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Consumer Price Index (Excl.Rent): 71.22
Rent Index: 84.58
Groceries Index: 61.09
Restaurants Index: 71.26
Consumer Price Plus Rent Index: 77.71
Local Purchasing Power: 117.30

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Restaurants [Edit] Avg.
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 30.00 QR
Meal for 2, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 150.00 QR
McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal) 20.00 QR
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught) 40.00 QR
Imported Beer (0.33 liter bottle) 40.00 QR
Cappuccino (regular) 17.64 QR
Coke/Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle) 1.65 QR
Water (0.33 liter bottle) 1.16 QR
Markets [Edit] Avg.
Milk (regular), (1 liter) 7.56 QR
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g) 5.71 QR
Rice (white), (1kg) 7.73 QR
Eggs (12) 10.00 QR
Local Cheese (1kg) 38.14 QR
Chicken Breasts (Boneless, Skinless), (1kg) 32.18 QR
Apples (1kg) 7.79 QR
Oranges (1kg) 6.45 QR
Tomato (1kg) 4.50 QR
Potato (1kg) 4.25 QR
Lettuce (1 head) 7.29 QR
Water (1.5 liter bottle) 2.00 QR
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range) 70.00 QR
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle) 17.33 QR
Imported Beer (0.33 liter bottle) 31.25 QR
Pack of Cigarettes (Marlboro) 10.00 QR
Transportation [Edit] Avg.
One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 10.00 QR
Monthly Pass (Regular Price) 250.00 QR
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 10.00 QR
Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff) 1.80 QR
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 30.00 QR
Gasoline (1 liter) 0.99 QR
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (Or Equivalent New Car) 70,000.00 QR
Utilities (Monthly) [Edit] Avg.
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Water, Garbage) for 85m2 Apartment 218.69 QR
1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans) 0.51 QR
Internet (6 Mbps, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) 319.42 QR
Sports And Leisure [Edit] Avg.
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult 471.87 QR
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend) 46.25 QR
Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat 35.00 QR
Clothing And Shoes [Edit] Avg.
1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar) 369.17 QR
1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, H&M, ...) 261.67 QR
1 Pair of Nike Running Shoes 369.44 QR
1 Pair of Men Leather Shoes 416.67 QR
Rent Per Month [Edit] Avg.
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre 8,784.61 QR
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre 6,027.27 QR
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre 16,043.48 QR
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre 10,700.00 QR
Buy Apartment Price [Edit] Avg.
Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment in City Centre 21,875.00 QR
Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment Outside of Centre 20,873.86 QR
Salaries And Financing [Edit] Avg.
Average Monthly Disposable Salary (After Tax) 12,804.17 QR
Mortgage Interest Rate in Percentages (%), Yearly 4.28

These data are based on 1166 entries in the past 18 months from 188 different contributors.

Last update: March, 2015

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100 Comments so far

#Ravi on Mar 23, 2015 :
I got a job offer from an IT company for subcontracting to work for a Bank in Doha, Qatar. They will be giving me QAR 18,000 (nothing else). Though I am with family but will be staying alone. Please let me know
1. living expenses
2. how much can i save per month

Thanks for your support.
#ali on Mar 10, 2015 :
Company offered me 11000 qr. Can i stay with wife n 2 kids
#M Rahman on Feb 06, 2015 :
Hi I got a job offer from one Gov Hospital, salary 18000 QR/month, plus 1300 transport allownce, family accomodation provided. I have a 5 yr old young boy, I wonder how much the schooling cost for reception age/primary age children in Qatar (international/British curriculam.
#Rajesh Menon on Feb 02, 2015 :
Hi All

I am getting an offer of 13000 qar a month, accommodation is not included in that, hence would request any one to give a breakup of basis expenditure in doha, qatar.

Would like to know below things
1) Accommodation 1bhk in city / outside, own or shared.
2) Food expense for a day.
3) Travel expense.

Also if anyone can tell whether 13000 qar a month is sufficient for living for a single person.

