Cost of Living in Yangon

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Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 1.94 $ 1.35-2.14
Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 32.50 $ 14.42-40.00
McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal) 5.55 $ 3.57-6.00
Domestic Beer (1 pint draught) 0.79 $ 0.50-2.22
Imported Beer (12 oz small bottle) 2.25 $ 1.04-3.20
Cappuccino (regular) 2.20 $ 1.00-3.87
Coke/Pepsi (12 oz small bottle) 0.78 $ 0.55-0.98
Water (12 oz small bottle) 0.67 $ 0.50-0.76
Milk (regular), (1 gallon) 7.18 $ 3.79-9.46
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (1 lb) 0.88 $ 0.73-1.05
Rice (white), (1 lb) 0.54 $ 0.45-0.72
Eggs (regular) (12) 1.35 $ 0.97-1.80
Local Cheese (1 lb) 5.71 $ 3.53-9.07
Chicken Fillets (1 lb) 2.65 $ 1.69-3.18
Beef Round (1 lb) (or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat) 3.73 $ 2.27-4.54
Apples (1 lb) 1.25 $ 0.64-3.53
Banana (1 lb) 0.42 $ 0.32-0.91
Oranges (1 lb) 1.29 $ 0.68-2.04
Tomato (1 lb) 0.74 $ 0.40-1.36
Potato (1 lb) 0.49 $ 0.27-1.36
Onion (1 lb) 0.44 $ 0.25-0.91
Lettuce (1 head) 1.53 $ 0.44-2.00
Water (1.5 liter bottle) 0.34 $ 0.24-0.50
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range) 10.60 $ 7.00-17.00
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle) 1.00 $ 0.77-1.20
Imported Beer (12 oz small bottle) 1.59 $ 0.80-2.35
Cigarettes 20 Pack (Marlboro) 1.64 $ 1.50-2.89
One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 0.17 $ 0.14-0.27
Monthly Pass (Regular Price) 10.82 $ 10.00-13.66
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 1.29 $ 0.71-1.60
Taxi 1 mile (Normal Tariff) 1.40 $ 1.32-1.43
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 4.00 $ 3.50-7.22
Gasoline (1 gallon) 39.44 $ 2.65-184.23
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (Or Equivalent New Car) 37,986.21 $ 35,000.00-40,972.41
Toyota Corolla Sedan 1.6l 97kW Comfort (Or Equivalent New Car) 53,214.94 $ 39,700.00-81,944.82
Utilities (Monthly)
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 915 sq ft Apartment 39.70 $ 27.72-57.95
Mobile Phone Monthly Plan with Calls and 10GB+ Data 11.34 $ 5.50-12.87
Internet (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) 47.01 $ 27.00-90.00
Sports And Leisure
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult 23.09 $ 14.00-70.00
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend) 10.27 $ 4.09-12.00
Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat 4.00 $ 2.80-5.00
Preschool (or Kindergarten), Full Day, Private, Monthly for 1 Child 383.33 $ 100.00-666.67
International Primary School, Yearly for 1 Child 10,666.67 $ 8,000.00-12,000.00
Clothing And Shoes
1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar) 47.63 $ 21.00-81.82
1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, H&M, ...) 58.95 $ 36.08-81.82
1 Pair of Nike Running Shoes (Mid-Range) 67.51 $ 52.00-100.00
1 Pair of Men Leather Business Shoes 97.04 $ 57.72-136.36
Rent Per Month
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre 743.00 $ 400.00-1,500.00
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre 211.15 $ 135.00-450.00
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre 1,500.00 $ 900.00-2,500.00
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre 1,049.24 $ 545.45-2,000.00
Buy Apartment Price
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment in City Centre 116.72 $ 68.18-185.80
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment Outside of Centre 29.28 $ 13.61-46.36
Salaries And Financing
Average Monthly Net Salary (After Tax) 235.38 $
Mortgage Interest Rate in Percentages (%), Yearly, for 20 Years Fixed-Rate 12.00 10.00-13.00

Prices in Yangon

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Last update: May 2024
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32 Comments so far
Anonymous on Aug 06, 2021:
Aung San Suu Kyi is the very reason why the international communities or other countries have been ignoring the plight of Myanmar people until so far.

