Quality of Life in Geneva, IL, United States

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Paulo Matsui on Sep 02, 2021:
Fantastic quality of life. Vegetation and forest preserves all over the place - in Geneva and also in the neighboring cities (St.Charles & Batavia). Great hiking paths and parks. Solid schools and school transport. Excellent public maintenance and public works. There are two big catches, though: pedestrians and bicycles have zero priority here. Zero. People rely heavily on cars to move around, so the infrastructure is totally focused on automobiles. No segregated biking lanes, large patches with no sidewalk (you get to walk on grass, though, but still...) & quite unpleasant to walk near highways and busy streets. The second catch: pretty expensive cost of living. Manufactured products are affordable, produce are bit on the expensive side, cars are relatively cheap, but local taxes (county tax, property taxes, sales tax, water and electricity, etc) are crazy expensive. Expect to pay around +$6000/year on county taxes (two installments), and around $200/month in utilities. But again: you get what you pay for. We're here since 2020.