Taxi Fares in Brazil

CityTaxi Start
(Normal Tariff)
Taxi 1km
(Normal Tariff)
Taxi 1hour waiting
(Normal Tariff)
Belo Horizonte4.70 R$2.94 R$26.30 R$
Brasilia5.00 R$2.85 R$31.72 R$
Campinas4.85 R$3.00 R$43.00 R$
Curitiba5.00 R$2.70 R$24.00 R$
Florianopolis4.60 R$2.23 R$25.00 R$
Fortaleza4.76 R$2.38 R$25.00 R$
Goiania5.00 R$8.00 R$100.00 R$
Manaus4.00 R$4.01 R$35.00 R$
Natal4.67 R$4.72 R$26.00 R$
Niteroi5.12 R$2.62 R$28.49 R$
Porto Alegre5.18 R$2.60 R$18.30 R$
Recife4.85 R$2.31 R$17.20 R$
Rio De Janeiro5.40 R$2.30 R$28.98 R$
Salvador4.81 R$2.42 R$24.12 R$
Sao Jose dos Campos5.45 R$2.75 R$25.23 R$
Sao Paulo4.50 R$2.75 R$33.00 R$
Vitoria3.90 R$2.17 R$15.44 R$
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