Cost of Living in Istanbul

Summary of cost of living in Istanbul, Turkey:

Edit Range
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 9.08 $ 6.05-15.13
Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 45.40 $ 27.24-90.80
McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal) 7.57 $ 6.66-9.08
Domestic Beer (1 pint draught) 3.86 $ 1.82-6.05
Imported Beer (12 oz small bottle) 5.30 $ 3.03-7.57
Cappuccino (regular) 3.02 $ 1.73-4.54
Coke/Pepsi (12 oz small bottle) 1.37 $ 0.76-2.27
Water (12 oz small bottle) 0.55 $ 0.30-1.21
Milk (regular), (1 gallon) 4.21 $ 2.98-5.73
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (1 lb) 0.67 $ 0.27-1.37
Rice (white), (1 lb) 0.86 $ 0.48-1.36
Eggs (regular) (12) 2.01 $ 1.09-2.98
Local Cheese (1 lb) 4.35 $ 2.06-6.45
Chicken Fillets (1 lb) 2.68 $ 1.65-3.57
Beef Round (1 lb) (or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat) 8.20 $ 5.49-11.12
Apples (1 lb) 0.55 $ 0.27-0.69
Banana (1 lb) 0.91 $ 0.55-1.37
Oranges (1 lb) 0.43 $ 0.27-0.69
Tomato (1 lb) 0.57 $ 0.34-0.82
Potato (1 lb) 0.33 $ 0.21-0.62
Onion (1 lb) 0.26 $ 0.16-0.41
Lettuce (1 head) 1.01 $ 0.45-1.36
Water (1.5 liter bottle) 0.38 $ 0.15-0.61
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range) 10.59 $ 6.05-21.19
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle) 1.97 $ 1.51-2.42
Imported Beer (12 oz small bottle) 2.65 $ 1.66-3.63
Cigarettes 20 Pack (Marlboro) 1.97 $ 1.76-2.12
One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 0.54 $ 0.51-0.79
Monthly Pass (Regular Price) 42.01 $ 35.62-42.37
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 0.76 $ 0.73-0.97
Taxi 1 mile (Normal Tariff) 0.88 $ 0.86-1.12
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 7.70 $ 4.60-9.08
Gasoline (1 gallon) 4.76 $ 4.24-5.16
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (Or Equivalent New Car) 45,397.59 $ 41,584.19-51,450.60
Toyota Corolla Sedan 1.6l 97kW Comfort (Or Equivalent New Car) 44,429.61 $ 40,373.59-48,424.10
Utilities (Monthly)
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 915 sq ft Apartment 56.14 $ 30.27-90.80
Mobile Phone Monthly Plan with Calls and 10GB+ Data 9.14 $ 6.05-13.62
Internet (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) 12.03 $ 9.08-18.92
Sports And Leisure
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult 44.27 $ 21.19-72.64
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend) 13.00 $ 7.57-15.13
Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat 6.05 $ 4.54-7.57
Preschool (or Kindergarten), Full Day, Private, Monthly for 1 Child 596.99 $ 363.18-1,210.60
International Primary School, Yearly for 1 Child 13,456.91 $ 5,447.71-22,698.80
Clothing And Shoes
1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar) 50.54 $ 19.67-81.72
1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, H&M, ...) 35.02 $ 21.19-60.53
1 Pair of Nike Running Shoes (Mid-Range) 90.90 $ 60.53-151.33
1 Pair of Men Leather Business Shoes 81.97 $ 42.37-151.33
Rent Per Month
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre 832.99 $ 605.30-1,210.60
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre 535.68 $ 393.45-756.63
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre 1,607.66 $ 1,059.28-2,572.53
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre 999.90 $ 605.30-1,664.58
Buy Apartment Price
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment in City Centre 310.89 $ 208.97-520.16
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment Outside of Centre 161.55 $ 95.60-260.98
Salaries And Financing
Average Monthly Net Salary (After Tax) 850.14 $
Mortgage Interest Rate in Percentages (%), Yearly, for 20 Years Fixed-Rate 44.25 30.00-60.00

Prices in Istanbul

This city had 10240 entries in the past 12 months by 1098 different contributors.
Last update: July 2024
Distribution of Expenses Using Our Statistical Model:
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100 Comments so far
Anonymous on Jul 14, 2024:
Turkey might as well join Russia north Korea Iran Belarus all 5 countries don't have a future they don't know how to be successful never will
Former tourist on Jul 11, 2024:
Prices are similar to what we pay in US suburbs. You cannot get a one-bed room apartment for one month’s of salary? This is so crazy. How people are able to live there with that high prices compared to the low salary? Based on these prices, the current exchange rate of 32.5 lira/dollar doesn’t look right, it should be around 50.
Anonymous on May 17, 2024:
These prices are looking out of date and way lower than the current prices. Rent prices are dramatically off again. Or let's put it this way: yes you would find a 1 bedroom to those prices but building will be covered with mold, garbage everywhere and no security whatso ever
Anonymous on May 16, 2024:
is 300TL inexpensive meal for 2 persons or 1?
Anonymous on May 13, 2024:
$1.00 usd = 32.21 Turkish Lire as of May 13, 2024 I've read several comments as to Turkish citizens hating whomever visits turkey regardless of which country they're from and I must agree with that.
The Turkish government has basically priced themselves out of affordabilty and unfriendliness unto people who visits turkey but also rent prices have skyrocketed beyond comprehension especially since there's a 25% increase in rents every 6 months and most everything else including food.Needless to say tourism has come to a grinding halt.Furthermore large companies have left turkey making unemployment spark sharply.Ive visited every single country on the planet over the years and I realized just going through customs on arrival was a hate filled experience for absolutely no reasons at all
Amo on Apr 09, 2024:

Turkey is in 2024 to EU, what Greece/Cyprus was in 2014.

