Crime in Cape Town, South Africa

Crime rates in Cape Town, South Africa

Level of crime
82.89 Very High
Crime increasing in the past 3 years
80.62 Very High
Worries home broken and things stolen
69.32 High
Worries being mugged or robbed
72.06 High
Worries car stolen
63.98 High
Worries things from car stolen
72.93 High
Worries attacked
64.42 High
Worries being insulted
54.87 Moderate
Worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin colour, ethnic origin or religion
51.20 Moderate
Problem people using or dealing drugs
74.46 High
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft
75.24 High
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery
78.83 High
Problem corruption and bribery
83.55 Very High

Safety in Cape Town, South Africa

Safety walking alone during daylight
47.49 Moderate
Safety walking alone during night
14.58 Very Low

Contributors: 421

Last update: October 2019

These data are based on perceptions of visitors of this website in the past 3 years.

If the value is 0, it means it is perceived as very low, and if the value is 100, it means it is perceived as very high.

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17 Comments so far

#Anonymous on Oct 09, 2019 :
I disagree with others saying Cape Town is more safer than Johannesburg.Johannesburg only has specific crimes where as in Cape Town is the crime capital.
#Ted on Aug 17, 2019 :
My wife and l have visited Cape Town twice now, without any problems. The place we stay at take care to see we're not going places that are not safe. Most times we'll go by taxi to dinner at night unless we know the place well. Perhaps we've been fortunate to have a problem free visit. It breaks my heart to read stories of the crime rates and incidents as we've been charmed by the people we've met across the country, they don't deserve this. Many of the comments here are good advice. Don't act stupid or go where you have no business going and you should be fine. As for the don't look like a tourist comment. Forget it, you'll stand out as a non local regardless of what you do, those who watch for it will pick that out straight away. We hope to go back again if we can, sadly it's far away and expensive to get there for us.
#Kate on Feb 24, 2019 :
One more thing: "South Africans have an astonishing weakness for drama ...", according to "Anonymous".

Try living in South Africa.

I come from a middle class family, well educated and have always loved in "safe" areas in South Africa.

Yet ... I know PERSONALLY the following attacks in CLOSE friends and family:

1. Attack on cousin's business. Broke his back and palate. Also burned his security guards alive.

2. Close family friend robbed and killed at his car. For his wallet.

3. Close family friend burgled as she was closing her business. They killed her as she had already banked her takings and had nothing to give them.

4. Sister if no. 3 was carjacked when her mother was driving. She was pregnant and could not reach to undo her seatbelt quick enough, so they shot her and pulled her out. Her baby survived at 34 weeks, she did not.

5. Cousin was burgled as she drove into her driveway. Her large dogs scared them off, but not before one of the perpetrators pulled her earrings from her ears, tearing the lobes through.

6. Brother in law attacked in his home when he confronted a burglar in the early morning hours. Cut through his hand, but neighbours had given chase as the burglar had tried the house next door. Their having a gun saved my BIL.

7. Elderly family friend brutally raped in her home and left for dead.

I feel sick sharing even those stories. And I am ONE person. I have plenty more, but there is no point.

This is simply NOT a safe country. End of.
#Kate on Feb 24, 2019 :
I lived in Cape Town for over 25 years. I have also lived in Central London, South EAST London and Vamcouver, Canada.

It is mind blowing that Americans are telling South Africans how safe Cape Town is. Are you for real?!

This garbage "migrant caravan" story is not only a lie, but it sickens me.

As for Cape Town:

1. DO NOT WALK ALONE AT NIGHT. At all. Be careful in small groups.
2. PREFERABLY, don't go out after dark if you are a tourist.
3. DO NOT drive with windows down.
4. DO NOT stop at a red light if you suspect there are loiterers who may carjack you.
5. DO NOT EVER try to hold onto a bag if someone threatens you ... they WILL NOT THINK TWICE about stabbing or shooting you.
6. As many trustworthy police officers as there are (my brother was one), there are at least 0.5 dirty ones.
7. Security guards are not always to be trusted either. Particularly if you are a woman/group if women travelling.
8. THE COUNTRY IS JUST NOT SAFE. End of. As a tourist you are advised to use guided tours. It's your safest choice.
#Anonymous on Feb 13, 2019 :
"Amanda", we already have countries on our border that trounce South Africa in a crime competition. The average American isn't going to be frightened of South Africa in the slightest when we have far worse next door. A whole chain of them, from Mexico down to Colombia. These are significantly more violent, corrupt countries according to experts.

Unlike above, tourist murders almost never happen in Cape Town and across South Africa more widely. South Africans have an astonishing weakness for drama, pretending to live in the aforementioned Colombia or Mexico is a pet favorite of theirs.

