run the town. No one walls downtown not even during the day. Hell I have to take my mother to the bank.
Anonymous on Jun 07, 2021:
funny how the people on this website rated this city around as dangerous as Detroit, XD
Gina Hall on Mar 12, 2021:
I was born in Timmins & lived in the Italian section , it was a wonderful place to grow up in, practically knew everyone, & if you powered out of line your parents knew about it, but most of us as children
we’re very obedient, every school & there was a lot of them French & English , & every school had an outdoor skating rink with lights at night, what fun we had
I’m still in touch with many grownups now who live in Toronto, Barrie, St Catherine, we used used to have Timmins reunions but no more
Anonymous on Jan 25, 2021:
I never feel safe in this town as a white person talking. I'm so sorry for people of colour who live here. It is probably horrible for you. I've walked the streets at night between the times of 11 pm-6 am with a friend, and an old man was following us with a crowbar in his hand. I will be living in this town as soon as I can, and I will never come back and raise my children here. I hope you have fun here yall peace out!
anonymous on Nov 05, 2020:
The people who answered the surveys for this country are fools who have seen nothing and are trying to trick you. This city ranked the most dangerous city in Ontario in Maclean's list of most dangerous cities in Canada and tenth in all of Canada.