Their central bank is hyperinflating lira to protect Euro.

The same happened with Mexican peso in 1990s to protect USD.

Finally they will introduce CBDC linked to social credit score and digital ID to track every citizen in the guise of "protecting Turkey" from foreign and internal enemies.

Playbook soon to be followed in some of the other countries listed in my earlier comment.

"You will own nothing and be happy." - elimination of the middle class.

1% rich people and 99% poor people.
Amo on Apr 09, 2024:
@Yad: Sorry, not sorry, buttercup. Facts are facts.

Being a tourist in Turkey, is way different than living/working/studying doing business there.

Cutting corners, cheating, over charging, racism towards all other ethnicities/religions/foreigners is a way of life in Istanbul and all major cities.

Ask any second generation Turk, or a spouse of a Turk born in Germany or USA outside if they feel accepted. The comments below are facts. Sure a few incidents here and there are always happening in all countries, but the hyperinflation and sabre rattling of the Turkish deep state military industrial complex is always making the people live in fear/shame/guilt.

Any young person would definitely give an arm and leg to immigrate to Germany/Europe, US/Canada, Australia/NZ.

The only way to be happy, successful, rich in Turkey - be a member of the establishment connected to powerful families and oligarchs.

Same as India, China, Indonesia, Nigeria, Brazil, Russia, or Mexico... with the worst parts of these cultures hidden away from the tourists.
Rad Yarjan on Feb 25, 2024:
Amo. What's with the hatred towards Turks and Kurkiye.
You need therapy.
TUrks are warm, generous, helpful and most hospitable.
(I think you are confusing it with London, Paris and Rome.
S. H. on Feb 23, 2024:
The prices as of today 2/23/2024 are pretty accurate. My husband is living there now, I have come back to the USA. I am American. The inflation there is out of control. Last year, it was 1 USD = 18 Lira, now it is 1 USD = 29 Lira. Because of this, the rent skyrocketed. My husband is a real-estate agent and he said everyone is upset and cannot pay rent or buy homes. The government needs to put a cap on this fearmongering of the Turks who all think if the US dollar goes up, they need to gouge everyone for rent money and everything. USA's economy is not Turkish Economy. USA barely imports anything from Turkey. Stop basing your inflation off of our dollar. You cannot keep up with America, stop trying. You are only bankrupting your fellow turks and turning away all the tourists who would come there and spend money. I can't wait until my husband can come to the USA and not have to be in that country. They are horribly racist against anyone not born in Turkey. They even mistreated ME when I am of Turkish decent, but was born in America! Horrible treatment! The local turks always ask where you are from when they first meet you, if you are foreign, they charge you more. BE READY FOR THEM TO SCAM YOU! It happens CONSTANTLY! That is why they don't label their products in their stores with price tags, so they can charge you more if you are not a born native Turk. As a turkish decendant, I'm ashamed of their terrible behavior. It's disgusting that my own people would treat me this way when I finally can come home to my blood-country. I saved up for years to come back to Turkey and then I am treated like garbage, robbed, scammed and manipulated by everyone there, so badly that my husband (who lives in Turkey) refused to allow any of them to even speak to me because they only wanted to abuse me. Don't go there, if you are a tourist. If they treat me this bad, and I am an American Turk, you know they will treat YOU BAD!
Anonymous on Feb 11, 2024:
TO BULAND KAHN comments February 8 2024

It's hard to keep a good impression of Turkish citizens and government.Yes some of the comments here are negative but reality being even before when turkey was booming Turkish citizens did everything they could to remind all foreigners whose country they're in not nice about it either.Its not possible to please everyone obviously.

Yes the economy is very unstable to say the least.I lived in Istanbul for exactly 1.6 years as a retired foreigner.A lease on an apartment or house means absolutely nothing for this reason.The Turkish government approved a 40% increase in rent each year up to 3 years maximum.

How can any retired person absorb that on a fixed income? So I left Istanbul but not before I stayed in Izmir and Adana briefly but costs were the same graduating.
Buland Khan on Feb 08, 2024:
I've never been to Turkiye or Istanbul but I have always fancied visiting the place, but after reading lot of the comments here I'm not sure. Some of the comments obviously are downright Anti-Turkish with a lot of hatred towards this nation. But the info about ever-increasing inflation is very concerning. Can any turk explain why inflation is still out of control even after the new measures by Turkish Central Bank?
Alp Şehiç on Jan 24, 2024:
Dear Numbeo team,

as being native Turkish living in Istanbul for the last 35 years, the data introduced here is mostly wrong, i.e. much lower than the prices we face in real life. I was very surprised to see the city around the 250th place in 2024 rankings. Either you've to revisit these numbers with professional support, or it is unrelevant to publish them as they are. Thank you...
Türk on Jan 17, 2024:
First of all, Turks do not hate all foreigners, they hate problematic foreigners. This is also quite normal. because "some" foreigners have disturbed the peace of the country and are causing unrest. We are also disturbed by this situation. Yes, there are Turks who do this too, but if you come to the country to live a better life and use it in a bad way, we will hate you. No one should be sorry. I wonder who was on the side of the Turks so that we can love the foreigners? And since your own country is so beautiful, Afghan friend, (Azfaar Afghanistan) why don't you go and live there? why did you come here? And you don't come here and criticize my country. Foreigners who have bought a house here and become citizens cannot comment on it because they think they have the right to speak. This is the state's problem, but the people are not satisfied. If you are not satisfied, you can leave the country. Don't worry, no one will miss you here.
Bhatti on Dec 15, 2023:
Been to Istanbul 3 times but this year (Nov 2023) was expensive visit. Food was too high, travlling also expensive, hotels prices was average (in 2017 spent 5 days with hotel, travel, food/drink approximately $750, in 2020 same things was $1010 and Nov 2023 spent 6 days around $1700 for a couple). Turkish peoples are very helpful and friendly (you can found good and bad peoples in every country), but this time I felt peoples was upset and depressed due to price-hike.
Amo on Nov 18, 2023:
Based on my travels including working and living in around 18 countries, I can definitely say Turks and Turkish culture is the worst.