Aung San Suu Kyi is completely inhumane as she immorally sided with the Myanmar military in framing and accusing of Myanmar Rohingya as terrorists untruly instead of protecting Myanmar Rohingya from being genocided by the Myanmar military where the Myanmar military lawlessly massacred, raped Rohingya during the Aung San Suu Kyi's government before.

NUG was formed with members of the immorral Aung San Suu Kyi's political party so international communities shall not support NUG as well as anything that involves with the immortal Aung San Suu Kyi.

In order to obtain the support of international communities, all ties must be cut off to the immorral Aung San Suu Kyi or else not only the international communities but also all of the militias of other ethnics in Myanmar who had suffered discrimination unfairly under the Aung San Suu Kyi's government before would not support in unity.

Anyway, Aung San Suu Kyi is the most shameful hypocrisy that is well known all over the world and not a democracy icon at all so it's best for Myanmar people to stay away from this Immorral icon going forward for good.
Anonymous on Apr 21, 2021:
Myanmar has become a lawless hellhole prison under the leadership of the illegal coup military gang which now forces everyone in Myanmar to register household registration lawlessly and many houses are randomly checked against the household registration and arrests or illegal break-in for unoccupied house or thievery are suffered by the people during the random household registration check.

There is more peace in the US prison than everywhere in Myanmar as everywhere in Myanmar is no difference to the worst prison in the world as everyone in Myanmar is treated like criminal by the illegal military gang.

Forcing to register household registration and disturbing houses without warrant should be stopped immediately for the convenience of people in Myanmar or else all people in Myanmar shall become the illegal millitary gang's enemies for life.
Anonymous on Mar 06, 2021:
Not only the NLD blocks the roads but also the soldiers also ban people from using few essential roads for going back home.

Blocking roads is illegal and wrong and as a representative government, the military should act as a responsible government and should unblock all roads which the terrorist NLD has done so far.

Or else, people would see the military as having no ability to represent as a government.

Blocking road is also a crime and all the others including of urging people to stop going for work, urging people to night watch their wards by misleading people as if the motive is to prevent from arson but not in reality, urging people to strike pot and pan disgracefully at 8pm daily, etc .
All these crimes should be added into the leaders of NLD including the mastermind Suu Kyi so that this kind of crimes would no longer be committed for being treated as a crime.
NLD should be dismantled immediately and their family should be pressured financially and mentally for committing crimes but terrorism would not lead to the good solution so the military should not abuse terrorism for quick solution but more arrests should be done to people blocking roads, people who lead striking pots as well as mislead wards to night watch to prevent from arson, etc

Now the military urgently need to completely clear and unblock all roads during curfew hours daily in order to function, continue and build as a nation.
Anonymous on Feb 17, 2021:
People in Myanmar should also enjoy full right of freedom just like people enjoy in European countries.

Recent removing of security protection by the military is adding lots of fear and insecurities to the people to the extent of capable and rich people planning to permanently migrate to other democratic countries around the world.
People are the weath to this country as much as to the natural resources so military should learn to appreciate people in order to improve and raise the status of this country on the international stage.

In order to retain people is to win the heart of people and this can be initiated by providing security protection, peace, etc to the people.

The requirement of overnight guest registration, lawless entering or lawless search of property, etc should be repealed immediately so as to remove people's fear and worry.

In order to return peace and full security to the people, it's essential for the current military to follow democracy rule strictly so that a warrant should be required in order to enter or search a property and a video recording should be done during a property search or of entering a property so that polices or soldiers would not dare to steal or rob money, gold, precious goods, etc from the owner of the property during a property search or of entering a property just like what happened exactly under the era of Than Shwe's lawless military rule.

The current military needs just a bit of kindness and patient in order to act like the democracy system and consequently would win the heart of the people.
Anonymous on Feb 14, 2021:
Security should be provided by the military during curfew hours in order to prevent NLD from spreading rumors, causing chaos around 11PM every night and asking people to arm and night-watch their ward during curfew hours which NLD's action is illegal and abusing resource to the people.

The lawless congregation and protest of NLD should be stopped.
The source of finance supply to feed the protesters should be traced and the bank account should be frozen.

