Taxi Fares in Manila, Philippines

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Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 45.00 ₱ 40.00-60.00
Taxi 1 mile (Normal Tariff) 21.73 ₱ 19.31-35.41
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 140.00 ₱ 120.00-240.00

Taxi Fare Calculator in Manila

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3110.18 ₱13327.44 ₱23544.70 ₱33761.96 ₱43979.22 ₱
4131.90 ₱14349.17 ₱24566.43 ₱34783.69 ₱441,000.95 ₱
5153.63 ₱15370.89 ₱25588.15 ₱35805.42 ₱451,022.68 ₱
6175.36 ₱16392.62 ₱26609.88 ₱36827.14 ₱461,044.40 ₱
7197.08 ₱17414.34 ₱27631.61 ₱37848.87 ₱471,066.13 ₱
8218.81 ₱18436.07 ₱28653.33 ₱38870.59 ₱481,087.85 ₱
9240.54 ₱19457.80 ₱29675.06 ₱39892.32 ₱491,109.58 ₱
10262.26 ₱20479.52 ₱30696.78 ₱40914.05 ₱501,131.31 ₱
11283.99 ₱21501.25 ₱31718.51 ₱41935.77 ₱511,153.03 ₱
12305.71 ₱22522.98 ₱32740.24 ₱42957.50 ₱521,174.76 ₱
* - This is an estimated fare. The actual fare might differ due to time of the day, tolls, works (available routes), different car companies, error in collecting prices and other human or software error.
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51 Comments so far
Deon Arc on Apr 06, 2024:
How much po taxi fare cubao bus terminal to Antipolo rizal
Enzjl on Mar 29, 2024:
How much fare from Cubao Victory terminal to Paradise heights Tondo Manila?
Margie G. Jarantilla on Mar 28, 2024:
How much fare from buedia bus terminal to north harbor pier 4
Mohammad al harbi on Feb 14, 2024:
How much from drop and go lipa batangas to balanga bataan lto
Garcia Lorielyn on Feb 11, 2024:
How much taxi fare from Aurora Blvd to España?
Aj on Feb 10, 2024:
How much po taxi fare from New York Cubao to Centennial 2, Pasig City? TIA
Dora on Feb 04, 2024:
Would you be able to tell me the price for taxi to Dasmarinas to laguna, estimate is fine, thanks
Mark on Jan 12, 2024:
Antonio Keh - Antonio Marie Trans

Plate no.: UVR-943

Meter is unusually fast. Ang bilis mag dagdag. Magulang!
Kai on Dec 19, 2023:
How much is a taxi from Manila airport to subic bay ?
Anonymous on Oct 16, 2023:
NAIA terminal 3 to Partas bus terminal Pasay charge me 700 pesos but I refuse! instead he charge me 500 pesos???
dishonest taxi driver is disgusting
Anonymous on May 18, 2023:
when i was in manila i was scammed by a taxi driver with a meter and he charge us 400php
oz on May 14, 2023:
HI i need a price for nina airport manila to baguio in the 7/6 13:00
Steph on May 04, 2023:
On my first time in Manila I was scammed by a taxi driver with a meter who charged me 450PHP from NAIA Terminal 3 to 1. Wanted to take the shuttle bus, but the airport security outside told me there is no shuttle bus and pointed at the taxis. Very bad first impression of a country.
Vmar on Apr 08, 2023:
I am a foreigner from Singapore and every second driver refuse to use meter in Manila.
Or start and come extra 10 PHP per luggage, or you are 4 people so many, extra 10 PHP per person, or extra 10 or 20 because of traffic.

I am feeling very sorry for the real honest driver.

