Cost of Living in Yangon

Restaurants [ Edit ] Range
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 3.00 $ 1.50-4.50
Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 20.00 $ 15.00-30.00
McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal) 4.40 $ 3.50-6.00
Domestic Beer (1 pint draught) 1.00 $ 0.90-1.50
Imported Beer (12 oz small bottle) 1.50 $ 1.00-3.00
Cappuccino (regular) 2.09 $ 1.20-3.00
Coke/Pepsi (12 oz small bottle) 0.49 $ 0.30-1.00
Water (12 oz small bottle) 0.29 $ 0.15-0.50
Markets [ Edit ]
Milk (regular), (1 gallon) 4.87 $ 3.79-5.78
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (1 lb) 1.27 $ 0.64-2.27
Rice (white), (1 lb) 0.81 $ 0.23-1.45
Eggs (regular) (12) 1.37 $ 1.00-2.00
Local Cheese (1 lb) 9.07 $
Chicken Breasts (Boneless, Skinless), (1 lb) 2.72 $ 2.27-4.54
Beef Round (1 lb) (or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat) 2.51 $ 2.27-2.75
Apples (1 lb) 1.52 $ 0.91-2.27
Banana (1 lb) 0.64 $ 0.36-0.91
Oranges (1 lb) 1.59 $ 0.91-2.27
Tomato (1 lb) 0.23 $ 0.11-0.34
Potato (1 lb) 0.40 $ 0.10-0.45
Onion (1 lb) 0.46 $ 0.34-0.59
Lettuce (1 head) 0.60 $ 0.30-1.00
Water (1.5 liter bottle) 0.66 $ 0.31-1.00
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range) 8.00 $ 7.57-10.00
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle) 0.98 $ 0.76-2.00
Imported Beer (12 oz small bottle) 1.65 $ 0.95-3.00
Cigarettes 20 Pack (Marlboro) 2.27 $ 1.35-3.00
Transportation [ Edit ]
One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 0.15 $ 0.13-0.15
Monthly Pass (Regular Price) 14.54 $ 9.08-20.00
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 1.00 $ 1.00-1.20
Taxi 1 mile (Normal Tariff) 1.77 $ 1.61-1.93
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 3.00 $ 1.00-5.00
Gasoline (1 gallon) 2.65 $ 2.00-3.03
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (Or Equivalent New Car) 30,269.44 $ 20,000.00-50,000.00
Toyota Corolla 1.6l 97kW Comfort (Or Equivalent New Car) 32,500.00 $ 20,000.00-100,000.00
Utilities (Monthly) [ Edit ]
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 915 sq ft Apartment 25.00 $ 10.00-35.00
1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans) 0.02 $ 0.02-0.02
Internet (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) 100.00 $ 90.00-500.00
Sports And Leisure [ Edit ]
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult 46.12 $ 25.00-75.00
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend) 6.00 $ 3.00-7.57
Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat 3.00 $ 2.27-4.00
Childcare [ Edit ]
Preschool (or Kindergarten), Full Day, Private, Monthly for 1 Child 316.67 $ 200.00-500.00
International Primary School, Yearly for 1 Child 8,000.00 $ 2,000.00-15,000.00
Clothing And Shoes [ Edit ]
1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar) 41.99 $ 30.00-52.97
1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, H&M, ...) 36.54 $ 22.70-50.00
1 Pair of Nike Running Shoes (Mid-Range) 89.59 $ 80.00-100.00
1 Pair of Men Leather Business Shoes 100.00 $ 75.67-150.00
Rent Per Month [ Edit ]
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre 800.00 $ 600.00-1,800.00
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre 378.14 $ 100.00-700.00
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre 1,940.00 $ 1,000.00-3,000.00
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre 1,183.33 $ 500.00-2,000.00
Buy Apartment Price [ Edit ]
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment in City Centre 130.94 $ 13.94-200.00
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment Outside of Centre 30.21 $ 18.86-50.00
Salaries And Financing [ Edit ]
Average Monthly Net Salary (After Tax) 200.00 $
Mortgage Interest Rate in Percentages (%), Yearly, for 20 Years Fixed-Rate 11.25 10.00-13.00

Prices in Yangon

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Last update: October 2019
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51 Comments so far

#Anonymous on Oct 20, 2019 :
its looks common man leaving cost is a higher side.
#Anonymous on Oct 11, 2019 :
Non-stop nuns' disturbance in Yangon is the worst in the world because Yangon nuns abuse speaker with the loudest volume and shout all day long which can be heard from a 12th floor apartment, very disturbing indeed.

Speaker use should be banned in Yangon considering to return quality life to Yangon residents.

Speaker abuse without permission should be punished for 5 days in jail or 0.3 million kyat fine to deter all who abuse speaker such as nuns, monks, peddlers, rubbish collector, food seller, etc.

Someone in YCDC should be responsible for the suffering of Yangon residents due to speaker abuse until so far because someone's not performing his job to support quality life to Yangon residents so Yangon residents are suffering the consequences now.
#Anonymous on Aug 11, 2019 :
Democracy is just plainly the greatest ripoff which all people in Myanmar have ever been suffering now under the leadership of the most cruel scammer Suu Kyi.

Though Myanmar is well known as the poorest country not only in the world but also in the poorer Asia region but the price of electricity and chicken meat in Myanmar is outrageously much more expensive than the second most powerful economic country, China in the world.

Electricity price has been raised unreasonably recently starting this month in Myanmar as much as over 180% unlike never seen in any country throughout history so the electricity price in Myanmar is much more than in China now by as much as 100%.

There is no whatsoever justice and fairness under this sick Suu Kyi's leadership so she is clearly a traitor to all people in Myanmar.

As much as half population in Myanmar are jobless and all people in Myanmar burdened with the unfair skyrocketing electricity bill for last month would certainly hate to see the traitor Suu Kyi and her traitor party in politics immediately.

Electricity price must be adjusted fairly and immediately to consider the situation of all Myanmar people or else there is no return for Suu Kyi and her NLD party.
#Anonymous on Jul 03, 2019 :
The ministry of electricity and energy is said to be the most corrupt government agency in Myanmar but nothing has been done to this most corrupt government agency so far until now so this inaction has repeatedly harms the progress of Myanmar outrageously in a manner of frequent power outage until recently.

Even in Yangon alone, whooping 1.6 billion electricity units is stolen every year but no one from the ministry of electricity and energy takes responsible for the theft according to the news below;

Yangon Region losing electricity units worth over K1.6bn yearly

The ministry of electricity and energy even seems to collude with private firms by allowing them to rip off household and business lawlessly at off-grid area so the rate of unit charged by some private firms at some part of a region is the most expensive in the world which is even much more expensive than producing your own electricity with a generator, understand.

How could some private firms act without law and order at the off-grid area?
Indeed, without the blessing, backing and permission of the most corrupt ministry of electricity and energy, some private firm would never dare to charge electricity at the highest rate as never seen before even across all all countries in the world.

Nowhere in the world including UK, US or any country charges electricity as high as some private firms blessed by the most corrupt ministry of electricity and energy.

