Crime in Stockholm, Sweden

Crime rates in Stockholm, Sweden

Level of crime
52.34 Moderate
Crime increasing in the past 3 years
71.43 High
Worries home broken and things stolen
43.38 Moderate
Worries being mugged or robbed
46.72 Moderate
Worries car stolen
40.33 Moderate
Worries things from car stolen
49.03 Moderate
Worries attacked
48.63 Moderate
Worries being insulted
47.27 Moderate
Worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin colour, ethnic origin or religion
45.24 Moderate
Problem people using or dealing drugs
48.78 Moderate
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft
55.33 Moderate
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery
50.14 Moderate
Problem corruption and bribery
32.01 Low

Safety in Stockholm, Sweden

Safety walking alone during daylight
68.92 High
Safety walking alone during night
45.95 Moderate

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Last update: February, 2017

These data are based on perceptions of visitors of this website in the past 3 years.

If the value is 0, it means it is perceived as very low, and if the value is 100, it means it is perceived as very high.

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10 Comments so far

#draugr on Dec 15, 2016 :
Sweden is now number two on the GLOBAL list of rape countries, only South Africa has more rape cases.
#George on Aug 21, 2016 :
Today at the Center of Stockholm a couple of pickpocket experts, a woman and a man look like immigrants from latin America they destroyed our suppose to be a romantic evening at Gamlan Stan. They call me that something was on the hair of my wife, if I was aware that they are crooks and do not stop, nothing will happen. They said was shits from the birds. When I stop to check the hair of my wife they said to me " oh sir these birds from the roofs they shit and the shits fall on the back of your trouser too and they pretend they were going home but then stop and they asked us if we have tissues, they offer us some wet tissues during that conversation and their pretend to help us with the cleaning they manage to take my money from my wallet. The trick they did was when they said to me that something was on the hair of my wife and they manage to stop us they reached us closer and when she put her hands on the hair of my wife to show me that something was on her hair, probably that moment sthey did everything. They were so skillful that we didn't realize it at all. They got my attention on her, worrying that something was on her hair that time they have sprayed a muddy liquid on my trouser too. They were showing us the roofs of the buildings and they did a mess on our clothes and we didn`t notice it. When they said to me " oh sir is on your trouser too they shift the attention of my wife on my trouser so they could reach her parcel too. If I was in Italy, France or any other country that is famous for its pickpocketers I will be alert and probably this will not happen to us unfortunately this already happen and the main reason that these happens is because nobody speaks about the dangers of Stockholm. Saying the truth Stockholm is much safer than other European cities but these feeling of safety was the main reason that happens to me.
#tim on Jul 17, 2016 :
A female friend of mine got roofied by a Swede and he wasn't caught. That's my only experience.
#Richard Joslin on Apr 12, 2016 :
What a tragedy to read of such a wonderful Nordic city as Stockholm besieged and plagued by these awful immigrant parasites and thieves. This is not the very largely white and fine Stockholm that I remember, ditto another fine city, that of Copenhagen - both of which i have visited in the past. Germany, a country I have always loved and known very well, is now swamped by those who have no interest whatsoever in assimilating with our historical Christian culture - they want to destroy our values, customs and stability, rape and crush our womenfolk and steal everything we here have worked hard for. They can all fuck off.
#Habagnero on May 11, 2015 :
been to Sweden many times, Malmo, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Umea, Visby, Gotland, Kalmar, Vaxjo, Linkoping, Nykoping, Norkoping, etc
Not a single thing happened to me nor I felt threatened by anyone at all despite hanging around "dodgy" and touristy places,
Was it "god" protecting me or was it just plain common sense?

Actually Malmo was the friendliest place of all the ones mentioned above, and this is due to the "bloody immigrants".
Many people (specially locals) moan about how the immigrants do not integrate, but to be fair, most of the locals have no will whatsoever about these migrants integrating into their culture.

