Taxi Fares in Manila, Philippines

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Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 40.00 ₱ 40.00-50.00
Taxi 1 mile (Normal Tariff) 21.32 ₱ 11.27-22.69
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 140.00 ₱ 120.00-150.00

Taxi Fare Calculator in Manila


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3103.97 ₱13317.21 ₱23530.45 ₱33743.69 ₱43956.92 ₱
4125.30 ₱14338.53 ₱24551.77 ₱34765.01 ₱44978.25 ₱
5146.62 ₱15359.86 ₱25573.10 ₱35786.33 ₱45999.57 ₱
6167.94 ₱16381.18 ₱26594.42 ₱36807.66 ₱461,020.90 ₱
7189.27 ₱17402.50 ₱27615.74 ₱37828.98 ₱471,042.22 ₱
8210.59 ₱18423.83 ₱28637.07 ₱38850.30 ₱481,063.54 ₱
9231.91 ₱19445.15 ₱29658.39 ₱39871.63 ₱491,084.87 ₱
10253.24 ₱20466.48 ₱30679.71 ₱40892.95 ₱501,106.19 ₱
11274.56 ₱21487.80 ₱31701.04 ₱41914.28 ₱511,127.51 ₱
12295.89 ₱22509.12 ₱32722.36 ₱42935.60 ₱521,148.84 ₱
* - This is an estimated fare. The actual fare might differ due to time of the day, tolls, works (available routes), different car companies, error in collecting prices and other human or software error.
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70 Comments so far

#Lex on Dec 23, 2017 :
I've travelled to Philippines for25 years and it's very hard to con me because inpm Scottish , but every time I arrive at terminal 1 or 3 from Dubai there's always done ass wanting 2000 pesos to makati , no way I always arrange uber for around 140 max . Another way of doing it is hiring a jeeobey of a driver for 350 max all for yourself and your luggage .
#Cedie Diatacruz on Nov 14, 2017 :
This site is very helpful.for those who didn't know how much fare they been traveling through.its help alot to prevent taxi driver modus..
#quest on Oct 11, 2017 :
im paying airport to makati 1300,fucking taxidriver
who want i give name
#mary grace marquez on Sep 02, 2017 :
may we based this result to the current taxi rate :
Flat Rate
Meter Rate

Thank you.
#Anonymous on Aug 29, 2017 :
Hello Folks! I'm a local here in Metro Manila ,My partner is a foreigner and I can relate with you and im b5555 pissed of with those wa-n-gkas if you have questions about the routes in Makati, Mandaluyong area feel free to ask
About the taxi driver if you landed in NAIA3 they have a silly queue for regular taxi and it might take your tiem if they ask for plus fifty tough !! but make sure that your fair won't exceed for for that 300 if your heading to Makati Area or Mandaluyong if its outside the mentioned place then its a different issue,Note; Telll the driver metered only if they ask for plus 50php and your place that your staying at is very near never mind but if you in a hurry no choice grrr!!!!! and if they offer such a ridiculous price just tell them metered only and if they insit just tell them its always traffic in metro manila "KUYA" EXCEPT on Sunday.your other option is to take a bus but if you have some questions feel free to sent me an email Here's my account jekpre28atgmaildot. Hope that I can help:)
#Monica on May 25, 2017 :
I've ridden in 5 taxis over the past 2 days and have had no problem. I am half white and half Filipino...I can speak Tagalog enough to get around but I spoke English to my mom in the taxi. No one tried to take advantage of me. I rode a yellow one from the airport to my hotel and 4 white ones to/from a supermarket nearby. The yellow taxi charged me 118 pesos and the white ones were consistently 50 pesos. They were walkable distances but we had a lot of stuff to carry and it was hot. It probably helped that I had Google maps open and following where we were being driven. My biggest problem was they didn't seem very knowledgeable about the area...I'm not from here so I have to do research before we go somewhere or even while I'm in the taxi.
##kristine on May 10, 2017 :
This is very annoying! A taxi driver give me an optional to get another cab for us to transfer but this is Goddamn it! It was very terribly seen those fellow filipino who is very greedy. We are in hurry to go in our office but it seems like he was in trouble looking up for alibi's so he would get and make scene. He said that he is an taxi airport while where in the cab and he should already knew before we get in, he will inform us late he doesnt give me any idea about it. From buendia to cash and carry he charges 250php he get an optional he told us to get new cab and transfer and that's bulls**t and he said if we headed from our exact location he will charge for almost 2500php what kind of human are you? It is much convinience for uber cars than this taxi cab, I hate this happening. Please put attention and help others and it will not happen again. Tip before you ride taxi check plate number, contact of the company, driver's ID etc so we can spread and post thru social media.
