Cost of Living in Kiev

Cost of Living Index (Excl.Rent): 27.78
Rent Index: 12.28
Groceries Index: 20.42
Restaurants Index: 22.65
Cost of Living Plus Rent Index: 20.35
Local Purchasing Power: 30.50
Restaurants [ Edit ] Avg. Range
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 120.00 ₴ 80.00-162.55
Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 500.00 ₴ 400.00-700.00
McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal) 67.73 ₴ 60.00-81.27
Domestic Beer (1 pint draught) 15.00 ₴ 12.00-21.67
Imported Beer (11.2 oz small bottle) 30.00 ₴ 25.00-40.64
Cappuccino (regular) 21.35 ₴ 13.55-30.00
Coke/Pepsi (11.2 oz small bottle) 10.63 ₴ 8.00-15.00
Water (11.2 oz small bottle) 7.95 ₴ 6.00-12.00
Markets [ Edit ] Avg.
Milk (regular), (1 gallon) 64.41 ₴ 49.21-83.28
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (1 lb) 7.38 ₴ 5.44-9.98
Rice (white), (1 lb) 12.13 ₴ 9.07-18.14
Eggs (12) 26.28 ₴ 18.86-32.40
Local Cheese (1 lb) 51.54 ₴ 36.29-68.04
Chicken Breasts (Boneless, Skinless), (1 lb) 30.90 ₴ 24.58-36.29
Beef Round (1 lb) (or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat) 43.09 ₴ 36.29-54.43
Apples (1 lb) 7.41 ₴ 5.44-11.34
Banana (1 lb) 13.13 ₴ 11.34-15.88
Oranges (1 lb) 13.47 ₴ 9.98-18.14
Tomato (1 lb) 14.34 ₴ 8.62-22.68
Potato (1 lb) 3.64 ₴ 2.27-6.14
Onion (1 lb) 3.93 ₴ 2.27-6.80
Lettuce (1 head) 22.99 ₴ 15.00-30.00
Water (1.5 liter bottle) 11.19 ₴ 8.00-15.00
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range) 86.03 ₴ 65.00-135.45
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle) 14.34 ₴ 12.00-20.00
Imported Beer (11.2 oz small bottle) 29.46 ₴ 24.00-40.00
Pack of Cigarettes (Marlboro) 25.10 ₴ 23.00-28.68
Transportation [ Edit ] Avg.
One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 4.00 ₴ 3.50-5.00
Monthly Pass (Regular Price) 200.00 ₴ 140.00-300.00
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 35.00 ₴ 30.00-50.00
Taxi 1 mile (Normal Tariff) 8.05 ₴ 6.44-12.87
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 60.00 ₴ 50.00-90.00
Gasoline (1 gallon) 89.45 ₴ 79.49-98.45
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (Or Equivalent New Car) 650,180.47 ₴ 500,000.00-700,000.00
Toyota Corolla 1.6l 97kW Comfort (Or Equivalent New Car) 502,270.74 ₴ 419,908.22-600,000.00
Utilities (Monthly) [ Edit ] Avg.
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Water, Garbage) for 915 sq ft Apartment 1,868.83 ₴ 1,083.63-2,936.36
1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans) 0.90 ₴ 0.50-1.50
Internet (10 Mbps, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) 94.03 ₴ 60.00-135.45
Sports And Leisure [ Edit ] Avg.
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult 431.64 ₴ 250.00-800.00
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend) 243.54 ₴ 150.00-400.00
Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat 80.00 ₴ 70.00-100.00
Childcare [ Edit ] Avg.
Preschool (or Kindergarten), Private, Monthly for 1 Child 4,300.00 ₴ 3,000.00-5,000.00
International Primary School, Yearly for 1 Child 140,000.00 ₴ 60,000.00-240,000.00
Clothing And Shoes [ Edit ] Avg.
1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar) 1,756.51 ₴ 1,000.00-2,709.09
1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, H&M, ...) 1,125.88 ₴ 600.00-1,800.00
1 Pair of Nike Running Shoes (Mid-Range) 2,446.88 ₴ 1,600.00-3,250.90
1 Pair of Men Leather Business Shoes 2,761.96 ₴ 2,000.00-4,000.00
Rent Per Month [ Edit ] Avg.
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre 10,620.62 ₴ 7,000.00-15,000.00
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre 5,874.66 ₴ 4,000.00-8,000.00
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre 18,904.25 ₴ 12,000.00-27,090.85
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre 11,182.57 ₴ 8,000.00-15,000.00
Buy Apartment Price [ Edit ] Avg.
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment in City Centre 3,764.37 ₴ 2,601.26-5,033.60
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment Outside of Centre 1,861.71 ₴ 1,300.63-2,415.46
Salaries And Financing [ Edit ] Avg.
Average Monthly Disposable Salary (Net After Tax) 6,778.26 ₴
Mortgage Interest Rate in Percentages (%), Yearly 22.52 18.00-30.00

