Crime in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Crime rates in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Level of crime
73.49 High
Crime increasing in the past 3 years
77.98 High
Worries home broken and things stolen
69.38 High
Worries being mugged or robbed
74.64 High
Worries car stolen
66.32 High
Worries things from car stolen
71.05 High
Worries attacked
63.98 High
Worries being insulted
52.57 Moderate
Worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin colour, ethnic origin or religion
47.84 Moderate
Problem people using or dealing drugs
61.10 High
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft
72.29 High
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery
71.49 High
Problem corruption and bribery
84.24 Very High

Safety in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Safety walking alone during daylight
48.91 Moderate
Safety walking alone during night
22.83 Low

Contributors: 556

Last update: February 2018

These data are based on perceptions of visitors of this website in the past 3 years.

If the value is 0, it means it is perceived as very low, and if the value is 100, it means it is perceived as very high.

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100 Comments so far

#PG on Feb 19, 2018 :
Mainland Malaysia was a safe place a few years ago , that is no longer the case today , and should be avoided .
#simon on Nov 04, 2017 :
been staying n KL for a year and robbed 3 times. an extremely danger place.
#Hasan Riazudin on Oct 23, 2017 :
Your P.M., Najib Razak is too busy counting up his billions of dollars he scammed from "donations" to be concerned about reducing crime. Bank fraud in Malaysia has not really been dealt with.

Kalau bolih tipu dapat duit, buatlah ! Depan tipu belakang tipu !
#Anonymous on Oct 07, 2017 :
I went to Malaysia last weekend for 3 days. I don't know anything about the place but I know how to be careful on streets during the night. For me, Kuala Lumpur is safe because I was able to walk alone at night going to Petronas and Changkat area.
#Anonymous on Sep 16, 2017 :
if the police stopped you and there is something wrong with your car or you didnt put seatbelt on they will threaten you that the will have to issue a Summon with a large number (not logical) , then if you agree he will process and will ask are you sure you want a summon? if you said yes he will offer to let you go with a little amount of money, in other way he will be begin you not to give a summon and take a bribe....Malaysia Boleh! lol
#Soh on Sep 03, 2017 :
I haven't seen anyone mentioned anything about mat rempit, which I'm 'fortunate' to witness and experience the sound pollution they make EVERY night even during national holidays, such as (for the past few days) - National day and Hari Raya Haji. Oh my, they are especially 'hardworking' folks who start 'working' on their stunts and test drives their motorcycles incessantly regardless of holidays, maybe only a rain or tropical storm can stop 'em perfecting their *skills* You can read a terse description about them here:

Naturally my rating for crime rate in this place is very high.
#Taraj on Aug 17, 2017 :
Going there in next 2 weeks, let's see how it goes...
I'll be back here to leave a comment about it.
#Ming on Jul 28, 2017 :
Well deserve the deep red rating. My mom who has spent all her 50+ year life in kl stays home whenever possible to avoid being robbed. A lot of the locals will tell you that if you have never been robbed, stuffs stolen, or home burglarized then you are not a local. Our homes were broken into once and the police tried very hard to convince us not to file a police report, and in the end it was us begging them to let us file a report for fear of id theft. This place is super f****d up and racism is commom practice.
#Lucy on Jul 19, 2017 :
I'm seeing all this comments and rates, which are not very true.
This crime in Malaysia is real, but not as dangerous like people think. Yes, a motorcycle can break your car's windows and rob your bag, but compared to other countries Malaysia is safe. Believe me or not me living 5 years in Malaysia have not encountered any crime at all. Except at one time that a guy in a motorcycle broke our window for no reason or maids stealing stuff. It's worth visiting Kuala Lumpur and it's not really that dangerous compared to other countries. Of course if a crime is in Malaysia there will 1 million copies of that crime, but it rarely happens. Of course every country has crime, but I'm just saying you're quite safe in Malaysia, Kuala lumpur.
#Wayne on Jul 02, 2017 :
definitely a city with high crime one should ever walk alone during night time...
#Arman on Jun 19, 2017 :
I had a plan to go to kualalumpur for 10 days on vacation, as I saw the comments I changed my mind, it doesn't worth visiting kualalumpur because of so many crimes reported.
#Geoff travel on Apr 07, 2017 :
I am British, a global traveller, and I spend six months a year in Kuala Lumpur, a month in Bali and Jakarta. I have never seen any street crime in KL, or any other kind of crime. Condos are cheap, clean, modern, and well-guarded, but I doubt they need to be so well guarded. I have walked through all areas of KL, day and night, never seen a problem. My landlord there had never been in a drunken fight his entire life, nor seen one. If he came to England he would be shocked, where Saturday night violence is guaranteed in most all towns and cities. You hear of bag snatches and gold chain snatches in KL, but who is dumb enough to wear jewellery on the street? Keep it in your case. KL is a great deal safer than Britain.
#Iqbal hossain on Mar 16, 2017 :
I am staying in kualalumpur 1.9year. I like traveling. Now one Indian people he is agent of taj international college, took 8000rm gave me fake papers. Now tommorow I will go balai police to make report about him. But he told me if I complain to police they send back to me my country and so many things. He is a man who just trapped the foreign students. So why immigration don't follow and take action.
#Anonymous on Mar 02, 2017 :
A girl was shot recently by some stupid Chinese gangster. Fck I'm outta of this city.
#Rk on Mar 02, 2017 :
In penang hotel, I was robbed last night twice. The second time I chased him, but never saw his face. The security saw nothing. It didn't record for 5 minutes.
#Anonymous on Jan 31, 2017 :
SUBANG JAYA...29 JANUARY 2017.. A girl been robbed nearv these of the robbers brought a parang knife however the other guy try to block the girl from getting away
#I am kumar on Jan 11, 2017 :
My company employees with out permit and no salary and no leave and 15 hours work how 560 employees
Any honorably police Tamil contact me
#Anonymous on Dec 23, 2016 :
There's a girl that's recently been kidnapped from mahsa university,she's been gone for 15 hours now,if anyone lives in Malaysia please do a police report
She was grabbed while walking outside at the university and I can't do a police report because I'm in American,if anyone can contact the police in Malaysia please call and do a report for a kidnapped person at mahsa university
#Anonymous on Nov 29, 2016 :
wow malaysia has several cities in top 30,
malaysia is safer than alot of cities in southeast asia looks like spamming on malaysia
#Anonymous on Nov 16, 2016 :
on my way to my aunt hotel at jalan pudu one motorcycle rog snatched my Mchain . He came by motor bike all black even no number plate. The funniest thing the police station is just 150 meters from the incident took place, MY ADVICE IS DO NOT ASKED ANY DIRECTION FROM ANY ONE SINCE HE CAN BE ONE OF THE GANG AND DO NOT WEAR GOLD CHAIN WHEN YOU VISITED AND WALK IN UNKNOWN OR NEW PLACES
#Jill Francisco on Oct 30, 2016 :
In my opinion,Kuala Lumpur is a living hell.within an hour after after getting out from KLIA I was rob by Young Malay Boys by the age Books,camera and macbook as well.Come on man.Im just come here for study culture..but after 3 weeks of study culture in other states in malaysia..ive learned quite a lot..Some buddies(name not provided) mantion me that dont mess with tamil's because there are idiots always want to fight..for a moment there i was thinking about my home country where blacks are there and tamils are here...Full of racism...What ive want to say is its not the race is the problem here its the government...the goverment is leading every every other race to crime while their same "KIND" HAS AN ALWAYS OPEN WAYS TO FLEE AWAY..u must treat everyone equal of the worst thing ive heard is it was divided by race 1.malay 2.Chinese 3.indian and so goes about 1.malaysian 2.malaysian 3.malaysian.
.i wont going back to malaysia tho..make me sick
#Anonymous on Oct 15, 2016 :
I grew up in KL and watched it deteriorated to its current state over the decades. Now that I have emmigrated elsewhere I know for sure that that was the wisest decision ever made since the city is facing tons of problems and the ppl running it isnt planning to solve em. Crimes, Traffic congestion, lack of city zone planning, corruption, garbage, pollution, cleanliness and the attitude of the inhabitants are just some of the problems one would noticed. the biggest turn off for me is racial tension and inequality.
#JAMAL on Sep 29, 2016 :
Friends , a malaysain company based in Mekaka committed a commercial crime by not paying the remaining balance amount and when requested sent the fake T/T the embassy of Pakistan in Kl and Malaysain authorityes say to visit malaysia and file a FIR against company for recovery

