Quality of Life in Shanghai, China

Purchasing Power Index 69.17   Moderate
Safety Index 52.65   Moderate
Health Care Index 59.24   Moderate
Climate Index 83.41   Very High
Cost of Living Index 55.79   Low
Property Price to Income Ratio 44.77   Very High
Traffic Commute Time Index 47.32   High
Pollution Index 83.20   Very High
ƒ Quality of Life Index: 76.01   Moderate

Minimum contributors for an underlying section: 29

Maximum contributors for an underlying section: 221

Last update: March 2018

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1 Comments so far

#Steve on Apr 29, 2014 :
Shanghai has many positive things and many negative things:
Positive: lots of opportunity to make easy money in China for young people in many areas if you know what your doing. If you are in China then Shanghai is by far the best city in terms of international lifestyle, cleanliness of the city, government organization, health care, great international food, non stop night life if your into that, very open sexually, little copyright issues for downloading, cheap products delivered to your door, lots of expats from all over the world, great metro system...
Negative: very very polluted now compared to even last year. And no signs that the pollution will improve as they are adding coal power plants and increasing them by 10% a year. The pollution by itself cancels all other positives I think. All negatives here can be applied to any chinese city including Shanghai... Other negatives include: too many people and little part space in Puxi side of city, cold chill half the year and hot and humid the other half with total only 2-3 months with nicer weather, food is poisonous due polluted air soil and water, people smoke everywhere and blow in your face, government is mostly corrupt and inefficient, people hate american's and japanese, government controls the media which manipulates the people to believe stupid things, nationalism is out of control lately, military buildup will cause problems, real estate is in a bubble and due to crash, banking local governments n trouble due to bad loans, blocking of international websites, health care is a mess unless you go to top international hospital, doctors don't care and prescribe whatever makes more money for them, alcohol is fake so if you drink you really hurt yourself, STD growing fast so if you play around your be getting some nasty surprises, both men and women now think its ok to cheat on thier spouses, drugs are becoming popular amongst the youth, prostitution is everywhere, police are corrupt and dangerous, gangs are active (especially in outside cities), education system is backward.... and I could go on and on.

With that said, many expats like living in Shanghai, especially if they smoke or don't care about air pollution...