Crime in Paris, France

Crime rates in Paris, France

Level of crime
56.45 Moderate
Crime increasing in the past 3 years
69.11 High
Worries home broken and things stolen
51.91 Moderate
Worries being mugged or robbed
57.11 Moderate
Worries car stolen
45.18 Moderate
Worries things from car stolen
53.25 Moderate
Worries attacked
54.33 Moderate
Worries being insulted
60.99 High
Worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin colour, ethnic origin or religion
45.18 Moderate
Problem people using or dealing drugs
54.22 Moderate
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft
63.89 High
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery
50.44 Moderate
Problem corruption and bribery
40.40 Moderate

Safety in Paris, France

Safety walking alone during daylight
65.49 High
Safety walking alone during night
45.22 Moderate

Contributors: 227

Last update: November 2017

These data are based on perceptions of visitors of this website in the past 3 years.

If the value is 0, it means it is perceived as very low, and if the value is 100, it means it is perceived as very high.

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24 Comments so far

#SamWang on Nov 19, 2017 :
I caught pick pocket stealing my wallet on my first trip. I do not want to go to Paris anymore.
#Max on Jul 31, 2017 :
I find these reviews a bit overrated... I've been living in Paris for 5 years and hosted a lot of couchsurfers from all over the world, always wandering everywhere walking / metro and never had any troubles (neither have they)
I've always felt safe, even in the evening. Some drunk people here and there trying to get home at 4.00am are easily avoidable, stay on the big boulevards if you want to walk and everything will be fine.
Pickpocketing is an issue in tourist places and/or transportation, usually done with deception. Tourists are obviously a target for theft as they usually pay less attention to their belongings and have more cash than inhabitants, so, just pay attention to your stuff, be moderately aware of your surroundings and you'll be fine, no need to exaggerate the risk and being paranoid :)
#Anonymous on Jul 23, 2017 :
Was a nice city when I visited it in 2014,not sure about how safe it is toda though,as a mega city surely there will be pickpocketers,there is trash around but again it's a mega city.Just stay in the places where there are lots of tourists but hide your valuables,don't worry about the crime Paris is safer than my homeland Russia
#will on Jul 14, 2017 :
just there for three days,my fifth trip in 30 years, shocked at the dirt, decay and general feeling of last trip there...too many other great places especially in the U.S.
#bob jeggorson on Jun 02, 2017 :
Paris is the best place ever. Its very safe and I think they should hold the 2020 olympics and If i had to pick somewhere where they will never hold it is budapest that place is trash i gout jumped and robbed and my car was stolen. #Paris=Peace
#Reply on May 22, 2017 :
Thanks! I actually had a great trip here in Paris.
#Anonymous on Apr 14, 2017 :
Just got back from paris. My 2 cents.. If you're an American from a major city don't even sweat these reviews, just go, you'll be fine. If you act on the same level of paranoia that gets you home safe in any US city population 1mil and up you'll be just fine. Dark alley 4 people look your direction as soon as you look down the alley.. Keep it moving, take the long route or get a taxi.
#Anonymous on Apr 09, 2017 :
These results are scaring me and I'm from the US!
#Ben on Dec 22, 2016 :
Be very wary of pickpockets especially in densely populated tourist areas like the Louvre.
#Lolo on Dec 04, 2016 :
Be careful with black, arabics, littel Roma girls and all Roma people. Put your money and documents in a safe place, then should be ok.
#Tom Sonne on Sep 06, 2016 :
The biggest problem in Paris, I think, is the robbery of the ... bicycles !
#MikeinParis on Jul 24, 2016 :
I have lived in Paris in '84 and '85 and from 2000 onward. Never ever saw, heard of or was involved in any violent or non-violent crime. Suburbs a different story.
#Francois on May 12, 2016 :
The criminals are black muslims who rape white women. They are filth. Dangerous and mentally ill ideology.
Kill them all before they destroy all the White countries in Europe. They are satanic but the pope promote their dangerous agenda.
#Alie on Apr 22, 2016 :
Stfu about gypies. They are the last one concerned out political correctness. You sound like a complete moron. This is not about gypies and their origins.... Just to be clear.
#Xavi on Nov 03, 2015 :
I've lived in Paris one year, and yes, it's dangerous. I am from Barcelona and I've been out in Barcelona (without taking much care where or at what time) and I've never been mugged or attacked. In Paris I've seen one stabbing, one robbery by a group of arabs to a French guy, a black guy tried to fight me and in the end fought somebody randomly in the bus, our Chinese friend (living in Paris) was shout several times in the streets from groups of arabs and blacks saying things like "go to your country, shit of Chinese", and more things...