The hopeless ministry of electricity and energy is shameless to the extent of leaking this news today proudly that what the private firms blessed by the ministry of electricity and energy has been charging outrageouly at the off-grid area as if justifying the recent electricity price hyper-hiking seemingly haven't yet met the earning expectation of some private firms blessed by the ministry of electricity and energy.

Who know where the lost electricity of 1.6 billion units flow into and did the accomplice private firms of the ministry of electricity and energy also enjoy profiting together from the lost electricity?

Anyway, the ministry of electricity and energy is clearly the curse resulting the downfall of the whole industry of electricity in Myanmar which harms both business and people badly and repeatedly and the poor victims who suffer the most from the theft and manipulation of the ministry of electricity and energy are all Myanmar people in Yangon, yes Myanmar people who did elect Suu Kyi to the current leadership position in the current government.
So if Suu Kyi were grateful to the people who elected her, she should not support the most corrupt government agency, the ministry of electricity and energy and immediately scrap the the plan of the electricity price hyper-hiking this month.

The ministry of electricity and energy is extremely corrupt and hopeless with lots of private firms accomplices under its shadow control.
So the only solution to purify the ministry of electricity and energy is either to completely dismantle it immediately or transfer all management positions out of the ministry of electricity and energy and replace them with uncorrupted and capable officers and also close down its accomplice private firms to return justice to the Myanmar people.

Anyway, the electricity price in Myanmar should not be more expensive than China where a unit price is 4-4.5 cent US dollar in China.
If Myanmar requested, China would certainly share electricity to Myanmar at a unit rate not higher than 4-4.5 cent US dollar.
Since Myanmar people still need support from the government, government should still subsidize electricity to alleviate the burden of the people during this difficult time.
#Anonymous on Jul 02, 2019 :
Hundreds of Myanmar people protested at various townships in Yangon today against the injustice hyper-hiking of electricity price this month without consulting with the Myanmar people for approval according to the news below,

Yangon residents take to streets to protest government’s electricity rate hike

Even worse the current government manifested its profane disrespect to the Myanmar people by announcing the price hyper-hiking of the electricity of the household in less than a week before the electricity price hyper-hiking officially taking place this month.

The electricity price of the household was hyper-hiked for 150% for usage above 201 units, 180% for usage between 101-200 units and 73% for usage between 0-100 units.

For the 500 units household electricity usage, the household have to pay whooping 54,820 kyat now, starting this month instead of the previous 22,500 kyats which was valid until last month so the household will suffer 144% higher electricity price due to this electricity price hyper-hiking implemented by the current government led by Suu Kyi.

The price of household electricity in China is as much as 50% cheaper than Myanmar for 500 units usage.

Myanmar is the poorest country and its daily minimum is also lower comparing to its neighboring countries such as Thailand where the daily minimum wage is 16,303 kyat which is as much as more 3 times of the daily minimum wage of Myanmar which is 4,800 kyat per day so the daily minimum wage in Thailand is 240% higher than Myanmar.

So it is the utmost stupid for the current brainless Myanmar government to compare the price of electricity with the richer, more developed countries while people in Myanmar are quite poor.

For the monthly wage for a person in Myanmar with the minimum wage, working for 22 days a month, the person's monthly wage will be 105,600 kyat. And the person may also has a family and has to support his family with his wage.
But the surprise problem coming this month from the electrictity price hyper-hiking of 144% is going to become a survival crisis for his family because what he spent 22,500 kyat on the last month for his 500 units of electricity usage is going to cost him 54,820 kyat this month, so the electricity price hyper-hiking will rob him off the extra 32,320 kyat out of his survival wage.
So after paying this month's electricity bill of 54,820 kyat, the remaining from his monthly wage will be 50,780 kyat.
With the remaining 50,780 kyat, how is he going to be able to support his family probably including an elderly parent, a wife, 1 or 2 children?
Did Suu Kyi ever consider this problem deeply for the sake of the well-being of the Myanmar people before approving this electricity price hyper-hiking?

What the NLD party or government sinned against the poor Myanmar people is unforgivable.
Comparing to the military rule, Myanmar people may not be rich comparing to foreign countries but Myanmar people were not suffering out of proportion under the military, people had affordable places to sleep in dignity and the living cost was cheap too such as beef price due to the cattle export ban under the protection of military umbrella unlike the NLD which many actions and follow-ups confirm to gradually turning Myanmar people into slave where life is as worse as in burning hell under NLD leadership.

NLD should admit its mistakes and beg for forgiveness from Myanmar people and immediately cancel the unreasonable electricity price hyper-hiking immediately or else NLD can forget politics in Myanmar as NLD will sooner or later abandoned by the Myanmar people who are suffering under NLD poor leadership.

Reasonable is acceptable to the Myanmar people but the unreasonable of this hyper-hiking of electricity price above the market rate by NLD is not acceptable to the Myanmar people.
If Myanmar people were still forced to accept this unreasonable from NLD now, Myanmar people will force NLD to go to hell in election on next year.

Anyway, without NLD or with NLD gone next year, the succeeding government would certainly abolish this unreasonable electricity price hyper-hiking to return justice to the people suffering like hell under NLD authoritarian in order to win the trust of Myanmar people.
#Anonymous on Jun 30, 2019 :
Probably last year, the supply of electricity to a region in Myanmar was transferred to a foreign firm due to the power shortage and the foreign firm charged probably 55 kyat per unit of electricity to the resident of the region where it supplies its electricity according to news.

55 kyat per unit charged by the foreign form to the region in Myanmar is clearly the market rate which is without the government subsidy.

Now the robber Suu Kyi announced to raise the rate of electricity to as much as 125 kyat per unit starting from next month which is 70 kyat higher per unit comparing to the yesteryear market rate according to the aforementioned foreign firm.

Even with no more electricity subsidy from the government, the electricity price should not be higher than the market rate of the aforementioned foreign firm.

Myanmar have got an irresponsible robbery issue starting with the dishonest Suu Kyi.
Raising 70 kyat per unit above the market is clearly a robbery, wicked Suu Kyi and her NLD members are a bunch of traitors which must go to jail for this treason of violating the Myanmar people's trust sooner or later.

People are struggling with low wage which consequently helps the government to attract foreign firms to help develop Myanmar and the people are actually heroes whose sacrifice indeed help attract foreign firms.

Instead of supporting the heroes, the wicked Suu Kyi is always looking loopholes to persecute the poor heroes and even not sparing to the few food in heroes' mouths. The action of untrustworthy Suu Kyi signifies that she wouldn't relent to the persecution of the heroes until the heroes go for work in hunger due to no money left to pay for ripoff expenses such as the burdensome hyper-inflated electricity bill and so on which most of them were imposed by no other than the evildoer Suu Kyi.

While most Myanmar people are poor and destitute, the dishonest Suu Kyi bought repeatedly over hundred acres of land at many places to build her foundation and with all of the buildings cooming soon on her land, she should spend millions of US dollar, Suu Kyi is not that rich at all originally and the question here is that where are all the millions of US dollar coming from ? Suu Kyi along with her political accomplices must be thoroughly investigated for corruption on next year when she is no longer in the government office.