They hate everything foreign with a vengeance.

They can't live with Armenians, Arabs, Greeks, Persians, Kurds, Germans, Indians, Pakistanis... And yet everyone else is the problem, not themselves.

Their language is from Central Asia and their religion is from thr Middle East. Basically a fake nation, with a despot corrupt dictator who made his beginning scamming a few liras off of each metro ticket when he was mayor of Istanbul.

The whole country is under a Stockholm syndrome delusional mindset where everyone and everything is the problem except their own politicians and bureaucrats.

I was in Mexico city last week where a crew of around dozen Turkish airlines pilots and flight attendants trashed the entire bar in downtown (Pata Negra), after getting drunk. They have absolutely no respect for any other cultures.
Ali Ansarov on Nov 14, 2023:
Istanbul is mixed culture middle eastern and European. You can find both side in one area. It is not for working place ,it is more doing bussines and selling. Average salary 17.000TL to 25.000TL. My experience is overall good but not perfect for living. I work in a hotel as reception. If you not turk or do not speak turkish life is impossible. Inflation going up every day .
Justine on Nov 07, 2023:
Everything is priced similar to USA in terms of US dollar. But, meat prices are more expensive than USA. With their small salary, how the local people can live?
Anonymous on Oct 02, 2023:
A Syrian refugee with good command of English lives in Istanbul but checking out the living expenses report for Istanbul? You sound like a sore loser who could not make it in the West and searching for an escape route. Once a loser, always a loser no matter where you go. There are more than a dozen Arabic countries in the Middle East. Why not they provide a safe place for the Syrians. Or more logically, why not the Syrian don’t create a safe place in their country by fighting against the unsafe situations? Most refugees in Turkey are you people who left behind their old parents, their women and children.
I don’t rule out you are a disgruntled Armenian from US.
Anonymous on Sep 23, 2023:
The incredible high rent and high inflation is directly caused by the 15 million immigrants from Syria, Afghanistan, Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan and other third world countries. Turkey is a poor third world country with a huge population and limited resources. Now add 15 million people on top of that. That pushes it over the limit. Housing is the biggest expense anywhere. Once it increases, it causes a ripple effect, increasing the price of everything. Only solution is to send them home. Türkiye is not US or Europe, it simply could not accommodate 15 million immigrants. Even European countries like Germany and France would not be able to handle a sudden influx of 15 million people.
Anonymous on Sep 16, 2023:
Currently $1 USD = 27 lire rentals raising 50% per year government approved.However Turkish women are begging for foreigners diks on the streets very cheap like $1 usd for blow $2 usd for kitty
local on Sep 09, 2023:
Ignore prices here, that are averaged over years.
Friendly Pal from Istanbul on Aug 07, 2023:
Prices seems like 5-10percent cheaper, this is will probably continue to be the case unless they find a way to update simultaneously. Inflationa is immense, calculate your spending in terms of dollars/euros. Also check out if you ever come to live here.
Anonymous on Jul 10, 2023:
Of course you are NOT welcome. Don’t come please and stay away
Anonymous on Jul 10, 2023:
To all Arabs, Afgans and citizens of 3rd world…
Leonardo (Croatia) on Jul 05, 2023:
Wonderful city and lovely Turkish people - always kind, humble and warmhearted! Impressive!!!
Azfaar Afghanistan on Jul 02, 2023:
10 years ago 1TL was 30Afghani. Now 1 TL is 3 Afghani. Next year 1 Afghani will be 3TL. Turkish Lira is losing against all the other currencies in the world. Turkish inflation is 80% but real inflation is 150%. So everything is expensive, if you work as sheppard or building places you only earn 100 or maximum 150TL a day it is less than 4 American dollars, very bad! There is no inflation in Afghanistan now and my country is doing a lot better than Turkiyye. I worked in Pakistan and I want to go back Afghanistan or Pakistan because Europe is very difficult. My friends are working in Jordan and they say they earn a lot of money.
Asif M on Jul 02, 2023:
Turkey has become a very expensive country to live for anyone. 15 years ago when $1= 1.7TL I was able to save money and send it to my family in Pakistan. Turkish lira has lost its value dramatically but the wages remained low. The inflation in the country is worse than Pakistan but the government's figures are very deceptive. 6 eggs are about TL30-50 (PKR340-500) and rice, meat, chicken and food in general is very expensive. The rents start from TL15K in big cities and if you don't share a small flat with 5 others, there is no way you can live in Istanbul. I worked in the south of Turkey as a brick layer. Again in places like Antalya, Mugla, Izmir rents are very high. I will try my chances in Europe but I might as well settle in Saudi Arabia or Libya where wages are a lot higher and there is always high demand for labour.
Fakiha on Jun 25, 2023:
I'm fakiha.I live in Ethiopia. I want to apply for Türkeş scholarship. But I'm afraid that it will be hard living in Turkey.I want fully funded scholarship and work part can I arrange those things before applying.I want some advice about the whole process in Turkey. Please
Mustafa on Jun 03, 2023:
Answer for Hichem's question:

People are living together. But not like family. 30yrs old people living together like students. 2-3 blue or white collar lives in the same house. Students need work and allowance from their family at the same time to keep studying. Then they are earning less.
Hichem Abadli on Jun 01, 2023:
I live in Istanbul, and the question that I'm always asking is, if the average wages in Istanbul is 12.000 TRY which is true and the price of rent for an appartement is 15.000 TRY which is true also and it's more than the average wages, how can people live?
senor Fring on May 19, 2023:
one of the best countries to come for longer holidays ;-)
will always come back...
culture, infrastructure, local people with real dignity and hospitality - most of them.