All leaders and speakers of all protests should be video-recorded in secret and the arrest should be done with warrants every night until all protests end for good.
The protests shouldn't last for more than 2 weeks.

NLD is nothing but a troublemaker so this party should be banned for peace.
The culprit Suu Kyi should be sent to the real jail with hard labour such as washing toilet instead of allowing her to enjoy under house arrest while people are suffering now for the sake of her selfish power struggle.

Peace should be restored as soon as possible without affecting the normal routine with full right of freedom.
Anonymous on Feb 14, 2021:
The requirement of the overnight guest registration should not be imposed to the family like people staying in their parent house for overnight or parent staying into her children's house for overnight or else this would be too inhumane and unacceptable.

Since all the power and force belong to the military, the overnight guest registration is not necessary because this adds lots of insecurities to all people like people being afraid of the trouble of being checked the household registration randomly and undemocratically without rule and order.

Instead the military should remove the requirement of the overnight guest registration and also add more security to the people in order to win the heart and mind of people so a warrant should be required either to enter a house or to arrest people, anyway both time and opportunity are at the hand of military so adding more patience and following the rule and order should create a better image for the military.
Anonymous on Feb 13, 2021:
Is there anything to be afraid of for the military?
The military has got all the power and the force.
If nothing to be afraid of, it should not be necessary for the military to block the internet.

I don't like Suu Kyi but I don't like my internet to be blocked either.
It's a balance that the military should carefully maintain in order to not provoke all anti-Suu Kyi people by blocking the essential internet in their daily life or else the anti-Suu Kyi people might be forced to act against the military which is not good for both parties while both should be united against Suu Kyi.

Anyway, the military should not act unreasonably above the limit of balance and then everything should be fine eventually. ( Internet and international flight, etc of all should be opened normally again as before, as a gesture of goodwill, the military should bring benefit instead of harm to the people going forward)
Anonymous on Feb 08, 2021:
Seems urgently need to implement a guided democracy system instead of the 1 year of state of emergency in order to appease the expectation of the people before the situation coming into out of control.

Under the guided democracy system, the elected government may need an approval from the military for every new policy in order to stop repeating the ripoff policies imposed by the authoritarian Suu Kyi so that the benefit of democracy system would be enjoyed by the whole population instead of few privileged people.

The democracy system under Suu Kyi is not fair to the Myanmar people because restaurant food price in Yangon became more expensive than Kuala Lumpur, Xi'an, etc now under Suu Kyi's ignorance and even the minimum daily wage was not enough to have either 1 or 2 regular set of meal in Yangon now unlike in Malaysia where people have their whole-day meals outside with their minimum wage without any problem.

The problem in Myanmar is that the useless Suu Kyi's government didn't control the ripoff food price from most greedy restaurants unlike Malaysia where even the rip-off price for a Milo drink was heavily fined according to a Malaysia news so consequently the greedy Yangon restaurants made fortunes and normal people couldn't afford the restaurant food anymore with their minimum wage anymore under the brainless Suu Kyi unlike before the democracy system. It feels like no government presence in Yangon under Suu Kyi to seek justice and right for the normal people in their daily life.
The next government should have a say of the acceptable prices for food which is adjusted based by the raw food price and daily minimum wage.

Suu Kyi is clearly a rubbish coming from London where she was already useless in London as well before coming to Myanmar.

All her inspiration is nothing but a rubbish.
Myanmar was better under Ne Win until this jobless Suu Kyi came to Myanmar to fight against her own brother for a property left behind by her mother and she even shamelessly asked her brother to give her the whole property so that she may arrange the property for a museum in her mother's memory but very soon she sold the furniture inside the property and changed the painting color of of the interior which bewildered her brother a lot without understanding what kind of creature she really was according to the BBC interview.

Life looks unbearable like people sleeping like corpses in a roll in tiny flat unlike never seen before under Ne Win's era and paid whopping 35,000 Kyat per person per month under the era of Suu Kyi and this undertaker Suu Kyi even went further and forced to collect 12% hostel rent tax from these poor hostel dwellers.
The life of Myanmar people is no difference to the life of cockroach under the fake democracy system led by Suu Kyi.
All is because of the skyrocketing property price but nothing was done under Suu Kyi to suppress the property price to restore to the level before the democracy system kicked in into Myanmar.