Prices in Kiev, Ukraine

These data are based on 6905 entries in the past 12 months from 432 different contributors.
Last update: February, 2017
Sources and References: Info
Add new source here:
Cost of living in Kiev is 72.22% lower than in New York (Info)Our estimator (with default settings) estimate monthly expenses for a single person at 314.31$ (8,514.97₴) and for four person family at 1,084.23$ (29,372.70₴) (without rent).
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87 Comments so far

#Marcelo on Feb 10, 2017 :
Can someone tell me about about the cost of basic utilities at Lozova? Please
#Anonymous on Jan 14, 2017 :
How well can a family of three adults live on 1000 American dollars per month in Kiev?
#Alex on Dec 22, 2016 :
If I wish to open a restaurant in Kiev,how much will it costs for rent or buy? Approx 1000 sqft.
#Anonymous on Dec 14, 2016 :
Your lists full of BS and assumptions 400$ rent for a month in kyiv apartment in center is not enough rate is 30-50& a day .... people in that city at least minimum 4000$ a month working in computer offices
#Soykan Unbay on Nov 28, 2016 :
I lived in Ukraine 6.5 years..I am Turkish..I studied and worked there..yes there were racism..but still Ukraine is my favourite country among I have lived Germany Greece Ireland ..You learn how to survive,and how to become a real man there!! Slava Ukraine!!:) And they are much much better than europeans,friendly people as long as you drink at least one glass with them:)
#Leon on Nov 17, 2016 :
to swiss banker. No one lives here. We survive. And I have an income above 500 euros ...
#Swiss Banker on Nov 16, 2016 :
Is it really this bad in Ukraine? I hear both good and bad, but when I hear that an average salary is about 120$ and the rent is more or less the same amount of money I cannot believe...

How do you guys live?
#Andriy on Oct 21, 2016 :
#Morris Gerbin
There are two golf courses at Golfstream and Royal golf club and one academic course at Golf center Obolon.
Green fee at Royal is USD 18 or 30 depends of the week day.
Player's card for 20 green fees in week ends cost USD 800.
#Oleg on Oct 20, 2016 :
I never said Ukrainians were fascists, jst irresponsible, not independently thinking, post-Soviet people, who instead of looking at the root cause of their problems choose to live much in the same way as before yet expecting from some where larger salaries and higher standards of living. I am Ukrainian myself and to ME THE LEGACY OF RUSSIAN AUTHORITARIAL RULE IS THE MAJOR PROBLEM!!! Sadly many of our people see just what is on the surface and unfortunately the oligarchs' ealth and their nationality is what they see most often. At the same time they fail to realize that such economic set up is the result of not going through the harsh pro market reforms and open transparent privatization in early nineties....also not wanting to fight Russia and its economic llegacy even now...
#My Name on Oct 20, 2016 :
A country populated by people thinking "Jewish oligarchs" want a "genocide" on them deserves all the poverty of the world. Good luck surviving at <$200/month, fascists.
#Oleg on Oct 19, 2016 :
Aga you people, true Europeans with this Jew-oligarchs, genocide of Ukrainians talk... I just love it. While this country has been occupied by Russia for last 300years, creating here as in the rest of territories nothing but personal responsibility, political patronage and reliance on handouts - you see the root cause of our country's problems not in our peoples inability to break with that vicious cycle of pro -Russian mentality, but in ethnicity of our major industrialists here. Not even the present day war with Russia deters you from your Jew-hate thinking!!! I personally find it to be pathetic. I don't deny that a few rich families over the years of not transparent, post -Soviet privatization have accrued control over our country's major and key industrial assets. But in all democratic countries it is the electorate and responsible citizens who through elections keep big business in check!. We had two revolutions started by those same responsible people, but did the rest follow??? Now, the majority of Ukrainians are waiting for their heating subsidies from the government much like their Russian counterparts would...How then is it possible to raise to EU standards of living with the people who think like that being in the majority???
#ivan on Oct 15, 2016 :

Yanukovich is not my guru, and I do not support annexation of Crimea by Russia and its military invasion to the East of Ukraine.
However, I totally agree with Sergey. What is going on in Ukraine, is simply genocide of of the population done by Jewish oligarchs who totally control power, mass media and financial flows in the country
#Shawn on Oct 02, 2016 :
What's up Guys! I will be coming to Kiev and trying to stay for 2-3 months :)
If I want to hire a graphics artist/illustrator (that words with Photoshop..) how much would I have to pay them per month if I want to hire them for 1-2 months?

Do you guys have any websites or apartments you know of that offer rent for $200-250 a month? I want a 2 bedroom outside city center.