#chris on Apr 17, 2017 :
can top this; at 4th of April I arrived at T3 and asked the yellow cab driver how much is it up to QC, SM Nova; he told me a price up to 900 PHP - which is quite a lot but it was real early morning so I accepted. Arrived at SM Love where my Friends wold like to pickle up he told me because of the heavy traffic he had to uprise the price to 3300 PHP - oherwise he will not hand of me my backpack (Camera, Laptop and so on) so I accepted. After all: use Uber to Grab, all Cab Drivers are robbers
#gaston on Apr 12, 2017 :
After reading all this comment.,i will never try to ride
this naia taxis there all full of F***king shit.
#Ecyoj on Apr 11, 2017 :
Avail the ""COUPON TAXI"" in any Manila Airport Terminals, (THERES A GREEN BOARD WITH THE LIST OF PLACES AND THE EXACT FARE FOR YOUR REFERENCE, T3 Arrival area opposite *BAY 8*) if you're lucky and no other passengers the dispatcher will give you the receipt and pay the fare to the driver upon reaching your destination. If not you need to queue for atleast 30mins. or more it depends/vary with the airport coupon taxi AVAILABILITY.
Example:Terminal 3 going to Antipolo Rizal (Airport Coupon Taxi) = *790 pesos* {24.1km}
I have been travelling on off oversea and this the only mode of transportation I always used. Sometimes I need to queue longer when theres alot of passengers in front of me, nevertheless I think its much much cheaper compare to those people whos trying to con even their own countrymen. Its indeed such a disgrace specially for those foreign tourists who just want to spend their holiday here in Philippines and ended up being scammed. Please be aware and extra cautious....
#Anonymous on Feb 18, 2017 :
Rode a white taxi today from naia 3 to pasig. He explained that 100m = 10pesos. I was not able to reach pasig city since at c5 we were already travelling 5.4km which is equivalent to 540pesos and my usual fare is only 200. He mentioned that they pay 100 to "i do not know who" as commission. I ended up paying 390 pesos,got out of the taxi, rode a jeepney which is 8pesos to market market and then fx which is 20pesos. I'm never gonna ride a taxi from naia again. Just take the airport loop bus to taft.
#Frank on Jan 31, 2017 :
Was almost scammed at NAIA terminal 3 going to Ermita, was approached at foreign exchange by a guy who "flashed" credentials and asked if I needed a taxi, we proceeded to the taxi area where he was on a handheld radio calling my "taxi" he tried to get me to sign a receipt which had no amount on it, when the car pulled up a second guy told me to pay the first guy and sign the receipt which now had 3500P on it. They quickly loaded my luggage into the car and closed the door, I told them no way get my bags out of the car they said ok ok just pay 1200p. There were 2 police nearby directing traffic, I said get my bags out now or i'm going to the police, and walked toward the police, the door opened instantly and my bags came out. Just then a real taxi pulled up, I loaded my bags and paid him P600 which was high but fair. USE UBER!!! Uber fare back to the airport was P165!
#ASK on Jan 05, 2017 :
Manila International Airport to Malolos,Bulacan Robinsons mall
how much taxi fee?
#winnie on Nov 06, 2016 :
we also got scammed by this metered taxi driver! Fron naia terminal 1 to Pasig, the driver ask us to pay php1900!! To be safe, just use uber or grab! Im a filipino, and it is such a shame to be called these scammers as kababayan!!
#Anonymous on Oct 04, 2016 :
Hi, we are planning to go to Ocean Park but we want to check in first in hotel H2O, how much it will be if we are from alabang going to hotel H2O??
#Anonymous on Sep 27, 2016 :
If from NAIA Terminal 3, just take escalator in the far north end of the arrival area then take the exit to the upper street level via the exit in the far south end. There are taxis there waiting or passing by after dropping off passengers at the arrival area.
#Anonymous on Sep 27, 2016 :
there's a premium airport bus from naia named ube express, that routes to makati,roxas blvd and entertainment city,its 150 pesos with on board wifi and its wider good for bulky baggage, pick up points are available at some locations if going back to naia

staff's uniform are purple and white, they're nice and approachable, just ask them if they will pass on your hotel, terminal or mall.
#Anonymous on Sep 27, 2016 :
most airport taxis are scammers, they even scam their own countrymen, specially if you have lots of luggage, they always think your an OFW or working overseas that have overflowing money. Shame!
