Taxi Fares in Dublin, Ireland

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Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 4.00 € 3.50-7.50
Taxi 1 mile (Normal Tariff) 2.41 € 1.83-4.02
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 26.50 € 24.00-50.00

Taxi Fare Calculator in Dublin

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311.24 €1335.38 €2359.52 €3383.66 €43107.80 €
413.66 €1437.80 €2461.94 €3486.08 €44110.22 €
516.07 €1540.21 €2564.35 €3588.49 €45112.63 €
618.48 €1642.62 €2666.76 €3690.90 €46115.04 €
720.90 €1745.04 €2769.18 €3793.32 €47117.46 €
823.31 €1847.45 €2871.59 €3895.73 €48119.87 €
925.73 €1949.87 €2974.01 €3998.15 €49122.29 €
1028.14 €2052.28 €3076.42 €40100.56 €50124.70 €
1130.55 €2154.69 €3178.83 €41102.97 €51127.11 €
1232.97 €2257.11 €3281.25 €42105.39 €52129.53 €
* - This is an estimated fare. The actual fare might differ due to time of the day, tolls, works (available routes), different car companies, error in collecting prices and other human or software error.
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9 Comments so far
Anonymous on Dec 05, 2019:
If you have any problems with fares ask for printed receipt.Get roof sign number,Driver badge number on dashboard of car, and reg number and make and model of vehicle. Phone the National transport authority and report the driver. You can refuse to pay if he can not produce a printed receipt and phone the Garda. If you are being ripped off I guarantee the driver will not wait around for the fare. Use google maps on your phone to find your destination. The driver by law must follow your chosen route. let's get rid of the cowboys giving the taxi industry and country a bad name. Signed Richard Taxi driver.
karl on Oct 28, 2018:
charged €23 out and €35 back for 3 of us my daughter is 7 year rip off for 1.5km out 1.7km back asked for bill both printer broke sorry pre txt
American Expat on Sep 18, 2018:
@Taxi driver: This American not only ''educated'' herself upon arrival 15 years ago, but learned fast what most natives and other Europeans know: stay out of Dublin taxis. They are a complete ripoff, especially if they hear your accent and it's not local. Next time you and your brethren are complaining about not being able to make a living off your chosen profession, reflect on your reaction here. It affects an industry vital to this economy. P.S. With the huge amount of complaints here from natives, I find it telling you picked a foreigner to vent on, especially an American. Sounds like a personal problem to me.
CATHERINE THOMAS on Jul 22, 2018:
After getting into a taxi, by the Curragh racecourse, we ended up, driving through the town of Kildare, just to get to our hotel which was in Dublin outskirts. 95 euros later, we were well pissed off to find the driver, missing the turnoff for the hotel, and taking us into Dublin city!!!! Off-putting rip off
Taxi Drivers Suck on May 13, 2018:
To Taxi Driver, apparently you are not good at math either. 41 - 33 does not equal 3. I guess that's why you drive a taxi instead of having a real job.
Mike on Mar 28, 2018:
The first time I ever got a Taxi in Dublin was a Friday afternoon/evening. I had never been here before that and wanted to go into the City Centre. Fallons on the Coombe to be excact. That Cab driver ended up costing me 45 euro. I know now he went round the fucking long way and did me over big time. I have learned the city since I have been here and rememeber the places he drove by while taking me there. Dirty unprofessional dope, I know it should have been 26 euro back then (2013). Dublin Taxis are the most expensive cabs in Europe hands down. Even London Taxis have a start price of £2.60 if 5 people jump in, theres no 1 euro per passenger like in Dublin. A Dublin cab is 4.50 start now in 2018, plus a euro per person, its a complete nonsence that what it it. I get the bus to the Airport everytime now for 7 euro a go. Its not a massive city and is very easy to get to the airport. Taxis are to expensive (30-40 euro to the airport nowadays....)
Taxi driver on Jan 16, 2018:
In reply to jane. The meter did'nt mysteriously jump. There are charges built in when you get in to the taxi. This website actually shows it but like a lot of Americans you prefer to shoot the mouth off before educating yourself with the facts. So at the end of the transfer the driver totals the extras's (2 Euro pick up charge plus 1 Euro per passenger and adds that to the fare and hey presto it mysteriously jumps up. Just as it does in NYC as I have been in taxi many times there too. The price you paid from Airport to Lucan would be pretty much the average fare. Next time maybe get a bus as that will save you money and time on the internet complaining and generally making youreself look foolish.
Anonymous2 on Jul 03, 2017:
You should add the additional fare for additional people. There is always an extra charge. It shows on the meter in every taxi I have been in.
Anonymous on Jun 24, 2017:
A large proportion of Taxis I have taken from Dublin airport try to rip you off even before you get into the taxi, by pre-activating the meter & using up your initial time/distance allowance before you get in, this adds e2/4 euros to your fare.

You also should specify your preferred route or the Dublin Taxi will take the scenic route around the bay.

Also the fares quoted above are deliberately vague and provide no guidance to passengers, what good is being provided by a 'price range' of e1 to e3 for a 1km ride?

"Normal tariff" fares quoted above do not cover Sundays or nighttime rides, which are nighter by 60%!! & does not cover longer distances over 15K, the fare is 30% higher over 15k, you'd need to ask the minister why that is!!

So is this information designed to be deliberately misleading, or is the author unduly influenced by the taxi-club?

Expect 70% of taxi drivers to take advantage of the any city