Please advise your expert thought
#pb lama on Sep 08, 2016 :
in Malaysia 95% of black peoples and 55% of Malaysian police are looters. they dont work. they just loot poor foreign worker. we cant walk outside unless we are group of 15/20 people. they attack with knife just to get a 100 ringet worth mobile. if we complain police again police will loot/mugg us. its most unsafe country in the world. i stay in Malaysia for 3 year and i lost everything what i had earned in that country. i was attacked 14 times and looted 26 times.
#pb lama on Sep 08, 2016 :
in Malaysia 95% of black peoples and 55& of Malaysian police are looters. they dont work. they just loot poor foreign worker. we cant walk outside unless we are group of 15/20 people. they attack with knife just to get a 100 ringet worth mobile. if we complain police again police will loot/mugg us. its most unsafe country in the world. i stay in Malaysia for 3 year and i lost everything what i had earned in that country. i was attacked 14 times and looted 26 times.
#Nic Smith on Jul 21, 2016 :
I agree that Jonathan Maitland should be deleted from the discussion. There is no problem with being angry about the current state of politics in any given country. However, it is totally unnecessary to make derogatory and racist comments. Malays are not how you portray them and you cannot lump them all in one group because of the behaviour of a few. Otherwise us whities are lumps of pasty lard because Christopher Columbus and other Europeans went across to the Americas and destroyed cultures wholesale - let alone the behaviour of colonisers in Asian and African countries.
Just State your anger against the specific people that have caused the problem and keep your overly emotional, racist comments out of it.
#Anonymous on Jul 18, 2016 :
Totally agree with #igotcheated. I had the same problem and that fella keep dragging our arm. If u want us to donate or buy something, pls be polite and dont simply pull people. Very frustrating. Is the same person I think. And they treaten to hit us because we say no and ignore them.. zzzz
#Anonymous on Jun 19, 2016 :
I had come to KL for a holiday and this would be the last time I would come here . In a broad day light with people all round in the main road a bloody ass hole snatched my gold chain in no time. It is worth around 2lacs hard earned money . Never expected that this would happen in KL.
#Adrien on May 22, 2016 :
Jonathan Maitland,
Your comments are completely unacceptable.
The people regulating this website should report him to the relevant authorities. He should be charged with hate crime, among various other offenses that he has committed here.
Could the regulators here please act as quickly as possible.
#Jack on May 06, 2016 :
I think that Jonathan Maitland has gone above board to crucified the PM of Malaysia as well as the Tamils in that country. No one is guilty unless he or she is proven guilty. The last phase of the investigation into ill-gotten wealth by the PM is in the hands of international investigators who are not easily bribed or influenced to give a false statement on the flow of funds to the PM. Let them complete their investigations as this level of money laundering is conspired by people of high intelligence using sophisticated means to clean their trails. We, as ordinary folks, are not in any position to draw conclusion from unsubstantiated sources.

As for stinking Tamils, let me enlighten you that those leaving in cold countries stink more when they do not shower during cold weather. At least I know that the Tamil community in Malaysia bathe every day.

You have not identified your race but I gather that you are not a Malaysian by heart, except that I can guarantee you are an opportunist and sadly, unable to lead a better life yet.
#Jonathan Maitland on May 06, 2016 :
Malaysians are ugly brown motherfuckers. Well, they are black/yellow/brown motherfuckers. They look like fucking monkeys. And they stink really bad, especially the Tamil Malaysians. Let me break it down for you. The Prime Minister Najib Razak is a murderer and a prolific kleptomaniac, having murdered a Mongolian woman in 2006 and having stolen in excess of $1 billion US dollars from his own countrymen. Najib Razak is an evil maggot. A murderer and a thief. In fact, he has ordered the murder of AT LEAST 4 people, including the Mongolian woman. One of the people he ordered killed was the Deputy Public Prosecutor who was investigating Najib's litany of abuse in public office, especially the theft of $680 million US dollars from the Malaysian sovereign wealth fund 1MDB. So Najib became scared that the DPP would expose him and that is why he had him murdered. Najib also sacked the Attorney General and the Deputy Prime Minister for the same reason, replacing them with pliant yes-men. If the DPP can be abducted and murdered in broad daylight (he was abducted when he stopped his car when it was rammed from behind, and several men got out of the car that rammed him and kidnapped him and subsequently murdered him and dismembered his body), then imagine how dangerous the country really is. Can you imagine the Deputy Public Prosecutor in England or in the USA being abducted in broad daylight and then murdered? And the Mongolian woman whom Najib ordered killed, Altantuyaa, was involved in a dodgy defence deal which involved Najib, who was the Defence Minister at the time the dodgy deal was done. Najib Razak has blood on his hands, the blood of at least 4 people. If the PRIME MINISTER of a country is a serial killer and a thief on a grand scale, why would you think the rest of the country is a law-abiding Utopia? Get real. MALAYSIA IS A SHITHOLE AND IT IS BECOMING A WORSE SHITHOLE EVERYDAY. That is just a fact.
#Corsicasia on Mar 27, 2016 :
have to no worry in KL,i not know why the crime level is high like that...i even sleep alone in street 2 days and i am european foreigner,and i do not feel worry...even in jalan alor in africa HQ and other many whose traffic,scam or other...really for me is the most safe place in south east Asia...
#Daim on Mar 02, 2016 :
Yeah, what else you can expect from those the collective surveys from disappointed vice activities customers that has been rejected, ugly foreigners that slurred by locals and ultra generalisation of supermacy thinking whites.