Myanmar people need a stable life, not kind of unnecessary burdensome pressure under the corrupt government led by the dishonest Suu Kyi.

So it is time the military should kick out the wicked Suu Kyi and her corrupt government immediately and give the people they deserve a better place to rest and affordable living cost just like before this shitty democracy system kicked in into Myanmar around 2010.

Democracy is so vain in Myanmar with the wrong leadership and yes, indeed Suu Kyi is the vainest as she's well abhorred now all over the world for her betrayal of the value of democracy, her people and the expectation of the world which she pretended fighting for before, her Nobel price was a mistake because she pretended so well but Suu Kyi really deserves an Oscar award for cheating the whole world unlike never seen before in history so she should quit politics and go for the acting career at Hollywood where she would be appreciated with real Oscar awards but not at politics where she is all wrong always and consequently Myanmar people always suffer under her foolish and wicked leadership.

If Suu Kyi feel responsible a bit for the wellbeing of Myanmar people, she must immediately cancel the original plan of skyrocketing the electricity price and instead raises the rate appropriately according to the market rate which is 55 kyat per unit for all electricity usage so no more different rate and subsidy (even with no more government subsidy, justice must be returned to the people and people should not be charged more than the market rate for God's sake, Suu Kyi shouldn't behave so lawless without regarding the Myanmar people's right and suffering), and also should seriously consider to resign immediately before being kicked out by the military for always creating so much unnecessary troubles and pressure for the poor Myanmar since her first day in the office.
#Anonymous on Jun 30, 2019 :
No infrastructure in Mandalay, Pyin Oo Lwin, etc in Myanmar so no public transport that meets international standard.
Taxi in Myanmar is worse and more expensive than the cheaper private car call at Grab Malaysia.

Food price is a bit more expensive than Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and meat and food portion is much smaller than Kuala Lumpur.
Beer is stupid expensive comparing to China, Vietnam because there is 60% tax for beer in Myanmar.

Travelling in Myanmar is not convenient unlike other Asia countries as the bus station is located at outside the city for most cities in Myanmar and taxi takes as much as 1 hour to go to the bus station and taxi fare is also expensive.

Hotel in Myanmar is much more expensive than Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia because Myanmar hotel is intended for foreign tourist, not for the local.
If the hotel were intented for the local, the price of hotel room should also reflect the earning of the local in order to make the hotel affordable for the local
#Anonymous on Jun 25, 2019 :
The current thief government of Myanmar is going to raise the price of electricity by a whooping 125% from the current 50 kyat per unit to 125 kyat per unit for over 201 units household consumption, starting from next month.

Myanmar electricity rates to soar next month

However, the rate of electricity for the business is going to increase just merely 8.7% from 115 kyat per unit to 125 kyat per unit for up to 500 units consumption.
It is really unfair for the household to cover for the loss of business so the household have really become victim of the currently wrongly elected thief government.

125 kyat is equivalent to 8.26 cent US dollar which is much more expensive than the following richer and more developed countries;

Brunei = 0.72 cent US dollar per 1 kWh for up to 600 kWh

China = 4 or 4.5 cent US dollar for unlimited kWh

Abu Dhabi = free electricity for limited usage

Egypt = 0.9 cent US dollar per 1 kWh for up to 200 kWh and 1.35 cent US dollar per 1 kWh for between 201 kWh to 350 kWh

India = electricity pricing starts at 0.1 cent US dollar per 1 kWh

Iraq = 2.5 cent US dollar per 1 kWh for up to 500 kWh

Russia = electricity pricing starts at 2.4 cent US dollar per 1 kWh

Myanmar is a gas producer country and even the money Myanmar earned from selling gas to China was used to fund the building of the capital city called Nay Pi Taw unnecessarily.
So Myanmar have lots of gas and the gas should benefit the people too and should not be manipulated for personal gain which is actually a treason.
Probably less than a third of the output of gas produced in Myanmar should be able to fully provide all the required electricity for the whole country.
So everyone in Myanmar is entitled of free electricity generated with Myanmar gas.

No one own the gas in Myanmar but the people.
Since the current wrongly elected government don't work for the people anymore who elected her so this shameless government should resign immediately to account for her betryal of the people's trust.

And even in death, her father Aung San wouldn't recognize a shameless traitor like her, yeah she is a foreigner, an Englishman's woman and her offsprings, all Englishmen, don't know why she's still here for, creating trouble after trouble for Myanmar people, raising beef price as much as 80% by removing cattle export ban, raising the property tax unlogically as much as 30% from 3 or 10%, raising the price of old car as much as 200% by banning the old car import foolishly, ripping off 15% additional advanced tax unfairly for purchasing a new car, impose 13% tax on rent of hostel used by poor Myanmar worker (don't have a bit of sympathy to the burden of poor people, Dracula's Su Kyi, going to raise the electricity fee as much as 125% starting from next month (going against all Myanmar people at full speed, undertaker Su Kyi), !!!

No one want this Englishwoman, no more house arrest, wasting the tax money of Myanmar people, simply deport her to England this time so peace, fairness and justice would be returned to the Myanmar prople after her disappearing.
#Anonymous on Jun 02, 2019 :
Government have to perform its job but instead not only is irresponsible but also create trouble after trouble for poor people such as 1.cancelling the cattle export ban which raises the price of beef as much as 80% from 10000kyat per viss to 18000kyat per viss but fortunately China right now ban the cattle import at the border to alleviate the burden of poor Myanmar tax of property imposed by the current government is seemingly the heaviest in histGovernmentory so almost all sales of properties are being done under the table without going through the burdensome legal route so government is losing tax money for property sale instead of earning tax money through its inhumane property tax policy. cost must be affordable according to the local condition and the tourist ripoff price including beer, restaurant food, hotel, etc must be punished and ended to the extent of permit confiscation to return a dignity lifestyle to the people. 5. Alternative cheaper transport called private car offered by Grab in Malaysia should be allowed in Myanmar to benefit the poor people who think taxi is too expensive for their budget, anyway, bunch of broken taxi in Myanmar is not qualified to be taxi according to international standard and Myanmar people are paying more than they, broken taxi are worth, very unfair comparing to Bangkok taxi. 6.corruption is so deep rooted in government so nothing should be accomplished even with a good plan so the government must purge corruption once and for all without mercy even if it cost many lives to sacrifice throughout government departments or else democracy would certainly short live in Myanmar as merely as a shameful legend.
#Anonymous on Jun 02, 2019 :
There is no or rarely electricity outage during the previous administration under Thein Sein government during 2016.

Right now Yangon, even the city center has been turned into a dark forest due to no electricity.
Congratulations to the naive Su Kyi government where most important positions such as the position of the Yangon chief minister was taken by a former political unqualified prisoner who has been expanding not only the Yangon city but also multiplying the industrial zones unlike never seen before but ignores to produce the required electricity to support his Yangon expansion and instead misuses the already occupied electricity for Yangon to support his stupid expansion so Yangon people who enjoyed 24 hours before 2016 have no stable light in their house in the city center anymore. Shameful beyond belief internationally!