As for the swedes, they are not rubbish at all. They might seem not so warm or friendly, but they are very nice people once you get to break their wall :) and their culture, to me, is interesting.
#Goran on May 02, 2015 :
If you are a tourist you find romanian beggers everywhere in the country. They are sitting outside nearly every store. They are at the railwaystations harrasing people. Don´t talk to them or give them everything. Watch up if groups of 3-4 people are approaching. They can be pocketthiefs. Avoid areas with many african and arabic immigrants. Sweden is a country allowing people flooding into the country(80-100000 thousand)every year.
#Fred on Jan 03, 2015 :
@anonymous: These people are not sweds, they are immigrants!
Almost all types of common crime such as pickpocketing, robbery, theft, rape (if you are attacked by a unknown person)and all that Chris mentioned are made by a majority of non swedes!
That's a fact! Remember that we have a million immigrants that not share our culture or values that are not consider themselves as swedes! Thousands of EU immigrants (another word for Roma people mostly from Romania and Bulgaria) are now begging around every swedish city!
Sweden have been a victim of multicultural failure!
#Munim on Sep 18, 2014 :
Travelled by the local train between Gamla Stan and Gulmaarsplan... and this gang of three - a lean man, a fatso and a lady all in their late 20s/early 30s got into the crowded evening train...My wife was clutching a bag ( being tourists had cash equ to USD 500, credit cards and other valuables).. The younger man carried another bag on the shoulder and tried to come close to my wife with the huddling of the lady and the fatso ( really cornering her) so that it would look like a crowded train movement. Once my wife felt that the guy is trying to open the zip of the bag, raised an alarm and the trio, got out of the train in the next station and vanished.... The nightmare of being close to mugging in a crowded train took sometime to erase from the memory... in an otherwise enjoyable trip in sweden...
#Anonymous on Jul 04, 2014 :
Sweden old town have a gang of street gamblers which about 4 to 5 people to con people by playing guessing the ball in the small matches box. All the people playing is same gang. Just walk away and dont look at all. They will find they useless and their children will disappointed with what they are doing. They are the rubbish of swedish people.
#Chris on Mar 12, 2013 :
Stockholm is a safe city by international standards but not as safe as it was and you should keep your wits about you. As in other cities, you should avoid late-night walks through dark and desolate back streets and tunnels, as well as close encounters with rowdy groups of drunk and/or drugged people. Stockholm is not very dangerous although some suburbs over the years have turned into violent areas as youths with immigration background see as their own territory and each neighborhood is its own “suburb gang” later on fighting other suburbs. The T-Centralen subway entrance to Sergels Torg (plattan) is a well-known hangout for drug-dealers, and it is very normal for the passer-by to feel threatened. Stockholm has a very exciting nightlife with a lot of partying in town other than the recommendation to keep away from Stockholm Central station at night.
Stockholm has the 'classic' warnings: Beware of pick pockets in tourist areas such as Old Town, and be cautious of travelling on the underground on your own late at night.
As in most countries, being overly intoxicated is not accepted in most bars and clubs and could lead to the security staff forcibly ejecting the intoxicated person in question.
Stockholm has the 'classic' warnings: Beware of pick pockets in tourist areas such as Old Town and don't travel on the underground on your own late at night (at least not as a woman). Also, be a little alert if you pass the lowered open space at Sergels Torg just outside the T-Centralen underground entrance. That bit of the square, known as Plattan, is where the Stockholm drug dealers hang around at night.
Most crimes against tourists are crimes of opportunity, such as pick-pocketing, bicycle theft, auto theft, and auto vandalism. As always, do not leave valuable items in your car or in a cloakroom, and watch your bag in crowded places. Most shops and all major taxi companies accept credit and debit cards, so there is no need to carry a lot of cash. Be especially aware of your safety in crowded areas such as local festivals, crowded tourist sites, markets, airports, and on trains and buses. A travel safety tip is to just wear minimum jewelry, casual clothes, and keep cameras and phones inside a discrete bag. Try to relax and look like you belong there. This will automatically make traveling safer.
Try to use one of the more well-established cab companies to avoid getting ripped off. Going by taxi in Stockholm is a safe way to travel, but the fares differ between cab companies. Among recommended companies are Taxi Stockholm, Taxi Kurir and Taxi 020. Watch out for taxi signs designed to look like these three.

During summer, a few street gamblers try to swindle their audience on Drottninggatan and in other crowded areas. They use a variety of tricks one of them being planting a few of their own in the crowd. Don't play, you will lose.
Homeless people can occasionally be seen begging downtown. A responsible way to address their situation is to buy their magazine, ''Situation Stockholm'', for 40 SEK. People handing out laminated begging cards in or on the subway might belong to organized gangs, and should be ignored. Buying food or water for someone begging is also a good way of helping without risking that your money goes in the wrong hands. The welfare system in Sweden is highly developed and because of the governmental programs the numbers of Swedish citizens that are homeless are few compared to other countries.
Many tourists are under the impression that Stockholm is a relatively safe city, but many Swedes tells that's a thing of the past, apparently, for its relatively small size is quite a dangerous city with crime rates similar to that of places like London, Paris and New York. There are both local and immigrant gangs of thugs that go round primarily pick pocketing people, but sometimes out to mug people, or, sometimes just attack people for the sake of attacking someone.
Not only in Stockholm but most parts of Sweden is increasing the numbers of criminal organization members such as Original Gangsters(OG), Black Cobras, Bandidos and Hells Angels.
The gang’s are not much seen at daytime but is expanding all over Europe.