#Manoj on Jan 31, 2015 :
Hi, I got an offer of QR 12000/- , will it be good for staying in DOHA for one person and to save money out from salary. Please replay along with all the major expenses along with Rent, Fooding, Travelling, and etc.

I needs your help will be helpful for taking decision.It's most urgent.


#mallu on Jan 25, 2015 :
hello..someone had commented about mallu's..U people cannot compete us in all that u can do is to post some stupid comments.
#Indian...first you learn the spelling of Gulf...its not gelf...idiot..We respect everyone..We are also contributing much to the development of modern qatar like everyone..thank you..
#SANTOSH KUMAR on Jan 23, 2015 :
I indian got offer from one of freight forwarding company for doha and they are offering QR7750/-PM breakup is below :-
Basic Salar:- QR3750/- PM
Special Allowance:-QR 1500/-
Vehicle Allowance :- QR 1350/-( I will be Eligible after getting Driving licence and own vehicle)
Position :- Sr. Executive Sales

Please advice above compensation would be sufficient or not, since initially i am coming alone.
also advice for accommodation cost for executive bachelor.

My Email ID:-

awaiting for your valuable advice
#kittu on Jan 05, 2015 :
Hi...I got offer of $7k from Doha for a non -IT position. Can any one advice will this pay enough to manage with family (no kids) and how much we can save from this. Is there any vegetarian hotels available?

#kannan on Dec 09, 2014 :
I reveive one constructuion company give sharing bachelor Accomodation +7500 .How much cost of living an bachelor with own accomodation also food and transport how much needed presently .how much savings to me pls reply me i am 10 yrs field exp in my field .pls reply me .
#Scott on Dec 03, 2014 :
I'd like to know whether is 1600 QR is enough if the company is paying for accomodation with gym facilities, transport, meals in workplace, medical aid.
#mahendar on Nov 15, 2014 :
what is the min amount required to live in Qatar (when company Provided Accomdation and transport)

what is the min amount required to live in Qatar (when company not Provided Accomdation and transport)
#Hans on Nov 12, 2014 :
Don't too excited about the attractive base salary. You need to focus on what other expat benefits and compensation, otherwise you probably lose.

Checkout here how to gain more overall salary package;
#Vijay on Nov 11, 2014 :
Hi charlie,

Offer seems legitimate from what you are saying. QR 69k is a lot of money to spend and save here.

Just check one thing though. You said you were going as your uncle's dependent. Dependents usually include only wife and children. Even parents are not included. So definetely check that.

All the best for your and your uncle's future.

Best Regards,

#Charlie on Nov 06, 2014 :
My uncle got offered a job with construction company building for the 2022 World Cup. He is in an inspector position. Salary offered is $19000 USD per month (or approx. 69,000 Riyal per month). This is not a labour job, but higher level up. He gets per diem for $3000 USD for rent living on a compound which the company covers. He signed employment offer tonight, now waiting to hear back. They are paying him 2 months salary up front...with 75% being given before he leaves Canada, and the other 35% given when he arrives and gets settled in Doha. We want to make sure it is legit, so this exit pass thing mentioned below makes sense. They give him 4 weeks vacation each year that is paid, and allowance to travel, so i would assume he gets an exit pass as in contract it tells him it is their choice when they give him vacation. It is a 5 year contract. Just want to know if this sounds legit. I am good with figuring out scams, as I do this on my spare time for people; but everything checks out. It is a major company building up Lusail City for World Cup 2022. Any info would be great...I see lots of great info already. heard there is a large ex-pat community there, so that is good. I am going with him as a dependent, I am in school and do all my school online and will not be working while there until I get my degree, then I will be teaching English as 2nd Language. Any info, lemme know! Thanks.
#Vijay on Nov 02, 2014 :
Hi. I am working in Doha for the last 2 years. Hope the following info. provides clarity on some questions raised here:

1. Rent: For 1 BHK - 3000 to 4500 in an ordinary but decent area like Matar Qadeem.
2 BHK - 5000 to 7000

Much more expensive if the accomodation is near the center of the city (like Al Sadd)and in Hi-class areas like West Bay & Pearl Qatar.