Thank you,
#Oleg on Sep 20, 2016 :
Can I give some advice to Sergey here...
Dear Sergey,
You are always free to move to Russia as your guru president Yanukovich has done...
Enjoy your higher quality of life there AND tell us how you like it!!!
#Sergey on Sep 12, 2016 :
after the revolution of lumpens in 2013-14.quality of life in kiev is fell in 3-4 times.
net salary of a teacher in school 120$ . utility bills more than 130$/56 sc.m. (from november2016).old age pension 44$
local food quality is not so good.

This is genocide of the population
#V on Sep 07, 2016 :
#carkod on Mar 09, 2016

Usually one of family members spent his salary to pay rent and utilities, and other pays for food. I know a lot of young families who rent just a room, not a whole flat, it is a bit cheaper but you live together with other family in one flat.

#Rd8 on Sep 03, 2016 :

DO NOT give your money to Ukrainian banks! All banks owned by oligarchs and used to withdraw cash so you have no any guaranties that tomorrow your bank still be alive and you get your money back.
#Rd8 on Sep 03, 2016 :
Hi, I saw that bank deposit can be 20% per year in Ukraine. Is it true? Is it stable n safe? Like every year with government can change a lot does it changeable every year drastically ? Have some saving and wish to to knoW WHERE life is safer and good living place can have confortable living for a single person with good food for ex. I don't drink or smoke or disco or something. Ah yes where are people are nice.

King regards,

Hope you can assist me before moving.

#Morris Gerbin on Jun 22, 2016 :
Hello everyone for the golf question wright me at thanks
#Morris Gerbin on Jun 22, 2016 :
Hello from southern California USA,, can anyone tell me about the golf in Kiev how much to play in USD how are the courses there thanks morris
#richard on May 14, 2016 :
Is pension income money taxed by Ukraine? ( I have a police pension social security income and a military pension. All of which were earned in United States )
#Artem Karpenko on Mar 30, 2016 :
#navigator of the sea on Oct 31, 2015 :
Travel - safe.
Business - yes.

In general:
VAT - 20%

For individual (employee):
Taxes from Salaries 18% (paid by the employer)

Individuals(self-employed) :
- VAT - 0% export, 7% medical preparations, 20% other operation
- Tax on profits - 3% (3 group, max income 170 000$ in year, who paid VAT), 5% (3 group max income 170 000$ in year, who NOT paid VAT), 18% other
- Taxes from Salaries 18%
- The unified social contribution - 22% from salary fund

and legal entities:
VAT - 0% export, 7% medical preparations, 20% other operation
Tax on profits - 18%
Taxes from Salaries 18%
#Artem Karpenko on Mar 30, 2016 :
#carkod on Mar 09, 2016 :
In 2013, we had Average Monthly Disposable Salary 800$ in Kiev
Then an event occurred which made the citizens of this beautiful country of beggars
Thank oligarchs
#CS on Mar 19, 2016 :
*Also assuming no rent, just basic ultities like internet, electricity, etc.
#CS on Mar 19, 2016 :
Hello, I would appraciate it if someone can help me with a detailed break down of what an average middle class person's expenditure is like monthly in Vinnetsyia or somewhere similar. Just trying to figure out how much a stay at home mom and a teen that's going to college might need. Both smokes. Assuming all money goes to expenses and no savings.
#carkod on Mar 09, 2016 :
Can someone explain me why is renting 1 room almost the same as average salary? I mean usually people with low salaries cannot be a house, so they have to rent, but rent takes all their money? How can you rent?
#Mykola on Feb 07, 2016 :
We are a young couple with no children living together in residential area close to city center. To live a life costs around 900 USD for nutrition, household expenses, pay for apt rent and utilities, transport and connectivity, take occasional trips to Lviv or Odesa.
#sss on Dec 18, 2015 :
it is better to live in hostel than rent an apartment, hostels starting since 2 USD per day, you can see in
#Igor on Dec 05, 2015 :
If some of you guys consider doing business in Ukraine then you gotta know at least 1 person you trust thats living there. Thats for sure. Most people are kind (a lot more kind then usual) but there is a percentage of utter retards who will gladly rip you off.
I dont have a job atm and im not in a mood for some office work for at least 2 month. So if you want someone to scout some specific businesses or stuff you need to know then just tell me (video feedback, realtime footage included). That should be interesting for me and helpful to you.
#Anonymous on Nov 20, 2015 :
navigator of the sea... exactly. when political situation isn't stable (and it will NEVER be stable) all these numbers and figures don't mean a thing.
you have to understand that Ukraine is the border between the west and Russia. and Russia will never allow Ukraine to become an ally of the west. it's simply on the border of Russia and just 500 km from Moscow. for russia to give up their control of ukraine means suicide.
because of that, every few years there's political turmoil, revolutions, and a new government shows up with a new set of oligarchs. laws are meaningless in the Ukraine, it is so corrupt that only if you have strong connection with the government you can get business done.
the problem is that the government changes every few years from pro Russian to pro West (next time could be even worse, could be extreme right) so all the connections you made with government officials will be meaningless. it's a country that is doomed. just look at the population graph and you'll get the idea. the whole population is shrinking for years. people are running away from Ukraine. trust me... now's not the time to invest. you can never know what will be the next Russian move or what will be the next U.S/european move. political situation is crazy.
but eventually it's your decision. this is just my own personal opinion from my own personal experience and knowledge. you can do whatever you want. it's your money :)
If you ask me, I would take the money elsewhere.
#navigator of the sea on Nov 20, 2015 :
Thanks for your kind reply. So far according to my calculation ukraine can become one of the largest economy of the Europe. But for a country to develop you need four things low CPI ( Ukraine have that), population ( for mass production) and a stable political condition (Ukraine don't have that) and a sea port ( as 96% of the world trade is carried out by water ways). Just look at the south Asia. Their economy is booming. Some country even have GDP growth more than 10%. Money travels. So as west Europe having negative GDP growth it's the time for the east to become rich. Let me give you a example a jeans pant production ( demim fabrics) cost is approximately 3$ in Bangladesh or Cambodia. That is sold for 78$ in USA. Although the brand is American but in that process the east is making a lot of money. 438 billion USD worth of rmg market world trade is dominated by the east. Before it used to dominated by China but now south Asia. Because China can't a jeans pant for 3$ they need 7$ to make the same quality. As CPI index is low Ukraine can became a major economy. You just need a sable political c
#Anonymous on Nov 19, 2015 :
navigator of the sea. it's safe, but probably won't stay safe for long. the economic situation is not so good. i wouldn't invest money in Kiev for few reasons:
1) the economic situation isn't stable and there is corruption everywhere.
2) the currency is under very heavy controls. people would like to hold more dollars but the government won't allow that. further than that... if you come as a tourist and you want to exchange your hryvnia's back to US dollars they won't allow you. this practically means that the ukrainian currency the hryvnia is actually worthless and the moment the government will relax the imposed controls on currency it will plunge.
3) the war in the east is not a stable situation. although there's a cease fire at the moment i can hardly see a scenario where peace will come again to Ukraine.

