Taxi Fares in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 12,000.00 ₫ 10,000.00-17,000.00
Taxi 1 mile (Normal Tariff) 24,140.17 ₫ 19,312.13-28,968.20
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 40,000.00 ₫ 20,000.00-50,000.00

Taxi Fare Calculator in Ho Chi Minh City

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384,420.48 ₫13325,822.08 ₫23567,223.68 ₫33808,625.28 ₫431,050,026.88 ₫
4108,560.64 ₫14349,962.24 ₫24591,363.84 ₫34832,765.44 ₫441,074,167.04 ₫
5132,700.80 ₫15374,102.40 ₫25615,504.00 ₫35856,905.60 ₫451,098,307.20 ₫
6156,840.96 ₫16398,242.56 ₫26639,644.16 ₫36881,045.76 ₫461,122,447.36 ₫
7180,981.12 ₫17422,382.72 ₫27663,784.32 ₫37905,185.92 ₫471,146,587.52 ₫
8205,121.28 ₫18446,522.88 ₫28687,924.48 ₫38929,326.08 ₫481,170,727.68 ₫
9229,261.44 ₫19470,663.04 ₫29712,064.64 ₫39953,466.24 ₫491,194,867.84 ₫
10253,401.60 ₫20494,803.20 ₫30736,204.80 ₫40977,606.40 ₫501,219,008.00 ₫
11277,541.76 ₫21518,943.36 ₫31760,344.96 ₫411,001,746.56 ₫511,243,148.16 ₫
12301,681.92 ₫22543,083.52 ₫32784,485.12 ₫421,025,886.72 ₫521,267,288.32 ₫
* - This is an estimated fare. The actual fare might differ due to time of the day, tolls, works (available routes), different car companies, error in collecting prices and other human or software error.
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10 Comments so far
Magnus Reiersen on Jan 11, 2020:
Yep anybody who even got the intentions to have a peaceful and lovely vacation in Vietnam should be aware of the consequences of being ripped of by locals.
Rule number one learn a bit of the language that indicate and convince them that you can’t get ripped of easy.

Rule number two, be observant.

Ruler number three. Read online about the real price about where you’re at, what restaurant you’re eating at, what bar you drinking at. It’s all relative, but most important is to be aware of that locals think you’re a stupid foreigner with a lot of money and easy to fool. So be observant.

Create a local card because the fee isn’t actually really nice, it’s a lot of fees. Especially bidv bank lets calculate you taking ooi a amount of three million and estimates the fee is 3% and another 10% vat. And calculate that by yourself. And it’s a lot of meals only for the transaction.

You should think like a business man when you’re far from home, and working. Don’t bring your over sea card out if you tend to get drunk, because some pickpockets noticing that and you’ll get robbed. Not all but some, and make a local card and just make a transaction that is a effective way of saving money every time you taking out, the relevant amount. The fee is 3000vnd and not 100 thousand vans dong.

Think a little strategic when you’re far from home, I’m talking about experience ;)
Anonymous on Jan 05, 2020:
5 Jan 2020: Grab from Hẻm 688, Phường 15, Gò Vấp, Hồ Chí Minh to the city (about 8 to 9 km) in the morning costs 90K VND . Going back to the same place at 2PM costs 190K VND. It's more than double going out of the city.
First time vietnam... on Jan 02, 2020:
Just got scammed and payd 1,4million from airport to district 1 on Ho Chi Minh city. Watch out..
Lindy on Nov 14, 2019:
Is the calculator based on taxi fares from Airports? Thank you in advance, Lindy
Anonymous on Mar 04, 2019:
Hi all,
I guess the taxi fee also depends on the taxi size. Means e.g. Innova (up to sit pax) costs more than a 5-seater. So I paid over 260k while the meter shower less than 14km.
PH on Apr 18, 2018:
Took a taxi from our hotel to War Museum which was a 10mins ride in the morning for $33,000. Later after we finished took another taxi back to same hotel, 10mins drive and the meter was showing $150,000... WTF? How can the same ride cost that much more. His excuse is it was a one way ride in the morning hence cheaper... That didn't make sense. Then something about a surcharge for 1-2pm... Still bloody ripped off. Then he started the meter again. We wanted to give him $50,000 as we knew he was BS and trying to pull one over us but he refused. If he wanted that much money he should have mentioned that at the start and we would have told him to F off. He also didn't have any ID displayed. Never go into a green taxi again. Paid $100k just to get away from him. Shifty cunt was about to drive us off!
HP on Feb 10, 2018:
Clarify: airport fee for taxi or any vehicle coming in and out of airport is legit. Don't mistake airport fee as included in your flight. There is a fee toll outside the airport where they stop, the range is 15,000-20,000 dong. The price they listed here seem to be legit but more to do with honest driver, I go with vinasun but because they are big not saying that they dont have dishonest driver. You can go with Grab or Uber, seem like Grab win the fare at low traffic time. Going from hcm airport SGN to quang trung, go vap cost between 80-100k, but before, the regular taxi always try to charge us between 150-200k. So take their license plate, number, ID then call their headquartee number and complain. They wont stop driving you around scamming like that. You can ask your hotel to call for you if you dont know Vietnamese.
JJ on Feb 06, 2018:
Arrived yesterday evening to hcmc-airport and got on a taxi with a meter included. Our cellphone nav said that our hotel is around 8-9km away and should take at this time of the evening 25min to get there. They told us before our ride that it should cost somewhere between 5-10$... Alright, lets go. At some point we started to argue about the price cause it was already near 18$. Just guess how easy that might be with a person who don't speak English almost at all and his meter shows the amount we owe from the ride and we still have over 1km to our destination. Started also insists that we have to pay 150.000 dongs because of the airport fee and you can smell a scam from a distance. We tried to talk and he star to shout "you pay two hundred thousand and get out of the taxi". Swear I felt like punching this guy to the face but I know better than that (exhausted). Meter shows 500k and we had been driving over 35min by this far. We ended paying him 300k, too much obviously. Don't believe this nonsense that every driver at the airport tells you about airport fee because it's already included in the cost of your flight ticket.
Anonymous on Sep 16, 2017:
To day 16/sep we take a tacx with taximeter(green oand yeloww)från the international airport to Grand hotel.The taximeter began från 90.000 dong när the church he state and tell us the taxi is caput and he call a anothet taxi and we mast to paid a1114000. We said is too much and we said we call the police and he call en another taci.We paid to him 660000.I think was too much.
David Richards on Sep 06, 2017:
What happens with multiple passengers? We are traveling with four people together. Will the fare be the same, will it be multiplied by four, or will it be in between?