excellent roads infrastructure
hotels,pensions for every budget everywhere
language with latin letters :)
excellent food
excellent sight seeing
excellent tea culture
excellent herbs/ nuts shops on every corner
secular european country
beautiful and energetic women :-)
country that did not sell out its soul and traditions to corporations and "mcdonald "culture"
overall very safe
good facilities (paid & free) for sport in every town/ city
local products mostly of good quality


these bastards ;-) cant live without smoking cigarettes, including indoors.
conservative society (for some - can be good)
many/ most of local men very protective over local women (insecurities, small penises?)
cannabis highly illegal
some scams here and there. and some short thinking people. overall funny stuff. catch me if you can...

Overall lovely and big country. Just explore it. It does not end in Istanbul or holiday resorts.
Anonymous on Apr 30, 2023:
If the Turks could only stop smoking INSIDE restaurants or INSIDE taxis. Not classy at all and impolite as our cab driver ignored us when we said don’t smoke! Cab drivers they rip you off.
d m on Apr 17, 2023:
Helena, Alex, are completely correct in your comments and fair minded people. Congratulations to you for having a balanced mind and heart.
d m on Apr 17, 2023:
Wow! That anonymous person is so filled with negativity and vitriol!!
Calm down, pal. For beauty and scenery, Istanbul is so lovely, only San Francisco being better. But who can afford living in San Francisco?

All the evil, spiteful, and distasteful comments about Turkish people, especially the women are really nasty.

What are you getting personally from posting such evil words?

You know, the classic response to such criticisms is "if you don't like it, leave" and in fact people who spew such evil words SHOULD leave. Then only the nice peopke will be left in Turkiye.
Andy on Apr 16, 2023:
My God, most things are priced similar to US in dollar terms, some are even more expensive than US, for example, milk, meat, beer and gas. Average salary in dollar terms is less than $500. How people survive?
mustapha on Apr 11, 2023:
As a turk who live istanbul, I can clearly say that when you compare to another the big cities in Europe, it is a very cheap city.
İsmail Cem ozguner on Apr 03, 2023:
The source for taxi-meter is needed to be updated...( On the table is fir the year 2018....03/04)2023..22:48 İstanbul.. Cem
Anonymous on Mar 06, 2023:
Turkey will never be anything spectacular just like it wasn't before the earthquake.Anyone who would live in any country and not understand the language is an idiot.Turkey needed that bad earthquake to shake things up people needed to die.Hopefully there will be more earthquakes even more intense to leave turkey and Turkish people where they belong buried alive is a fitting end to their existence.
Barend J v Rensburg on Feb 24, 2023:
I was walking up and away from the grand bazaar tonight to visit a shop in the Fuat Paca Cd. Today at 19:20 when I found a shop that sells the equipment I was looking for. On the way there I used my GoPro 9 (with a cracked back screen, that makes it a less valuable GoPro road reseller) to show my wife where I bought the juice squeezer. It was just around the corner where we turned around and headed back to the hotel.
So I walked into the shop and asked the Clerck how much the machine was , at that point I stopped filming and clipped the GoPro to my belt. Talking to the shop attendant. And he said wait a bit for the shop owner to get there. At that point two youngsters also came into the shop and between them and the clerk I was distracted and I was looking around the shop.
After the purchase I checked the equipment and found that one was of a lesser value so I returned it and only paid for the models I wanted!
Walking out of the shop I wanted to document my find further and went for my GoPro and found that it was missing, I double checked my pockets and jacket and then proceeded back into the shop to check if it didn’t fall off my waist belt and to enquire inside.
The owner insisted that he didn’t see a camera anywhere in his shop. Nonetheless it’s stolen now and I need to warn other tourists that they have to be extremely vigilant. Maybe walk with someone to help you stay alert and vigilant at all times!
Anonymous on Feb 23, 2023:
So far 43,556 deaths just in turkey from the earthquake but higher fatalities is imminent hopefully.43,556 attitudes died in turkey that deserved it.45 countries rushed to help turkey a country full of people who are haters of humanity with no consideration for anyone.

But karma bites let us hope for an even bigger earthquake to finish them off once and for all.Turkish citizens will bash the 45 countries that helped them free,no gratitude or respect for anyone,a fitting end.
Anonymous on Feb 19, 2023:
Whish international school is accepting the children for 4500eur / year in Istanbul? Unfortunately the costs are at least twice , the people who answered the question is most probably around 23 years old and they do not have any kids. Sorry guya, life is not so easy here, get prepared.
Mert on Jan 23, 2023:
The prices in dollar terms are similar to the prices in USA, except eating at restaurants. Considering the wages in Istanbul, it is hard to imagine how people get by? Feel sorry for people who work for minimum salary, which is just above $400
Anonymous on Jan 23, 2023:
There are too many exaggerated and false comments againts Turkey here. I am a Spaniard living in Istanbul for 2.5 years, Turkish people are excellent, humourus, friendly, warm and reliable. In 2,5 years, neither I nor my friends have experienced any problem. Yes, especially in the last year, there have been serious economic problems, the country's politics and inflation etc.., 65% of Turks do not support Erdogan, people are get by more difficult than they were 2 or 3 years ago, I believe that everything will be better than before after this government leaves. Despite the heavy traffic, Istanbul is really beautiful.
Anonymous on Jan 19, 2023:
To Anonymous on Jan 09, 2023: What the f ? :) I'm really curious where is this person from ? when I read its comment I felt like I live in a prison :)
Actually, Türkiye is a nice country to visit and if you earn more than 2000 dolars a nice country to live.
Türkiye has some major problems as all the countries have.
Don't be misleaded by exaggerated comments.
Alex on Dec 27, 2022:
I am a US citizen and lived in Turkey about 100km from Istanbul for about 6 months. My experience living there was very positive. The turkish people are great, very helpful, kind and decent. My landlord I rented apt from used to come and help me on my one call. My average cost of living for a very good furnished apt, food, transportation was under $1000 a month. The car and gas is expensive and renting a car can be expensive as well as prices fluctuates a lot. Rental cars companies can rip you off and taxis as well. Avoid restaurants around touristic areas as well as guides and random people asking to help you.