Balance of life has been completely destroyed by the foolish Suu Kyi and don't know what she's trying to accomplish either but clearly Myanmar is heading nowhere but planning to become the greatest ripoff destination in Asia where tourists wouldn't even come in the future because of the total unreasonable ripoff comparing to the surrounding countries of Myanmar and not for offering any value for money.

She raised the minimum wage by 50% before and consequently helped Vietnam where all foreign investments flocking into which were initially destined for Myanmar.
Suu Kyi did more harm to Myanmar than helping Myanmar so tens of millions of people are still without works while in Vietnam there are not enough people for employment due to lots of foreign investments.
For what Suu Kyi gifted the few millions of jobs to Vietnam! In order to raise the living stardard of Myanmar people? Then what, no job for ten of millions of Myanmar people...
Suu Kyi is out of touch to the reality and brainless.

The deduction of 25% salary from the government salary of NLD members by Suu Kyi is the greatest corruption and it's a crime too so Suu Kyi must return all salary deduction to the NLD members.

The advanced tax of 6% implemented under Suu Kyi is also the greatest ripoff policy which should be abandoned immediately to return justice to the people.
There is no such advanced tax in any other country in this world so this can be done only by the only world-famous fake democracy icon Suu Kyi who is good for nothing but faking which even fooled the whole world for over 2 decades until Suu Kyi revealed herself of being the most unrighteous and hypocritical person by shielding the military against the powerless Rohingya people who did help elect her in 2015 election.
Suu Kyi know nothing of gratitude because she is short-sighted without vision whatsoever.

Backsliding should be stopped for good so freedom of internet, speedy passport issuing, etc of all the good things of the past should be continued for good without disturbing and ID should be expedited in issuing for people born in Myanmar regardless of their foreign-origin and all corruptions should be removed from the customs and immigration department so that ID should be issued as fast as the passport, there are always way to work without harming the normal routine and that is what the military should carefully come up with a plan without abusing power and extremism.

Freehold should be provided instead of leasthold for all land.
Banning of farmland from converting to normal land should be repealed.
And 80% confiscation of farmland for initiating a project on the firmland under Dracula Suu Kyi should be repealed as well.
Everything was normal before the democracy system kicked in and then people suffered endless ripoff under the democracy system like people not being to afford skyrocketing property and poor people with few acres of firmland became billionares overnight, everything under this ripoff democracy system is so unfair and unreasonable, it should be time for a change for good.

It's time to place the priority for the people so that life would not be the same anymore and would not be burdensome anymore.
Corruptions in government departments are really the culprits which makes people suffers endlessly until now for over half a century so in order to place the priority for the people is to end the corruptions once for for all without mercy for the evils or else the future would be destroyed for Myanmar for the remaining century.
It's a matter of life or death and over half a century has been wasted in complete corruptions so it's time to make the right decision in order to not regret on the day of reaching the century.
Anonymous on Feb 03, 2021:
Even the military can't stand Aung San Suu Kyi's corruption so please consider all the suffering that people went through since the independence.

So it should be time to suppress the corruption in government once and for all for good so as to make the greatest impression in Myanmar history for the future generations to remember and narrate that at least under whose rule all corruptions in government were eliminated unlike never seen in Myanmar history.

Myanmar ID should be immediately given to people born in Myanmar regardless of coming from foreign origin or not just like the people born from foreign origin in US are guaranteed for US citizenship. Is Myanmar greater than US? If not, please be humble and at least accept people born in Myanmar from foreign origin who actually contribute more prosperities to Myanmar so their intelligence and contributions should be appreciated and recognized for good instead of discriminating them or else it's the greatest loss for Myanmar.

Good service is what the military lacks to make a good impression to the people and the military would never be able to provide good service considering of their background so civil servants of good manner should be employed instead of the soldiers to provide good service to the people.

