Taxi Fares in Reykjavik, Iceland

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Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 690.00 kr 690.00-800.00
Taxi 1 mile (Normal Tariff) 482.80 kr 366.93-532.69
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 7,440.00 kr 7,440.00-9,960.00

Taxi Fare Calculator in Reykjavik


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Price *
Price *
Price *
Price *
32,138.41 kr136,966.44 kr2311,794.47 kr3316,622.51 kr4321,450.54 kr
42,621.21 kr147,449.24 kr2412,277.28 kr3417,105.31 kr4421,933.34 kr
53,104.02 kr157,932.05 kr2512,760.08 kr3517,588.11 kr4522,416.14 kr
63,586.82 kr168,414.85 kr2613,242.88 kr3618,070.92 kr4622,898.95 kr
74,069.62 kr178,897.65 kr2713,725.69 kr3718,553.72 kr4723,381.75 kr
84,552.43 kr189,380.46 kr2814,208.49 kr3819,036.52 kr4823,864.55 kr
95,035.23 kr199,863.26 kr2914,691.29 kr3919,519.32 kr4924,347.36 kr
105,518.03 kr2010,346.06 kr3015,174.10 kr4020,002.13 kr5024,830.16 kr
116,000.84 kr2110,828.87 kr3115,656.90 kr4120,484.93 kr5125,312.96 kr
126,483.64 kr2211,311.67 kr3216,139.70 kr4220,967.73 kr5225,795.77 kr
* - This is an estimated fare. The actual fare might differ due to time of the day, tolls, works (available routes), different car companies, error in collecting prices and other human or software error.
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15 Comments so far

#Yvette on Oct 18, 2018 :
Please can you tell me how much a taxi or 2 taxis for 8 people would cost on Saturday 26 th January 2018 at 09.00 from hotel central plaza Reykjavik to the blue lagoon and then return trip at about 13.30 .
#Mansi Gala on Sep 01, 2018 :

we are a group of 14 people and want to travel to Holtsbúð 93, Garðabær

how much will it cost me?
#Berit Rødsand on Jul 30, 2018 :
What will it cost to rent
a car for two days with a driver to be a guide ?
#Eli Raa Nilsen on May 16, 2018 :
Hi, will there be an extra charge on early sunday morning ? I will go from Verzla to BSI bus station,
What is the taxi telephone number ?
#Mally on May 14, 2018 :
How much in $'s would it be to go from Reykjavik to Blue Lagoon for 6 in our family? Please provide a one way price and a round trip price. Thanks
#ARON THOMAS on May 09, 2018 :
#Peri. There are alot of bookings for that day. But we do have an opening for that time. If you would like a ride please email me at
#Logi on Jan 05, 2018 :
To Rio:

On 1. January there is 35% extra charge because It’s New Year’s Day.

Normally it would cost around 16.000 isk

99% of Taxi drivers in Iceland are honest and won’t try to trick you.
#Margot Boerma on Nov 25, 2017 :
Hi we need a taxi at 5pm into town and harbour from the Artic Comfort hotel please.
#Rio on Jan 02, 2017 :
Arrived in Kevaflik on Jan 1 at 1pm and straight ahead to Laugavegur, Reykjavik. As told by many sites that meter taxi has about the same price with the pre booked one, I directly walked to taxi stand in front of arrival terminal and take a Hreyfill taxi in Skoda Superb. Total distance was 52 km as showed in meter, but total cost was 24,000 krones. It is a normal price in 2017 or a bluntly rip off? Is it a common tricky practice by taxi driver in Iceland?
#toni on May 26, 2016 :
Anyone do taxis from the airport to the hotel silica at the Blue lagoon?
Also any northern light tours that pick up from this hotel also?
Thank you
#Jo on Feb 24, 2016 :
We will be in reyjkavik via cruise in the late afternoon of July 28th and morning and early afternoon f July 29th. Looking for a taxi for a total of 5 hours on the 28th and 6.5 hours on the 29th. Is anyone available to take us on a tour both those day?

Thanks for your help.
#Ellen on Feb 13, 2016 :
Can I book a taxi from the blue lagoon to the airport? And what is the cost?
This no you

#Louise on Nov 30, 2015 :
I will be in Iceland mid December and wondering if it is easy to get taxis at any time of the day/night during this period?
Thinking about getting a taxi from the airport to the capital, and returning via the blue lagoon :-)
Any help or advice would be very much appreciated
#Alexander Leifsson on Jun 12, 2015 :
Hi Lotte

I can take you guys on the golden circle tour for 380 euros.

You can contact me at if you want to book the tour.
#Lotte on Apr 18, 2015 :
We are at 21-07-15 in R. We like to make a tour by taxi from Port (cruise liner) to golden circle with Thinvellir National Park, Geysire and Gullfoss Waterfall.
Price in € für 2 persons?