A chief minister from other region illegally earned as much as free home and swimming pool just for providing a permit to a business.
So creating a lot of unnecessary industrial zones and expanding city in Yangon would require lots of his approval for endless permits so he seems no longer content with broken cars provided by the government and requested repeatedly since last year for million US dollar to purchase new cars for YCDC, seemingly his ill-gained money can't be revealed in the light or else probably farrari might be under his feet now but he seems to be content with new cars made from US, not farrari anymore probably only in his mind though.

For the poorest country like Myanmar, even people drive secondhand cars proudly so should the out of touch YCDC should consider to purchase the similar secondhand cars from abroad which cost as merely as 1000 US dollar at abroad, almost 20 times cheaper than Myanmar which is also one of the great corruption in Myanmar happening under the current government. Hhm!

Myanmar could fully supply 30% of electricity requirement during 2016 and now the in-prudent Su Kyi said to cover 50% of electricity in Myanmar by the end of this year.
But Myanmar seems to have no capacity to supply more than 30% of electricity requirement in Myanmar now so It seems it is just the beginning of the worsening electricity outage in Myanmar.

If Su Kyi had a brain, she should be prudent before expanding the electricity coverage in Myanmar unless she had additional source of sufficient electricity to back up her new electricity coverage.

Dark city of Yangon has really become a laughing stock internationally, are the current government ashamed of this shameful achievement so far?
all the new electricity coverage initiated by Sunday Kyi should be scrapped to ensure of the restoration of the glorious 24 hours power supply to the Yangon city center again.

Since Myanmar is so poor, the government should invite foreign firms to own, build and operate a hydropower, solar, wind turbine planes on a lease hold, the longer lease the cheaper power rate to benefit the people and confirm the electricity charge which is no more than the current rate.
#Anonymous on May 27, 2019 :
Electricity pricing in Myanmar is 2.6 cent US dollar per 1 kWh for usage of between 101 to 200 kWh and 3.3 cent US dollar per 1 kWh for usage above 300 kWh.
So electricity pricing in Myanmar is more expensive than the following more developed countries.

Bahrain = 0.79 cent US dollar per 1 kWh for up to 3000 kWh

Brunei = 0.72 cent US dollar per 1 kWh for up to 600 kWh

China = 4 or 4.5 cent US dollar for unlimited kWh

Abu Dhabi = free electricity for limited usage

Egypt = 0.9 cent US dollar per 1 kWh for up to 200 kWh and 1.35 cent US dollar per 1 kWh for between 201 kWh to 350 kWh

India = electricity pricing starts at 0.1 cent US dollar per 1 kWh

Iraq = 2.5 cent US dollar per 1 kWh for up to 500 kWh

Russia = electricity pricing starts at 2.4 cent US dollar per 1 kWh

Power shortage in Myanmar has nothing to do with the people but the root cause of the power shortage is due to the mismanagement of inability governments starting from the military government since 1962 to the current democracy government.
If enough hydropower plants were built since 1962 during the military government, there would be not only more than enough free electricity for the whole nation, generated through the hydropower plants but also Myanmar would earn lots of money from selling the surplus electricity to the surrounding countries.

Government should take full responsibility for shirking its duty for so long since 1962 so consequently the sincere people should not be burdened and the electricity price should not be increased but Myanmar people would not object of their right of the reduction of the electricity price to the level enjoyed by cheaper countries above such as Egypt, Brunei, Abu Dhabi, etc.

Ruling class are more than rich enough not only in Myanmar but also on the international stage so they should be content with what they have now without any additional covet from the country resources and should be reasonable as well.
Consequently, the profits from all resources of Myanmar such as gas, timber, jade, etc should be allocated to subsidize, benefit and alleviate the pressure of the Myanmar people but not to any business by making the living cost of internal and external such as price of hotel, restaurant, etc much more affordable and very cheap, no tourist ripoff price please, this is Myanmar not a foreign country, in order to make Myanmar people lead a content and happy life.

Also the unfair, terrible corruption should be uprooted throughout the government departments and all people must be force-transfered to different departments for the purpose of purging of bribery more efficiently so that such as of an application of ID card legally in Myanmar should not take more than 30 years to apply but no approval until so far for not bribing enough, very sorrowful to still observe the backsliding status of Myanmar until now.
#Anonymous on May 19, 2019 :
Beer in Yangon is a whopping 6 times more expensive than Vietnam.
A glass of beer in Vietnam restaurants is 16 cents US dollar but in Yangon costing as much as a whopping 100 cents or 1 US dollar.

Cheapest beer in the world – ‘bia hoi’ in Vietnam (16 cents a glass)

The meat portion of a set meal in Yangon restaurants is also less than a third of what is offered in Malaysia even though you pay almost the same price for the set meal.
How come Yangon pays as much as the same price for a set meal comparing to the richer, more developed Malaysia and even wore the meat portion of a set mail in Malaysia is much more as much as 3 times comparing the inhumane ripoff Yangon restaurants. No one, even no tourist enjoys the ripoff meal in Yangon restaurants and tourists frequently mentioned of generous meal portion in Malaysia which cost no more than the ripoff meal of Yangon restaurants, very shameful indeed.

Ripoff for food and drink in Yangon is outrageous beyond belief since Myanmar was turned into a democracy system.

Since democracy in Myanmar, most people can't afford hyper-inflated food and drink at the usual restaurants though it costs nothing much to prepare a feast at home.
The problem is that there is no protection for the interest of consumer especially over the price of food and drink unlike the responsible and caring government in Vietnam, Malaysia, etc so consequently food businesses such as restaurants, beer producers rip off consumer as much as 6 times comparing to Vietnam, etc.

Muslim are forbidden to drink beer so beer price in Muslim countries such as Malaysia is more expensive than Vietnam which is normal but it should not be taken as a model to be copied into Myanmar such as bringing in the ripoff Singapore car license system into Yangon, tiny Singapore is as big as a dog house in the backyard in Myanmar. But Myanmar is not a Muslim country so Myanmar beer should not as expensive as the price in Muslim countries and instead Myanmar beer price in Yangon should be cheaper than the more developed Vietnam. Please give the poor Myanmar consumers a break.

Vietnam is a more developed country comparing to Myanmar so the wage is Vietnam is also higher than Myanmar.
So the food and drink price in Yangon should be cheaper than Vietnam but it turns out the opposite unfortunately for both food and drink for the unfortunate Myanmar citizen, paying higher in Yangon than Vietnam incredibly.

The problem of higher food and drink price in Yangon is because of the inaction of the current irresponsible government.

According to the minimum wage or income of Myanmar citizen, the government should immediately adjust, set and also constantly monitor the appropriate price for food and drink by not allowing the greedy restaurants for outrageous ripoff out of control. Outrageous price of food and drink should be fined heavily just like in Malaysia where a drink seller was fined heavily as his Milo drink was expensive.

Beef price jumping a whopping 60% during the last 2 years under the current government from 10,000 kyat/viss to the current 16,0000kyat/viss is unacceptable and inconsiderate for the poor Myanmar so the ban practice of cattle export under the previous military government should be continued to benefit the poor people during the process of the nation development.