Why it works that restaurants, hotel and Bar staff is honest, but I have regular bad experiences with taxi drivers.
Richard on Mar 01, 2023:
How much from Laguna to Manila. All prices all distance
Eddie Siri on Nov 09, 2022:
How much should the taxi cost from MNL airport to Passay Joybus/Genesis terminal.
Harold Rowe on Oct 27, 2022:
Got in taxi at airport to go to Sunette Tower in P, Burgos Makati some 9 kms but a second man got in the car saying he was an inspector for the taxi company, I told him to stop infront of the hotel but he stopped short & demanded 1500pesos so i ran to Sunette & the guards came to deal with these two men, finally we settled for 500pesos when fare was really only 200pesos. Next time i will take fotos of driver & taxi & show driver a map print of the route & tell him no cheating or details will be included in a complaint, We were lucky as my wife later told me that the second man had a gun. Another similar trip by airport yellow taxi was 9kms but he took me 19kms saying he didnt know the route but he used GPS after several KMS, Rip-off merchants i'm sure. Cheating like this deters foreigners from coming again to the Philippines so it is their loss in the long run, pls educate these cheats!
Graeme jackson on Aug 26, 2022:
How come it cost me 1.700.o1 to go from airport in manila to the australian embassy in makari taxi number plat and driver's name as I have a recet
Graeme jackson on Aug 26, 2022:
How come it cost me 1.700.o1 to go from airport in manila to the australian embassy in makari
Anonymous on Jul 23, 2022:
How much is the estimated taxi fare from Okada, Manila to LRT Buendia Bus Station?
Anonymous on Jul 23, 2022:
Hiw much po ang estimated taxi fare from Grand Venice Canal Mall to Okada, Manila?
Anonymous on Jul 23, 2022:
How much po kaya ng estimated taxi fare from LRT Buendia Bus Station to Grand Venice Canal Mall?
Erika on Jul 20, 2022:
Why am I paying 250 for non-surge/ non-rush hour trips (meaning no traffic) when the distance at 10-11km is 188...? I feel like I've never ridden a cab with an honest meter.
Fa on Jul 11, 2022:
Magkano po Mula San Pablo laguna to biñan Laguna Ang taxi?
Gerry on May 28, 2022:
Hi all
After reading all these comment about Taxi Drivers in Manila Im beginning to get a bit paranoid about travelling in one.
When in London, England , I trust London Taxi drivers explicitly They are honest and know where they are going and I feel completely safe. Should I hire a private taxi from the airport or take a chance with an airport taxi. Im only going to Pasay.
Does the rate continues even in traffic? My rate in taxi is 150ph 2km
tagacavite on Dec 02, 2021:
Grabe saan ba pwedeng ireport ang taxi driver na ito...plate number EBV 292, R.Almazan taxi...from NAIA to Noveleta Cavite siningil ako ng P2, paulit ulit kong sumakay ng taxi eto ang pinakamatindi...hindi ko alam ang pinag gagawa sa metro niya or kung tama man ang metro niya parang P150 per kilometer kasi tumatak dun 21.5 km...nasa 650 lang binabayaran ko plus toll na 300 plus pag sumakay ako e ngayon si mamang driver sobra panloloko..sana yayaman sya sa pangloloko na yan..Si Lord nalang ang bahala sa kanya.
Anonymous on Nov 30, 2021:
Magkano po kaya fare Mula NAIA airport to Robinson galleria?
Anonymous on Nov 29, 2021:
Ask kolang magkano po pamasahe edsa shaw to naia ?
Harry sanes on Jul 14, 2021:
Ask kulang po mag kaanu po ba pamasahe terminal 3 to calamba laguna?
Anonymous on Jul 11, 2021:
You people kill me
I use google map to get the distance
if it is 12 kilometers I hand the driver 220 peso and walk off if he says something I tell him to call the police and I will be happy to appear before the taxi board when the time comes for him to explain how the meter read 500 peso for 12 km
Klaas on Jun 03, 2021:
How much is the far with minibus for 8 passengers to cape town, waterfront
Anonymous on May 16, 2021:
From north caloocan to naia terminal 2? Hm po?
Anonymous on May 07, 2021:
Magkano po taxi to san antonio's nuvecija from monuments?
Anonymous on May 06, 2021:
Good day, How much po fare from Binondo to Batasan Quezon City?
Jenelou gaje on May 03, 2021:
Ask ko lang kung mag kanu ba from cavite silang to micawayan bulakan
Anonymous on Apr 27, 2021:
Ask ko lang po,how much taxi from gen trias cavite to ninoy Aquino airport
Anonymous on Mar 16, 2021:
Ask lang po, how much taxi from paraniaque to tondo manila.?
Anonymous on Feb 14, 2021:
How much po from commonwelth market to san joaquin pasig
Hope on Feb 05, 2021:
Good day! How much po taxi from T2 to new manila qc?
Anonymous on Feb 04, 2021:
from LTFRB EAST AVE. to Mendiola ang cost 250php. grabe!
eh dapat kung 10 kms lng mga 180 to 200 lng php. eto yung taxi nft 1431, marjorlaine ang cell 09081302800
Anonymous on Dec 13, 2020:
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HOSPICIA espiritu on Dec 09, 2020:
How much taxi fare fr NAIA airport to jiinjang ,Ortigas
Reshel on Dec 08, 2020:
Magkano po ang taxi galing san mateo rizal to blumentritt road
Anonymous on Nov 17, 2020:
awd 291 ito ung plate number na sinasakyan ko ngaun grabe ung from 44 pesos naging 61.50 kitang kita ko ung change then 68 naging 79 ./. grabe dapat pinapastop nalang tong mga to greedy madado pandemic na wala padin changes.
Julieto on Nov 10, 2020:
Magkano po ang taxi galing po GMA cavite to taytay,rizal po
Gemini lu on Oct 05, 2020:
Mgknu po ba taxi from coa kalayaan a to naia terminal 3?
Jeila on Sep 28, 2020:
How much po from Antipolo to Mamatid Cabuyao Laguna????
Anonymous on Jul 26, 2020:
baclaran to sm manila 200 fare ? tpos dadagdagan kupa nasa crisis na nga tayo ngyon
Anonymous on Jul 24, 2020:
Starmall, shaw blvd to negros, sampaloc - 323pesos. Dist 9.4km, 45 mins travel time. Plate nbh5747

But, From negros, sampaloc to starmall, shaw - 120 pesos.

I, understand that time of t
Travel matters pero ambilis ng metro ng driver ng plate number na yan.
TEY on Jul 24, 2020:
Starmall, shaw blvd to negros, sampaloc - 323pesos. Dist 9.4km, 45 mins travel time. Plate nbh5747