They definetely have a problem with inmigrant (African inmigrant, to be specific) integration, and it's not a safe city if you are afraid of violent crimes.
#Alice on Sep 08, 2015 :
The problem in Paris is not (in my opinion) just racism. I've been insulted and/or attacked by all kinds of people, of all kinds of ethnicity, age etc. I've lived near and in Paris since I was born, I'm white, and I very rarely go out without getting harassed or insulted or pushed or something.
Paris is going down, and has been for a long time now, and nobody seems to care. Personally I've given up and will move away as soon as I'm able to do so. It would be a wonderful city if it wasn't so post-apocalyptic. Don't come here to stay, that's my friendly advice to anyone who will read this.
#macy on Jan 24, 2015 :
Paris, even if its such a colorful city is the most racist and foreigners hating city. I had to deal with that by myself while I lived there for half an year. i just couldn't take anymore the hate abd arogance of french people. I am not arab, black, indian, but east european. If they treat that way east europeans, you can imagine all other races what have to deal with. It's unhuman.
#Mac on Jan 09, 2015 :
Was in France twice this past summer and spent a few days in Paris. Experienced firsthand a minor gypsy girl trying to pickpocket an elderly Asian lady. We yelled at her and she looked very freightened and ran away. Other than that, the visit was uneventful and all the servers at restaurants were very helpful and friendly. However, we have a house in the wine and champagne country and after we left our house it was broken into. Someone that oversees the house when we are back in USA said it appears nothing was stolen. Probably kids looking for alcohol.
#Bridget on Jan 09, 2015 :
Why! Why! Why! is there so much violence in the world. I always dreamed of going to Europe where my ancestors were from (according to dna) But now I am not sure if this is an adventure I would want to take. At times we have to worry about our own fellow Americans, now France! I just wish we could just treat each other with human respect...for all races, religions and nationalities. In reality we all originate from the same source.
#Sorborgroin on Jul 08, 2014 :
We call them romanian because they are from Romania.
We are not talking about ROMA or Gypsis. It is just a Fact. Be careful in the Tube/Subway because group of young homeless teenagers are just there to steal things... About Violence, We have problems of Violence in Paris even if you have more Cops than any other Europe cities. It is also a fact. But 99,9% of the time, life is just easy in Paris. It is a nice place with very obnoxious People, more specifically workers in tourist place... We are the city of tourism but unfortunately we don't like them ... just kidding ! It is a big City so People don't pay much to you ! Sorry ! but Have Fun, it is still a romantic Place if you want to live this postcard...
#Simon on Feb 20, 2014 :
I plan to come with my new BMW car, and do I have to install alarm against car theft? Is car theft a problem in Paris? I would visit Drancy, and the center of the city?
#Anonymous on Feb 17, 2014 :
Correction : "they are improperly caled " instead "someone they are called".
#Anonymous on Feb 17, 2014 :
Roma is a name given to gypsy population a group of nomadic population living in all European countries, who migrated centuries ago from India, whose language and customs have been carried to the presentday group. They are mistakenly associated with Romanian population just because someone they are improperly called Roma. They could as easily be taken for population living in Rome. They are neither Romanians nor Italians coming from Rome. Wikipedia or any reliable google site will provide more detailed information.
#Mathilde on Jan 07, 2014 :
Many people in France amplify the security problems because they stigmatize A LOT strangers and immigrants, without knowing so much about them. Paris is one of the worriest city in Europe i think but it is because of the lack of good manners characteristic of the Parisians, not because of the people of the street. Don't forget that France is not the revolutionnary and love country anymore, here racism increases since many years and life is more and more expensive.
For tourists, you have to pay attention when you wait for visiting famous monuments as the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre, because there are many pickpockets waiting in the lines. For the same reason, pay attention when you walk on the Champs Elysées. And, as in every city of the world, more you go out of the historic and touristic center, more you'll face risks of violence... but the true violence is the prices violence in the center of Paris ;)