The price of chicken in Yangon is very expensive comparing to foreign countries such as US, China, etc.
Myanmar is the poorest country even in Asia, the truth so should have a healthy market for the benefit of poor consumers. For a healthy market, manipulation should not be allowed in the market, especially for the most consumed chicken.
No one can beat the price of chicken breast meat from US which probably should be cheaper than the chicken breast meat in Yangon as much as 4 times or more.

For the sake of the benefit and interest of consumers in Yangon as well as to restore a healthy market in Myanmar without manipulation and bribery, government should import the chicken breast from US as soon as possible which would certainly give a better life to the 90% cash-strapped Myanmar citizen.
#Anonymous on May 18, 2019 :
Yangon is worst than a war-torn city and should not be qualified as a city as electricity is not provided most of the day.

Even worse the unbearable around-the-clock hot weather and strong humidity of Yangon is not a place for human to live as this place would certainly shorten the lifespan.

The current total electricity production in Myanmar is just 4500 megawatts. The amount is much less than the expected amount coming from the suspended Myitsone hydropower project which is going to generate a whopping 6000 megawatts.

Electricity generated from hydropower is as much as free unlike electricity generated from the gas which is wasteful.

Anyway, the government should be responsible for neglecting its duty for so long or else there should have been more than enough hydropower to provide more electricity than what the whole nation needed.

Nay Pi Daw should also suffer the power outage no less than Yangon so as to understand the hardship of no electricity which might help to adjust the mental attitude of the ruling echelons behind the curtain to drop their hardball politics for the sake of the interest and benefit of the future of the nation.

No problem to cancell all projects coming from China except this essential Myitsone hydropower project which would certainly help the nation going forward much more than what we should be able to imagine now. The benefit outweighs the danger, don't you think?

Anyway, China is not like India which swallowed up the whole Sikkim nation alive in 1975 and India's next target might be Bhutan where the foreign affairs of Bhutan have been unfairly manipulated by India now and then probably maybe Nepal or Myanmar so establishing good relation with the harmless China is even much more important than before now and Nepal seems to be well aware of the danger from India so currently expedite good relationship with China unlike never seen before in Nepal history.
#Anonymous on May 15, 2019 :
People infected or died because of rabies outbreak in Yangon but there are lunatic organizations such as the Myanmar Veterinary Association
(MVA) and UK-based charity Worldwide
Veterinary Services (WVS) which are on the mission to save rabies infested stray dogs on the streets of Yangon instead of saving people from being bitten by the rabies infested stray dogs in Yangon.

Stray-control project
kicks off in Yangon

It is not a time for daydreaming of a perfect world where your pet dog would be loyal to you without eating you after your death alone with your pet dog and sadly the truth is that your pet dog will certainly eat you after your death alone in your home, even does't matter dog food available in full in bowl because pet dog prefers human meat over dog food. Stray dog, far much more dangerous than pet dog so your wild wild scary imagination might come into realization in half a million stray dog roaming Yangon city on the black street where no street light due to power outage and a small group of happy aggressive stray dogs of at least 7 in number searching for food hungrily and you alone on the street at the middle of the night.

Anyway, Yangon is not a city for human-eater wolf-descending stray dogs to rule the night resulting people not daring to go out at night. Yangon is no longer safe because of the accumulating stray dogs which are as much as half a million in number now unlike never seen in human history.

As much as rabies is a life threatening killer but also the safety not to turn yourself as a stray dog's food at the middle of the night is also far more important.

Half million strong stray dogs have to go out of Yangon to the slaughter house to return safety and rabies-less environment to the Yangon residents.

Don't mind the WVA and WVS keeping the half million Yangon stray dogs in their beds and house but not at the public space such as on the street, etc and they must be fully responsible for all the death or injuries resulting from bites of the rabies infested stray dog they're going to keep. Sure, Yangon residents wouldn't bother either all people or many people at WVA and WVS were dead of rabies infection consequently because they're fully deserved because their senseless contribution to the dog world and the Yangon residents wouldn't miss them at all happily.
#Anonymous on May 08, 2019 :
7 people died because it's unbearable hot now.

Seven die of heatstroke in Yangon and Bago regions

The worst of all is that the situation of the power outage in Yangon is very bad like hell so electricity is not available most of the time here even as much as less than half day for the whole day. Consequently, fan and AC is not available to use to cool you down during this unbearable hell hot weather most of the time here.
#Anonymous on May 04, 2019 :
Unlike Germany, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Brazil, UK, Amsterdam, Hong Kong etc, prostitute is illegal in Myanmar and if you're caught in the act, you would be imprisoned.
The current government is not acting like a democracy country but even worse than the reign of the previous military era where the prostitute's client was not punished being caught in the act though the prostitute was ill-treated. There is no human right in this current fake democracy government so no human right consequently for prostitute and her client.
Sex is like food and water and it's a normal thirst for human being around the world and it should not be exaggerated as an act of crime. Too much stress and pressure upon normal people for a normal activity would not benefit the country and instead create lots of crazy and abnormal people which would be a disadvantage for the nation so we should instead appreciate prostitute for lifting the spirit and alleviate the stress of people in need.
Making people happy and content within an acceptable boundary with the consideration of the need of human being would benefit the government and the whole nation certainly.
#Anonymous on May 02, 2019 :
Power outage in Yangon is so severe right now that darkness on Myo Pat St at Kyauk Myaung,Yangon can be sensed like in a scary ghost movie feeling dangerous in the darkness though there is no ghost but even after midnight in complete darkness, you're not alone on the street as there are hungry stray dogs roaming the street in search of food, probably you may be a lucky star for the stray dog to full its empty tummies accidentally.
#Anonymous on Apr 30, 2019 :
Heatwave in Yangon as much as 42 degree Celsius which can half cook an egg, is really unbearable.

Worst of all, there is frequent outage of electricity like 4 times a day in Yangon and each outage can last as much as 5 hours.

So can imagine living in Yangon is like being steamed alive in hell.

No aircon and fan in restaurant because of electricity outage and sweating is really unbearable while having a meal not to mention walking outside burning weather.

Rabies outbreak is not well taken cared of in Yangon so stray dogs are roaming the city in strong number by over a hundred of thousands according to the estimate in news.
So encountering a rabies infested stray dog while walking in Yangon may leave you with only 12 months to live on this world.
#Anonymous on Apr 29, 2019 :
Rabies outbreak in Indonesia kills 12 as stray dog culling begins
#Anonymous on Feb 04, 2019 :
Landlord ripoff in Yangon is the worst in the world which ever never happen in UK, US, China, etc.

Flats or apartments are not sold at a cheaper price considering of paying a monthly fee to the obsolete landlord who already made massive profit selling many apartments one after another on her worst-quality building. Though making more profit than what the apartment is worth, the landlord never quench shamelessly to further rip off the apartment owner with the unlawful monthly rental fee as well as 2% percentage ripoff from apartment sale. The apartment owner is no different to a prisoner to a landlord and this is exactly where the government must exercise power to return justice to the apartment owner and strip absolutely the landlord's obsolete right of the ownership of the land where the apartment building has already been built.

So it is time for the government to annul landlord's land ownership of the already-built flat or apartment building and distribute the land ownership equally among the apartment owners for fairness's sake.
#Anonymous on Jan 27, 2019 :
YCDC is still not following the government order strictly to clean the the roadside stalls.