I find the negative comments a huge exaggeration. Turkey is safe and beautiful.
Mert on Dec 10, 2022:
Turkish people deserve the hardship they are suffering now, because they elected and empowered an uneducated street smart crook as their president. He knows how to manipulate uneducated masses, because he was one of them.
Anonymous on Dec 08, 2022:
Erdogan is doing as much economic damage as possible to turkey.Turkish citizens are sitting on their hands while Erdogan is bombing Iraq and Syria plus Kurdish rebels on the Eastern part of Turkey.All of this over 4 lives lost years ago to avenge just 4 Turkish lives costing many millions of dollars adding to additional debt to turkey economy which makes absolutely no sense at all.Currently $1 USD = 18.67 lira.Just the same Erdogan wants to make a name in Turkish history for himself without any regards to how much Turkish citizens are suffering just another dictator.
Anonymous on Nov 29, 2022:
Erdogan promised a ground offensive including tanks to iradicate kurds from Turkey next step.Erdogan should be applauded by all Turkish citizens for keeping turkey safe.
Anonymous on Nov 29, 2022:
The bright spot in turkey is Erdogan leveling many areas of Iraq and Syria including the Eastern region of turkey where kurds are the most concentrated.So far over 500 missiles have been launched against Iraq and Syria hitting their mark slendidly.Turkish citizens aren't grateful for very much if anything.Atleast Erdogan has the guts to iradicate kurds and Kurdish rebel supporters instead of allowing Kurdish rebels to run out of control in turkey.
Anonymous on Nov 27, 2022:
20 years ago Turkish citizens were still bitter to tourists and especially other foreigners who decided to stay in Turkey being retired or open businesses so Turkish citizens could work.But Turkish citizens have always been bitter towards all foreigners who visited turkey.Every citizen from every country has experience Turkish citizens non gratitude towards them.Karma bites hard Turkish citizens have created their own karma so deal with it.Nobody owes Turkish citizens an apology.Yes Turkish citizens have a negative outlook towards all people who visit turkey.
Murzah on Nov 26, 2022:
Aussie here with Turkish heritage. Just spent 6 weeks in Turkey through our winter with relatives. Breaking through the polished tourist surface of Istanbul it is in fact true that the people are really struggling and miserable. We in western secular democracies (which Turkey once was) take a lot for granted.

Someone mentioned below that there are amazing shopping malls and great food in Istanbul... The sad truth is that most Turks don't get to enjoy these malls or fantastic food. The only people that visit these arab funded, arab built shopping malls are arab tourists who fly in by the droves as Istanbul unfortunately becomes their new play thing.

To those who think Turkish people hate all other countries, get down and kiss the soil you walk on. With most all people living under the poverty line, struggling to pay their rent, wondering where their next meal will come from, earning less than $10USD a day, all while tourists from all over the come and do what locals cant even dream of enjoying without even a thank you, its not hard to see why they have become so bitter.

Yes we all know the media in most countries are controlled by a handful of corporations, but in Turkey, the supreme leader runs a tight ship and Turkey has generally had a nationalist rhetoric parroted through 95% of news outlets for years now as a method of brainwashing the masses into accepting their meagre life full of hardship, with the blame being pointed squarely at other countries and external sources, not their own leadership.

If we lived under such a dictator that sold off all our national assets, natural resources and land, dumbed down the masses, syphoned trillions of dollars out of the economy into his own personal accounts, and muzzles 95% of news outlets, you can begin to understand how this sentiment would form.

Turkey was unfortunately in a better position 20 years ago than it is before ultimate greed and corruption got in the way.
Anonymous on Nov 22, 2022:
To Helena

You must be living in the British area shielded from the hatred throughout Istanbul and turkey otherwise you wouldn't defend Turkish citizens.Hate doesn't scratch the surface of how Turkish feel about foreigners no matter which country they come from.
Helena on Nov 20, 2022:
I am amazed at numerous negative comments about local people...I have been living here with a residence permit for 8 months and I find local people very friendly and helpful. No single negative experience, let alone taxi drivers, yes, but lets admit the fact, they are similar everywhere.
I am grateful to Turkey that it is so warm and welcoming!
Servet Adriyan on Oct 19, 2022:
I'm from Iraq, I live in Turkey .. but my passport is Turkish, my lady is Turkish, so I got citizenship, but now I'm having trouble
Anonymous on Oct 13, 2022:
As of oct 13 2022 $1 USD equals 18.57 lira.
It's sad to know many lives are being disrupted no matter how much or how little anyone makes.Fortunes that were built are lost forever. Students in Izmir invested money in their educations and now they cannot afford to continue to complete their goals.Even when Erdogan is gone financial security will take decades to recover if ever.One person mentioned turkey has better malls etc than USA UK etc.However none of the glamorous malls including the gold chairs Erdogan sits in are owned by turkey it's all debt.Those shiny expensive things mean nothing without a flourishing economy with the ability to pay for it all.Everything is priced way out of reach for most Turkish citizens simple things like a kilo of potatoes.I must agree with one of the comments about Turkish citizens shunning most every country.Not only is it a bad repretation but it spills down onto the economy as a whole.Negative attitudes towards tourists visiting who help stimulate the economy.NEVER BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU WE NOTICED AND NEVER RETURNED FOR HOLIDAY AGAIN.
Anonymous on Sep 17, 2022:
To Omer

Spoken like a true Turkish idiot.