Verily, we Malaysian should be afraid of this high level of crime that brought in by undecent activities of foreigners. We should stop them from coming in. ATM loot by Latinos, metanphetamine mass selling for parties at apartments by whites, persian and latinos. Scam by africans. And there is no reason why local is started to unwelcome you foreigners. True its unfair for afew decent visitors but we the decent locals have done our best to protect the good people and we glad to let these bad b*stards pounded with the thug law.

So long, I still enjoy drinking beer alfresco in jalan alor, enjoy the cordial mixture of our very own way of interracial that not forcing people to assimilate like dog forced to be cat or vice versa. I still can linger around Bukit Bintang from midnight to sunset (but why would I, its better be on bed enjoy sleep.

We locals always hadn't face any trouble that much with authorities, unless we are doing something wrong. Bribery will not flourished by the recieving attitude. You should question yourself on your giving attitude to make a way for your own a** off the trouble.

We not force people to come here. Its your own choice upon your own will. I would say this index is utter rubbish done in disturbing revengeful manner of I dont know why.
# Benjamin Logan on Feb 28, 2016 :
I have been a victim of too many scammers out there trying to get this blank card,which made every one of us who seek this blank card is fake and doesn’t exist but not when i meet with ATM HACKERS WORLDWIDE {}. I told him that i wasn’t ready to send any fee to him but he made it clear to me that will be difficult to get it without the fee but when he gave me reasons, i decided to try him for the last time and he gave me 4 working days to get the blank card. I doubted and believe i ve lost it all, but to my great shock i heard my bell ringing and i went to open the door and behold it was a parcel dispatcher and i look into the parcel when he left there was my blank card enclosed, i did used the card has instructed and today i am a living testimony to this magic blank card. Stay away from scammers and contact email for your real and existing blank card. {} Or call +2348133873774
#Umer on Nov 30, 2015 :
Lived in KL bukit Bintang for 4 days, visited all around that area walking freely, no harm and nothing to worry. I dont know about other areas.
#Majdi on Oct 04, 2015 :
oh my god,one hour ago i was too excited that i am traveling tonight to KL alone for ten days .it will be my first experience there and i was planing to do many thinks , after eleven months of hard working i was planing to get a good rest there and above all to remove all the stress that I have . But really i am chocked right now i don't know what to do , should i cancel everything i have paid a big amount for flight and five stars hotel ( non refundable booking ) i know that crimes everywhere in the world but every where as you are tourist police should take care of you but in that case what to do if any thing happen ... and how this high level of crimes happened in KL and how KL is the preferred destination for honeymooners.. this is strange .
#Local Malaysian on Sep 01, 2015 :
Found this website after researching about crime in Malaysia. Just want to say that the comments here are filled with over-generalisations, anecdotes and racial slurs that are based on nothing substantial – a lot of emotional commenters here!
Personally, I've lived in this country all my life and never in my 35++ years have I witnessed or gotten involved in a violent crime. I've travelled to all countries in SouthEast Asia except East Timor but I've never encountered a dangerous or life-threatening crime! Ironically, I was mugged once... In Barcelona, Spain of all places! I'm not saying that crime doesn't exist here – of course it does but it's relatively safer than many countries around the world. I've also entertained many, many foreign visitors in this country, friends and business acquaintances – and most love this place.
In fact, I sometimes feel that visitors that come here have a stronger appreciation of Malaysia than the locals. Politically, the Malaysian government has a long way to go – it's complicated and not just about racial lines as it's made up to be here in the comments. As a Malaysian Chinese I do feel like my community here (esp. working class) is sidelined by the government but then again, the chinese here are strong and self-reliant.
Other than that, the country has a lot to offer. It just needs to be loved for it to improve.
#Raakin on Jul 05, 2015 :
Adakah anda sedang mencari kewangan? Adakah anda sedang mencari pinjaman untuk membesarkan perniagaan anda? Saya rasa anda telah datang ke tempat yang betul. Kami menawarkan Pinjaman pada kadar faedah yang rendah, orang ramai yang berminat perlu menghubungi kami sila selama tindak balas segera kepada permohonan anda, Sila membalas iklan ini untuk today.Email pinjaman anda:
#i got cheated on Jun 28, 2015 :
This happens at Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. outside H&M, Lot 10
I was waiting for the green light to cross the road to get to the bukit bintang monorial when three people, 2 males and 1 female approached my friend and I.

Both of my friend and I were separated and spoken individually to these scammers. My friend spoke to the female lady, might be in her 30s and plump (~59-60kg, 161~cm), with tied up medium length hair.

The two males, one of them couldn't speak and seemed deaf (now known as Mr A). The other one (now known as Mr B) translates what the deaf man wanted from me. Both of them were quite short I'd say around 158~162cm tall.

Mr A pulled me over, away from my friend and tried to get me to write my name onto some kind of form that contains four columns namely (Date, Name, Origin, and a weird column that I couldn't make sense of its abbreviation). So Mr A, the deaf guy insisted me to write my details on the form with his sign language I so wrote. Then the last column seemed like an amount (where you state the money you would pay) then I noticed something is suspicious so I left it blank. I didnt know whats its for then Mr B came and told me to "support". He said Mr A wants me to buy something from him and asked me to support. I said I dont want to pay you can? He insisted that i support something that I couldn't comprehend. Seeing Mr A was deaf and obviously handicapped, I took out RM10 and gave it to him. Then Mr A wants to hand me a cheap keychain and I refused to take it. But I knew I was being cheated so I wanted to leave. I took the keychain anyhow.

After I finished the matter with both the males I went over to my friend who is still speaking to that fat lady. Suddenly Mr A pulled me and Mr B asked me to stand away from my friend. He told me not to disturb my friend. At that moment I noticed they are all scammers. I asked Mr B WHY i cannot talk to my friend. HE couldnt answer and just ask me to stay where I am. I quickly grab my friend and ran away while the traffic light turns green.

Then I tossed away the keychain given to me cuz i was furious that i got cheated :|

Anyhow my friend knew something was wrong and she didn't take out any money. Here comes the side of her story: In her conversation with the lady, she asked her to fill up the form too, but like me, she left the last column blank. As that lady could speak and didn't seemed handicapped in someways, my friend ask her what is this for. Then the lady told her to quickly fill up the form because this is a competition with me. She quickly sensed amiss and pressuring the lady to tell her what is this for. That was when I came and grabbed my friend to make for the run.

Just don't talk to anyone who is trying to make impromptu conversation with you. Threaten to call the police if they insist.

IF anyone seemed very pitiful to you, that they lost money or whatnot, call the police to guide them.