So probably 2 weeks after removing the roadside stalls by YCDC at Myaung Gyi street, Ye Kyaw, Pazundaung township, Yangon , today almost all roadside stalls encroach its usual places again and open almost all of its roadside stalls at the same time today which seriously blocks both cars and people walking on the small Myaung Gyi street .

Without corrupt people assistance in YCDC, the roadside stalls shall never dare to risk the fine of 500,000 kyat to reopen the roadside stalls.

YCDC is so far the most corrupt government agency that all Yangon local are aware of. There is no place where there is no corrupt people from YCDC popping up uninvited to rip off people just even for a minor internal decoration of a flat which is not actually required to report YCDC according to law, however people from YCDC always take advantage of the local of their lack of knowledge of the law regarding the the minor decoration within flat.

As mentioned earlier, corruption is quite deep rooted in YCDC to the extent of YCDC is hopeless.

In order to execute the government order efficiently such as of removing the roadside stalls through YCDC, the government urgently need to investigate YCDC of corruption and jail all corrupt people as well as fire lazy people not carrying out the government order efficiently in YCDC and also immediately need to place hardworking people of principle and integrity with no record of corruption as leaders and monitorship in all departments of YCDC and then in no time the street will be safe for both car and people walking around the clock.
Speaker abuse coming from peddler and religious sects such as Muslim, Buddhist, etc should be banned to return peace to Yangon resident who have been suffering the speaker abuse throughout their lives unlike the western democratic countries so the government should come out with a law banning the speaker abuse with a fine no less than the fine of the roadside stall blocking.
Development starts with restoring the quality of life to the Yangon resident which the government so far does a splendid job.
The restaurant food should be affordable to the Yangon resident so the government should assign a team to investigate the food price in restaurants frequently and fine or remove license all the restaurants which overprice its food and drink. The ripoff from the food court of the Yuzana plaza is outrageous so some action should be taken against the food court of Yuzana plaza.
Human dignity must be sustained so ripoff from food and drink must be abstained from all side even from the military and the price of a can of Myanmar beer must be restored to where it was before, 500 kyat. Or else what is remained for the poor Yangon resident other than poverty? No further ripoff for food and drink please...
#Anonymous on May 19, 2018 :
The happiness of 90% people should be above all in the mindset of the government where as much as 56% people still have no opportunity to find job. The 56% people don't mind how much they get paid whether or not much much lower than the minimum wage as long as not being destitute and have food on the table. Food is more important than face for the 56% destitute people whereas upside-down is true for the government not caring the agony of the 56% destitute people.

It is not right for the government to harm and punish people for its own selfish interest.
The government should understand its only responsibility which is to serve the interest of people righteously and fairly just like the current government in Malaysia where the price of restaurant food in Kuala Lumpur is cheaper than Yangon INCREDIBLY, where a lot of ripoff Yangon tiny worthless restaurants mushrooming without being monitored and controlled for fair food price by the neglectful government unlike Malaysia government.
#Anonymous on May 19, 2018 :
Traffic congestion in Yangon can be temporarily eliminated by implementing toll fee collection for travelling between different cities in Yangon until toll free express bridges linking cities in Yangon are available

Free license should be issued for imported new car and the price of imported new car should be inspected comparing with the oversea market to ensure no ripoff and cheaper price in Myanmar market.

Ripoff in the second hand car market is so serious under the current government unlike the previous government so the second hand car market must be investigated to eliminate the ripoff to ensure the price of second hand car is the same to the oversea market.

Innocent People should not be punished for the mismanagement of government and instead government should serve the people not bringing the example of worse ripoff from around the world such as from the tiny land Singapore and so on.
Just Yangon region is as much 50 times bigger than the whole Singapore country so whoever compared Singapore to Myanmar or Yangon is unworthy and should be punished by removing the culprit from his government position.
#Anonymous on May 18, 2018 :
“The government has said that it wants to develop international-standard industrial zones because the existing zones lack infrastructure. But if the existing industrial zones can be managed and made to carry out their functions, there is no need to construct new industrial zones,” said Daw Kyi Pyar, MP from Kyauktada township.

No need to expand the Yangon city as the Yangon city is already very enough and even few resource Myanmar have may not even be enough to manage the existing Yangon city along with its industrial zones, let alone to imagine to expand Yangon city.
So what the motive of wasteful chief minister attempting to expand Yangon city is for, unnecessarily..His greedy pocket is not yet full.. he should be investigated for corruption.

Yangon to reform supervisory structure for industrial zones as concerns mount
#Anonymous on May 18, 2018 :
Myanmar is a well-known ripoff country, thanks to the sick Suu Kyi leadership, relapsing to the old day of monopoly previously under the military leadership.
A brand new car can be used for 8 years at abroad and can be sold in the second hand car market in Yangon for a price that is higher than the price of the brand new car.
People realize now that Thein Sein government is much more better and fairer than the sick Suu Kyi government where endless repeatation of ripoff after ripoff people suffering.
Even the ripoff that foreign businesses can't stand so businesses such as Samsung and so on and airlines such as Airasia, Kathmandu or so and so on stop investing in Myanmar altogether after discussing business plans with this sick government.
#Anonymous on May 18, 2018 :
All Meat in the Yangon markets are injected with unhealthy tap water as much as the weight of the meat so all butchers earn not only profit but also rip consumer off a whopping double price for each meat sale. The injected water will be released when cooking the water-injected meat so consumer didn't get what they paid for and only gets half meat after cooking, consumer are simply CHEATED openly now without being looked after by this out of touch Suu Kyi government for almost 2 years already.
This issue of water-injected meat didn't happen under the previous Thein Sein government.
All kind of Dishonesty is what the Yangon local have been experiencing under this out of touch Suu Kyi government.
For the sake of people she seemingly fighting for before, Suu Kyi must sack all seemingly corrupt and useless ministers including the sick chief minister under her government and replace all of them with much better ministers and chief minister previously employed under the previous Thein Sein government. Or else Myanmar really have no future with the current chief/ministers under the Suu Kyi government.
#Anonymous on May 16, 2018 :
According to the news below, chief minister was very irresponsible not attending his duty by failing to show up at the serious Hlaing Thaya landfill fire raging for 5 days until his boss Suu Kyi intervinced and seems very corrupt as well visiting the crony Tay Za-owned Kandawgyi Palace very early in the morning proactively which was on fire previously.
Not only this hopeless chief minister but also another minister was famous for wearing 0.1 million US dollar watch in the news before.
So it seems all minister under this out of touch Suu Kyi government attempting to dig gold where opportunities available, are hopeless for the Myanmar future.
Right now chief minister is busy attempting to dig gold and expand Yangon city whereas not being dutiful even within the existing Yangon city, almost no existing municipal service in Yangon now comparing to previously provided by much more efficient Thein Sein government.
Chief minister is also seemingly the greatest thief attempting to confiscate 80% of the land where he is planning to expand Yangon city so he is much worse than the previous military government where no such 80% of land confiscations happened at all. Sooner or later the chief minister would end up in jail for this inhumane crime of 80% land confiscation.
The price of used cars in Yangon has increased almost twice unreasonably since under this out of touch Suu Kyi government, whereas the price of used car was getting much more cheaper gradually under the reasonable Thein Sein government.
56% of Myanmar population is jobless and instead of attracting foreign investment with the attraction of cheapest wage in Asia. This out of touch Suu Kyi government raises a whopping 33% minimum wage unlike never seen before in history so Myanmar wage seems higher than more productive Bangladesh now. Congratulations, Myanmar factories are preparing to move to Bangladesh where worker are much more productive than Myanmar worker and the wage is also lower than Myanmar.
Mismanagement one after another under this out of touch Suu Kyi government would be a history burden not only now but also to the future generations.