Food is very high priced rents are double and triple with the approval of the Turkish government. Crime is rampid everywhere Turkish people don't have anything good to say about any countries truth be known. Muslim roots align more with radical countries such as Syria and Iran.
Erdogan,wants to be the masiah,of the Muslim world. Turkish people are very aggressive and rude naturally staring at foreigners with their hate filled expressions while you make 9 usd if you're lucky if you're lucky Omer.

Just like most Turkish people you're living in the dark ages blaming your woes on all countries. But instead you should look in the mirror and fix the blame and start with yourselves.
Can on Aug 25, 2022:
Turkey was on its way to join the EU 20 years ago and was much stronger economically than many of its Eastern European neighbors like Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia. But, Erdogan has a different idea. He wants Turkey to join the Arab Union. But, there is one little problem, Turks are not Arabs. Without enough Arab population, he can not fulfill his dream. But, it is not something a world leader like him could not solve. He opened the door wide to the Syrians and other Arabs to increase their population. He may just succeed, or not. A civil war is not off the Table. The secular Turks who doesn’t want to be a part of the middle east may not give up without a fight.
barbaros akamac on Aug 25, 2022:
Taxis do not operatör on official tarifs but they overcharge 300%.
Uber is not allowed in Turkey.
Anonymous on Aug 25, 2022:
There's never been anything western about turkey get your geography right for once. Turkey is a country full of Muslim nobodies.
Anonymous on Aug 25, 2022:
Almost all of those who make unfounded comments about Turkey are Middle Eastern or Asian people. If you do not have the same culture as the Turks and if you do not respect their culture, you will suffer the consequences. Especially young people in Turkey do not like political Islamists and if you have the same culture as political Islamists, you will not be liked by the Turks. Westerners always make good comments about Turks, because except for some suburbs, Turks have always had a western way of life. A European does not feel foreign in a European country like Turkey, but if you are from the Middle East, you will feel that you are a foreigner in Turkey as in every European country.
Mahmud on Aug 21, 2022:
The foreigners who are still planning to move to Turkey is living in the past and have the prepandemic Turkey in their heads. Turkey is hard hit by the pandemic, partly due to the pandemic and war related problems, partly due to mismanagement of the economy by its dictator wannabe president. Unemployment is high, inflation is one of the highest in the world, 80% by book, but probably around 200% in reality. Thus, many Turks are pushed into poverty and they blame the foreigners for economic hardship, Syrian and Afghan, Pakistani and Central Asian immigrants for the unemployment since they are believed to taking up jobs for much lower salaries and benefits, Russians, Ukrainians, Arabs and other foreigners for the sky high rent, because they are believed to be scooping up the properties at higher prices than the locals pushing the rent and purchase prices out of reach of ordinary Turks. According to government numbers, 40% Turks work for the minimum salary of 5500 TL, which is roughly 275 dollars. As a result, anti-foreigners sentiment is high. If the current economic crisis doesn’t resolve soon, which is highly unlikely, the safety situation could be a problem down the road, particularly in a crucial election year in 2023. So, I would recommend to give a second thought until the horizon clears up.
Anonymous on Aug 17, 2022:
Furthermore the Turkish government doesn't allow any foreigners to purchase any real-estate in Istanbul or its suburbs by foreigners new law on maximum 25% quota on foreigners
Anonymous on Aug 17, 2022:
FYI on average a 2 bedroom apartment averages 1,500 euro monthly depending upon what area in Istanbul.
Anonymous on Aug 17, 2022:

Unlike many here I'm going to give you honest advice only because I've lived in Istanbul almost 20 years now. The Turkish government isn't allowing anymore residence permits for foreigners in Istanbul including 97 suburbs near Istanbul for this reason. 25% is the maximum the Turkish government allows foreigners living there no matter what part of Turkey it's in.So resident permits aren't being issued anymore. But other areas away from Istanbul are fine
As far as you being accepted as Indian it's not a problem at all because Turkey overall accepts anyone from any countries.Type in on Google search engine 2022 25% maximum foreigners allowed in Istanbul it'll list all of the cities in the suburbs not allowing residence permits. Good luck with your move to Turkey welcome.
Prajakta on Aug 16, 2022:
Hello, I will be moving into Istanbul in September 2022. It will be 2 adults total. I am struggling very much to understand the price for a 2 bedroom apartment atleast 110 - 120 sqmeters. Please provide rent advice, if we want to find a sea view apartment close to the second bridge connection on Asian side and is Gokturk really worth it for an Indian to live there ? Is Gokturk a hyped township in the name of foreginers living there ? I find the rent aparts there are overly priced. Second question is, fees and availability for maid per month visiting 15 days for cleaning, ironing, washing and if possible cooking too.
Thank you.
Biggy on Jul 27, 2022:
Istanbul is a nice touristic city. Very historical and modern at the same time. Food is amazinggg, transportation and accomodation are cheap especially nowadays after the Turkish Lira devaluation.

Locals are not bad. Knowing some turkish worda will be highly appreciated by them as they are very proud of their language. Even just truying to say turkish words will make them look at you in a different way. Some are noce some are not. Like in allll countries, locals will try to over charge you. Just do your homework and search the web about costs and prices and you will be fine.

Or you can just contact me and I can help you roaming around in Istanbul, visiting historical and nice places.
As a Lebanese (male 41years old) I liked the turkish cuisine but you have to know where to have it. I am living in Istanbul since a year and a half and got to know some authentic super tasty restaurants (the high budget and the low budget ones).