I know that kind people (like me, ehem) would pity them but sometimes, KL is not the place for you to waste your kindness.
#guywithatophat on Jun 18, 2015 :
i thought im the only one angry here it should be KL a topranker
#William on Apr 13, 2015 :
Hi guys... I'm a Malaysian and I have been living in Malaysia more than 30 years of my life.
My jobs requires me to travel all over the world (from US, Europe, Africa, ASEAN and even Papua New Guinea)
(IMHO in ASEAN countries like Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok and Singapore are pretty safe for tourists)

As for Malaysia, unfortunately the crime rates did increased tremendously for the past 10 years.
So just like anywhere else in the world when you travel to a foreign country, you just have to learn to be more careful.
Here are some of my pointers:

1. Avoid areas/alleys that are less frequent by people (get an official guide if possible)
2. Always check and reconfirm with locals/people from the hotel of the location that was recommended to you
3. Do not keep all your money with you if possible (there are always pickpocket opportunist)
4. If you can, avoid taking taxi from the streets (usually they will try to scam you just as anywhere else in the world). Go to an establish place like the hotel and ask them to call a taxi for you or use UBER or MyTeksi
5. Malaysians are generally friendly regardless of race however there are always some dodgy people. so just be careful. If you are not sure of their intention, just politely decline their help.
6. Don't simply accept drinks from strangers (drugs are easily available here and you can be hanged for possession of drugs)
7. There are good cops and bad cops. If you stay out of the trouble, generally you will not have any problem
8. Keep a photocopy of your passport in case if you lose it and make sure you have a contact number of your local embassies/ hotel/ friends who can help in case of emergencies
9. There are also snatch thieves around so be mindful when you are walking on side of the roads/ path (keep your sling bags closely to your body)
10. And yes.. there are scams/ tricksters around. Anyone called to inform you that you won prizes and need deposit/ purchase are scams.
11. There are credit card skimmers around. Just careful of where you uses it. If possible pay at the counter instead of passing your credit card to the server/ waiter.. etc

Here you are.
Good luck and have a good trip in Malaysia ;-)
##anonymous on Mar 14, 2015 :
Drugs activities make me worries so much. Especially the activities was done in the apartments and condominiums area. Most of the residence would not known such activities in house. It's worry me when I started to lodge report to the management and it involved with the internal residence communities and national security. Nothing have been done or any action to solve the drugs making and drug dealings.
#Marzieh Charkhandaz on Mar 07, 2015 :
Now it is for 9 days we are in kl again for fourth time and will come back two days later we are totally safe here and nothing bad happened to us just taking more caution and not go shopping in China town and other unsafe shopping malls. I really enjoy staying in kl. hope every one can accept crimes there r in every country it is not fair to blame a country for our mistakes and being careless...
#Jolly on Mar 04, 2015 :
Just returned from a visit to Malaysia. Absolutely enjoyed the culinary display .... yummy. However, it was disappointing to find that Malaysia, in spite of its skyscraper buildings, remains a Third World. This is primarily due to its massive corruption at almost every level of government, enforcement units and cops. Hearing the sad stories of local friends, their second and third class status in their own country and the denied opportunities made me realise that fair-play is a strange notion in Malaysia.
I was told that as the political situation worsens, the military take-over was a definite possibility ... this to maintain Malay & UMNO supremacy. Whilst Indonesia is booming (and corruption is under check), Malaysia is going down the wrong path. Looks like Indonesia may emerge as the model nation for Muslim countries. I feel sorry for the non-malays in Malaysia. The brain drain is at its peek and soon Malaysia may be swallowed up by Indonesian progress.
The Malaysian politicians have FAILED Malaysians big time.
#Anonymous on Jan 14, 2015 :
#Anonymous and #Dave

How true is this?
My friend is also in exact situation. He can't cash out the cheque. The bank advised him to open a bank account however one of the the requirements is to pay a tax insurance. He is in deep trouble because of this.

How did he get out of the situation?


Anonymous on Apr 10, 2014 :
A post from Dave on Nov 01, 2013 caught my intention.

Is this really true that it happened to your friend? How is he now?
I have heard about this incident too, where a foreigner who had done with his project and payment in cheque term had been made to him. But he could not bank in the cheque as he has to pay tax.
#firdous on Dec 30, 2014 :
hi this firdous from india next month i was going to malaysia for visit visa plz suggest me how much i safe in malaysia
#sg visitor on Dec 26, 2014 :
I am a Singaporean chinese who recently visited KL .. i was walking along the street in broad daylight .. then i was approached by a chinese guy who claims he is Singaporean and his wallet was stolen at the train station and asked me for RM 60 to take bus back to Singapore. At that point I felt it strange, but proceeded to give the money to him anyway. He asked for my number and said he will return the money to me in Singapore.
Of course, he never did.

In a way, I guess I should have been more alert as I seldom encounter such things in Singapore itself.
#gina on Nov 29, 2014 :
Robbery, murders, snatches very common every day in every place ,
#Marzieh on Nov 28, 2014 :
I wonder hearing these bad comments about KL. I always thought it is safer than my country Iran . In three last years I have traveled 3times to KL with my boy friend and we were really safe and I did not see any crime with my eyes. Even 2 times in shopping mall I asked sellers to keep my new bought cloths and camera so that I finish my shopping and then they gave back my packages safe to me. Only in China town a Chinese seller cheated on me when buying mobile Then we called police but the guy was scared and gave back our money so we left police. I think Malaysia pple has no problem they r so so like other pple in the world but as all know there are crimes all over the world if you travel with extreme caution so u will be safe even in worst places.
#Suarez on Nov 18, 2014 :
everyone here is talking like there's no corruption elsewhere in the world. Only Malaysia and acting like it's the worst country in the world. Grow up and stop acting like spoiled brat who thinks they being oppressed. They're people out there in the world who are indeed being oppressed. I agree the government is flawed and not perfect but for once people in Malaysia needs to look at themselves too. Look at your attitude and your personality. Change yourself first.
#roomforimprovement on Nov 13, 2014 :
Been living in Malaysia as an expat for 3 months. I've found generally Malays to be incredibly arrogant, inefficient and unmotivated. Can't blame them however when a society is fostered around corruption, priority handouts based on ethnicity and religion and subsidies that give the silver spoon without the background as to how it was earned. I have lived throughout Asia my whole life and regularly jump between 6 countries in SEA. Malaysia, wake up, smell the roses and start giving a shit about your people. Kindness manifests kindness.
#Ex_Professional in KL on Oct 23, 2014 :
Look, seriously speaking, Malaysia is the most corrupted country I ever experienced in my life. KL is a high city crime. I lived there for more than 7 years, and helped a Malaysian company to do well and bring wealth to the country. For my compensation, most of my money was stolen, police was extremely corrupted, even they know the criminal they never acted seriously, specially when the victim is foreigner and the culprit is local.

