Quality of Life in Vienna, Austria

Purchasing Power Index 98.37   High
Safety Index 70.09   High
Health Care Index 79.05   High
Climate Index 81.77   Very High
Cost of Living Index 66.25   Moderate
Property Price to Income Ratio 12.56   High
Traffic Commute Time Index 22.97   Very Low
Pollution Index 17.50   Very Low
ƒ Quality of Life Index: 190.93   Very High

Minimum contributors for an underlying section: 149

Maximum contributors for an underlying section: 655

Last update: February 2024

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17 Comments so far
Mikel on Jan 01, 2024:
I see some jealous people here comment negatively about Vienna.I have lived 12 years in Bulgaria and 9 years in Vienna,and my experience is that Vienna is a friendly city,with a lot entertainment and beauty,(both in the city and the people),Very modern and acceptable life quality.The salaries might be a bit low but people can still afford to go out and enjoy more than people do in Bulgaria since most people are very overweight and very unfashionable.Yes,Bulgaria does have a lot of kind people,but some of them can be really rude.Resturants and cafes are very expensive(in my experience)and I have no clue about what service is and I also have no clue on how to make a decent cappuccino,a coffee or a tea.
John Wick on Nov 26, 2023:
Vienna is a rich and modern city in the heart of Europe. This city warmly welcomes tourists from all around the world.
There are various programs like concerts, ice hockey matches or night-life activities to choose from. Also, you can visit fascinating historical museums. I can highly recommend Steffl-Arena the icerink of Vienna Capitals if you are an ice-hockey fan. The public transportation is fast and furious, so you don't need to check your watch every second.
Anonymous on Jun 02, 2023:
Very high rating for the climate in Wien? It's quite cold overall and most of the time very windy.
Jeff on May 08, 2023:
Amazing city... the ambience, buildings, statues, style, it is just mesmerizing. The people are a bit classy too, nice stylish light clothes in summer, dandy wool coats in winter, it is quite charming to see people dress for weather here. It really is a place where you can experience real seasons, unlike those warm islands with the same boring weather all year around. The food is great too. The people are friendly and helpful, but not to just everyone. You have to put in a little effort to make friends, but it is worth it.
H. on May 08, 2023:
The "climate index" is surely one of the worst features of this website. I have read the parameters you use, and I can't tell you they don't give an accurate idea of the "real feel" climate experience in the parts of the world I've visited or lived in.
Vienna is such an example. During the winter, there is often a bitterly cold, strong wind sweeping the streets relentlessly. There is no way to escape it, so many people choose to stay inside if they can. During the summer, the temperatures are often scorching. All in all, it's not too bad, but how Vienna can rate "very high" on the climate index is beyond me.

Another example is Prague ("very high" on the climate index): yes, late springtime can be delightful... but come September/October, prepare for endless months of dullness and gray rain. Many, many locals get seriously depressed during that period, and it's because of the relentless grayness and cold rain.

Or take Guayaquil, Ecuador - also listed as rating "very high" on the climate index. This rating is nothing short of baffling. The humidity in Guayaquil makes life a misery. Mosquitoes galore, constantly frizzy hair, sleepless nights, sticky heat during daytime.

I think it would be a good idea to reconsider the weight you give to your "climate index". It is NOT reliable at all.
Anonymous on Apr 30, 2023:
I don’t understand why quality of life in Vienna is high when everywhere I went it was construction and construction and never ending construction…very slow constructions. What makes quality of life high there? Smoking?
Casper on Apr 26, 2023:
Some sentimental expats here get insecure by the highly organised austrians, mistaking efficient communication with arrogance.
Anonymous on Mar 12, 2023:
Once you can get over the fact that the average Viennese person is rather arrogant, unfriendly and generally unpleasant, you can actually enjoy a really high quality of life here, with cheap and efficient public transport, lots of things to do in your free time and prices slightly below the average of other Western European countries. Whether you'll like the city or not really depends on what you're looking for.
Chris on Mar 12, 2023:
Having the time of my life here, really.

Great city. What's up with all these negative people here?
Anonymous on Dec 24, 2022:
I believe fi can fly I believe I can do I believe I can do anything SIKE
Isak E on Oct 31, 2022:
I moved from Stockholm to Vienna 9 months ago to work for a major tech corporation. My quality of life has significantly improved, and I think many Stockholm residents would have a similar experience to mine if they were to move.

+ Public transport is excellent. Yearly ticket is 1/3 the price of Stockholm, and noticeably more convenient. Many employers sponsor this cost.
+ No need to own a car, which saves you a lot of money. However if you do need to own a car there is generally good and affordable access to parking.
+ Great airport, with speedy connections to the city.
+ It is possible to rent an apartment in the inner city. In Stockholm you generally have to buy one outright with a mortgage.
+ Locals do speak English. People aged up to 40 will generally have no problem with English, however older people may refuse to speak other languages than German. This is far better than e.g. Spain or Italy.
+ Offers good Education, both private and public.
+ World-class leisure. Parks, museums and a vast cultural offering.
+ Alcohol is available almost everywhere.
+ Restaurants are affordable in comparison to western and northern Europe. Food VAT is 10 %.
+ 14 salaries per year for most employees (summer and Christmas bonuses that are taxed at ~6%).
+ Rent is cheap in comparison to cities of similar size in western Europe. You get more space for your money's worth. In my estimation I would pay between 50 to 80% more in Stockholm, if I could find a rental in the first place. This is likely an effect of the city's housing policy, where subsidised housing is available for low to medium income earners and 25 % (!) of residents in Vienna live in properties owned by Stadt Wien.