in other words, you can visit as a tourist for a few days, stay in the western side. take care of yourself but i would suggest investing in Ukraine. too dangerous.
#navigator of the sea on Oct 31, 2015 :
Is it safe to travel to Kiev now? Is it a good place to invest? Apart from being a navigation officer I'm a RMG stock lot businessman. May I invest and make profit and also contribute to Ukrainian economy ?
#cs on Oct 21, 2015 :
how is the country to have a holidays in ukraine? I have checked that since january'15 we can get from 1USD a lot of grivnas, (more than 20), have you have a very good and cheap holidays currently?
#Anthoy on Sep 10, 2015 :
Yes to visit Ukraine: Kiev, Odessa, areas like this and to live comfortably, or stay in nice apartment, hotel eat quality food, see quality sites and entertainment, stay in safe and comfortable regions do not have to be top hotel but good, clean, safe or rent apartment of nice home, villa, chateau can you do this for $500 USD or need more? Let me know. Tony
#Anonymous on Sep 01, 2015 :
Im planning to do some small investment in kiev, pls advise what are the potential demands there. Also what will be the hassle that i will encounter during the processed of setting up my business. Thanks.
#oleg on Jul 13, 2015 :
Danny - I would say that although yes some people make considerable sums of money aside from their official salaries...for most 80% perhaps the overall monthly income nowdays barely excedes 300$. Yet the attitudes towards money and people's lifestyles can be misleading and can mask that reality.
#Danny on Jul 10, 2015 :
i need to ask the locals a question. i understand that the reported monthly salary in Kiev is not the real salary. because as i understand a lot of people earn "black" money so that they will not pay taxes. so how much does the average person living in Kiev REALLY make per month? how much does an educated (economist or lawyer for example) with B.A degree earn per month? how much does a simple worker earn? for example a salesperson in a shop?
i'm talking about real income, reported + not reported all together.
what is considered an OK wage per hour in Kiev?
#oleg on Jul 06, 2015 : 700$ in Ukraine now is not bad at all - you will be OK.
#Maks on Jul 05, 2015 :
okan !!!
wow, sorry, if you want go to the club 3-4 time a week throughout the month, no, $ 700 - will not be enough, not in Kyiv, not in Lviv.
#Maks on Jul 05, 2015 :
#okan !!!
$ 700 - is very, very much for the month of life in Ukraine.
If you buy food in supermarkets, cook at home , living in a rented (one room ) apartment , and travel by public transport , you will live a month on $ 350 , and it's still life with cookies .
#okan on Jun 03, 2015 :
I m going to visit Ukraine and stay for a month. 700 dollar is good enough to live in Kiev? or maybe Lviv?