Finally bear in mind that Malaysia is governed by a Crook Mr. Nejib himself assassinated a Mongolian lady to cover himself, it is a well known story in Malaysia. his wife Roosmah Mansoor she is a top master in corruption, so you can understand what is happening in Malaysia....
#Anonymous on Oct 09, 2014 :
Most crime are done by the local Malay natives beware... And also, please do not deal with our Government as our Government is a hell bunch of incompetent fat pig. Talk big about Islam but live like a crook. When y'all go to Malaysia and see brown skin natives. Just becareful. Some are really good.. IF.. They are educated. The rest that came out from the slum are the one who create problems in KL. And sadly they will never get nabbed as most police officer are also from the native community so they tried to sympathize them. Which makes the local natives even more brave on doing crime. Its up to the other local community, Chinese or Indian to deal with them with force if they are caught.
#Anti natives on Oct 09, 2014 :
I a Malaysian I know. KL is a nice place with no sense of safety. Even police patrolling the street dont change much as our police is very incompetent. They will delay and asked you to dismiss the case as they are too lazy to even prpceed with the case. Mind y'all that want to come to Malaysia. When you are walking along an alley and u saw a few local natives, just avoid them. Most crime over here has been conducted by the natives. They gained special rights from the Government and yet still act like a hooligan and create social issue to the society.
#rayman on Sep 04, 2014 :
It is quite typical in KL whereby some 80% of theft cases were orchestrated by the foreigners. Usually the items were in a crowded area such as the hotel restaurant and lobby. This thief are smart as they only prey for tourist as they know the fact that once they were caught in action the tourist would not have the time to stay in the country to attend to the court case and further to that the tourist would want the recovered items to be kept as evidence. Sad but its happening. However off late the area that I am in right no case at all. Probably the authority has come out with some strategy to counter all these foreigner mastermind!
#be-real 35 on Aug 10, 2014 :
this is my first time in kuala lumpur and maybe the last ..i can hardly believe my eyes sometimes , if you look like an anglo-saxon with some tatoo and percing everything is alright for you, you see in their face a message like (spend your money and get out of here !!!) they hardly say thank you to you even when you spend your hard earned money !! but if you look like Italian like me,Spanish ,Arabic or a black man or some oriental origin ... HELL you are suspect even if you are clean, educate and Muslim!!!
long story short , there are many other warm and friendly places when you can spend your money and see a real smiles..but not here .trust me on this NOT HERE !!!
#Kate on Aug 08, 2014 :
#Anonymous do you have any good criminal lawyers that you can recommend in KL for a dangerous drug act case that has just started? He needs a miracle but a good affordable lawyer will be a start...
#Anonymous on Aug 02, 2014 :
I am a Malaysian, and am really embarrassed by all the negative stories of corruption, especially in government agencies . To all foreigners who read this, let me say on behalf of all Malaysian lawyers- I am one- that if you come across corruption, or have been I'll treated by persons in authority, please make a police report. And of police refuse to take the report or ask for money, please contact the Bar Council. Or call me on my mobile 012- 2151008. I am intolerant of corruption, and will do what I can to help. I do not want money for it, but will do it as a social service.
#Joel Yong on Jul 29, 2014 :
The government need to be reform. Our future is predicted due to the massive corruption and the amount of racism in Malaysia, Is not helping the country but destroying our future generation.
#Hyder on Jul 15, 2014 :
Hi every one how are you , I have been thai china Australia Cambodia Vietnam Laos pdr Saudi Dubai Korea South Africa and Italy every where not much diffirent just some times some crazy and drunk people made mistake and spoil their country image,why we forget our own country bad experience we don't comment,actually bad and good people every where in this world, my self has some good experience in china and some bad in thai some good also in thai and every where good and bad experience I had,if in malaysia I have many good experienced ,I can go out any time in day time and late night also,never ever no body suddenly show knife or gun and take my money, if in case of police meet on the road the always wish good morning good evening after Thay ask for driving licence if we show licence and our identity never police give you traffic summon,if we follow their law no problem in malaysia,I am from pakistan and it's my own experiences,
#anonymous on Jul 14, 2014 :
Interesting to read the comments posted and hope more and more posters make themselves heard. On this occasion I will post regarding a recent event for which I have no words: A female colleague of mine (Sabah) returned home one night after having left a family dinner early as she was not feeling good. She went ahead while the rest of her family stayed on to continue the evening. Upon returning home she went directly to bed and was awoken shortly after falling asleep by some noises she heard in the living room. She approached her bedroom door and noticed the door opening. Standing outside the door was a man whose face was covered with a ski mask. Upon seeing him she screamed and in a state of surprise the man ran out of the house and fled to nearby fields.

She proceeded to call the police (station is about 5km away, at most) and they arrived after an hour plus. She explained what happened and then informed them that she wanted to go to the police station to make a police report. The Malay officer in charged looked at her with a seemingly disappointed face and asked her if anything was stolen to which she replied no. The officer then proceeded to say that there is no use to make police report as it is a waste of time and that most probably the culprit was an illegal foreigner and probably not coming back. She insisted and after some debate she went to the police station and made a report.

While at the station and during the filing of the report she clearly heard some comments coming from the rear part of the area she was compiling the report. The comments were simply put horrendous to hear but given the level of fear that people experience in Malaysia..better leave things undisturbed and avoid further fuss. One comment said clearly: What does she expect? With a short skirt like that she kind of asking to be raped.

Malaysia, Truly?? Crux of a joke. No further comments just disgust.
#Helen on Jul 12, 2014 :
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#Ian on Jul 08, 2014 :
My friend thought KL was safe until he was mugged and robbed in Chinatown. Fractured skull, nose, ribs and foot. KL was the safest place in the world up to then so he thought like you other dumb asses posting here. The Police said they would not investigation because foreigners always start a mugging and robbery. Malaysia justice is Foreigners always wrong. Humanity in reverse lol. Malaysia certainly was not civilised by the Roman Empire
##idontknow on Jul 08, 2014 :
Malaysia is the safest place in the world statistically because police do not enter crimes on their computer for fear of losing performance bonuses. Same with Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos. SEA is utopia - no doubt - lol - where almost every murder become a suicide. Why do Malays drive like they want to kill me - feels like they're possessed by Satan. Police to busy extorting, intimidating... to Teach these SOBs to have respect for life, all over Malaysia same
#sabrina on Jul 08, 2014 :
ya, i feel ashamend... and i agree that our county corruption was very serious.
furthermore government are going to implement GST in the following year 2015.
Are u kinding me? u wan me to give u extra pocket money ? ( extra corruption ?)
GST will only let people become poorer if the government dont use the tax properly.
by the way is still the same problem ! corruption !!! If no corruption i will pay for the GST!
#Ian on Jul 08, 2014 :
#​ABI DUMB​ASS. Just look at it as a donation to the poor. Coming to the third world flaunting your wealth among the starving, I have no pity for imbeciles.
#Ian on Jul 08, 2014 :
#Gina, you've made friends in Malaysia. Lol, I fell for that one too many times. In Asia there are two things, family and strangers to be used. Let this be a warning to all.
#Ian on Jul 08, 2014 :
#​GINA Don't you get it by now? Your partner was a scam artist. He made up this hoax of a 4 million dollar contract to get money from you. Sorry if this hurts but you are too gullible. Stop sending him money now. This is a well know scam in Malaysia. Your partner cared nothing for you, there was no contract, the whole story your partner made up was a concoction to take your cash. And from what you've wrote it was extremely successful.
#open.eyed on Jul 08, 2014 :
When I read some generalized comments I don't know if to cry or laugh. Yes, corruption is to be found everywhere in the world but there is no comparison between European countries, US, Australia, etc. VS. Malaysia the reasons being as follows:

1. Corruption in Western countries is hardly present in the private sector or in inter-relations between private sector and public institutions. It is mostly limited to high-level state tender projects for large infrastructure projects. In Malaysia it is present everywhere from the smallest transactions to the largest both in the private and the public sectors. Malaysia has developed a country culture of co-habitation with corruption and thus the system is corrupted.