Further, rent is expected to increase during the next year and till the FIFA 2022 world cup.

2. Food: Mostly we cook food at our home. For a family of 2 we incur groceries expense between 1500 to 2000 QR per month.

If food is purchased from outside, then it depends on the type of food and the restaurant:

a. Hard rotis - Usually preferred by construction workers etc. Very cheap. For 1 QR, one might get 4 or more pieces (again in Matar Qadeem area).

b. Decent hotel - Anywhere between 10 QR to 100 QR per meal. Mcdonalds meal is between 15 to 30 QR on an avergage.

c. Hi-Class hotel - No idea.

3. Transportation - Mostly cars. Some bus facility is also available, but buses are few and one needs to stand for quite sometime.

Different cars are available for each budget range. Second hand cars from QR 10,000 and above to Brand New cars.

Lots of questions have been posted regarding whether salaries of QR 1000 - 2000 are sufficient. I would say, they are barely sufficient as even if a worker lives on a shared accomodation and eats cheap food (which is hard), the expenses are quite high here. In fact, Doha is one of the costlies places in ME.

Further, expenses are expected to rise in the near future. So bear in mind all these when you are making your decisions.

For a couple with no kids, Salary of QR 15000 and above is ok to start with. But with kids, they need to factor in children's education which is quite costly here.

One final piece of advice, which is the most important. Before coming here, make sure the company/contact through which you come here are credible. As many might be aware, this country has an Exit pass system, which means if you want to leave the country (for anything including leaving for vacation or quitting the job), the employer must give you the pass, otherwise you cant leave the country. So unless you are 100% sure about your job/contact dont jump in haste.
#Sushmita on Oct 28, 2014 :
hello, can somebody reply to all the queries ??? it has been already raised..but no answer???? strange about the site???
#Charles on Oct 27, 2014 :
I have got a job in family restaurent in UBD Group and got a salary of 1200 Qatar Riyal they are just going to give me accomodation ( sharing) and transport and I am single I need to make my arrangement for Food is these sufficient or not plz help me our with these answer
#sinu on Oct 19, 2014 :
I am from India. I wish to come and work in Qatar. .am a registered nurse. As well as company nurse. .plz suggest some job vacancies.
#ambrosio on Oct 14, 2014 :
Hi admin can u advise me for x abroad on qatar i dont have i idea but i know only cost of living in qatar expensive my offer salary 1 200 + 300 food allowance free accommodation and transportation its that ok to accept can u help me thanks to your reply
#Soumya on Oct 04, 2014 :
hey guys!
As far my research goes,
Accommodation= 6000/- QAR (Shared= 3000/- QAR)
Food= 3000/- QAR
Utilities + Conveyance= 1000/- QAR

* best to have Co. provided accommodation.
# Above figures for singles only.
#Pazhani on Sep 25, 2014 :
I an Indian got an offer for QR 30,000/Month of all. I prefer to say with family (wife and two children). Any one can advise is it sufficient to live in Doha?
#prashant on Sep 23, 2014 :
Hi ,
Friends I got a offer Letter from One of Qatar Base MEP Contracting Organization & they offered me a base salary 8000QR +500for Food allowances +2500QTR for Accommodation(In case if Camp or has to arrange than they will provide me this allowance if myself not take this facility)optional Company may provide share accommodation in company than they will not give me this Rent allowance+2500QR for Car allowance.
Appreciate if someone who is resending in Qatar can advice .Is it acceptable offer.
If yes than can I afford my family or only survive as a single .

I am from India Mumbai City .

