Taxi Fares in Warsaw, Poland

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Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 8.00 zł 8.00-10.00
Taxi 1 mile (Normal Tariff) 4.02 zł 3.22-5.47
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 40.00 zł 40.00-60.00

Taxi Fare Calculator in Warsaw

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320.07 zł1360.30 zł23100.54 zł33140.77 zł43181.00 zł
424.09 zł1464.33 zł24104.56 zł34144.79 zł44185.03 zł
528.12 zł1568.35 zł25108.58 zł35148.82 zł45189.05 zł
632.14 zł1672.37 zł26112.61 zł36152.84 zł46193.07 zł
736.16 zł1776.40 zł27116.63 zł37156.86 zł47197.10 zł
840.19 zł1880.42 zł28120.65 zł38160.89 zł48201.12 zł
944.21 zł1984.44 zł29124.68 zł39164.91 zł49205.14 zł
1048.23 zł2088.47 zł30128.70 zł40168.93 zł50209.17 zł
1152.26 zł2192.49 zł31132.72 zł41172.96 zł51213.19 zł
1256.28 zł2296.51 zł32136.75 zł42176.98 zł52217.21 zł
* - This is an estimated fare. The actual fare might differ due to time of the day, tolls, works (available routes), different car companies, error in collecting prices and other human or software error.
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12 Comments so far
Gar on Sep 23, 2019:
Got charged 90zl from Palace of science and culture on a Sunday night to my apartment less than 10km away, tried to argue it with the guy but he wasnt budging, didn’t have any choice but to pay as my luggage was in the back, best advice use Uber or public transport. Never use Warsaw taxi service again. If coming from the airport use bus services too.
Anonymous on Apr 01, 2019:
Just been ripped off and horrible feeling 4 zl to ild town charged 120 coming back - never been in any other City where taxis rip you off like this. Must be damaging the tourist Industry - "Come to Warsaw and we Will Pick Your Pockets" - disgusted
Greek on Mar 27, 2019:
From train station / Warszawa Centralna to the old city, less than 3km, the taxi driver (car reg.number: WJ 3315G) didnt start the meter and asked for 50zl -when we arrived.
We thought he said 15zl (fifteen) and he said "not fifteen, fifty". We told him that we want to ask other people how much does it normally cost and then he said he couldnt understand english. We refused to give him the 50zl and he said "OK, ok, give me 40zl"!!! (we let him with the 15zl)
Gul gangwani on Sep 08, 2018:
I took a taxi from old Town to Regent hotel. The taxi driver started the meter on his mobile and it showed 8zl which is ok but one we reached the destination which is 10 mins away 6 km it showed 178 zl. I said something wrong he said no its private taxi and this is the fare as per meter. We paid up but felt cheated.
Sharon Stern on Aug 12, 2018:
I just had the same thing happen. It was starting to rain so I grabbed a taxi. I went from Old Town to Jana Pawal, not that far. I was charged 65 ZL. When I questioned it, he told me that it was the nighttime rate.
Warsaw men on Aug 06, 2018:
Use myTaxi app (it works in Warsaw too). With promo code "marcinjac" you will get a discount for the first trip.
Robert on Feb 09, 2018:
Be careful with the guys, who are waiting in front of the exit of Zahodnia autobus station.
One Polish guy approached me there and asked me if I need a taxi.
I was in a hurry and asked him the price from Zahodnia bus station to to Chopin airport.
He wanted to convince me, that there is a taximeter, which shows the price.
As I know how they cheat the foreigners in Poland, I was ready for the situation and told him I need to know the whole price, he finally said 30 Zlotis.
And he wrote it on his phone to show me.
As I did a research beforehand, I know that 30 Zlotis are OK for this distance.
Then he brought me to a minivan outside and told to the driver some words in Polish.
The driver was not taking the normal direct way (which I know) but another way through some large ways (It took 10 minutes)
I was thinking to myself, why he is doing that, if the price was anyhow fixed beforehand.
Then when we have arrived to Chopin airport, he wanted to charge from me 340 Zlotis, which is 80 Euros, which is 800% more than the usual price (8-10 Euros).
I have told him, that we have agreed for the price of 30 Zlotis for the whole trip.
He started to yell at me with dirty words and said 30 Zlotis is the price for 1 km, which is a lie, as the price was already known before.
( So for a 10 minuted drive in Warsaw he wanted to charge 80 Euros)
Of course I did not accept his price and said to him, I will go to now to the police and gave him 40 Zlotis
After he heard from police, he released me.
It was a nightmare for me in Warsaw, I never had such an experience in my life, I thought he was ready to attack me
Avoid definitely trips by taxi in Poland by all means
Valerie on Oct 06, 2017:
Are there taxis that will take me to Ciechocinek from Warsaw airport.
remi on Oct 05, 2017:
I want a cab from Warsaw airport to lodz. how much?
Alvar on Sep 20, 2017:
My friend and I arrived at Warsaw West Station with 2 big suitcases and 2 small ones.
We took a taxi to our destination —7km away— and the driver asked us whether we wanted 'fixed price' or 'meter'.
Fixed price was 50zl so we chose meter and the driver replied "ooookay" with a grumpy tone of voice.
When we reached our destination the meter stated 38zl but the driver said "38zl plus 15zl for combi". I said "What? Combi? What's that?", he said "yes, bonus" (his English was totally broken, most probably in purpose).
I insisted on knowing WTH was that extra money about, but he just kept repeating the same shit. On top of that, the taxi driver refused to give us a receipt. My friend was in hurry to meet our Airbnb host so he gave him 50zl and the taxi driver accepted it.
In short, the taxi driver stole 12zl from us.

Conclusion: taxis are the same kind of mafia all over the world. I wish Uber and other similar companies push them to ruin.
Maria on Apr 05, 2017:
Same thing happened to me a few days ago - cheats!!!!
John on Nov 14, 2016:
I got a shuttle bus for 33zl from Modlin airport that dropped everyone off at the Palace of Culture late at night in the centre of Warsaw.
I approached a taxi that was waiting at this terminus with 'taxi' on the roof and told him where I needed to go. I asked what the fare would be. The driver said he couldn't tell me but the journey would be on the metre, which I later learned turned out to be an app on his phone! As it was freezing cold and my phone's battery had died I jumped in the back seat. When we got to the destination about 10m later he said the fare was 179zl (£35) for the 6km journey. I was a bit surprised as I was expecting to hand over 50zl at most as the earlier bus journey was only 33zl but he pulled down the passenger sun visor with a printed table of the different rates: 30zl per km for journeys under 10km. Still trying to reconcile in my head what the GBP/Zl exchange rate was I paid the sum not knowing any better and as my suitcase was in the boot I wasn't in a position to challenge him on the cost particularly as his English wasn't good. I later learned the actual fare should have been 20zl or less for the 6km journey. The day following my arrival I flagged another taxi and he charged 25zl for a 15zl/3km journey and another charged me double the rate for a Sunday journey which should have only be 30% more than Mon-Sat rate. I used Uber taxis for the rest of my 4d stay in Warsaw without issue to avoid being overcharged.

If flagging a taxi rather than trust their idea of a 'metre' you would be safer getting a fare estimate from Uber so you have a ballpark figure to work from in advance for the distance you intend to cover or know the distance of your planned journey and the average price per km especially if you are just arriving with a suitcase and looking like an easy mark.