I will stay in apartment (1 room) in the city center. I wont cook myself, eat outside and go to clubs 3-4 times a week. transport expenses, buying clothes and so on.
#Eladna on May 08, 2015 :
Hi everybody who are going to visit Kiev some days. If you are looking for where to stay in, how does the local dish tastes or you just want to see Kiev I’d like to provide you the services as a personal interpreter.

Kiev is the town where I grew up in and spent the most of my time. I think it’s a beautiful place to live in so I am well aware of its history and culture. As a local I know where the best place to go what to worth to see.

I graduated the university and got the degree of “International Relationships” which helped me to be part of many international socities, see the life of another people. I know that the language barier is the one of the most difficult part of being in onther counry so here I can take this part and make your being easier here.
Besides I understand all the difficulties which the foreigners can face with in Ukraine. I used to help foreigners to solve the different questions and I am waiting for the new challenge ahead.

Kiev can be the starting point of your travel. I am ready to show you the whole Ukraine. Reveal its cultural and historical places you’ve never expected to see in the post-soviet country.

For more information please write me to the
Scype: elladna
or here is my cell number: 095 155 78 33
#Dmytro Stashchuk on May 08, 2015 :
Hi guys! I am a native Ukrainian living in Kyiv. If you need any advice how to handle in Ukraine (especially in the capital) just write me. Here is my contact email:
#Oleh on May 07, 2015 :
"Disappearing" of a post package is a very extraordinary thing, "Ukrposhta" is not like the famous "Pochta Rossii" in Russia.
At least, I've never heard of any problems like mentioned by you, although I and some of my friends used it many times in- and outside of the country.
#Hank on May 01, 2015 :
Planning to visit kiev from 09Jun-09Jul 2015. 1st time to Ukraine. Visiting a new friend and would like to have better insight on native customs and the do's & don'ts of man-woman inter-reaction. I also need post code of the address. How do you safely send mail/packages to someone living in Kiev without it "disappearing"?
#Albert on May 01, 2015 :
This site is great! I'm from New York and I'm planing to visit Kiev and some parts of west of Ukraine this summer.
Awesome informations.
Well done !
#Alberto on Apr 12, 2015 :
I have a planing come to ukraine Kiev in next week ,
I would like to go visit beauty exhibtion for find intrsting products.
I need someone help me for translating.
Alberto Finland
358 447365599
#Luke on Apr 02, 2015 :
I am a historian living in Belgium. I would like to have contacts by email with common people all over Ukraine. This is for a scientific study/article. I should like to know the personal situation and experiences of each of you as a person since the events of 2013-2014. Has it influenced your situation/life? Economically? Your contacts with friends, other people you know? What are your personal ideas about the situation of your country? etc.
Age/Gender/Situation/location/political views not important. Only integrety important!
Thanks in advance,
Luc Devincke
PhD Hist, MSc Media and Comm, BFA Photography
Historian - Studies in Geopolitics & Mass media
Ghent - Belgium
#Tom Luong on Mar 29, 2015 :
I am an engineer working in the USA and make decent money after taxes and like to vacation there for 2 weeks next year to enjoy the capital city Kiev. I will be vacation but still like to know how it feels to work there and earn money there. Can anyone give me advice on how a US citizen can come to Kiev and get a temporary job for a short time to earn money to help supplement my stay in Kiev? I am single so no wife and kids to worry about. Being 38 years old I think I can handle anything a city can throw at me. I just don't know the language and thanks to this website (and all 50 comments from people) I will probably find a place in the village away from the central city and take public trains into town or anywhere for the matter. Please help answer me direct to my personal email Thank you in advance! -TomL
#Ren on Feb 20, 2015 :
Wow, this is really helpful. I was able to learn ukrainian over skype at and learned to be fluent. I'm now planning to visit the country this year.
#Sergii on Jan 15, 2015 :
Because of hryvnia devaluation currently average salary in Kiev is around 300-350$. So, local purchasing power is even lower than 35,5.
#Galyna on Jan 06, 2015 :
I live in Kyiv suburb (5 kilometers from the city). I get from home to the city by bus. It takes me about 40 min.If you are going to visit my city - welcome! If you need any help - please contact me. My E-mail : I can quarter you for nothing. You shold only pay for electricity and hot water. You will live in separate house near my house. But i want to improve my spoken English by informal communication
#Ivar on Oct 22, 2014 :
Ofcourse if you want to live like Oligarh then 4500 is small money =)))) but to have a good life like in Europe you dont need more then 1000-1500 pr month for same standard as you need 3-4000 for in north Europe at least,,so half the money as needed at home to live good i would say.
#Anonymous on Oct 18, 2014 :
as a Kiev resident, I'll give you on the ground information. Living in Kiev can be cheap if you know local tricks. For instance, it does make sense to do your own cooking. Food in supermarkets is cheap (for instance, 1 l bottle of milk - 0,8 usd, 10 eggs - 1,2 usd, chicken brests 1 kilo - 3.5 usd, bread - 0,4 usd). Food in open air markets, though the prices have risen there recently, still even cheaper, especially when it comes to fresh vegetables (potatoes, carrots, cabbages, squash, peppers, beets, onion etc.) and fresh milk and meat products (and you can bargain there).
At the same time, restaurants can be quite expensive (especially those in the center), and the portions in restaurants are small. So, basically you do not eat out for the purpose of daily rations, but rather go out for the purpose of entertainment.
Transportation (metro and public) is very cheap, taxis are cheap too. Utilities are very cheap (like 40-50 usd for two room apartment per month). Mobile phone and internet costs are not expensive. There is free wi-fi in most places.
At the same time, apartment rent can get expensive, especially in the center. It makes sense to rent an apartment not in the center, but in a 'sleeping quater' with good access to metro.
It also makes sense to buy an apartment (especially for locals). Two room apartment can cost about 80,000 usd. With no property tax and cheap utilities, you will get the price of the apartment in 10 years of rent (but after that this apartment gonna be yours with no more rent). Also, if you leave the city, you can rent out the aparment, and actualy make a profit from it.
So, I would say that you can live in Kiev comfortably starting from 1000 usd per month (for a not local). My personal living expenses are just about 500 usd per amonth, but I don't pay the rent, as I own the apartment (which I bought 3 years ago).
#soos on Oct 03, 2014 :
If some one want to fix his flat much it gonna cost
#Jeff on Sep 17, 2014 :
There are too expensive living in Kiev, salaries like in Africa but prices like in Europe
#Ruslan podoliako on Aug 09, 2014 :
I live in Kiev and i really find some of the local guys comments really ridiculous. Either you guys want to look better than you are either you have some serious mental problems.
Stop telling bullshit about your high salaries and that your 4.500$ income is not quite enough for living in Kiev because its a real bullshit.