If you have just a few bags just take the 20pesos bus from naia to MRT/LRT rotunda,its a plain white mini bus. Then from theire MRT/LRT terminal, you can just commute or hire regular taxi.
#Anonymous on Sep 22, 2016 :
for people arriving in any of the airports. walk outside the airport and get a regular white taxi.. or use grabtaxi.. stop paying for those scammers in the airports.. no taxi ride in manila is more than 400 pesos. even at rush hour should be 500 maximum.. airport to makati is 150-200 pesos..
#daisy on Sep 22, 2016 :
I rode the fucking white cab by my own in the midnight from Airport T1 to T3, it was only 5.5km away and was charged fucking 2700 peso (around HKD 450)!!!!!!I was so pissed off and told that dumbass I dun hv enough money if you insist I might hv to call the police. That bastard wouldn't let me go and wanted to return back to T1 which I didn't believe at all. I had no fucking choices but paid 1000peso (the only note I had) to get off the cab, I wish I had change to throw that asshole!
#Anonymous on Aug 31, 2016 :
Better use GrabCar Cox it's more safer and driver will charge the exact rate per meter otherwise, you can file a complaint against the driver and GrabCar will recalculate and refund you. You can find GrabCar booths in all terminals. You can download the app or just go to the GrabCar booth if you don't have internet connection, the attendants can book you a ride.
#Joy on Aug 29, 2016 :
Beware of taxi from NAIA Airport though "it's a metered taxi" but the driver only shows the distance and no price, this means it's a 100 pesos per 1 km. It just happened it to me now August 29, 2016 from NAIA 3 to Cubao with 17 km and when I reached to my distanation, the driver quickly said it's 100 pesos per 1 km, I didn't pay and he said he can give me discount, it would be 80 pesos per 1 amount would be 1,360. I told him I won't pay and I am willing to go the police station if he will insist. Then he said just give me 700, I still said No, then he said 500. I told him I can only give 350. Then he said just make it 400. So I just gave 320 and it's fair enough. Please share and don't pay.
#Chency on Aug 29, 2016 :
Hi All, please remember this Yellow Cab taxi plate Number AAI 9436, We arrived at NAIA T 1, we were in queue outside the airport waiting for the taxi because they said its safer and cheaper as the security guards listed their plate numbers then the other assistant tried to help you for the luggage to put in the taxi, they ask for money,"Pasalubong daw"sabi ng assistant sa airport, why not put a box on the table and write down "TIP",para paghati hati an nila pagkatapos ng duty nila kc marami naman nagbibigay nga TIP, not that they ask for every passengers. When in the taxi, the driver covered the meter, arrived in Sampaloc Bus Terminal "Florida" the price was so shocking yet not very traffic, He charged 2,126 Pesos, I asked why it is too much to pay for a taxi he said because they are from the Inside Airport. WHAT THE F***K was that. The driver ripped us off. Hopefully, the Authorities will do something about this TAXI DRIVER MODUS, ok, not in general because there are honest ones but some of them are very greed with money, what comes around goes around,,, but the victims are kawawa nman. PLEASE DO SOMETHING TO SOLVE THIS ISSUE. Thanks.
#Anonymous on Aug 27, 2016 :
I was in NAIA T 3 yesterday and I lined up to the queuing of people waiting for the taxi. I rode the white taxi going to lrt Taft buenfia and the taxi driver overpriced my fare. 1600 ang siningil nya sken. 6km LNG yun. Leeches na mga driver na yan!!grabe lang! Tsk
#lovi mae on Aug 27, 2016 :
Taxi driver route NAIA so very optimistically,subra kung mag singil ng bayad. My sister was from in NAIA yesterday august 27, yong taxi driver pang singil sa kanya is 1900 NAIA to cubao. That is only 22km away. How could dare that stupid taxi drivers.!!!!
#helpfultraveller on Jun 05, 2016 :
anyone travelling to asia and looking for a taxi especially from the airport should be looking to use asias version of Uber called Grab taxi. it knocks off a huge amount I've found from standard rates companies give you and is cash in hand and a agreed upon fee before you even get in. No hassle. Although you should aim to give them instruction or a number on how to contact/find you.
#deniz on May 08, 2016 :
i was pay 700 pesos airport to makate. fucking dumbass.
#she on May 05, 2016 :
taxis in the airport are really very expensive. Overcharging and they do not use their meters mostly on a foxed price and they say that it is allowed by the authorities! It's so shameful. Malala na talga ang pinas.
