Crime in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Crime rates in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Level of crime
69.41 High
Crime increasing in the past 3 years
72.60 High
Worries home broken and things stolen
65.01 High
Worries being mugged or robbed
70.16 High
Worries car stolen
62.42 High
Worries things from car stolen
67.73 High
Worries attacked
60.13 High
Worries being insulted
50.29 Moderate
Worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin color, ethnic origin, gender or religion
45.32 Moderate
Problem people using or dealing drugs
58.73 Moderate
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft
69.01 High
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery
66.53 High
Problem corruption and bribery
82.10 Very High

Safety in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Safety walking alone during daylight
51.96 Moderate
Safety walking alone during night
26.15 Low

Contributors: 720

Last update: May 2021

These data are based on perceptions of visitors of this website in the past 3 years.

If the value is 0, it means it is perceived as very low, and if the value is 100, it means it is perceived as very high.

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39 Comments so far
Expatboy on Apr 20, 2021:
Hi, as an expat, I have been living in Malaysia for 10 years. 5 years in Penang and 5 years in KL. I found them friendly and peaceful people and the country is beautiful. I think the comments are unfair about KL. If you know what areas to avoid and look after your belongings in the public transport, you are safe. It is one of the safest capital cities I have ever seen.
Destroyed Telephone on Apr 07, 2021:
Kuala Lumpur Is One of the Safest Cities in the world
Chad on Dec 10, 2020:
These are based on 'perceptions of visitors of this website' so most likely do not reflect the actual situation in reality.
Having said that, the worries probably do have a basis as they likely reflect the general view of crime here and should not be ignored.
Ketupat Kadir on Nov 16, 2020:
K.L can be dangerous in certain areas, especially now that Covid-19 has caused job losses.
No jobs, no money results in higher burglary rates. Pretty fucked up.
SkySteeze on Aug 04, 2020:
ive been in PJ in sunway area for 5 months now, im a white guy, one of the few, roam the streets at midnight often, wishing somebody would. Sunway area is incredibly safe
Chris on Apr 29, 2020:
PS. Dunno if that was because I don't look ''properly'' Western/European, but more like Middle Eastern/Northern Indian.
Chris on Apr 29, 2020:
Unbelievable! Felt very safe in the heart of the city there twice, although I stayed in a central area with a bad name, Central Market. Lots of homeless ppl there, but never felt threatened by them. Walked many times from there to Jalan alone in the evening,felt ok. The only prob is the taxi drivers ( mainly Indian ones ) who refused to use taximetres.
Schaeffn on Dec 06, 2019:
My luggage was robbed at the airport coach bus starting at central station.
I made a report at the airport police and wait, wait ... I hear no and reaktion.
I traveled every year to malaysia now I stop. Ist's the second time I was robbery.
Farang on Oct 29, 2019:
Absolutely ridiculous, I've walked to and fro the streets night and day, and nothing has ever happened, the night life is perfectly fine. There are literal African countries on this site with better ratings, all this shite is greatly exaggerated.
Cheating Spouse on Oct 14, 2019:
Thanking a lot of you for sharing the useful.
Truely Asia on Jul 25, 2019:
Wew. only one way to explain the situation.

We have accepted too many foreigners. Thanks for making our safe city unsafe.
Mburi Mpadan on May 23, 2019:
Najib Razak used to keep ringgit notes in his arsehole, sometimes even RM1000/-. Najib would stash some notes under his cock for safekeeping in case the police did a search ! Kuala Lumpur crime is like shit in the arsehole. Scammers from Africa are in K.L. to con.
Anonymous on Apr 25, 2019:
*I meant not walk and talk on the phone.. be alert is the key
Jokes Intern on Apr 22, 2019:
Thats guy mentioned - Make a photocopy of your passport and its sufficients for police checks -- You probably a white guy/woman to say that .. Its basically not applied to other foreigners ... Which you are literally right though -- A photocopy should be sufficient but not when a system in Malaysia is broken and can't be trusted and they would want to see your original passport lol ... Next time dude -- Just say -- Photocopies is sufficient for only white people ... Got it??
Anonymous on Apr 02, 2019:
Malaysian here living in KL for 30 years. I am sorry many of you experienced horrible cases in KL. I just hope some of the pointers I make here can provide you some help.

1. Do not travel alone especially at night. If you are looking for evening event, visit some of the bars in hotel or shopping mall.

2. Photocopy your passport and keep the original locked in a safe. Most hotel provide a safe. Most cases a photocopy of your passport is sufficient for police checks.

