Quality of Life in Vienna, Austria

Purchasing Power Index 81.20   Moderate
Safety Index 74.17   High
Health Care Index 78.57   High
Climate Index 81.77   Very High
Cost of Living Index 67.99   Moderate
Property Price to Income Ratio 13.83   High
Traffic Commute Time Index 26.29   Very Low
Pollution Index 16.30   Very Low
ƒ Quality of Life Index: 183.60   Very High

Minimum contributors for an underlying section: 105

Maximum contributors for an underlying section: 443

Last update: January 2022

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8 Comments so far
lu on Apr 21, 2021:
hello once again..i wrote next for all expat who landed in Wien and there ist a lack of information which need to be avoid
today about Sim card as you read online there is an online registration mandatory in Austria unusable is the way they are doing it

aren't only your sim card data and your personal date required they ask for online banking or foto identification that means pass scan and selfie scan (this isn't working...) or handy signature... be prepared with nerve money and...other way to communicate

other particularity in austria is the registration first you go to city hall here they tell you that you must to present yourself with income prouve , you receive a paper with the address this prouve is every 5 years required and there ist a taxe too 50 Euro
so it will be 10 euro for an year tax for EU citizen who are working here even there are paying the taxes.... and are not staying 5 years
lucia on Apr 12, 2021:
this is a serial.. after the identification in person with passport nota bene not each post do this i receveid an email: i was identified....whoopii and than i finally did the order online for a handy signature..and than i will receive the cod per post....
is it or not wien the most amazing place from EU ?
I bought the Sim card at Thursday....Friday at the Post where I'm living was no Personal
saturday they are not doing this kind of services.... so after 7 days I will be able to activate a sim card in Wien in Millenium 3

who are the Joker?
can I tell you about experience with Wien Energie.... you really need energie ....from the sun or wind because in Wien it's only about how much money they can get from you
lucia on Apr 12, 2021:

I'm agree the Austria and Wien don't have a Quality.... I'm here for work:
the rent for apartment is overrated the toilett is separated from the bad no drain figure how you clean...
as an EU citizen i'm obliged to show each 5 Years the prove of my income and to pay 50 Euro ...this ist extra registration
i bought a Sim Card.. from 2019 must be registered that to...online... but not only ... then you need a bank account or a handysignature or a foto for identification.. i did'it with post....for it i need it to go to the post to identified myself....

Everything ist more expansive bread meat is insane
this is not normal and definitely bringt no quality for normal people probably the thieves and criminal have a perfekt live in Wien we the people who are working NO
the affirmation wien the best quality of live is an offense for the people who are living here
this country has only tourism and taxes please yourself with a virtual tour.... it's more than enough
Sam on Dec 08, 2020:
I am living in Vienna as an immigrant from last 20 years, for immigrants without good German, good education and no skill it's surely difficult to start in Austria but it's no impossible to find work / job. Vienna is one of the most beautiful and clean cities in Europe. Best life standard in the world.
Anonymous on Dec 04, 2020:
Do not believe any "quality of life" ranking for any city, specially Vienna. Vienna is a nice city but the quality of life is subjective to certain people, maybe only to those who lived there for decades or rely on social welfare. the city is generally ugly and noisey. Please don't believe the stupid marketing propaganda.
ucon on May 19, 2019:
Vienna is the most liveable city in the world for the 10th consecutive year. (mercer ranking, 2019)

Vienna is the most liveable city in the world. (economist ranking)

UN-Habitat classified Vienna as the most prosperous city in the world.
MF on May 17, 2019:
Quality of life is very high - if not the highest in the world, when thinking that Vienna has about 2.000.000 inhabitants and has achieved a high standard for de facto all people, also for workers and poorer ones (which are not really "poor" when comparing it worldwide (like the US etc.))

Vienna has one of the best medical and education systems, culture is in every corner of the city (you can find plenty of cultural activities every day of the week - from theater, museums, to cafés or techno clubs) and the worlds best public transport system.
(> You can reach every part of the city without going more than 3-5 minutes to the next station - metro arrives ca. every 3-4 minutes)
It it save for woman to walk in the streets 24 hours a day in every district.

Also politics in Vienna are open an social. So don´t care if you hear about right wing is rising. It may be in rural areas but not in Vienna! (Austria is similar to the US when it comes to politics. - The big cities in Austria are quite open and social, rural areas are parlty more conservative)

Also prices are moderate. The apartment prices are not that high like in London or New York.
You can get a comfortable apartment like in the 7th or 8th district (many students live there and it´s close to many activities, bars etc.) with 40m² for 1 person for about 700€/month or a shared room with 3 roommates for about 500€/month.
Alex on Jan 18, 2019:
Vienna is like a Ghetto, very unfriendly people and lots of unsafe areas.