Quality of Life in Melbourne, Australia

Purchasing Power Index 131.21   Very High
Safety Index 56.98   Moderate
Health Care Index 75.27   High
Climate Index 94.38   Very High
Cost of Living Index 81.03   Moderate
Property Price to Income Ratio 9.42   Moderate
Traffic Commute Time Index 39.05   Moderate
Pollution Index 27.51   Low
ƒ Quality of Life Index: 187.15   Very High

Minimum contributors for an underlying section: 93

Maximum contributors for an underlying section: 412

Last update: March 2018

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5 Comments so far

#Brian on Mar 14, 2018 :
I'm with Tumbleweed as well. Most people from other cities in Australia are open about the positives and negatives of their city. Not Melbourne though, the only city where people believe their own propaganda. Anonymous' outburst is evidence of that. This means that nothing will ever improve. The worst thing that ever happened to Melbourne was being declared the world's most livable city. If you actually read that report though it doesn't include the cost of living, so more accurately, the world's most livable if and only if you are filthy rich. If not it's just a grim daily grind.
All the major cities in Australia are growing and there will be problems with that. So best choose one which is growing with its eyes and minds open.
#Ct on Mar 13, 2018 :
I agree with Tumbleweed. Melbourne is overrated. The coffee is average at best. I find it very boring and I feel trapped. The weather sucks and the lack of nature is depressing. Yes there is a lot of okey things here but all in all it is nothing special.
#Anonymous on Mar 08, 2018 :
The commenter below is obviously an inbred Perth bogan. Melbourne rocks because it is full of classy, friendly intelligent hipsters unlike Perth where inbred knuckle draggers will murder you for fun if you weren’t born there.
#Tumbleweed on Feb 14, 2018 :
Melbourne has got to be the most overrated city in the country. Like a bad movie that inexplicably got good reviews, just adds to the disappointment. I've worked here and traveled here more times than I meant to. Overpriced housing in an urban sprawl. Standing with an armpit in your face on a slow moving tram while it drizzles on the grey streets and mouldy buildings outside. And for what? So some hipster can make you a coffee when you eventually make it to the city, which you're then honour bound to declare is the best coffee you've ever had (it's not) based purely on the fact that it was made in Melbourne by a hipster.
And this belief by the locals that any event that happens here is so cool and unique to Melbourne. Evidently they don't get out much.
#Daniel on Feb 21, 2015 :
Why do prepaid mobile phone tarriffs come in at $0.97 per minute for Melbourne? That's ridiculous. Most telcos charge around 10-15 cents a minute for prepaid mobile.