#jam on Mar 31, 2016 :
we were also a victim of white taxi in terminal 1. I noticed that the price that should be seen in meter did not showed up, only the distance. I asked the driver about his meter, he explained that there are two kinds of meter and so on.. I didn't understand what he's talking about until I got the idea of the computation 1m = 10 pesos. I told him to stop the taxi because it is too expensive than the regular taxi. I paid 500 pesos instead of 100 pesos from terminal 1 to resorts world. Be careful of this taxi modus they are usually see queuing outside the airport beside police station.
#sniper on Mar 30, 2016 :
FYI foreigners! Why r u comparing taxis from uber?! Uber cars r mostly owned by the drivers, while taxi drivers r renting the units, once it s got out of frm the garage it s automatically considered as 1 day rental plus fuel
#Jason on Mar 20, 2016 :
Pinoy drivers are mostly scammer. Always want to take advantage to client especially on Foreigners. Shame for this country.
#Clifford on Mar 16, 2016 :
Baka naman lagyan pa ng tax ang mga taxi driver. Sila na nga ang pinakakawawang tao sa buong mundo dahil sobrang napapagod sila sa pagda-drive tapos lalagyan pa sila ng tax tulad ng mga karaniwang manggagawa. Sobra na yan... Hirap na hirap na ang mga taxi driver.
#Canadian tourist on Mar 09, 2016 :
Don't rely on this map for estimate, it says 29 min from Ninoy Airport to Pasig, no way, with Manila traffic expect it to be three times longer. The best bet is to agree on a price before the trip, 600 peso to any where in metro manila is about right. I always say if you hurry I will give a tip.
If your worried take his picture and taxi plate, say your texting your family the info (good idea anyway)
Taxis always have a little cloth covering the meter, very silly.
If you like your driver, get his text number and call him often for rides.
And if he says "Hindi Americano", say "Canadian ako!"
#joe on Mar 04, 2016 :
the cab overcharge me 650 pesos from terminal 1 to victory liner in pasay.the ltfrb should regulate this.
we need action.these is too much.
#Anonymous on Feb 19, 2016 :
Why not try uber. Driver does not charge you. Before you drive you will see first your fare to charge at you befor riding the car.
#EC on Feb 14, 2016 :
Every time I have taken a taxi in the Philippines I have been ripped off. This entire country likes to rip off people. Take the advice of those who tell you, there are much better places to visit, stay out of the country.
#joe Disabled US Veteran on Feb 10, 2016 :
NORMAN charged me 2,000 peso from airport to Dansalan Gardens in Mandayuyon 8 kilometers

He is worthless - Ripp of -- I will never VISIT YOUR COUNTRY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#Ian M. on Feb 05, 2016 :
I am in Manila now. Don't take a yellow taxi from the airport. I did and was badly cheated- the meter read over twice what I have since learned should be the proper price. Either the meter was rigged or the driver took the long way around. Take UBER instead.
#Anonymous on Jan 28, 2016 :
The Airport Transport cars (used to be Nissan) now costs to much. From NAIA 1 to Mega Mall at EDSA, they charge PHP2300. A metered taxi will cost you only PHP 250 to 300. Best bet is too take Yellow Taxi. Their rates are higher than white taxis but may be safer.
#Billy on Jan 28, 2016 :
Arrived at Terminal 3. We found the yellow taxis and took one to our guesthouse about 7 - 8 km away. The driver had great difficulty finding it as the road is split into two separate roads and has no continuity. That aside, it took altogether over two and a half hours from airport to guesthouse and cost 400 pesos. The driver did the best he could, and we were happy with the price. Maybe we got lucky
#JanOvland on Dec 27, 2015 :
I like to pay homage to the Yellow taxis of the world and other cars , that happen to be yellow ! - enjoy !  -
##noems on Oct 01, 2015 :
6:20 AM, I rode white taxi with plate no. UVE 101 and taxi name of Levy Sam near NAIA T 3 to Buendia. Then, the driver is charging me P680 for 4.7km ride. He is insisting the 1m= P150. I can't defend myself because Im a young looking girl. Sobra talaga! Sana matigil na yun mga modus ng mga taxi driver. Sana maparusahan din ang taxi driver na to! #taxiscam
#goodMan on Sep 01, 2015 :
I already tried 2x from NAIA2 to Caloocan City (Monumento)
took yellow metered taxi(arrival area, within airport), it cost me P480 & P530, but I normally gave P700 (including tip) from 8:30pm-9:20pm leaving the airport..did not encountered scam.