All ripoff policies imposed by Suu Kyi should be abandoned in order to return justice to the people such as the banning of Yangon license for imported car, the outrageous 150% import duty or tax for importing a car, the recent 150% raising of electricity price, etc, property price should be restored to the era before the democracy system or before year 2011 in order to return justice to the people, etc. Cattle should be banned again from exporting so as to comfort people's burden and etc

It's time to make a historical change for good.
Anonymous on Jan 24, 2021:
The price of Suzuki Swift car is just 100 Lakhs kyat or 5.49 Lakhs in India according to the India news below

But the price of this exact car is 209 Lakhs Kyat or 11.45 Lakhs Rupee in Myanmar.

So this car is 109% (209-100=109,109/100x100) more expensive in Myanmar comparing to India.

So from this inhumane ripoff, people and investors can see clearly that the hypocrite Aung San Suu Kyi, the leader of the current Myanmar government is not only the most famous fake democracy icon but also the most shameless Myanmar Dracula sucking the blood of all people and investors mercilessly under her thievery tyranny.
Anonymous on Jan 17, 2021:
The price of the cheapest wine in Myanmar is almost double expensive comparing to the cheap wine in Japan.

The price of a bottle of the Alpaca marlot wine from Chile country is just around 5,000 kyat in Japan but there is no way to find a bottle of foreign wine for less than 10,000 kyat in Yangon, Myanmar.

The ripoff direction led by the current corrupt government is unsustainable so consequently destroying the quality of life as well as all the record of balance maintained under the previous military regime.

The military regime understood what was needed for fundamental survival and didn't touch areas where the survival would be badly hurt for the survival of the low income family.

But the current undertaker Suu Kyi government even doesn't spare the poor and force to raise the price of the essential electricity price by at least 150% few months ago unlike never seen throughout the history of Myanmar government.

People would realize sooner or later how evil the Suu Kyi government to the people.

People helped elected the corrupt party of Suu Kyi twice since 2016 in believing her party would help alleviate the heavy burden of their life but instead Suu Kyi adds more loads of burden to the people by raising the price of electricity by 150% from 50 kyat to 125 kyat for 1 unit of electricity though it just cost 12 kyat to produce for 1 unit of electricity through the hydropower plant and more than 50% of all electricity is produced through the hydropower plant in Myanmar.
Many taxes are either raised unfairly such as the car import duty or tax, etc or many unfair taxes are collected under her administration unlike never seen before and discrimination starts being practiced against the rules of law set by herself such as collecting almost 50% more for the usage of electricity from 125 kyat to 180 kyat for 1 unit of electricity for the residents of the golden city condo, other condos etc.

The corruption of Suu Kyi didn't end here and she also sides with the corrupt government workers deliberately by raising their salary at least twice to the extent of the salary of the government worker becoming the higher salary comparing to the outside jobs unlike the previous governments where the salary of government worker is always lower than the outside jobs.

The corruption of Suu Kyi didn't end here either and she rewared herself 150 millions kyat worth of free car import license recently as well as an enormous land of 400 square feet in total area in a good location in the capital where it's even suitable to build for at least 5 big Yangon Shangri-La hotels.

There seems no hope and future under her narrow-minded mismanagement bundled with corruption going forward and the backsliding of the last 4 years would be predicted to be repeating for the next 4 years unfortunately.
Anonymous on Jan 03, 2021:
Myanmar NLD government VS Myanmar WA government

Under the foolish Aung San Suu Kyi's leadership, covid has been spreading badly to the extent of Myanmar being ranked for the top 3 position in spreading the most covid in Asean just in a few months, 2-5 months unlike never seen before in history.
Indeed the foolish Suu Kyi is seeking help from the most useless country called India which is ranked the top second position in spreading the most covid on the international stage so it's no wonder the worst day is ahead waiting for Myanmar to suffer more covid under the foolish Suu Kyi's leadership.

The WA government's leadership is unlike the foolish Suu Kyi and the WA government copies the best method of covid prevention available in the world.
And it's indeed the China which is the only country in the world to be able to isolate and eliminate covid completely unlike never seen before in history.
And that is exactly the wise WA government has been executing the best covid-elimination method and tested everyone for covid for free in the whole Mine La city and anyone reporting of anyone not being tested for covid would be awarded 60 thousands kyat so very soon all the regions under the WA government would be covid-free.