South Africans are "desensitized" you say? "South Africans"??? XD You do have the correct nationality, right? Lol, ok. XD XD XD

You sound a lot like the expat on MyBB, Intel/Mr Kalashnikov. He has a different username now. Mirror? Something like that! XD
#Amanda on Feb 02, 2019 :
I live in America. I got so depressed I wanted to move away. So I googled this City. After reading what you guys say about the city, you truly have no idea how scary everything you say about this city is to me. I live in small town. I realize “Crime” is everywhere. However why is it this way? For me a tourist wanting to visit, but fearing I may die??? Where I Live it isn’t anything like you speak of. Your desensitized to crime and maybe are starting to not realize it as years go by more and more. I so wish I could visit your country safely.
#Anonymous on Oct 27, 2018 :
The scale of exaggeration in his comment is scary. It sounds like Mali he's describing, not South Africa.

The forced use of caps to try and scare people lmfao #Embarrassing
#Anonymous on Oct 27, 2018 :
"#Anonymous on Nov 02, 2016 :
What a lot of crap, written by stupid people and their fearful perveptions. I mean 'Don't go out after 10 pm?'"

You're referring to 'Matthews' right? Yeah!

Can you imagine him trying to survive in Honduras? Just another South African with a very poor mental attitude.
#Sam on Aug 23, 2018 :
Do not go walking after dark. After sunset, just stay in hotel or go by taxi. Many thieves are standing on sidewalks at night. Gangs. At night, go out by car only and be careful at traffic light stops. Safer than Johannesburg.
#anonymous on Apr 20, 2017 :
hi good day I need numbers or help people in my community is vandalising council property throwing out lamp poles and breaking walls and writing on walls how can I report this please help.....
#Anonymous on Mar 19, 2017 :
Do not visit the townships like Nyanga or Khayelitsha. Almost certain to get mugged, kidnapped or even murdered!!
#tamboered on Feb 18, 2017 :
If you are a tourist doing touristy things, and are sensible about where and when you move about, then
Cape Town is a very safe city. I know , I have lived here all my life and have traveled abroad extensively.
Ask the millions of tourist who come here annually and they will agree.
#Anonymous on Nov 02, 2016 :
What a lot of crap, written by stupid people and their fearful perveptions. I mean 'Don't go out after 10 pm?'

Survey of just 153 visitors out of millions who visit each year.
#Amy McDonald on Aug 19, 2016 :
Cape Town has beautiful scenery, but sadly is a very DANGEROUS place. I've been living here for over 20 years, and it has only gotten worse.

MURDER of tourists is a reality.
CORRUPTION with the CAPE TOWN POLICE is so rife, that if you don't pay BRIBES you will be beaten to a pulp. My son's friend is a black Xhosa, and he was brutally beaten up in CAPE TOWN.
CAPE TOWN POLICE have been involved in RAPE, MURDER, and THEFT. How do you report a RAPE that was done by a POLICEMAN?
RACISM is rife.
#Robin on Jul 03, 2016 :
Cape Town is really beautiful and relatively safe. You just need to stick to the rules. Stay away from crime areas, don't wander around the city at night unless you are with a local. Don't leave valuables in your car. If you need to, make sure they are not visible. If you are partying be careful if you have had too much to drink and are partying in places like Long Street. You are a target for pickpocketing. If you don't go into dodgy areas, like in any city, you will be fine. Don't be flash, it will attract attention of undesirable elements. Take just the basics with you. Don't wander around in isolated areas at night. Stick to the civilised, well-managed, well-policed places and you will be fine.
#Matthews on Mar 15, 2016 :
South Africa is nice place if you know what you are doing here is a few tips
1. If you are a local or are friends with one ask them to come with you so you won't look like a tourist.
2. If you are a tourist don't be barging and showing off aka (DON'T GO SHOWING OFF YOU GUCCI) And also don't look like a tourist gangs and bangers will look for that
3. Don't take pictures infront of houses because someone may just come out with a few questions and probs a 9 with him too
4. If you can try to arm yourself. Now I'm not saying buy on illegally but ask a friend for one (Police don't do random checks unless you are playing with it infront of them) A stun gun will do to and you need no licences for one
5. Don't go out before 10 pm unless you are a local or have grown up there. This is for girls inexplicably
6. Don't goto any poor area stick with the attractions
7. Try not to start shit with the police/security you are just another statistic to them
8.Don't drive a fancy car and dont leave any Phones or cards inside
10. Try no to start fights if you go out to clubs because most of the time if they are local the most likely have a gun
#Bill W on Dec 14, 2015 :
Travelling with English cricket tour very soon. Very helpful comments.