#Randy on Sep 23, 2014 :
Its difficult to make ends meet here. Most of you guys are from India and single. And I need money. so I can entertain you at low cost. Please contact me Only 100 QAR a nite
#havugimana jean de dieu on Aug 22, 2014 :
truly in a job in quatar.i m single, i live in india ready to do every kind of a job available for more information email me on
#Anonymous on Aug 20, 2014 :
Hi! me and my husband are planning to work in Qatar. Is there anyone knows how much is the minimum salary for HR Practitioner and Licensed Civil Engineer. Thank you
#kamal on Aug 12, 2014 :
hi I got an job opportunity in Qatar 7000qr permonth is this sufficient, I m single , I need know about the rent and food costing.
#Evans on Aug 01, 2014 :
A company has offered me 700 QR they say free accommodation but four in a room,no utilies to be paid is good for a single man
#Juan on Jul 20, 2014 :
Where did you get the house rent information? It's not accurate.
#ADIL MOMIN on Jul 15, 2014 :
What's the average Monthly salary for an entry level as fire protection design engineer in Qatar
#Anonymous on Jul 02, 2014 :
I got an offer of 37,000 per month ; 450,000 per annum. This includes salary, transport and rent.. Is this enough or should I negotiate?
#Vinod Rai on Jul 01, 2014 :

. I got an opportunity to work in Qatar but they are providing me only 4000 qatar reyal,kindly suggest can i save some money for my family
#Brijesh Mishra on Jun 23, 2014 :
I am getting 4700 QR in Qatar per month.Is this a handsome salary to have there and send amount to India.What is the average amt. which is needed to have in qatar so that one can send money to home also.
Please reply.
Brijesh Mishra
#backstage on Jun 04, 2014 :
i got offer 58,000QR per month.. did u think is enough for me n my wife... i,m from Malaysia
#Ahmad on May 19, 2014 :
Anybody Have Questions Please Visit: Qatarliving dot Com
You Will Able To Know Everything A bout Qatar.

#Harshad Panchal on May 14, 2014 :
is 4000 Qatar riyal per month is sufficient for single person to live in Doha and send some money to Home....
#Anonymous on May 07, 2014 :
hi can anyone help to work in doha i am banker
#rahul on May 05, 2014 :
2500 QR is my salary,only expense is for food,is it enough for single person?
#Tannu sharma on May 01, 2014 :
i got a job offer of geophysics from Qatar ,but no idea about salary can u help in this regards.
#Devang Shah on Apr 23, 2014 :
hi i am devang shah , currently i am working in bank & want to live in doha if anyone want job in doha then email me on my id
#mr henry on Apr 18, 2014 :
We are giving out job opportunity in qatar to those who
are in great need,
this might be your own opportunity to get one
for your self. You can E-mail us if you are interested.
#Pravin on Apr 15, 2014 :
Is that 18,000 QR salary ( USD 4900 ) per month ( all inclusive ) is sufficient for a family of self, wife & kid of 5 yrs to stay in Doha and how much i can save from Salary .Further , if i stay without family , what will be exp and saving for me in DOha
pls am an engineer with skills in scaffolding and also in HSE i need link to companies that would take me to work for them in qatar cos am finding it hard to find one online pls i need help my mail is
#Roger on Apr 07, 2014 :
This page is a joke. Where do you go to find a Meal for 2, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course for 200 QR? Tell me? If you compare western standard products, groceries and food it is substantially more expensive than in Europe. The restaurants is approximately double the price compared to Sweden, regardless of you look at lunch restaurants or dinner. Then I am NOT comparing fast food options, but real restaurants.
#Bijender Singh on Mar 18, 2014 :
I got the job offer in Doha with the salary 3000.00QR per month rent and transport will be provide by the employer please advise that 3000.00QR will be enough for food and saving as ia have 19years experience in airport service.and what is the minimum charge for food per month.
#Gadon Khan on Mar 16, 2014 :
I shall be joining back my company at 10000 QR per month. Accommodation and transportation will be provided by the company itself. I am single. is it a fair deal? Can you suggest how much I can save after the end of the month?
#Punit on Mar 12, 2014 :
I got job in Qatar with 8000qau per month n my wife is a Dentist with 7 year experience also got a job in Qatar 10000qau p.m .we wish to bring our family 2adults 1child.plz suggest me my salary is suitable for my accommodation,food expense,school fee,car buying and other expenses.plz suggest me....
#Ramesh on Mar 10, 2014 :
Sir, i got offer for qatar/doha with 10500qar per month. instead of this nothing will provide thee company to me. i wish to bring my family of 4(2 children & 2 adults)along with me. my doubt is my salary is suitable for my expenditures, school fees, my travelling allowances and family running. please suggest me what to do.?
#Ramesh on Mar 10, 2014 :
Sir, i got offer for qatar/doha with 10500qar per month. instead of this nothing will provide thee company to me. i wish to bring my family of 4(2 children & 2 adults)along with me. my doubt is my salary is suitable for my expenditures, school fees, my travelling allowances and family running. please suggest me what to do.?
#Anja on Mar 07, 2014 :
Hi, I am a Commercial Manager and received an offer of $14,000 USD per month. I have to pay all my expenses self, except for medical that will be paid by the employer. Will this salary be enough for comfortable living and saving for one person?
#raghu on Mar 07, 2014 :
Can I know 12k Qatar Riyals is sufficient to live for a family husband wife & a child. Wht would be the house rent and living cost .
#zaid on Mar 06, 2014 :
I have done bechlors degree in bussiness administration just now and i want to work in doha,qatar.Is there any job oppurtunity for bussiness administration students? and what salary should be sufficent for me to live there alone.
please tell me.
#dohalove on Mar 03, 2014 :
Qatar is nice place. TAX free but the disadvantage is soo boring.. if you are single coming here good luck to you. if Family you have at least 18-25k QR in order to live a better life.