First of all the decent salary in Kiev would start from 1500$. You can rent an appartment for half of this amount. You can get decent money only in foreign companies that reside in Kiev and Ukraine.
If you are professional skillful expert in some field with decent experience you can probably find a good job if you are lucky enough and get something near 2500-4000$ but for that you need to be really very skillful and with huge experience and you need to be lucky to find a proper company.

Usually the things are not so bright in Kiev. A person that is experienced enough, with University Education, with knowledge of foreign languages can earn about 1000$ and be really happy because many of them do not earn even that amount. Many of them earn about 400-700$ and those people are from Kiev that means they dont need to rent an appartment.

Cost of living is not so high in Kiev except the appartment rent. Food can be bought at BAZAR( sort of Ukrainian local markets where people bring their own growed production). Clothes are not so expensive as in Europe as to the social life most of the places are twice cheaper than in Europe.

Kiev is a beautiful city but as for the foreigners that come to live and looking for a job its quite difficult. There are not so much of companies that can offer you a salary which is above 1000$
#Anonymous on Jul 01, 2014 :
In private hospital. as BORIS or MEDIKOM is 500-1000 USD
#Max on Jul 01, 2014 :
Salary of a doctor in state hospital is 200 USD
#Victor Toev on Jun 23, 2014 :
Please let me know how much is the salary for a doctor in hospital...
#amir on May 18, 2014 :
I need to get ukraine citizenship, any guide and recomendation please
#Anonymous on May 04, 2014 :
It all sounds dep
#vitko on Feb 09, 2014 :
real price 1kg of potato in kyiv is 10 uah on 5 february 2014.
#salman on Feb 07, 2014 :
i m going to marry with ukarain girl, and after marry, i want to live in ukarain. would i be able to get ukarain nationality after marry, and would i be to find job in ukarain?
#Anonymous on Jan 22, 2014 :
I'm not sure the country is safe to visit anymore. 2 bad.
#Julia on Jan 16, 2014 :
Hi. I'm a native Ukranian and live in Kiev. Everyone who are willing to visit my city can contact me on cell 095 155 78 33 or via skype: elladna. I' ll provide you a nice exursion about our capital and help you if you reqiure need.
#Trav on Jan 14, 2014 :
Hello everyone. I'm planning a trip to Kiev and I already have my apartment payed for, $525.00 USD for 7 days. My question is, would my gf and I be able to have a good time for the 7 days with $500.00 USD? Thanks for any comments and advice.
#Andrew on Jan 11, 2014 :
Does USD2500/month after tax is enough for an individual in Kiev?
#Anonymous on Nov 11, 2013 :
13,000.00₴ - that's the average starting salary of the qualified worker (after tax). Please note that the official salary may be different as many companies prefer to pay part of the salary without declaring it to avoid paying taxes. People who work in Ukraine and Ukrainians are entitled to free education (kindergardens, schools), free medicine (although private medicine is very popular, but usually is covered by the private insurance that is part of the benefits package of almost all medium and big companies). There is no property tax and no paid roads. State pension is included in the taxation.
##Aussie on Nov 01, 2013 :
I've decided, my friend and I want to visit Ukraine (and other Eastern European countries) for about 2-3 weeks. We'll probably stay in Kiev and Odessa.

