Crime in Tacna, Peru

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Eric on Aug 24, 2021:
Jack is full of crap. Total lies. I’ve lived in Tacna 6 years. I’m married here and with kids. I feel safer here than in any major city in the USA. Does crime exist? Of course. But it’s rare and usually non-violent. I’ve never even heard of anything like this happening to anyone. The kidnapping claim in front of police is a flat out lie. The only way this guy would have all these troubles is if he were down here doing drugs and robbing people. Before COVID there were a lot of scumbag backpackers here doing drugs and ripping people off. I suspect he was one of those. Spoiled, rich western drug addicts coming to Peru to stir up trouble with their welfare checks. 90% of the problems I’ve had in Tacna were these people. I would bet $500 Jack is one of these losers.