Taxi Fares in Manchester, NH, United States

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1 Comments so far
Jessica on Oct 13, 2022:
Not sure which company this site is giving fares for exactly but if it's Manchester Taxi with the phone number of 6036220008 I will never again use that cab company. I don't care if it's my only way out of a life or death situation! I've been robbed by one of their drivers, and I've been left in a dark parking lot at 2am alone because the driver assumed I had more baggage with me than I did. Mind you I'm a blonde hair blue eyed woman of only 4'10" and I was in a not so good area of the city by myself in the dark. They left me standing there after pulling up to me, rolling down the window saying"Nope!" And then driving away. Not only did he assume that the stuff that was behind where I was standing (WITH the person who owned it) as being mine, they didn't even ask me! What kind of "man" does that!? I also on one occasion had given a driver a $50 bill, to cover my son's ride to the hotel I was at, I rurned around to put the bags down and then turned back for my change and the driver drove off with my change too! I called the taxi dispatcher because of what he did, and wouldn't you know it, he stopped to break that $50 bill so he wouldn't have it on him when he got back to the garage! So the dispatcher believed him and told me he didn't do it. Mind you the hotel that had just handed me the $50 bill was even willing to back me up since they had JUST given it to me as change at the desk not even 5 minutes before it happened. And considering that was the only money I had on me, that taxi driver severely screwed my son on getting home that night since it was how he was supposed to get back home.
They rob people, they are rude, and they don't care if their drivers do something wrong, so there's no discipline for how customers are wrongly treated!! Yeah that's where I want my money going. Id rather give it to someone who contributes positivity to this city, there's already more than enough negativity to go all the way around the state 100x..