Taxi Fares in Romania

CityTaxi Start
(Normal Tariff)
Taxi 1km
(Normal Tariff)
Taxi 1hour waiting
(Normal Tariff)
Arad2.99 lei2.99 lei29.00 lei
Brasov2.00 lei2.00 lei19.95 lei
Bucharest1.90 lei1.90 lei18.50 lei
Cluj-Napoca2.33 lei2.29 lei22.50 lei
Constanta2.61 lei2.61 lei26.15 lei
Craiova1.79 lei1.79 lei18.45 lei
Iasi2.50 lei2.50 lei25.00 lei
Oradea2.66 lei2.50 lei25.00 lei
Ploiesti2.19 lei2.09 lei21.90 lei
Sibiu2.50 lei2.50 lei24.40 lei
Timisoara2.50 lei2.50 lei24.00 lei
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