Clothes shopping is a must qhen visiting Turkey or Turkiye as they changed its name now. I got to know some deals where many many locals couldn't know like buying an original US Polo shirt from US Polo shop in the mall for 90 Turkish Liras (original price is never less than 300TL). There are pazars also but you have to know where the good deals are at.
Also there is a biggg market for luxury second hand clothes starting from 20000TL (more than 1000$) for some authentic Diesel or Harley jacketa also you can find fine branded t-shirts for less than a dollar.

Local perfumes, leather, aunglasses, caps and many many products will shock you for that quality/price ratio.

It will be my pleasure to assist you if needed. Feel free to contact my via mail:

(Locals will laugh at my mail) :))

barbaros akamac on Jul 17, 2022:
Taxis in Istanbul try to overcharge most of the time. Recently they tried to charge me 150 TL for 3 km although İ am a local.
Anonymous on Jul 16, 2022:
Tourists aren't coming to turkey much these days especially since Ergodan is swapping spit with terrorists like selling Syrian refugee women to China for breeding purposes.
Atakan Can on Jul 14, 2022:
We are interested in tourism. We are two 35-year-old men in Tekirdag-Süleymanpaşa. We can help with historical touristic trips and accommodation. for a place to stay in the city or nearby sea. The fee is 100 dollar for 1 day and 12 hours. The languages ​​we know are German, English and Turkish.
My e-mail address:
Atakan Can on Jul 14, 2022:
We are interested in tourism. We live in Tekirdağ- Süleymanpaşa, two men are 35 years old. We can help with historical touristic places to visit and guide and accommodation. We can find places close to the city or the sea for you to stay. The fee is $100 for 1 day and 12 hours. The languages ​​we know are German, English and Turkish.
Anonymous on Jul 05, 2022:
Be aware Erdogan,has approved a 25% increase in rent starting July 15, 2022.He blames inflation but he should be blaming himself.2023 will be 23% more for rent.Many people are walking away from their rented apartments and houses tent communities are springing up everywhere. My brother makes 9 usd per day now and he was a mechanical engineer before.

Turkey has always allowed raise in rents annually.By the end of 2022 the lira will be between 21.6 and 22.0 to one dollar.
Andrew on Jun 08, 2022:
These prices are wrong. At present prices increase every other week. Earning overseas funds while living here is workable and you are likely to find it about half to a third of most countries costs. Is it safe? Unsure. On the roads no. Road rules yes. But no one follows them in Istanbul. I wontcomment on politics other than to say you will find it difficult to sign up to a lot of services as everything is now connected to the Turkish ID. If you are living with a local your experience will be a lot easier.
mnsr on Jun 03, 2022:
How much do the exchange offices charge for their service if I need to convert CAD to TL? Also, can someone give me a reputable website in which I can check the local exchange rates please?
Behzad Norouzi on Jun 02, 2022:
Hi everyone.I have a question.

What is the monthly cost of a single man in Istanbul?

Thank you for for your honest answer.
muph on May 30, 2022:
"A single person estimated monthly costs are 6,657.83TL without rent."
"Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre 6,058.27 TL"

"Average Monthly Net Salary (After Tax) 5,626.69 TL"

It is very difficult to live in Istanbul, Turkey.
Ghulam Farid Bhatti on May 11, 2022:
Moving to Istanbul
2 adults, 3 kids (2 school going, 1 todler), how much expense should i consider monthly including rent, grocery, etc?
Anonymous on Apr 26, 2022:
What a dumb foreigner you are Zhan the anonymous information on apr 19 was on target.No need to do as Zhan said WRITE QUESTIONS I WILL SHARE INFORMATION what an idiot.A full breakdown of costs has already been given correctly
Zhan on Apr 24, 2022:
hello! Turkey is a safe country. I say this as a foreigner who has been living in Istanbul for more than a year. Yes, there are problems in the economy, but who doesn't have them now? Write, ask questions, I will share information.
Anonymous on Apr 19, 2022:
Here is the comparison on monthly costs for 2 people

2,450 lira = $167 usd monthly

Currently the monthly income requirement is $400 usd
Anonymous on Apr 19, 2022:
To Anonymous March 30 2022
Answering cost

Currently 1 usd to lira 14.783.
The only reasons why it's expensive because of lira devaluation against usd euro and British pound sterling.
If you have a steady income in above currencies you will be fine. However if you are working making lira you won't make it.

I live in Istanbul u s citizen with a steady monthly pension in usd.Im living very well on my pension. Prices have drastically increased for Turkish citizens making lira.

1,500 lira 2bd 1 bth unfurnished house or apartment monthly
500 lira monthly food cost 2 people.
150 lira monthly electric and water combined.
150 lira monthly transportation.

1,500 lira monthly rent.
500 lira monthly food.
150 lira monthly transportation.
150 lira monthly electric and water combined
150 lira monthly phone.
2,450 lira total monthly expenses

Note: Public transportation as in city bus which are on-time 85% cheaper than taxi. Open markets fresh fruit and vegetables 75% cheaper than supermarket.This is the actual cost monthly for 2 people
Anonymous on Mar 30, 2022:
Hi everyone,

I ve heard cost of living increased drastically in turkey,
does anyone knows how much is generally required for the basic lifestyle for a foreigner in turkey per months?