villa will cost 10-11k
allowance for food/grocery for family (1child only)- you need to spend 4-5k a month
#sha on Feb 25, 2014 :
cost of living in Qatar is high.
for an engineer minimum 15000 QAR required to live and save some money.
atleast 7000 qar will be average living cost in city.
#Anonymous on Feb 22, 2014 :
Hi..i got a job offer from qatar .salary 5500 QR with accomodation amd it good enuf to save and much will be food cost per month.

Please reply urgent.
#virendra kumar on Feb 20, 2014 :
i got job in air conditioning field as site engineer . salary is 9000 QR with out accommodation or transport , its ok?
can i save 4500 QR?? im single. please advise yaar..
#savio on Feb 15, 2014 :
i have got an offer of 5500 QAR without food,accomodation & travelling is this salary enough to work in Doha-single person
#C on Feb 08, 2014 :
How much salary should I asked to employer for staying comfortably with my family (four members) in Qatar?

I am basically Mechanical Engineer with 2+ Years of experience in Engineering Industry.
#Anonymous on Feb 06, 2014 :
Hi, I have 9.8+ years of experience in S/W Development, I have been offered Tech lead role in Doha. I am planning to relocate with my wife and kids (4 years). How much salary I should be asking? I am looking for decent lifestyle with saving.

Please let me know, how much I should be asking.
#yogendra on Feb 04, 2014 :
Company is providing me shared accommodation, medical insurance, flight tickets, business visa charges (every 3 monthly) and Local transportation charges.

Please let me know whether 2320 monthly Rials (equivalent of 40K INR) will be sufficient for Food, Water expenses in Doha?
#Mehboob Kareem on Feb 03, 2014 :
I have 10 Years of Experience in Computer (IT) Field and I got an offer of 8000 QR without food and Accommodation the city is Doha Qatar
it is enough for a SINGLE PERSON
how much will i be able to save?
what would be my expense
Room Rent
Food Expense
Internet + Phone