Chief Minister Nowhere in Sight While Yangon Suffers from Smoke
#Anonymous on May 09, 2018 :
In the news below, the foreign investment is being bullied by both its ungrateful traitor worker and unreasonable central arbitration council.
To the extent the owner of this foreign factory CLOSED his own factory out of DESPERATION, no wonder no more foreign investment is coming to Myanmar.
The worker in Myanmar is constantly mentioned as the most ungrateful and non-productive in Asia even uncomparable to the much better Bangladesh where the pay is much lower than Myanmar and the Bangladesh worker are grateful to the foreign boss unlike the worse treatment suffered by foreign boss in Myanmar where even a prison penalty is available to the foreigner boss for breaking labor law which is even never unheard of before in all other countries, Myanmar is STUPIDLY clever.
Myanmar is already truly a terrible HELL for foreign investment, not to mention just to lose all the cost of investment but also to risk being forced to sit in the prison cell.
So both TROUBLEMAKERS, labour union and obsolete central arbitration council must be REMOVED for good or else the remaining foreign factories would sooner or later close and run away one after another just like this Korea factory.

South Korean factory fined K3 million for defying order
#Anonymous on May 03, 2018 :
The price of a meal that used to be 60 Myanmar currency at year 1999 has been raised to as much as 3000 Myanmar currency now so the Myanmar currency has been actually devalued as much as 50 times since the year 1999.

It is noteworthy of the HYPERINFLATION Myanmar went through during the last 2 decades since 1999 and history likes repeatation especially in Myanmar so there is a highest chance HYPER-INFLATION probably may re-visit Myanmar again sooner than you may expect in the near future.

However, Myanmar currency is not yet devalued as much as 50 times when exchanging to the US dollar until now since 1999. The exchange rate of US dollar to Myanmar currency at the Myanmar black market at the year 1999 was like 1 US dollar to 1100 Myanmar Kyat. So the current exchange rate is unreasonably unfair.

The problem with Myanmar is that there is no free market rate for money exchange in Myanmar until now and the current government still micromanage to unfairly define how much the Myanmar currency worth against the US dollar without following the international norm of free market for money exchange.

As soon as Suu Kyi is gone in 2020, it is expected the value of Myanmar currency would be deprecated at least a 100% or much much more to gradually reflect to the international market rate of money exchange according to the doctrine of democracy for good and fairness.
#Anonymous on May 02, 2018 :
Meal at fast-food restaurant in US is cheaper than unreasonably greedy Myanmar where the no-opportunity jobless suffer the most under the out-of-touch Suu Kyi government.

McDonald’s, seeking to win back customers lost after it abandoned its popular but profit-squeezing Dollar Menu in 2013, in January jumped back in with the launch of a $1, $2, $3 value menu.

That menu includes $1 any size soft drinks and cheeseburgers, $2 small espresso drinks and Bacon McDouble hamburgers, and $3 Happy Meals and classic chicken sandwiches.

U.S. fast-food price war flares as consumer spending softens
#Anonymous on May 02, 2018 :
Workers and capitalists butt heads on the streets of Yangon
#Anonymous on May 02, 2018 :
Not all of those watching the proceedings were supportive of the labor activists, though. One man hopped along beside the marchers for about a block mockingly repeating their chants back at them while performing a sort of dance.

A street vendor proclaimed to the demonstrators: “If you don’t like how much you are getting paid, go work somewhere else!” She then turned to her neighboring fruit seller to say: “They act like they are being robbed or something.”

Labour union is indeed a troublemaker to almost 60% of the total Myanmar jobless population in creating endless inflation by demanding to raise salary constantly because inflation is kind of death sentence to the jobless who are not lazy to work but Myanmar really has no job to offer to the jobless. Whom to blame for the hardship of the jobless? Indeed it is the Suu Kyi Government. Instead of attracting as much investments with the only advantage Myanmar have which is the lowest wage, this inconsiderate Suu Kyi government starts destroying the advantage of lowest wage to attract investments but instead not only raise wage but also raise wage like employee are lottery winner by raising 33% of the current minimum wage unreasonably unlike never seen before in any part of this world or in history which shall certainly drive out existing investments in Myanmar to abroad like Bangladesh, etc where wage is much cheaper than Myanmar.
The brain of Suu Kyi is so strange standing with mass greedy, non-productive employee/benefactor but punish employer like employer owe both brain-damaged Suu Kyi and non-productive employee.
Suu Kyi is indeed accountable to the inflation hardship of the jobless of almost 60% of the total Myanmar jobless population and also people sacked from their job because investments shut down factories due to the inconsiderate endless jumping minimum wage.

Workers and capitalists butt heads on the streets of Yangon
Workers and capitalists butt heads on the streets of Yangon
#Anonymous on Apr 23, 2018 :
Pure electric car (new car) in China is much more cheaper than rusty old used car in Myanmar.
The backsliding nature of the current government led by powerless Suu Kyi is incredible as her soundless out-of-touch policies has been encouraging to raised the price of rusty old used car in the local market unlike never seen before in other markets in all other countries, even under the era of wise president Thein Sein.
The future belongs to electric car so fuel car should be banned driving in Myanmar, not allowing for home use except for business truck and bus.

BAIC EC-Series Scores 11,000 Sales in October! (Record Electric Car Sales in China!)
#Anonymous on Apr 21, 2018 :
The current Myanmar government led by Suu Kyi has been proven foolish not only in Myanmar but also in internationally, fortunately foolish Suu Kyi is being offered constant guidance from the military leadership or else the situation of Myanmar may be like crippling Venezuela right now under the foolish Suu Kyi. Hope Suu Kyi is gone the soonest possible to return peace to Burmese just like the era under the previous government led by wise Thein Sein
#Anonymous on Apr 21, 2018 :
Imposter Suu Kyi and her party are making Burmese extremely miserable to the extent of not being able to afford free car from oversea car graveyard so indeed is sin and no use praying early in the morning, anyway Suu Kyi shall go to HELL in order to atone the suffering of Burmese and Bengali.