3. If you are in danger, dial 999 or 112 for police or ambulance.

4. Avoid using your phone while on the sidewalk of traffic, snatch thief on motorcycle is common here.
Erik on Mar 23, 2019:
I meet one man in Kuala Lumpur that asked me if I had honey in my asshole. It was a local malaysian.
Jim on Mar 13, 2019:
I got raped in the ass by Najib Razak and he licked my arsehole after. Fuck Malaysia
anon. on Mar 09, 2019:
Malaysia is beautiful. Rainforests, mountains, rivers etc. But the police are fucked up, like Najib Razak's government. Kuala Lumpur was safe 15 years ago. Fucked up today.
Abdul Firdaus on Mar 07, 2019:
All that about MH370 & MH17 are one & the same plane. Najib Razak fucked around, just to get mega rich.
Najib & Rosma Mansur(fucked up cunt) knew all along that there was very big money in the downing of MH17(MH370). JoLau has fucked off once Najib lost the last elections.
Pan on Feb 05, 2019:
Guys avoid Malaysia. I lost my purse in gokl bus. There was a gang of 4 or 5 guys. But u can't do anything. They are in a group.guys avoid Malaysia for ur safety. Crime is very high in Malaysia and police do nothing. Police have a nexus with criminal. They will just write report and will do nothing. I lost around 1000 dollars.they snatch in front of u and u will do nothing. They all have weapons.
Walter on Dec 07, 2018:
Are there lots of car thefts ? Do people use car anti theft locks or alarms ? Can someone post the link of those anti theft devices in Kuala Lumpur ?
Anonymous on Oct 16, 2018:
Yeah is not very safe but just beware of surrounding (especially thief).. it safe during daytime at tourist area like KLCC, Mid Valley, Sunway Lagoon, not that safe during midnight.. (dont go at uncrowded area or the back of shop building.).. dont show your valuable thing and keep it inside your beg and put at front body went travel here.. i as malaysian feel unsafe when go there and avoid meet stranger if feel suspicious..
Anonymous on Aug 15, 2018:
Those saying Malaysia is "not that dangerous comparing to other country" are pure bullshitting.
Only at the age of 26 do i dare to enter KL for the first time for 1 night & guess what? bike snatch thief right after reaching,Time Square Plaza right by the road. No one offered to help but only witnessing.

Police in Malaysia? forget about it. Even Grab/taxi driver laugh over the idea of reporting case to their police.
On duty front desk police can't speak/type basic English, eating chocolate while thinking of how to brush you off the station. period.
IO on duty was replaced by another colleague, waited 30 minutes only to face a officer who isn't even the IO on duty & the best part was upon entering the office the officer is sitting there smoking "what a image" just to take another statement which was already provided at the front desk.
I even provided them with the location of the phone through tracking apps but it is obvious the police does not bother enough at all.

Overall a nightmare & waste of time as you cannot trust anyone there, not even the police.
You can consider entering the country with perhaps a baton/knuckle to prepare some ass whopping action.

God bless & i am also sorry to be reading other victim story which trigger me about the incident.
Myles on Jul 21, 2018:
I went to Kuala Lumpur for 1 week, I felt pretty safe however, I travelled with a group of people. I loved Kuala Lumpur but I don't know if I'd go there by myself.
Anonymous on May 16, 2018:
I been robbed 3 times robber use knife, knuckle and scissors. Scam a few times kuala lumpur it's crimes city. Not recommend for foreign walking alone in the middle of the night. It's not safe also many corruption.. a lot immigrants Bangladesh,India, Indonesia, Myanmar,Nepal, Arab, Nigeria, Ghana etc.
tae on Apr 05, 2018:
wow people overreact malaysia is one of them more safer countries in southeast asia, seems like people have spammed
Welss on Mar 29, 2018:
The police are the worst of them all they come to your house and without warrant force you to open the door and want to check your house without telling you anything.About three of them without uniform just left my house now. im staying with my husband they came 10 pm in the night and ask if they can check our house first i dont think its the proper time I said why we argue for a while then they said we know what blacks do here in malaysia I said what do they do they,they said fraud and many things then I said you are wrong cos you dont know who ia m andd what I do and if you argue more we wright a bad report for you and jial you so if you have money just pay or folows to police station I ask for what reason then they ask for passport I gave my ICARD THEY SAID WE NEED PASSPORT I SAID NO YOU CANT ALL MY INFOS ARE THERE IN THE CARD THEN THEY SAID HOW LONG ARE YOU HERE I SAID FEW YEARS THEY SAID OPEN THE DOOR I REFUSE I ASK FOR the search WARRANt AND ID THEY GAVE ID CARD BUT NO WARRANT THEY DIDNT WEAR UNIFORM I HAVE HEARD NEWS OF THEM BURSTING BLACK PEOPLE HOUSE TAKING MANY THINGS AND FORCING THEM TO PAY SOME HUGE MONEY STEAL MANY THInGS and if you allow them to eneter if they couldn't find anything they will drop drug or any illegal things on the ground and said they found it in your house just to have something to use against you . SO I WAS AFRAID TO OPEN THE door ,WITH a LONG TIME CONVERSTAION THEY SAID THEY ARE LOOKING FOR CHINESE GUY AND THAT IS WHY THEY ARE HERE I SAID IM BLACK GIRLand I stay here with my husband AND IM NOT DOING WHAT YOU THINK OTHERS DO IM LEGAL HERE AND IF YOU DONT MIND I NEED TO GO NOW THEY SHOUTED ALOT AT ME INTIMIDATING Me BUT I JUST STOOD MY GROUND, AND LATER THEY SAID WE WILL BE BACK AND THEY LEFT ,TELL me WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEan JUST BECAUSE IM BLACK YOU THINK IM A FRAUD AND MANY STUPID THINGS ,SO MUCH RACISM ,NOT ALL MALAYSIANS ARE GOOD AND THAT IS HOW IT IS ALL OVER THE WORLD ,JUST BECAUES MR A IS BAD DOES NOT MAKE MR B A BAD GUY BUT ITS UNFORTUNATE THE CORRUPTIN IN THE SECURITY SECTOR IS TOO HIGH AND NO ONE CAN BEAT it COS THEY GET CASH FROM IT AND THEY GET AWAY WITH IT ,JUST QUIT BEing RACISt, IF YOU KNOW THAT IS NOT IN YOUR QURAN to treat others just to get advantage of them then stop the intimidation . COS YOU ARE ALWAYS A VISITOR EVERYWHERE YOU GO AND IF YOU WANT TO BE TREATED WELL TREAT OTHERS WELL. many Malaysians also join the police to do all sort of shi setting blacks up with police just to rob them and steal from them its bad one day you will reap whatever you sow and if blacks are the biggest problem in Malaysia then its not a country cos many people both foreigner and citizens are so corrupt this days security is just not attained yet in Malaysia
Chris on Feb 23, 2018:
Hi Gina, is your partner resolved and how was it settled. Please share.