#Thirtiestories on Feb 02, 2014 :
Does anyone know how much a Senior Recruiter should be paid there?
Someone with 10 years of experience, possibly working in-house.
Would it be possibly to earn 18,000 Qatari Riyals per month as a Recruiter of that calibre?
Any tax for this? As I'd thought Qatar is tax-free, but I saw "tax" on the breakdown above.
#estrella on Feb 02, 2014 :
i need a chepeast place to stay in doha can u please help? will be there for work this february. thank you
#Amaterasu on Jan 27, 2014 :
Hi just want to ask if 700usd is enough for a single person to live in qatar. With free accomodation but not including the food
How much is a cost of living there?
#arijit on Jan 26, 2014 :
Qatar is very expensive place now.....if you are earning < 15000 QR please don't move in here...take this note seriously
#Anonymous on Jan 24, 2014 :
I have got an offer from Qatar University with 2400USD p.m. (research fellow) with free housing and air tickets. Should I go for it?
#Manju on Jan 22, 2014 :
I got offer at Doha - Qatar and want to leave in Single BHK alone , Whom should I contact and where can I find accommodation
#fifi on Jan 20, 2014 :

if yr budget is 500-1k at west bay area, u will stay in a slump coz west bay is high end area.
#fifi on Jan 20, 2014 :
I lived here in 2006-07. i came back here again in 2012. the cost of living has gone up by > 50% esp housing. so pls be careful to those who who have no accomodation by company. salary < 10k expect to share houses, no way u can afford a 1x bedrm apt. its better to hv lesser salary but housing is provided coz utility bills will be born by yr company. else u must consider housing AND utilities. oh yes, public transport is poor too.
#Anonymous on Jan 18, 2014 :
What's the average Monthly salary for an entry level Chemical engineer in Qata
#Anonymous on Jan 18, 2014 :
What's the average monthly salary for a single entry level Chemical engineer in Qatar?
#Ibrahim Anyass on Jan 08, 2014 :
please can some one help me travel to Qatar,that is be my dream country,am hard working,industrous and respectful
#Ibrahim Anyass on Jan 08, 2014 :
please can some one help me travel to Qatar,that is be my dream country,am hard working,industrous and respectful
#Mohammed Danjuma on Jan 07, 2014 :
I'm 27yrs and a graduate as a quantity surveyor... Worked with a construction company for effectively 2yrs. Pls I need to get my way to qatar so I can work there too. Pls any help.
#ak on Dec 28, 2013 :
i got a job offer in qatar as a supervisor in hospitality industry salary is 2200 qr /month plus accomodation, is it enought for a single to survive there and to save money. job site is The gate shopping mall and Euthopia is the restaurant on 2 floor
#Pramod on Dec 23, 2013 :
I have 9 Years of Experience in Computer (IT) Field and I got an offer of 6500 US dollar
the city is Doha Qatar
it is enough for a family of 2 + 1 kid
how much will i be able to save
what would be my expense
House Rent
Food Expense
Car Rental
Internet + Phone
Car Buying

#mrigank on Dec 18, 2013 :
Please let us know what will be the rent for one BHK flat or for one person in Qatar. And what would be approx cost of living forone person in Qatar.
#Hafeez on Dec 16, 2013 :
I got an offer of 9000 QAR, Without accodmodation. Can someone suggest best place to stay near west bay with sharing room facility costing 500 - 1000 QAR. Please help me with this details.
#vi on Dec 15, 2013 :

if you earn 21k you must consider 10k of rent and expenses (at least).
#Misc on Dec 14, 2013 :
Hi !!

I have recd an offer of around 21K QR for Qatar
I will live alone in a rented accommodation
Will it be sufficient considering the cost of living in Qatar as I have to save at least 18K QR per month
Please advice
Thanks in Advance
#Dr.K.Prasanna kumar/ on Dec 13, 2013 :
i got job in qatar with 5500 Qr with accommodation and food, it OK to survive in Qatar. on Dec 06, 2013 :
please let me know if there is a banking clerk job available.
#amol on Dec 03, 2013 :
Hi I got the offer of 9000 QR with family accommodation and transportation . also annual bonus as variable & annual 30 days paid leave with two way annual air tickets.
So is it sufficient to relocate to Doha for a family of 2????
#hmalik on Nov 28, 2013 :
i am getting an offer for 10000USD per month. i have family, 2 children. only 1 is school going right now.

