Crime in Caracas, Venezuela

Crime rates in Caracas, Venezuela

Level of crime
95.58 Very High
Crime increasing in the past 3 years
90.48 Very High
Worries home broken and things stolen
76.23 High
Worries being mugged or robbed
91.07 Very High
Worries car stolen
88.17 Very High
Worries things from car stolen
87.53 Very High
Worries attacked
82.36 Very High
Worries being insulted
67.45 High
Worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin color, ethnic origin, gender or religion
39.68 Low
Problem people using or dealing drugs
76.45 High
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft
88.08 Very High
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery
93.79 Very High
Problem corruption and bribery
96.01 Very High

Safety in Caracas, Venezuela

Safety walking alone during daylight
17.96 Very Low
Safety walking alone during night
4.64 Very Low

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Last update: June 2021

These data are based on perceptions of visitors of this website in the past 3 years.

If the value is 0, it means it is perceived as very low, and if the value is 100, it means it is perceived as very high.

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10 Comments so far
Anonymous on Feb 04, 2021:
dont listen to the guy below he is trying to troll you
Anonymous on Dec 15, 2020:
Wow! I love this city! So beautifal and safe! So much of best in everything! I totally love it!

Antony Bell on Aug 09, 2020:
Whilst in Caracas in 2002,I noticed that even in the centre of the city, poverty was the main reason that I would never again visit Venezuela, bad and corrupt government, and desperate people. The world should know about this.
Kieran Stark on Jan 13, 2019:
Thank God #brent is being entirely sarcastic, eh?????

Kieran Stark on Jan 13, 2019:
We all fucking hate Caracas more than almost everything in the world. Take a look at the crime rate, and you will find out why Caracas is SEVERELY ruined. Down with sexism!!!! Down with poverty!!!! Down with stealing!!!! Down with discrimination!!!!! Down with innocent animals dying!!!!! Down with forcing people to starve!!!!! Down with being unable to go out without a parent!!!!! Down with shootings!!!!!! Down with toilet humour!!!!!!! Down with snobs!!!!!!
brent on Aug 27, 2018:
Such a great country! A lot of little lolitas with nice ass to exploit! That 's the big life! Only with a burger a day! Fantastic! Good job, President! Cheers!
Anonymous on Feb 15, 2018:
Help!!!!! Help!!!! Venezuela used to be a very safety country a few years ago, but then we bet on socialism to make the country even better: THAT WAS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER. Venezuelan people are living a nightmare every single day. The country is collapsing. The hungry is so huge that people kill each other for dog's food for horse food, there are no more human food except of course for the socialist liders. Frequently groups of bandits invade venezuelan houses and kill everybody inside just to see if you have something in the refrigerator. Cannibalism is already a reality. I am very thankfull for the countries that are accepting us.
Oinky Doinky on Jan 29, 2018:
Welp, bad.

Don't go here unless you want to die in 4.7 seconds
Gucci Pump on Nov 06, 2017:
I was walking around outside. I was robbed of my balance by my balance. My sight stole the eclipse. State of the Nation more like City of the Country. It is an opposite world in Venezuela. Here, cops are shot for having fake guns instead of black people. Church shootings are carried out by members of the church in order to stop the slowing of Satan's rebirth. It's so cheap that in order to save elements, you breath H10. I'll never forget what happend there when I was 27. I was about to get shot but then i remembered the trick was not to get shot and the bullet robbed the gun of its control and shot the owner of the firearm. They don't even call them firearms. They are called arms. Because no one has arms anymore because they are replaced with guns. Their hearts are replaced with metal cartridges full of ammunition. SSG won worlds.
Lil Chump on Nov 06, 2017:
Hey guys
Back at it again with some fresh bars
I make living by stealing foreign cars
We have lower quality of living than mars
We have a monarch, I would rather call him Csar

Take all the pictures of dead folks like a paparazzi
THey call me hitler, I call them papa nazi