So these are the differences between the wise and foolish leadership.
Anonymous on Dec 24, 2020:
We like our country without laws it keeps people like you from trying to invade my country.
Anonymous on Dec 20, 2020:
There is no law and order under the current mess-up government.

Though the current most dishonest government imposed to charge the residential household for 6,050 kyat exactly for the usage of first 100 units of electricity since July 2019 but the residential households of Golden City Condo, etc are currently being charged whopping 18,000 kyat exactly for the usage of first 100 units of electricity.
So the residential households of Golden City Condo, etc have to pay 198% more or 11,950 kyat more comparing to other residential households for the usage of first 100 units of electricity so this isn't fair and acceptable for the residential households of Golden City Condo, etc

So the culprits responsible for this thievery ripoff must be jailed in order to return justice to the victims of the residential households of Golden City Condo, etc and then immediately return fairness to the the residential households of Golden City Condo, etc for the usage of electricity usage.
The Yangon chief minister should be investigated for power abuses and corruptions.

Or else Myanmar is not acceptable as a responsible parter on the international stage.
So it's no wonder that no foreign investment is coming to Myanmar anymore since the beginning of the current most corrupt government because no investor trusts a great thief like the current Myanmar government.
Anonymous on Dec 19, 2020:
Myanmar ripoff is unlike never seen before in history.

Condo developers are requested to build their own power station by the current ripoff government and it costs the condo developers a whopping 1800,000,000 kyat lakhs.

Not only the condo developers are ripped off but also the condo resident are too badly.
Though there is an open policy from the current government to charge 50-120 kyat per unit of electricity to home user and 180 kyat per unit of electricity to commercial usage.
But the condo residents are currently being charged at the commercial rate which is 180 kyat per unit of electricity so the residents of the Golden City Condo, etc have been suffering this wicked ripoff unfairly.
This is an unacceptable ripoff for the condo residents as they are too home users.
So from this ripoff, the future of Myanmar can be predicted accurately which is Myanmar would be getting poorer and poorer because ripoff is not what the rich would accept as they would run to foreign countries where there is no unfair ripoff just like in Myanmar and then Myanmar properties would be worth nothing a few years from now on.

Though condo developers are granted permissions but not only electricity but also water and road are not provided by the government so the condo developers have to dig the underground water to provide water to the condo residents expensively but road pavement done by the condo developers are stopped by the corrupt YCDC deliberately though no whatsoever support is provided by them but only conspiring to rip off bribe from the condo developers with whatever dishonest methods they think stupidly.

Corruption by the Yangon YCDC is beyond reason and acceptibility so most condo developers have given up Myanmar and go to Pakistan for condo development instead.
Anonymous on Nov 10, 2020:
Indian in Myanmar are the most greedy, dishonest and stingy people comparing to the most generous Indian in Malaysia.

The price of the mutton curry of the Indian restaurants in Myanmar is not only more expensive than Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but also the amount of mutton is extremely few too at the Indian restaurans in Yangon, Myanmar such as at the Golden City Chetty Restaurant, Shwe Mingalar Indian Restaurant, etc where 4 very, very tiny pieces of mutton + rice, etc are provided for about whopping 4900 kyat unbelievably, which is much more than the current daily minimum wage, 4800 kyat of Myanmar) and the amount of mutton as merely as a quarter comparing to the amount of mutton at the generous Indian restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It's time to severely regulate and monitor the rip-off Indian restaurants in order to completely stop this despicable food rip-off businesses in Myanmar or else Myanmar is going to be shamed as a ripoff country on the international stage instead of the real culprit shameless, rip-off Indian restaurants in Myanmar.
Anonymous on Nov 05, 2020:
Myanmar is the most shameless rip-off country led by the well-known fake democracy icon Suu Kyi.

The Hyundai i20 car is just 6.79 lakh Rupees in India but the price of the older model Hyundai i10 in Myanmar is currently priced for 12.96 lakh Rupees in Myanmar.
So the car price in Myanmar is kind of double expensive comparing to India.
So the foreign investors should stay away from this outrageous rip-off of the shameless Myanmar government.

Everything in Myanmar starts with rip-off and ends with rip-off.
And it has already proved the cases of many rip-off in Myanmar to the extent of forcing many foreign investors especially the owners of many factories in Myanmar to run away leaving behind their whole factories which leaves the foreign investors with nothing but broken life so it's kind of warning to all foreign investors that investing in Myanmar would destroy their lives.