Does this sound enough?
#Mohammad Wasim on Nov 28, 2013 :
Hi ...I received an offer of 30k per month ..I am a Civil Engineer with 18+ yrs experience all inclusive is it sufficient for an Indian couple middle aged to sustain and save reasonably. Addition i have two kids studying in grade 8th . kindly give some idea about house rent and school fees. Appreciate your suggestion by mail ..Thanks in Advance Mohammad Wasim
#MS on Nov 19, 2013 :
For your information , plz find the detail:-
rent one moth in doha is 4000 to 5500 Q Rial.
food cost for single:- 1000 QR with family : 1500 to 2500 QR
car on rent:- 2000 Qr or EMI
Petrol: 300 to 400 Qr
school fee:- 1800 to 4000 ( + 3500 -4500 Qr addmsn.fee )

accrdnly decide to move here/

yours sencirly
#Anonymous New on Nov 18, 2013 :
Hello everybody i got an offer to work in Qatar a researcher and
was offered 21000 QR, without housing and transportation do you think i can afford
paying the housing and live descent life. thanks in Advance
#adewunmi on Nov 12, 2013 :
I had leave in Qatar for good 2 years. qatar is not what you think is it. so be careful for proceed. I am a nigerian
#Pravallika on Nov 11, 2013 :
Hi i got a job salary 3000Qr so is it sufficint to live in doha???
#Aziz on Nov 09, 2013 :
I am getting offer of 12000 QAR incl of all . Will this be enough for myself and my wife if we move to Qatar. What is the rent for one bedroom apt in Qatar? Which is the area close to the apt as that is my wrk place. Wat is rent in that area. Thank you for any info
#georges karam on Oct 17, 2013 :
i got an offer of 2200$ usd in qatar is that gd . please i need an opinion
#raghunsnfsn on Oct 17, 2013 :
i have received an offer from doha a constructing company for a sum of 3000 QR with accomadation. is this is sufficient to leave for a bachelor and family maintenance. please suggest me in this regard with in 20th of oct 2013.
#Joy on Oct 11, 2013 :
Hi, how much is the meal and lodging expenses for a month of a single average earner in Doha?
#Ambar on Oct 08, 2013 :
Hi, i have got a job offer in qatar. Salary will be 4000QTR(food and accomodation provided).
will this salary be sufficient enough to save money?
I'm indian, status-single, B.E mechanical engineer.
#Pratik Pithava on Oct 03, 2013 :
I am B.E. CIVIL engineer and I have 18 years 4 months experience in various construction and water supply field. I get job offer in qatar as a project engg. worth 21000QTR gross. I wish to come with my family (one daughter and one son ). So, sir can you give me how much total expanse expect in qatar and out of this how much I save from this.
Sir, I am Indian and my e-mail is

From : Pratik
#c s patil on Oct 01, 2013 :
I relocating to doha qatar with 10000QR without accommodation so i want to know that is this salary is for single with saving to send money,please any one suggest me
#ARNOLD CHOYCAWEN on Sep 29, 2013 :
Being a Civil Planning Engineer having an experience of 10 years, 5 years alone in middle east, i got an offer of 13,000 QR gross in Qatar inclusive of accommodation and transportation.
Is this a fair deal considering the rates of accommodation and other city service in Qatar?
How much approximate can i save or will be my real basic salary if i deduct all my expenses? The company computation is 60% Basic salary, 30% accommodation and 10% transportation?
#Pavar on Sep 27, 2013 :
Is this cost of living for qatar is in a month base or a year base.
#Pavar on Sep 27, 2013 :
How much minimum salary per month is enough for 3 person with saving for live decent life style in Qatar ?
#jayesh on Sep 13, 2013 :

Is 9,000 QTR as my monthly base pay inluding the house alowance enought to support me in Qatar?
How much amount i can save p/month?
What is Food cost in Restarant p/ month?
What is rent for Sharing 2 people Bachlor accomodation in town.

i am from India and my email is
Thanks a lot in advance for giving me said info.
#ashok on Sep 08, 2013 :
Please provide some info about consultacies which provide jobs in qatar

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