#Gina on May 02, 2014 :

My partner signed an offshore contract with Malaysian Government and Petronas end of January 2014. He paid over $140,000.00 to secure the contract worth over USD$4 million. 

The period of the contract is for between January & October 2014. Once the contract had been signed by all parties involved, he was shown the smaller print on the contract which stated he had to pay Revenue Tax to the Malaysian Government of over $25,000 and upon payment of the Revenue Tax the awarded contract money will then be paid to the beneficiary, my partner. 
PG on Feb 19, 2018:
Mainland Malaysia was a safe place a few years ago , that is no longer the case today , and should be avoided .
simon on Nov 04, 2017:
been staying n KL for a year and robbed 3 times. an extremely danger place.
Hasan Riazudin on Oct 23, 2017:
Your P.M., Najib Razak is too busy counting up his billions of dollars he scammed from "donations" to be concerned about reducing crime. Bank fraud in Malaysia has not really been dealt with.

Kalau bolih tipu dapat duit, buatlah ! Depan tipu belakang tipu !
Anonymous on Oct 07, 2017:
I went to Malaysia last weekend for 3 days. I don't know anything about the place but I know how to be careful on streets during the night. For me, Kuala Lumpur is safe because I was able to walk alone at night going to Petronas and Changkat area.
Anonymous on Sep 16, 2017:
if the police stopped you and there is something wrong with your car or you didnt put seatbelt on they will threaten you that the will have to issue a Summon with a large number (not logical) , then if you agree he will process and will ask are you sure you want a summon? if you said yes he will offer to let you go with a little amount of money, in other way he will be begin you not to give a summon and take a bribe....Malaysia Boleh! lol
Soh on Sep 03, 2017:
I haven't seen anyone mentioned anything about mat rempit, which I'm 'fortunate' to witness and experience the sound pollution they make EVERY night even during national holidays, such as (for the past few days) - National day and Hari Raya Haji. Oh my, they are especially 'hardworking' folks who start 'working' on their stunts and test drives their motorcycles incessantly regardless of holidays, maybe only a rain or tropical storm can stop 'em perfecting their *skills* You can read a terse description about them here:

Naturally my rating for crime rate in this place is very high.
Taraj on Aug 17, 2017:
Going there in next 2 weeks, let's see how it goes...
I'll be back here to leave a comment about it.
Ming on Jul 28, 2017:
Well deserve the deep red rating. My mom who has spent all her 50+ year life in kl stays home whenever possible to avoid being robbed. A lot of the locals will tell you that if you have never been robbed, stuffs stolen, or home burglarized then you are not a local. Our homes were broken into once and the police tried very hard to convince us not to file a police report, and in the end it was us begging them to let us file a report for fear of id theft. This place is super f****d up and racism is commom practice.
Lucy on Jul 19, 2017:
I'm seeing all this comments and rates, which are not very true.
This crime in Malaysia is real, but not as dangerous like people think. Yes, a motorcycle can break your car's windows and rob your bag, but compared to other countries Malaysia is safe. Believe me or not me living 5 years in Malaysia have not encountered any crime at all. Except at one time that a guy in a motorcycle broke our window for no reason or maids stealing stuff. It's worth visiting Kuala Lumpur and it's not really that dangerous compared to other countries. Of course if a crime is in Malaysia there will 1 million copies of that crime, but it rarely happens. Of course every country has crime, but I'm just saying you're quite safe in Malaysia, Kuala lumpur.
Wayne on Jul 02, 2017:
definitely a city with high crime one should ever walk alone during night time...
Arman on Jun 19, 2017:
I had a plan to go to kualalumpur for 10 days on vacation, as I saw the comments I changed my mind, it doesn't worth visiting kualalumpur because of so many crimes reported.