If we decided to stay in 'modest' and 'safe' accommodation, do the typical tourist stuff, how much would we have to budget for? I am expecting USD$300/day?
#Arty Trollz on Oct 17, 2013 :
Hey there guys, I am a Kyiv native, and I can tell you most of the stats are correct, however keep in mind Kyiv is a totally different universe from the rest of Ukraine and is indeed expensive. As a self employed dude I earn about 4,500 US bucks a month and still feel stretched thin at times, and that is far more than the average salary unfortunately.. To those who say they are being exploited by locals I would say don't be stupid, I bet u get exploited everywhere u travel, learn the language, get some local friends to show u around, and mind u there are a loooot of nice places to do your things without having to pay extra.. Also I would highly recommend our weed, we got some awesome Amsterdam quality buds being grown here hehe))
#oleg on Sep 30, 2013 :
Here I would have top disagree with Alex...not only are the everyday costs of living high in comparison to monthly incomes, but also the quality of life for those "supposedly" lower costs is much lower as well (everything from bad customer service in mid-range restaurant to cramped buses and metro. If you expect to get an AVERAGE (usual) European or Western quality you absolutely have to pay HIGH END Kiev prices

Now on the issue of Salaries and monthly income... While it is true that some companies pay substantial sums under the table (in envelopes) the OVERALL TRUE and rate of pay for absolute majority of Kiev residents rarely goes over the $550-600 a month mark....Now how good that is - you be the judge.
#Alex on Sep 19, 2013 :
Kiev and many other cities are very modern and almost European). Salaries in Ukraine so far are low, but for low-cost housing prices, education, recreation. It so happens that most people in Ukraine have their own housing. Mortgage or rent draw up mostly newcomers and young people (age 18-30).
Food in Ukraine high quality accommodation and there's the old houses built 1960-1970, is very modern and the latest fashion trends. From this and depends on the price. Just want to point out that the country has its own Black Sea, the Carpathian mountains (incredibly beautiful). In Ukraine, a huge number of places to stay. Come!
P.S. Salaries are really part of the official (average 300-400 euros) and the co-pay "envelope" (an average of 100-1000 euros).
# on Jul 28, 2013 :
If you have to go in Kiev for work, why you want to know the prices of the Kiev's nightlife?

Be productive, if you go to party then in the morning you would be tired, not the perfect situation for a worker. Don't you think?

What the hell is your work? I've never heard about a worker in his business trip who have to search a room for himself.
Every company always pay the hotel for their managers who have to go abroad.

Moreover, why bother if the local people speak english? For sure the people with whom you will work will speak english, otherwise your manager wouldn't sent you here, don't you think?