2. In Western nations, it is not a question of 'if' but rather 'when' scandals surface and the guilty are punished. People talk and are not afraid to report corruption: this can be seen very clearly by reading the newspapers and even watching investigative journalism...the truth eventually surfaces where for example prime ministers are forced to resign and high ranking govt. officials are jailed. In Malaysia on the other hand this does not happen; facts do not surface as people are generally afraid to speak openly about realities they are very aware of.

Put simply..there is no comparison.
#Ian on Jul 08, 2014 :
I heard of case loan sharks extorting money from a Malaysian, borrowed 2,000 ringitt and lost his 200,000 ringitt home. First they made him a quadriplegic after he complained to the police. Then he complained and reported it to the newspaper. They came back and amputated his right arm. Think yourself lucky if your wife has been raped, had your skull fractured or had your bag snatched. Give yourself a well deserved pat on the back. Misfortune is very relative.
#sarah on Jul 06, 2014 :
I am a 23 year old girl and was abducted by my taxi driver on the way to the airport in KL. He pulled a knife on me/ threatened to hurt me and took everything I had (including my passport and luggage). He said he was going to take me somewhere until my family paid him 30,000 RM. Luckily I jumped out of the car whilst we were driving on a highway. I hurt myself badly but at least I was safe at the hospital. I met some really lovely Malaysian's who housed and fed me until my dad came and got me- the family who picked me up on the side of the road (Australian government did nothing because the consulate was closed at 5 on a Friday night- pathetic). The KL police didn't know what to do with me and they didn't really care. I think it can be dangerous where ever you travel, but there is a high incidence of these sorts of attacks by taxi drivers in KL. Just be careful and never travel alone there. Even if you are with a friend, I have heard stories of taxi drivers driving women to warehouses where groups of men are waiting. I wouldn't recommend going. It was the worst thing that has ever happened to me.
#Malaysian on Jun 26, 2014 :
My country, Malaysia.
I have always been proud to say that I am from Malaysia.
After reading all these, I feel so ashamed to call myself a Malaysian, and to all foreigners that had negative experience in Malaysia, I apologies on behalf of them. Truly sorry for all that you have been through.
I don't want my country to bear such a bad reputation, but I am always been wondering if our government know exactly what is going through out there, on the streets.
As a citizen, I feel ashamed of my country, but worse for those who are the rulers of this country. Shame on you!. You bunch of ignorant money-grabbing folks.
I am studying abroad now, and if I have a chance, I really don't feel like going back to this corrupted country. But, I can't bear to see my country continue to rot. After all, its still the place where I was born.
I wish one day our government will finally do something, bring some real change to the society. Especially for those who think other races are "pendatang asing" (foreign entrants or in other words, we are not welcomed here), please know how to be "shameful" with the current situation in Malaysia, and focus on changing the country, instead of enjoying your so called "God's given rights" in Malaysia.
#Donger on Jun 11, 2014 :
I was walking back from Bukit Bintang to Brickfields, had a backpack cause I just got my electronic keyboard piano/synth repaired at CK Music. Also had a small waist pouch bag on at the time. Took a short cut where the soccer stadium is, there is also a police station near there also. When I turned left of the main road I was walking on a wide footpath. Two men on a motorcycle went pass me wide - I stuck my elbow out. The came back then went back to the main road. Then I had turned left onto a narrower footpath where that big round building is, there was a young man walking towards me, and then two men on a motorcycle mount the footpath and speed by me then I feel a hand on my crotch. He must have missed the waist pouch. Then they went and didn't come back. The young guy told me to be careful. Lucky cause I had my passport and about 300 ringget in it. I was lucky. Leave all valuables large sums of money and passports in a safe place. And use a money belt under your garments. Only my second day in KL and last. Not going back to KL, only Penang. Penang is safer. Be aware and alert. Be safe in KL.
#RFet on Jun 09, 2014 :
I got a call today from Sungai Besi from my friend who works there. He is a From Pakistan. A friend of his was walking to the train station for work. Was stopped by police n was asked for his passport. They took him to the police station despite him having a work permit visa which was valid. They told him to ring his friend n bring along 300 dollars if he wanted to be released. This is the extend of corruption among the police. It seems that these people pay up but it seems the police have realised they could do this n make a quick buck. Foreign workers r now been targeted by the police . As a result the poor guy missed work today. Are the police legal govt thugs getting paid to get corrupt. Shame. The police r just for window dressing. Useless Malay pigs.
#Monica Hove on Jun 06, 2014 :
I feel sorry for Malaysia people .I visited Malaysia in 2012 .I stayed in a town called Puchong .I really enjoyed my time there .Malaysian people are nice people compared to where I come from
#judith on May 05, 2014 :
Robbery, murders, snatches very common every day in every place ,
have safe trip to malaysia
#bodallas on May 04, 2014 :
As a visitor to Malaysia I found it quite nice and I noticed the gated cummunities and steel grills on windows and doors but then this being a hot humid tropical climate were people need to leave windows open it is not unusual to have something to prevent robbers from climbing through the windows or walking through open doors. I don't think this necessarily indicates high crime.
#Gina on May 02, 2014 :
My partner signed an offshore contract with Malaysian Government and Petronas end of January 2014. He paid over $140,000.00 to secure the contract worth over USD$4 million.

The period of the contract is for between January & October 2014. Once the contract had been signed by all parties involved, he was shown the smaller print on the contract which stated he had to pay Revenue Tax to the Malaysian Government of over $25,000 and upon payment of the Revenue Tax the awarded contract money will then be paid to the beneficiary, my partner.

So I went to KL while my partner sorted out workers and equipment to commence the work in Sarawak.

The purpose of my visit to KL was to pay the revenue tax and organise payment in our bank account back in our own country.

I paid the money into an account that the Minister informed us to pay it into and waited a couple of days for the money to clear so we could organise the transfer of USD$4 million.

The Minister, that my partner has been dealing with, called me at the Hotel I was staying at and advised me that before he would release the money to our account overseas we had to pay $6000 bank fees, this would ensure immediate same day clearance of the money. I told him we invested all our money into securing the contract, and asked him to take the money from the contract payment to pay the fees. He informed me that it needed to be a cash payment only into an account. Which again we paid and waited for that to clear.

