Taxi Fares in Paris, France

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Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 5.00 € 3.00-7.10
Taxi 1 mile (Normal Tariff) 2.09 € 1.71-3.22
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 35.80 € 32.00-60.00

Taxi Fare Calculator in Paris


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Price *
Price *
Price *
Price *
311.28 €1332.20 €2353.12 €3374.04 €4394.96 €
413.37 €1434.29 €2455.21 €3476.13 €4497.05 €
515.46 €1536.38 €2557.30 €3578.23 €4599.15 €
617.55 €1638.47 €2659.40 €3680.32 €46101.24 €
719.65 €1740.57 €2761.49 €3782.41 €47103.33 €
821.74 €1842.66 €2863.58 €3884.50 €48105.42 €
923.83 €1944.75 €2965.67 €3986.59 €49107.52 €
1025.92 €2046.84 €3067.76 €4088.69 €50109.61 €
1128.01 €2148.94 €3169.86 €4190.78 €51111.70 €
1230.11 €2251.03 €3271.95 €4292.87 €52113.79 €
* - This is an estimated fare. The actual fare might differ due to time of the day, tolls, works (available routes), different car companies, error in collecting prices and other human or software error.
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12 Comments so far

#Jagdish on May 21, 2018 :
The following is the quote I got just now for travel between FIAP Jean Monnet and a hotel. What is the waiting time here, although I intend to step into the car immediately on arrival.

Distance: 8.4 km
Duration: 33 mins
Start Price: €5.00
8.4 km x €1.30 : €10.92
Waiting time (estimated 27.65 min): €16.41
Overall price (estimation): €32
#Anna on Mar 15, 2018 :
In getting an estimate between 2 points they also add waiting time, why? Why is waiting time added?
#Ali on Feb 16, 2017 :
This is very helpful information.
I love Paris. And all Europe.
#Cat Cat on Jan 24, 2017 :
Know I know when I get to Paris what to expect from the taxi driver you website is the bomb digity!!!!!!!!!!
#Anonymous on Jan 24, 2017 :
This was so useful thank you so much this is an awesome and I mean awesome website!
#Coral on Apr 25, 2016 :
What is the waiting time quoted?
Its good to have an idea oof what to pay. Thank you
#rionhasan on Feb 27, 2016 :
i visited paris last week. Getting paris taxi service in time is a bit hassle.its very difficult to maintain tight schedule without proper transport. in this case i found out the solution
through this website . this might be helpful to you also.
#Sandy on Aug 06, 2015 :
Thank you. This information has been very useful. We were intending taking the metro to Abbesses but will now take a taxi as it is not too expensive. We will also see some of the area above ground rather than nothing below.
#Marilyn on Jan 27, 2015 : is the most reasonable, convenient and dependable service available between the airport and the city.
#Anonymous on Dec 27, 2014 :
Hello everyone,
for an English speaking friendly taxi service and more infos pls visit :
facebook : paris taxi 1

+33 6 72301943 whatsapp viber
#Judy Chua on Nov 11, 2014 :
Nice also first time traveling to europe thus this is a great help to me. :)
#Theodore on Nov 04, 2014 :
Beware of private limo drivers approaching you at the airport !

Very often in the paris airport terminals or railway stations, limousine drivers approach travellers and offer a ride cheaper than taxi, which is not true and depending to the company their service usually cost more expensive, and some time much more expensive than normal cab. They have no taximeter and they make their own fare price ! and for foreigners is not easy to compare immediately those limousine prices with taxi fares, they often take advantage of tourists.

These limousines often are just the private cars, they don't have taxi sign & logo, neither the registration number and most of the times they are illegal workers.

According to France Laws, approaching the travellers in airport terminal, railway stations or any other places and offering them a ride is illegal and people doing this can be prosecuted.

Remember; official taxis never approach travellers to offer their service in train stations or airports etc !

Always take un official taxi, which has the taxi sign on top of the car roof and has a taximeter on the front dashboard, visible to passengers.

For more Information pls visit :