Really appreciate any response
Turkish Citizenn on Mar 14, 2022:
I agree with all of your comments about Turkey. But not all of us are rude. I'm not trying to praise the Turkish people but we really have welcoming and kind people around here. Unfortunately these behavior only belongs to local citizen. Most of scamming are usually happens in business, and if you're tourist better get ready to robbed. Yeah I'm saying that because this not only happens to foreigners. They also try to scam us in many ways. Dare to say we get used this type of tricks so we don't usually beleive them. The thing is if you come Turkey to visit jsut don't try familiar companies. Give a chance to local and boutique ones. But ain't gonna lie if I was a foreigner Turkey isn't in the top 10 place that I would visit. All other things you said about economy and politics is true.
Thanks for your time.
Anonymous on Mar 11, 2022:
Turkey would be a great place to commit suicide in the square downtown Istanbul. Especially during lunchtime in front of an outdoor Cafe. Sounds like a good plan for me.
Anonymous on Mar 09, 2022:
Women are desperate for money and they'll do anything men want especially foreign men with money their bodies very cheap
Farid on Mar 08, 2022:
Moving to Istanbul
2 adults, 3 kids (2 school going, 1 todler), how much expense should i consider monthly including rent, grocery, etc?
Carl on Mar 08, 2022:
Gasoline is not 14 TRY /l but 21..
Anonymous on Feb 18, 2022:
The negative comments about Turkish citizens and government are in order. ANGELA evidently you have never visited Turkey or you wouldn't say comments are very political and not very honest. Before Erdogan Turkey government was always corrupt. But all governments worldwide are very corrupt too. However Erdogan needed approval from the whole body of government before selling over 15,000 Syrian refugees living in tents to China for cash women and female children. Foreigners know how harsh acting and arrogant Turkish citizens are even though Foreigners were buying products from Turkish businesses small and large it didn't matter. You can shut up Angela because every foreigner that's ever visited turkey would say the same thing.
Angela on Feb 16, 2022:
I read negative comments about Turkey and find them very political and not very honest. Yes, Turkish economy struggle and people not very happy at this time but still country has precious opportunities. Turkish hospitality is famous in the world. Food, history, beautiful nature plus very cheap... So many reasons to visit! I believe in after Erdogan everything will be much much better...
Anonymous on Jan 25, 2022:
Nobody is intentionally targeting Turkey about the government over charging foreigners for business licenses because the Turkish government does that to all foreigners who invested in businesses throughout Turkey.

I'm one of many foreigners who opened a business in Turkey so I know what I paid for my business license which was double what Turkish citizens paid. All 9 of my foreigner friends paid double for their business licenses too.

Everyone knows how rude Turkish people are to foreigners worldwide double charging for everything it's no secret.When people are treated badly who visit Turkey for vacation they expect respectful treatment especially when those foreigners are patronizing Turkish businesses so bad news travels fast as to bad behavior from Turkish people.

As far as what anonymous January 22 mentioned about Turkey government and Turkish citizens behavior it's all true. The Turkish government and Turkish citizens overall have labeled themselves as dishonest and rude to foreigners.

The Turkey government has defaulted on three large loans from the IMF already factual news.Way before the pandemic tourism throughout Turkey was declining rapidly for above mentioned reasons.Thank you anonymous comments January 22 you told it like it really is.
Anonymous on Jan 24, 2022:
Beautiful and cheap country. Nice people and I enjoyed to be here
Anonymous on Jan 24, 2022:
These comments intentionally targeted Turkey jumping from falsely from politic to the normal people life spreading lies and false accusations.
Anonymous on Jan 22, 2022:
For many years Turkey was doing so well with work options and a heavy influx of tourism.Even with all of the tourism Turkish government and citizens were not only rude to people from every country but blatantly arrogant to visiting tourists and foreigners who opened businesses in Turkey. Prices doubled for any business licenses small or large to foreigners.The Turkish government was so arrogant they told foreigners opening businesses it'd be double the cost for a business license.Turkish businesses normally charged 50% more to tourists no lie. I refused to pay an additional 50% more for food especially since Turkish citizens paid the regular prices sitting next to me. It's a known fact Turkish government and its citizens never liked anyone from any countries. They've always acted like they were better than any other countries it's true. But many countries have walked away from Turkey with no friends left abroad.Not even IMF International Monetary Fund will loan Turkey money because Turkey has defaulted on 3 large loans already and more defaults are on the way meaning every country puts money into the IMF so in essence Turkish government has stolen from all countries.
Turkey Residence Permit on Jan 22, 2022:
On December 20 2021 the USD/TL that was 8.5 TL jumped for 1 week to 18.5 TL.

Now in Jan 2022 the exchange rate stands at 13.5 TL.

Turkey has faced an inflation over 100% in utility bill and fuel, the prices have doubled now.
Turk Guy on Jan 12, 2022:
If u come turkey you first eat kebab and get out of turkey
Anonymous on Jan 10, 2022:
I noticed so many posts about how much the lira has lost and how people are struggling now since the pandemic is ongoing.

Here's a piece of solid honest information are you ready people?

Yes all of Turkey is suffering financially no matter what type of work they do working for employers of companies owners of businesses the stock market it really doesn't matter. I'm just one of those Turkish citizens suffering right along with the rest.

But here's the truth it doesn't matter where anyone lives worldwide nobody I mean nothing is going to escape the final result.

We are all dead just don't know it yet. That's how it really is in the real world in today's society.

There's nothing to be optimistic about because everyone is doomed worldwide and this is how it ends.
Anonymous on Jan 05, 2022:
the biggest refugee camp in the whole planet. close to 3 million refugees living in this city. mostly syrian and afghans.
Anonymous on Dec 30, 2021:
Here's your answer we don't want or need your tourist money or anything from foreigners.

Turkish citizen
Bolo on Dec 25, 2021:
One of the scammiest place on Earth, they’re pretty creative on trying to overcharge tourists. Is advisable to go with a local
Ross on Dec 21, 2021:
It was always my dream to visit Istanbul. After reading through some of the contents, I don't think it is very safe - especially now with global terrorism and the weak Turkish Lira. I will visit one day when the economy has recovered and we have more peace.
Anonymous on Dec 20, 2021:
80% population of Turkey working around a 140 euros per month right now. You do the math.