Prices of Used Cars Soar 70% in a Month, Putting Breaks on Demand
#Anonymous on Apr 14, 2018 :
1. 10 millions not 100k
2. 3/6 millions not 30/60 millions
#Anonymous on Apr 14, 2018 :
The price of used car used to be below 100k under the previous government and was expensive comparing to the oversea market.
Ridiculously, the price of used car has been raised at least one time under the current Suu Kyi government so the price of used car is as much expensive as the new car ridiculously.
The price of used car in Yangon should be comparable to the similar city in oversea market or else Suu Kyi must step down for having no ability to account fairness to the Yangon resident
#Anonymous on Apr 13, 2018 :
Yangon traffic congestion is the reason this bitchy government attempting to choke and slaughter the car market endless since it took over the reign.
However nothing seems accomplish so far with the same result of traffic congestion with the stupid policies came up by the the no brain politicians of the current government with the background of being housed in prison most of their life.
There are lots of solution to resolve the traffic congestion and no need to ask 30/60 million for car license unless you're bitches because it is not affordable to poor Burmese. Tax for new car is so high so should be reduced as much as to 0% as under the previous government and license should be given for free for new car as new car is good for the country, not the disgraceful used car.
Solution for Yangon traffic congestion...
Why not build bridges over traffic congested area?
Only one-hand-drive car should be allowed or else it shall be dangerous, so why not ban all the right-hand-drive car right away from driving in Yangon?
Why not ban all car older than 10 years from driving in Yangon?
#Anonymous on Apr 10, 2018 :
The reason why used car price of Yangon is so expensive is because of the bitchy government under Suu Kyi no longer issue license to new car of Yangon.
Without license for new car, poor Burmese have no option but to purchase used car which were imported as used car under the previous government without restriction but importation of used car is now banned under the current bitchy government. So the limited used car in the market without further supply due to the importation ban under this brainless government, the price of used car hyper-jump surpassing the price of new car which is never unheard of in other countries and incredibly unlogical, only that insane Suu Kyi can accomplish. Congratulations, Suu Kyi, you are severely abhorred by your people due to the burden and difficulties you deliberately and constantly brought upon your people as well as becoming the greatest abomination to the world due to your sarcastic and foolish response to the world media with your unnecessary arrogant manner
#Anonymous on Apr 10, 2018 :
Hope AD 2020 year is over where that tyrant Su Kyi must step down so that the price of used car will be restored to become lower than a quarter of the price of new car now as used to be under the previous government.
Ripoff under Su Kyi is the worse under any democracy and is not sustainable.
Su Kyi is not a symbol of democracy at all but symbol of unfair ripoff, heavy tax unheard of in Asia, incomparable power hunger to betray any doctrine or sacrifice her people for attaining power
#Anonymous on Apr 08, 2018 :
Grab fare in Yangon seems to be the most expensive in Asia even more expensive than Kuala Lumpur.
The culprit of Grab Yangon being most expensive is due to the current government for not allowing Yangon car owners to provide cheap rides to the Yangon residents unlike the Kuala Lumpur.
So the original inspiration of Grab to provide affordable rides to the mass has been crippled by this out of touch current government led by out of touch, arrogant Su Kyi.
And to be able to continue operation in Yangon, Grab bows to the pressure of the current government and only provide Taxi rides to the poor Yangon residents, not an alternative cheaper rides directly provided by car owners.
Out of touch micromanagement by Su Kyi shall force not only her people but also her part to kick her out of the current office sooner or later.
#Anonymous on Apr 07, 2018 :
The used car has been doubled now from 10 millions to 20 millions since brainless Su-Kyi government has taken over the reign.
I think it is time for Su-Kyi to end her term of reign along with her party encircled with reckless, brainless, greedy, old time prisonors, so as to liberate poor Myanmese from hyperinflation unsophisticatedly initiated by obsolete Su-Kyi herself and her corrupt circle
#Anonymous on Apr 05, 2018 :
U Phyo Min Thein, chief minister of the current government, builds a business empire
#Anonymous on Apr 04, 2018 :
At least 10% tax for new car and then also demand for at least an unreasonable amount of 3 million Myanmar dollar just for a license.
The current government has been creating all nonsense policies which are much more burdensome than rich nation from europe and Myanmese is not rich at all compared to european so earnestly hope the return of military government where there is nonsense policies and no ripoff unlike the current government where the poor salaried minister of the current government can afford to wear a watch costing as much as 100k US dollar. Without rubbish useless democracy which pretty much enslaves everyone not catching up or not taking advantages of the rubbish policies announced by this selfish current goverment, everyone has a respectable place to stay and abundant food to eat as usual without pressure at all, everyone happy and satisfied under the military leadership. Hope the end of this nonsense democracy government for good for the sake of the people
#Anonymous on Mar 15, 2018 :
Budget hotel room rate of Yangon is much more expensive than Xian,Bangkok,Kuala Lumpur, etc and the quality and size of the room is also worse and smaller than Xian,Bangkok,Kuala Lumpur, etc.
The room rate should reflect the status of local economy or else tourist shall stay away from visiting Myanmar for ripoff and also the local who earns US$23+ a month shall not afford to stay even at the out of touch budget hotel room for more than 1 or 2 days.
Cheap is a blessing what the government can offer to her poor people where as much as 56% of the population is jobless. Raising salary by 33% by the current government is kind of a great curse to job desperate people because this resulting job cutting and factory closure. Salary should be returned to where it was before cheaply to encourage foreign investment with the cheapest attraction until 80% of the population is fully employed.
Or else S.Kyi government can beg foreign countries as usual to borrow money to pay off the salary increase of the employee of the government.
CC, cheap expense and cheap labor is what the government must do to save the 56% jobless population
#Anonymous on Mar 15, 2018 :
It is inhumane to see very old cars being much more expensive than new cars this never happened during the previous T.Sein government.
It is really undemocratic to price 20-30 years old cars much more expensive than new cars.
To eradicate bad traffic jam, S.Kyi government should follow Nepal by banning all vehicles older than 20 years or to achieve smoothe traffic by banning all vehicles older than 10 years old. After banning, Yangon license must be issued as normal as the previous government.
Or else the kind of previous government is a better choice than the current government
#Anonymous on Oct 08, 2016 :
Damn its much more expensive than Issan Thailand...
Can anyone recomend a decent hotel I need new passport 3 wks max .. thanks
#Administrator on Mar 02, 2016 :
Note for the previous comment:
- soup is not a full meal in southeastern Asia usually
- we do not collect the prices of Coca cola in supermarkets at all which makes that point invalid
- please update the restaurant prices if you think is incorrect
#Daniel on Feb 27, 2016 :
As of February 2016 almost all prices noted here are absolutely incorrect, at least food prices. Eating in Myanmar is much cheaper than Thailand or Vietnam, you can have a simple meal of 'mohinga' (local soup) for as little as 300 kyat ($0.25), not three dollars. In Yangon I literally couldn't find a single restaurant where any dish would cost more than $6-7. For $0.75 (850 kyat) you get 2L of Coca Cola, not 0.33L.
High cost of Levi's jeans is not representative because nobody in Myanmar wears jeans, Burmese men wear 'longyi' which costs only about $2-3
#Geoff on Feb 21, 2016 :
Well what do the folks from Myanmar do for work who can afford the high prices there?
#VWGolf on Dec 19, 2015 :
The cost of living in Myanmar vs the quality of life is ridiculous. It is very clear the living costs are not due to marker forces but artificial. For the same cost one could get a far better quality of life anywhere else in the world. The cost of living here is very close to Dubai!!!