Crime in Highland, CA, United States

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Anthony and Carmen Billingsley on Jan 20, 2019:
7717 church ave, Highland, ca have become a very high crime park. Several vehicles have been stolen and broken into. RV's have been broken into and radios, tv's, and other items have been stolen. Bicycles that are chained have been stolen, drugs are being sold and several complaints have been made but management acts like they don't know about it. Needles have been found in the park exposed to anyone including children. We have transients coming in and out with no safety put in place by management. They want residents to pay for security, we've asked for at least a gate with each resident having the code, and no one can come in to visit unless they call from the call box and all resident vehicles have a sticker so we know who belongs and who doesn't. Every year the rent goes up and we do not see new improvements for the safety of the residents. We need more speed bumps not new cabinets for the clubhouse. We need the residents who drive fast and do not stop at stop signs to be cited. We need bobwire installed to the back fences or for the fences to be put higher so the transients will stop going over it. We need more lighting throughout the park and cameras. the owners and managers here do not care about the safety of the residents they only care about making money. Its sad how 3 attorneys can not see beyond the good old dollar bill. But I am sure if someone gets seriously injured or killed in this park, something will be done after a lawsuit is in place.