- Dealing with public officials is a pain. Service level at "Amts" is very low. The opening times are short and they often reject your documents arbitrarily on the grounds of some formality. As a rule of thumb, if there is an opportunity to reject you service they will take it. It's best to keep your expectations low and avoid making errands if you can.
- With a handful exceptions throughout the city, grocery stores close 8 on weekdays, 6 on Saturdays and are fully closed on Sundays. This is inconvenient but manageable with some planning. There are also some 24h self-service convenience stores that may substitute.
- Mask-wearing in public transport (covid). However, it's not so strictly enforced when cases are low.

* Pay is lower compared to Stockholm in real terms but I've found my purchasing power to be greater.
* Night life is better than Stockholm, but not as good as Budapest or Berlin.
* Work-life-balance-oriented culture, with frequent holidays. Will suit most people, but won't stimulate the most ambitious expats.
* Generally, apartments are rented cold with a gas heating bill on the renter's consumption. However the city compensates with a 500 € yearly bonus.
* In private sector technology, you can definitely work in English. This may or may not be the case in other branches/sectors.
* The Austrians are similar to the Germans but not alike. Rules are still important to talk about but sticking to them is another matter.
* The Austrian dialect of German is a bit different, but much easier to understand than Swiss German.

+ I struggle to come up with more Cons than the above 3.
+ Metropolitan in size, but still manages to feel small, safe and intimate.
- People can be grumpy and rude. If you're driving, expect honking and a somewhat aggressive driving style.
+ People are less superficial than in Stockholm, and know how to let loose and have fun on a Friday night.
- People are socially reserved (slightly less so than in Stockholm). There are however many internationals you can connect with.
- Landscape is rather flat compared to other Austrian cities in alpine areas.
+ As a middle-class person I feel like I get a lot of things in return for the taxes I pay as opposed to in Sweden, where it's only really noticeable if you're poor or very rich.
- The city (as opposed to the surrounding countryside) is historically governed by the socialist party (SPÖ). This offers many benefits but I also get the sense that the city is economically held back by socialist policy. Not as economically virile or dynamic as e.g. Amsterdam or London which may adversely affect expats' opportunities in the long term.
walt on Feb 21, 2022:
High quality of life?

Just because people ignore you and everything seems quiet, it doesn´t mean that the quality is high.

Household costs are very high, rents as well, healthcare seems to work, but competency is pretty low.
People are pretty unfriendly, close minded and weird. The climate is not so good but it could be worse.
Criminalitiy is very low and the city is pretty clean, it´s up to you, it depends on what are you looking for.

If you like a sunny place, alive and with warm people, AVOID Vienna.
lu on Apr 21, 2021:
hello once again..i wrote next for all expat who landed in Wien and there ist a lack of information which need to be avoid
today about Sim card as you read online there is an online registration mandatory in Austria unusable is the way they are doing it

aren't only your sim card data and your personal date required they ask for online banking or foto identification that means pass scan and selfie scan (this isn't working...) or handy signature... be prepared with nerve money and...other way to communicate

other particularity in austria is the registration first you go to city hall here they tell you that you must to present yourself with income prouve , you receive a paper with the address this prouve is every 5 years required and there ist a taxe too 50 Euro
so it will be 10 euro for an year tax for EU citizen who are working here even there are paying the taxes.... and are not staying 5 years
lucia on Apr 12, 2021:
this is a serial.. after the identification in person with passport nota bene not each post do this i receveid an email: i was identified....whoopii and than i finally did the order online for a handy signature..and than i will receive the cod per post....
is it or not wien the most amazing place from EU ?
I bought the Sim card at Thursday....Friday at the Post where I'm living was no Personal
saturday they are not doing this kind of services.... so after 7 days I will be able to activate a sim card in Wien in Millenium 3

who are the Joker?
can I tell you about experience with Wien Energie.... you really need energie ....from the sun or wind because in Wien it's only about how much money they can get from you
lucia on Apr 12, 2021:

I'm agree the Austria and Wien don't have a Quality.... I'm here for work:
the rent for apartment is overrated the toilett is separated from the bad no drain figure how you clean...
as an EU citizen i'm obliged to show each 5 Years the prove of my income and to pay 50 Euro ...this ist extra registration
i bought a Sim Card.. from 2019 must be registered that to...online... but not only ... then you need a bank account or a handysignature or a foto for identification.. i did'it with post....for it i need it to go to the post to identified myself....

Everything ist more expansive bread meat is insane
this is not normal and definitely bringt no quality for normal people probably the thieves and criminal have a perfekt live in Wien we the people who are working NO
the affirmation wien the best quality of live is an offense for the people who are living here
this country has only tourism and taxes please yourself with a virtual tour.... it's more than enough
Sam on Dec 08, 2020:
I am living in Vienna as an immigrant from last 20 years, for immigrants without good German, good education and no skill it's surely difficult to start in Austria but it's no impossible to find work / job. Vienna is one of the most beautiful and clean cities in Europe. Best life standard in the world.
Anonymous on Dec 04, 2020:
Do not believe any "quality of life" ranking for any city, specially Vienna. Vienna is a nice city but the quality of life is subjective to certain people, maybe only to those who lived there for decades or rely on social welfare. the city is generally ugly and noisey. Please don't believe the stupid marketing propaganda.