I used to ask my relatives to pick me up at the airport with service (for almost 14 yrs in abroad)
-I also tried to go outside the airport and look for a jeepney till baclaran only (not advisable if you ahve heavy luggage)
-I also tried to take taxi outside the airport, after 5mins, taxi driver shows his tarriff
#Anonymous on Aug 24, 2015 :
From Airport to Bellevue Hotel, Alabang = 3000 peso. Wow what a different. Don't come to Manila
#Joseph on Aug 09, 2015 :
This sit is really a bunch of SHIT......
I entered an address in Paranaque going to US EMBASSY......
Idiot site says 3.6 k ....and shows point A Metro Manila to Airport.....
RETARDS !!!!!!
#Anonymous on May 12, 2015 :
Organised scam by government, Airport authority,police, taxi operator and taxi drivers, shame for all
#Bret on Apr 25, 2015 :
Terminal 3 white taxis all asking crazy prices, 8 miles for 2200 peso and not using their meter, where are the yellow airport taxis. Tourist will not want to come there to be ripped off. My eights visit and their getting worse.
#Anonymous on Apr 23, 2015 :
Nothing change manila is not feel safe to commute even the taxi which is should be more comfortable for you to ride unlike in davao city taxi draver are mostly honest and discipline.
#Anonymous on Apr 09, 2015 :
naloko pala ako nagsakay ako taxi from naia terminal 3 to yague makati 500 po yong pinabayad sa akin ,.., white taxi yon di ko lang matandaan ano company name ng taxi
#julie on Jan 20, 2015 :
Can somebody give me a price i should pay to a taxi man I know who will take me from T2 Manila airport to Condo in Ayala Ave, then waiting 1/2hr, then to Quiapo, wait 1/2hr then back to condo. Would be 5hrs max. Plse advise immediately if someone has knowledge. All travel between 10 morning and 5pm night.
#Anonymous on Dec 20, 2014 :
30 years no improvement in that area. Do you have to wait half a century or one?
#Rose on Dec 20, 2014 :
Maybe in 2016 will. Do we need to pay for it to happen????
#Anonymous on Dec 20, 2014 :
1984, 1985 n 1986 I was in Manila haggling taxi fares. 2014, 2015 the haggling hasn't stop. Good luck.
##Young sweetie on Dec 10, 2014 :
Never take a taxi outside the NAIA Terminal 3... because i had a experience.. when i went to visit my family in the philippines i arrived 11pm and my parents pick me up at NAIA terminal 3 somebody is already there to offer a taxi... from inside terminal 3,somebody is gonna give you a piece of paper about the driver's information..(thats ok) then when we are inside the taxi cab the driver ask my dad which area we are going my dad said only in taguig, the driver said its 700 pesos... whaaat??? 700 pesos???? we leave close to PASAY (NAIA TERMINAL) and he was asking for 700 pesos?? common man!!! my dad just shut his mouth (he just said ok) Then we arrived in taguig, did you know how many minutes it will take??? guess what, only 15 minutes...
terrible... 700 pesos for only 15 minutes... its better to rent a jeepney less headache and less money to pay, just full tank the jeepney and adios no problemos, and the last thing in the jeepney you can lay down and relax... try it and you gonna see what im tanking about
#Not gay. on Nov 02, 2014 :
If you have never paid for a taxi ride before in you life, then you are too young or stupid to be out alone. Man up, pay up, shut up or get out.
##xyza on Oct 17, 2014 :
Do not get a taxi outside terminal 3 as they charge 100/km...!
#Mike on Oct 17, 2014 :
Hello fellas, I wonder what is the best way to get to pasay city from terminal 4. Estimated distance from terminal 4 to pasay city is between 6-11km. Does anyone know in what range is the taxi might cost? And what is the different between white cab compare to yellow cab? Thank you

#Anonymous on Oct 03, 2014 :
40PHP for the flagged down. Then 3.50 to 4.00 PHP per 300meters or 2 minutes standby.
#Steve on Sep 28, 2014 :
The airport taxis all have a button on the floor to make the meter go faster. Note km travelled on the odometer before you start, then add the distance travelled on the fare meter. 2 times I said wtf to the driver and he reset the meter. Avoid airport taxis as it is an organised scam.
#Ralph Romar Doctor on Sep 21, 2014 :
P.S. the plate no of taxi, as I check when I got out is TYR 443...