Unlike in other countries, land in Myanmar can be bought only for leasthold (leasthold is kind of long-term renting with no whatsoever ownership of the land) and after few years, the rip-off Myanmar government shall take back all land along with all the property on the land so all foreign investors should not invest for the leasthold trap of the rip-off Myanmar government.

Civil wars are ongoing in many regions accross Myanmar and no one can guarantee when the armies of other races would attack Yangon and so on so investment in Myanmar is extremely risky for foreign investors unless civil wars accross Myanmar are ended for good.
Anonymous on Oct 24, 2020:
India is leading the world as the top rubbish leader in spreading the coronavirus.

Instead of seeking the right parter, the unsophisticated undertaker Suu Kyi foolishly chose India.

So the intention of the unsophisticated undertaker Suu Kyi must be questioned seriously now as to leading Myanmar towards the similar cursed fate of India or else who is going to take responsibility for the out of control massive deaths in Myanmar in the next few months from the misleading of the proved top rubbish India?

Myanmar needs a reliable partner in order to contain the coronavirus successfully.

Even if China were not Myanmar's choice, the proved top rubbish India should never be trusted for salvation in Myanmar so Myanmar should immediately abandon the proved top rubbish India and choose a reliable partner from among countries which have proved to contain the coronavirus successfully.
Anonymous on Oct 12, 2020:
The international well-known democracy-liar Suu Kyi abused her power again to win the vote of farmers by declaring to purchase 20 billions kyat worth of just-harvested paddy and also to pay 10% more above the market price on all the paddy purchase.

Currently the price of 100 baskets of the just-harvested paddy is 470,000 kyat but the Suu Kyi government abused the government fund to set the price to 520,000 kyat, 10% above the market price, this is clearly a manipulation of the market price for which Suu Kyi should be jailed for the power abuse and the treason on all people.

Rice price has been excessively raised many time under the leadership of the culprit Suu Kyi, consequently people have been suffering terrible inflation unlike never seen before.
Anonymous on Sep 15, 2020:
"Out of control epidemic" are located at only 2 places in US and India.

Myanmar is unfortunately bordering to the most deadly India.

So Myanmar has to immediately not only completely close all the border gates to India and impose death penalty for officers allowing illegal trading at the borders but also to completely close all unofficial shortcut routes leading between Myanmar and India just like what the Thailand has been completely attempting to close all illegal entry loopholes between Thailand and Myanmar.

All flights from US and India should also be banned landing in Myanmar unconditionally in order to prevent the coronavirus from further spreading in Myanmar.

All imports from India, especially the food, etc has to be diagnosed to see if any stain of coronavirus were included in food or not.

Or else all the current efforts to contain the virus locally might be useless and unpractical for Myanmar without pinpointing the source of the real spreader immediately and then the situation even might be out of control just like India in the next few months without eliminating the culprit spreader.
Anonymous on Sep 12, 2020:
Transportation department announced to cease its whole operation and service temporarily starting from 14th this month.

It's not necessary to cease its service and operation but just need to follow the strict procedure of coronavirus prevention.

"No work, no pay" practical policy must to be applied to the government workers too as demanded recently by the chairman of the garment employer association.

Or else is it fair for the tax payers to feed the freeloading government workers like the lazy, useless minister and his accomplices of the transportation department.

If they insisted to not work using the excuse of the coronavirus, they should all be fired immediately and no worry there are millions and millions of qualified people who would work even for free as long as food is provided because the millions are starving due to poverty and no job.

The transportation department is an essential service that people need for taking the test of driving license and so on so the transportation department must never be closed even for temporarily until the democracy government exists no more.

The monthly salary of all government workers higher than or equal to 2 millions kyat must be reduced by at least half immediately to reflect the current very bad situation.

The president should be responsible for the rampant crimes committed by the 20,000 prisoners he released few months ago on his reckless presidential pardon during the coronavirus epidemic without considering the consequences of his reckless release of criminals. No wonder the president is the enabler of all rampant crimes all people are suffering unnecessarily now.
Anonymous on Aug 19, 2020:
No one in Myanmar history is as dishonest as Aung San Suu Kyi.