In conclusion, the price index above is mostly for local people....foreigner are likely to pay far more that amount especially if they want an easy and comfortable life.
#Teo on Jun 08, 2013 :
Hi everybody. Due to my work, in a couple of months I will have to move to abroad. Two of the cities I have to choose from are Kiev and Mariupol. I would like the opinion of some people who really know about life in these cities (price for rent, nightlife and its cost,transportation and if many locals speak english). My income about 1700 Euros per month if that helps. Thanks in advance for your help!
#Artyom on Jun 01, 2013 :
Please, update prices! Milk now cost 12-15 uah
Apples 10-35
Domestic bear in restaurants : super minimum price is 15 for 0.5 liters, average 25!
#Kaparina on May 18, 2013 :
Oleg is right , life is not easy for foreigners but for locals its better because they live off the foreigners, if there were no foreigners in Kiev life of the locals will be in the miserable.
#oleg on May 17, 2013 :
Guys think about it - Kiev has many of the problems with high cost of living and lack of opportunities that other eastern europen capitals do. For example just try reading Moscow page. The real thing to note however is this- even for the prices as high as they are in Kiev life would have been possible (comfortable life that is) if the salaries and real income earning potential was bigger. As it is right now most prices here are may be underestimated, but the monthly salary is about correct - $500. It is also true that to live comfortably in Kiev you need at least 3 times that much. Just keep in mind that all this is irrelevant to real earning potential, as 70-80%of the people there make the previously stated average of $500. So if you areb a newcomer keep all that in mind, make allowance for rent and food (which is not cheap) and make your own conclusions. But I personally disagree that Kiev is a cheap place to live or that opportunities abound there. Price vs. Quality of live in Kiev is not favorable so ask yourself - is it worth the effort to spend $2500-3000 to live well in Kiev, considering that most make only $500?
#Stanislav on May 04, 2013 :
Hello Aleksandar,
Your 1000 euros will hardly be enough for living in Kiev and while renting a decent apartment. Almost everything that was said by Karl and Kamal is some big bull (except corruption, which is true). Renting will cost you 600 - 700 euros (1 bedroom close to the center of the city). The rest (300 - 400 euros) will be enough for food, but nothing more, unless you will be cooking by yourself.
Anyway to decently live in Kiev you'll have to have like 1400 euros per month.
Normally I spend about 1200+ euros per month and earn 2400 euros (after taxes).
The official statistics about income in Ukraine is absolutely irrelevant, so don't be surprized!
#kamal on May 04, 2013 :
Most of the appartments are bad with smelly toilets, dirty water, in winter no hot water, u dry ur clothes on the fire, the lifts are dirty and smelly, landlords come into ur flat when they want, food in restaurant is bad, everything is expensive, u come for girls, most girls go to turkey in the winter, they come back to relax, u know planes to limassol and turkey are always full, they can go to egypt, lebanon, israel, Cyprus, even thailand to earn money and they buy cars, appartments, etc in kiev, u want to marry!
#Karl on May 04, 2013 :
sorry guys , the place is infested with parasites, Kiev is expensive coz many foreigners chose to live there, the locals in Kiev live off the foreigners, they get rent from renting appartments, police get the bribes from stopping foreigners, government officials take the bribes to to allow then to stay, the local girls charged them for their services, the private firms pay their expats in dollars so they can spend them on the locals, the government tax the foreign comnpanies at a higher rate and change regulations to tax them more, the private bosses pay the government officials for staying their firms in kiev, all cars in Kive are stolen from the streets of germany and broght to the Kiev border for resale, other goods are also stolen fridges, white goods, dental equipment, computers, you name it stolen and smuggled across the border with the complicity of the broder guards and police. Ukraine can fend for itself and it thrives on illegality. Example a lot of foreign banks paid top dollars for banking licences and to open branches in Kiev, now with the euro crisis many are selling their branches to Ukrainians at rock bottom prices just to get out of Kiev. The most corrupt country in the world according the surveys.
#Aleksandar on Apr 30, 2013 :
I have my own small business in Belgrade and I earn 1,000 euros a month.Exceptionally would like to see Kiev.Can I live normally with 1,000 euros per month in Kiev,counting that I have to rent apartment.Please answer me.Best regards to Ukraine and golden city of Kiev from Belgrade.
#des on Apr 23, 2013 :
Info for our guests: Average salary in Kiev - 450 euro per month is an official (for government only),and 1000-1500 euro non-official (without tax paying)... that typical for all CIS countries and Ukraine too! It's not good but it's real life... my salary only 500-700 euro per month(120 euro official salary), but I live in village where the lowest prices for everything (1000-1500 euro cost cottage with 1 bedroom, with water, gas, electricity), eco-food and the finest girls =)
#Aussie on Apr 09, 2013 :
Just came across this interesting website.

It just makes me think living in Sydney is one of the worlds most expensive places.

I guess every country/city has its advantages/disadvantages and issues...

But thinking about it, I could retire in Kiev and have a great time :-)
#Rost Firsikov on Apr 09, 2013 :
Who saw in Kiev beer in the pub with price about 9 UAH per glass? Why in paragraph Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught) costs 9 hryvnia? Median price is 20-25 UAH!
#Christoff on Mar 26, 2013 :
I agree with Natali.
1. East Europe is not at all that cheap as it was 20 years ago.
But at the same time the business opportunities are huge. And entrepreneurs or good specialists can earn many times above the average.
An example for the wage differencies: I was recently in Moscow and I noticed some job ads on the walls - waiter 15.000 RUB per Month, subway driver 100.000 RUB per month. Now imagine the difference between the wage of a construction worker and a top manager.

2. Don't expect that if you was a construction worker or a clerk in your home country you will be king in Kiev. This is a capital city and a cultural center. There are a lot of very well educated people and a lot of rich people. So if you really care aboth the 500 EUR per Month you would be neither rich enough to impress anyone nor educated enough to be of interest.
Of course you are welcome to try to live in a ukrainian village. In a village you will have a lot of money and you will be interesting for the beautiful village girls.

P.S. I am not Ukrainian, so don't accuse me in nationalism or xenophobia. :-)
#Natali on Mar 18, 2013 :
Come on guys, you have no extra 500 bucks to pay rent and you want to come to Kiev? Don't come here then, go to Vietnam or Myanmar. Kiev is a truly European city, with lots of things to do, to see, to go to etc. And it doesn't and shouldn't cost as Vietnam or Myanmar! And don't listen to stories about hardship and struggle of locals... If you are educated, smart, and hardworking, you can afford everything you want ))
So, coming back to the story... if you don't have extra 500 bucks to pay rent, don't blame it to our greed )) You can't simply move from your shithole Knoppe or Drezden to the economic and cultural center of a country with 50 million people...