#Ralpha Romar Doctor on Sep 21, 2014 :
Just an hour Ago. I took a taxi from NAIA Terminal 3, I am bounding in the Fort in Net Cube Bldg.,At the Airport at first, there are taxi waiting outside the Terminal, I tried to ask them but they are contracting my travel from NAIA going to the Fort at the rate between 450 to 500 pesos so, I rejected them. After 5 Mins there is a Taxi coming to my place and I ask the Driver to bring me to the Fort, and the Driver told me to come in. Now, its weird the taxi inform me that he is basing the rate at 10 pesos per 100 m. Now, 10 pesos is not normal, now I tried to check inside the taxi so that I can text the Plate # to my friends for my own safety, but there are no signs, numbers, contacts that are normally written near the car windows. Sobra akong natakot. So I cant do nothing because I am really scared, in the end from NAIA to The Fort the final fare took me at 1,150 Pesos.
#michael graham on Aug 26, 2014 :
Just took a yellow taxi from NAIA to Ateneo, took 1 hour 25mins at a cost of Peso940.00 absolutely unbelieveable. Even a Coupon Taxi would have been cheaper.
#Mike on Jun 18, 2014 :
how much the estimted Airport taxi fare from NAIA to Malabanban Cadelaria Quezon,
#anonymous on Apr 28, 2014 :
I will be heading to manila next week and I just want to know (1) do they have taxis that can carry 7~8 passengers.. if yes, how much will it cost me from the airport to the nearest bus station? and (2)how much is the bus fare from manila to the province?
#Wolfgang on Mar 02, 2014 :
Im just back from mmy trip to the philippines (Manila). Acording the calculator here, i have to pay about 220Pesos from Mnila to St. Andress. I cant help not to laugh about. I was forced to ride an airporttaxi. I payed alredy there to a manager of that about 1,600 pesos. Tehe taxi it was ok, but nothing special or so. Now when i have to leave manila, i used an ordinary taxi from st. andress to the airport (distance about 12 kilometers). Ipayed almost 300 pesos. next time when i will go there, i will ask a friend bevore, to pic me up by a taxi. even do i have to pay the taxi back and fore it will cost me just 600 pesos. much cheaper then the airport taxi.
#joenalyn on Mar 02, 2014 :
Theres no difference with white taxi i ask him for meter but instead he give me a tariff card stating how much it cost and because i was going to terminal 3 the price was double instead of paying him 900 it cost 1850 peso he said i need to pay him for going back to terminal 2. TAXI as of now are gready most of them.
#Anonymous on Feb 23, 2014 :
I don't think there is any difference in Yellow and White Taxi as far as over-charging is concerned. I was in Manila last week and took Yellow Taxi from Airport to Intercontinental. The driver refused to start meter saying his meter is not working and there is fixed cost of Peso 320. The same case happened during my return trip by White Taxi. The driver switched off the meter once we were out of the hotel premise and asked fixed cost of Peso 300. So, I think one should feel lucky if taxi in Manila drops them at the desired destination - and not rob them.
#Andrew on Feb 16, 2014 :
As with everything in Manila you need to be careful and street wise. Every one kept telling me to use the Airport yellow cabs which are a lot more expensive than the normal white cabs because they are "Safe". Well this poor Austrian woman found out how "Safe" they can be when she was robbed last Friday night in Manila.

MANILA -- An Austrian woman was robbed by an aiport taxi driver on Friday evening, police said.
According to Parañaque Police Chief Sr. Supt. Ariel Andrade, 30-year-old Andrea Moser boarded a yellow taxi at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2 at around 9 p.m. Moser asked the taxi driver to drop her off at Heritage Hotel in Pasay City. But instead of bringing her to the hotel, she said the driver brought her to a dark place, where he picked up another man, who turned out to be his cohort. The suspects took Moser's bag, iPhone 5, and wallet which contained her identification cards and credit cards as well as cash worth P15,000. The victim was later dropped off by the suspects along C5 Extension in Multinational Village in Parañaque City. She then asked for help and reported the incident to police. Moser, who was unharmed in the incident, decided not to file a case against the suspects. She just requested that she be brought back to her hotel. -- Report from Dennis Datu, dzMM
#linda on Feb 15, 2014 :
I booked on line through City Discovery and cost £15.15 for 2 people one way from airport to Manila Bay
#Fernando on Jan 23, 2014 :
I just took a yellow taxi right from the airport in Manila to Metro Manila. The driver charged me $650 pesos. I told him it was just 15 km and paid him $300. The "yellow taxi" wasn't accurate at all. Don't rely on them!

This was on Jan 22, 2014