Initially I was only suppose to be in KL for 7 days maximum. I ended up being there for 3 weeks trying to get the $4 million paid into our account.

Then the Malaysian flight went missing and the Minister we were dealing with, was no longer available to help us and referred my partner to his Deputy.

The Deputy then sent an email to my partner stating we have to pay almost $39,000 for money laundering/drug trafficking clearance certificate fees before they will release the USD$4 million.

The workers my partner put in place stopped working because of non payment, which is fair enough, no one will work for nothing over there, and my partner has been doing the work alone now for the past month.

Even the death of his father, during my time in KL, would not enforce sympathy from the Government to help us out to get my partner home for the sad!!!

Today 02.05.2014 almost 2 months later, my partner is still working offshore alone, and his Dad is finally being put to rest today without him being able to attend the funeral. And we still haven't been paid our contract money of $4 million.

I plea to anyone reading this, if you know how I can get my partner out of the hell hole he is in or if you know how or where to get help from. It would be much appreciated.

Life for my partner in Malaysia is miserable, and like other comments made, we too are sending him money to live when we can, but we, family and friends, are struggling financially to support him too now.

DO NOT do business with the corrupt Malaysian Government....we have learnt the hard way and are still suffering the consequences.

The only good thing I can say about KL is: it's so warm at nights and the hotel I stayed at called "D'Boutique Hotel" in Dengkil about 10 mins drive from Putrajaya, was awesome.

The staff really looked after me the whole 3 weeks I stayed there and really serve and take care of their patrons. Even the security at the hotel was really good. They ARE awesome!!...I have made friends at the hotel and look forward to visiting them again in the near future.
#idontknow on Apr 17, 2014 :
I live in Sabah specificly in Lahad Datu,firstly im sorry b'cause my bad english.You see that I live in LD,famous LD..i dont know what happen in the mainland but I can tell your how the condition here..crime,is our daily rutin*just joking*,i wonder how to describe my place,if the tourist's say 'crime often happen and the people's in here are bad',i can say they almost lies and dishonest,if its true then why many of them come back every years to here especially from China,neighbor country,Europe,Japan and others?Why prince William his wife visit our place?Its b'cause they feel like in home,they comfortable.Moreover many reseacher around the globe gathering here and stay lively for years continuing their works.We are friendly to them,dont believe ask them.As the people live here,we dislike tourists that feel so proud about himself,you know we treat everyone here the same,we like friendly persons and if yours close to us,we treat you like family and sure to help yours ..but dont 'touch' the religions and races issue b'cause its seriourly very very sensetive,its b'cause we are people with different background that live in harmony and compromise with each other,dont play with this bond kids..and of course there are bad people among us too,but not extremely bad,any place have bad people in the world,but many illegal immigrant's come here,they work,live,some of them are rude to us and toying with this issue and some are responsible on the tragedy that happen in 2013 and recently 2014,this hurt our reputation and pride..i dont want to make this comment long but as I know Malaysia along with Singapore are the safest place in South East Asia and 'I can say' among low rate crime in the world,view the statistic,Sabah is safest place in Malaysia..if I mistake in some point just ingnore me,read it...
#cameron on Apr 14, 2014 :
The crime level in Kuala Lumpur city is very feels very difficult that a city like that having these type of problem.
#Ivanhoe on Apr 12, 2014 :
Most of the crimes are that of opportunity and the organized crimes usually involve large targets were there is a good money return. The average individual who has a phone snatched or pick pocket is done by aboriginals in most cases because they are lazy to work and are not educated in the right areas to make them employable to get a decent job.
The government spoiled them with too much free money and they become useless baby makers creating another generation of bums. The non aboriginals get nothing and have to do well and have done well. Blaming foreigners for crimes Is not being honest about the real issues that creates the high crime rate. Corrupt government in all departments , including police adds to the problem.
#Anonymous on Apr 10, 2014 :
A post from Dave on Nov 01, 2013 caught my intention.

Is this really true that it happened to your friend? How is he now?
I have heard about this incident too, where a foreigner who had done with his project and payment in cheque term had been made to him. But he could not bank in the cheque as he has to pay tax.
#baker on Apr 09, 2014 :
Went to Malaysia for a month and travelled all over the place , never had a problem with anyone and being a white foreigner I stood out as not a whole lot like me walking around there. People were nice, and I never felt any worry about being victimized.
Naturally I used common sense and didn't flash a lot of money around or wear jewelry and when I used my phone I did so out of site of anyone.
The majority of Malays are not thieves
or bandits. Sure I sensed being observed here and there because a white person is not a common sight in most areas so I expected that but never once felt uncomfortable. Some may say I was lucky and happened not to run in to any shady people but I would argue that with all the areas I travelled to and stayed a couple days
It is much more likely that Malaysians in general are good people and I'm not letting them be white washed as being
gangster ridden. The government is another story but as a visitor that is non of my concern , it is up to the people to deal with and the people treated me well so for me this was the important thing.
#anonymous on Apr 09, 2014 :
Live in Malaysia since 1976, compared to the neighbouring country I can say malaysia is still safe to live. Robbery, murders, snatches etc are mostly people from India, Indonesia, Bangladesh who come here to live and they can't find a decent job. To earn extra money they are doing these crime and since they have been granted citizenship or permanent residence they will be recognised as a malaysian. The real malaysian will never do this although there are some but not many. Religious and racism are mostly immigrants from Indonesia or southern thailand. Malaysian people are open minded and professional. Mixng with the real malaysian will change your mind! Trust me. People are commenting bad about malaysia who claim themselves as a malaysian are actually outsiders using fake id.
#ron on Apr 07, 2014 :
First thing I noticed on arriving in Kuala Lumpur is the bars on all the Windows and doors of homes and many gated communities. An obvious indication of serious crime problems.
Staying with my wife's family who lives there I was not too concerned about anything happening and indeed my three weeks stay was nice and Malaysia in general is a nice country. Good climate and there are nice people there so in regard to the facist BN government and the islamic hoard
you just keep your mouth shut about government and religion and you'll be fine. Enjoy what the country has to offer and enjoy the good food , take safety precations as you would anywhere in regard to pick pockets and scam artists and your fine.
#albert on Apr 07, 2014 :
As a visitor for three weeks and staying with my wife's family who live there I had a good time not having to use any taxis or stay in any hotel or sit in bars getting drunk and be a target for unscrupulous individuals , my trip was nice I had the benefit of staying with family who live there and know the score in regard to areas were there are crime problems. One word of warning for any foreigners visiting there. This is not a democracy and saying anything unflattering about theBN
#rand on Mar 24, 2014 :
my friend worked in taiwan and she was extorted by Selim Muzzafer and Moffat Ibrahim of Malaysia .the money is amounting to 170 thousand pesos around 10 thousand ringgit.they played her .they masked themselves as Mr. Bobby Harrison of United Kingdom who traveled to Malaysia to encash a cheque amounting to two million ringgit.and they said that this bobby needs to pay some taxes and must open an account to encash the cheque.this Bobby Harrison courted my friend thru phone and e mail.and started to extort money from my friend the money was sent to Selim Muzzafer and Moffat they said that Bobby harrison still needs money because he was caught in the airport having this huge amount of money that he allegedly encashed. he is now facing a case which is money laundering .now his lawyers name is Harry Susman. the crime that this people are doing is international.I still believe in Justice system of Malaysia and Justice from God.i just hope and wish that their crime will be stop immediately.the money that they extorted were my friends sweat and blood for 2 and a half years working in taiwan. God Bless Malaysia
#fAs on Mar 17, 2014 :
I've bin visiting Malaysia since 1999 and I've lived all over the country with my friends and family and I've never had any problems. I stay out all weekend, we carry a lot of money and everything but I've never even had a tiny fear that someone will rob me or hurt me and if you're so scared in KL then how will you do in Johar and other places. I think Malaysia is very safe but then again I live in Karachi,Pakistan :P so these little crimes in Malaysia don't even seem like crimes. But I hope all who visit Malaysia stay safe and have a peaceful experience.
#RAKYAT on Mar 08, 2014 :
My experience is that 99.99% of them are very irritating and embarrassing the country with their act. And in most time they abusing their power pin pointing at local businesses and causing unnecessary troubles to the people just for the benefit of their own to earn extra money, and the situation are getting worse. In some cases, they even perform organized crime against innocent people.
#Dorian James on Mar 04, 2014 :
Like any other country there are areas that are known for crime and people avoid those areas at dusk but by what I have been reading seems to indicate that crime is rampant all over Malaysia and many brazen daytime robberies. This is a concern for me because I am going to Malaysia to visit in a few weeks. I guess it will not be so nice a visit if I'm walking around paranoid worrying about someone approaching me or their hand in me pocket. I'll take precautions of course and hope for the best and be observant of surroundings.
#Dave on Mar 04, 2014 :
Perhaps the police are not properly trained and equipped or their numbers have not kept up with the growing population and they are not paid adequately. This opens the door to bribes and looking the other way when crimes are happening , especially in the areas known for problems or hot spots as they are called. At the end of the day the government is responsible for the safety and security of it's people. If the government seems unwilling or unable to turn this around then they do not belong in power and need to vacate in favor of a leadership that will take action and control this chaos.
#Ramond on Mar 02, 2014 :
What can you expect, Malaysia is a Muslim country masquerading as a democracy. All countries benefit from a change of government every so many years to keep corruption in check. The crime rate will continue as nothing has changed politically sinse independance. Tourism is declining and will continue to do do despite the Malaysian government in power attempts to hide the true numbers of criminal acts against the malaysian people and visitors to the country. People report their experiences of being victimized on sites all over the net. Not like the old days when people were not informed and only had media propaganda to listen to.
#Dennis McClain on Mar 02, 2014 :
This is what happens when a government is in power for so many years with out a party change. It becomes corrupted and begins working towards it's own agenda and not that of the people. Government officials and their friends lining their own pockets and this is quite obvious when one reads about the crime rate and the currency being so low in value. This government must be defeated the next election and only this will bring about change to a country that could be the jewel in the ruff with compitent management.
#Rob on Mar 02, 2014 :
I will be visiting Malaysia in a week to stay with friends who live there for three weeks. I will have them to travel with who know all the criminals behavior's and have told me what to watch out for. But being a white male I know I will stand out and so according to much I have read on many sites I will be a target. I guess there is not a lot I can do but not carry too much money at a time and when I go anywhere, but I won't travel around alone that's for sure. I hope I won't be victimized because I know that most Malaysians are good people and are happy to have tourist's visit their country and spend money that is good for the economy.
#Rose on Feb 18, 2014 :
A woman in kuala lumpur is going with husband called Deborah rani Abeshegam work s for company called Kcom and since then my husband is lying that he is going to work while he is going to see her she so desperate and to come to UK
#Sony on Feb 16, 2014 :
Malaysia it's just ok nothing interesting ..
#samy on Feb 12, 2014 :
Horrible country now. Super high crime rates, bad air pollution, gangsters operating freely all over the place, politician are crooks, rubbish all over the place and people drive like idiots! The police are like almost non-existence or too busy taking bribes. The education system made the people racists, ignorant and have low sense of civic mindedness. A lot of good people have already left the country! Of course there are some really nice people here too and the variety of food is great and super cheap! Can be a very good country due to it's geographical position, good climate and natural resources.
#Bosco Kong on Feb 10, 2014 :
I "was" a Malaysian for 30+ years. Crimes do exist in any countries but Malaysia just worse than average. I have plenty relatives encountered crimes one way or the other.

... being robbed (3 relatives (handbag snatching) and 1 being robbed twice at pasar pagi and no ones helping)

.... same neighbor have their house ransacked twice in 2 years. A bunch of guys drove a lorry up to the driveway when the couple gone out to work. Removed the gates and helped themselves. The house was cleared both times. Perhaps same bunch of guys keeping track our our neighbors all the time?

.... another neighbor bought a brand new Toyota Altos and gone the 2nd day. Electric gates were lifted away and took the car midnight.

..... recently a relative's house has been broke in by 2 robbers. They managed to break in and got to the living room area at 9 PM. My relative locked themselves in a room and called police but they never showed up, luckily neighbors bundled up and scared the robbers away. Police station only less than 3 miles away.

.. Many years ago, I was stopped by a polis gemuk and told me that I was speeding. Hmmm how fast can I sped at KL's where while the people at the street can walk faster than my car in traffic ???? So, I gave him some coins and a few ringgits. He got mad with me, saying coins too heavy but took them anyway. To me, I bought my freedom from highway robbers. A few ringgits simply not worth my time debating with him.

You will see news from newspapers that kids being kidnapped and hardly any of them have been rescued from time to time. That's pretty scary if you are trying to raise young kids there.

#Nald - learning Karate eh ? I was in Karate for more than 10 years, couple years in BJJ/Judo, did body building and now doing hardcore Aikido (the one for police training). I am confident enough to say, I have no trouble taking 3 untrained persons who can be larger than me - 200 lbs. But I will probably pee my pants off if 3 crazy midgets charging at me with parangs (popular crime weapons).

You just need to be careful of what you wear, where and when you go in Kuala Lumpur. It is not as what you think and read from the news. Oh Yeah, best place to retire .. Malaysia ! Racism is the policy, corruption is part of the process. Some states are getting better but others getting worse. Do your homework and don't believe in fairy tales. If you have tons of money then things will be different. You can stay in gated community, have a driver to take you everywhere and buy your way to anything.

Aside from the crimes, Malaysia is indeed a beautiful country, virtually free from natural disasters and relatively cheap in medical as compared to the West.
#Tom on Feb 07, 2014 :
Indian Malay and Malay people are really dangerous.
#Tvenor on Feb 07, 2014 :
Malaysia police are horrible They stop u and take money from you for no reason .. Malaysia is bad bad bad bad bad ..
I hate malaysia so much.