Over 50% of electricity in Myanmar is produced with hydropower plants and it just costs 12 kyat per unit of electricity but the greatest thief Suu Kyi skyrocketed the electricity price from 50 kyat per unit to 125 kyat per unit few months ago, raising at least whopping 150%, the greatest thievery in Myanmar history under the greatest thief Suu Kyi unlike never seen before.
Myanmar is a gas producer country but the gas price in Myanmar is also much much more expensive than all the surrounding countries surprisingly.
Now both electricity price and gas price in Myanmar are very expensive now, even much more than the world's second largest economy China so how Myanmar people can afford to cook a meal at home or is the thief Suu Kyi encouraging and forcing the Myanmar people to end their life out of enormous expense pressure by inhumanely raising the electricity price by at least 150%?

Yangon restaurant food prices are getting much more expensive and more expensive than Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc now under the leadership of the rubbish Suu Kyi administration.
It's indeed an endless woe and tragedy to all the Myanmar people whose minimum income is much less than aforementioned richer countries above by at least 200% so it's not absolutely unfair for all the Myanmar people to spend more money for restaurant food in Yangon comparing to the aforementioned richer countries above.
Thanks to the rubbish government led by the wicked Suu Kyi who allows the enormous ripoff accross the Yangon restaurants without punishment for rip-off price unlike the Malaysia where the restaurant food and drink price are monitored and controlled around the clock for the interest of its people, etc

The income tax which is never practised in all other foreign countries because it's a fraud and the purpose of income tax is to add an additional unfair tax on top of other already existed taxes upon spending money with no tax collection history for purchase of car, land, property, etc.
Instead of abolishing the unfair income tax upon becoming the leader in Myanmar, the thief Suu Kyi simply skyrocketed the unfair income tax instead from the original 3% to 15%, raising whopping 400%.

The duty of importing a car in US is as much as free but the combined duty and complicated tax for importing a car in Myanmar is as high as 150% of the value of the car,
Even paying 150% for the combined duty and complicated tax for importing a car is not enough as there is no license issued for Yangon and the Yangon license can be purchased separately for a whopping 10,000 US dollar
Thanks to the most wicked Suu Kyi for skyrocketing the import duty and tax as well as banning of issuing Yangon license for all imported cars and shamelessly selling the Yangon car license as a fraudster

Suu Kyi is abhorred internationally for well cheating of the whole world as the true democracy icon for over 2 decades unlike never seen before in history so she is no longer welcomed even in her husband's country called English and all of her many international democracy awards have been stripped completely throughout the world except the Nobel award which wasn't stripped because Nobel award has no strip policy but no one in the Nobel committee endorse her anymore so it would be the most shameless for Suu Kyi to abuse and associate the Nobel award to her name because she is nothing more than a liar and not worthy of the Nobel reward. Myanmar is so unlucky to have the most fake democracy pretender like Suu Kyi.

And even until now Suu Kyi doesn't even spare Myanmar, the last country where people still accept her but she still doesn't repent and commits all kind of evils upon all innocent Myanmar people especially upon the poor people so the day all Myanmar people realizes of the evil natures of Suu Kyi and then Suu Kyi might have no escape but to live the rest of her life as a disgraceful fugitive or a prisoner.
Anonymous on Aug 13, 2020:
Yangon government under the corrupt chief minister has turned Yangon into a scammer heaven now where endless ripoff spreading across the city to the extent that Thailand, Malaysia, India, etc are cheaper than the rip-off Yangon now.

Not only expensive but crimes are also rampant too and out of control in Yangon unlike never seen before such as burglaries, pickpockets, etc (pickpocket on almost on every bus, 3 apartments suffered burglary at the same time at Lanmadaw downtown, Yangon on the day before yesterday, etc) since over 20,000 criminals were released recently on the pardon of the current disgraceful president.

Furthermore, taking advantage of the non-performing Yangon government under the wasteful chief minister, a scammer even dares to abuse loadspeaker openly to help collect and pay for electricity bill where bill payment in Myanmar is inconvenient unlike other foreign countries, can't still be paid with automatic deduction through bank account but only can be paid at the office of electricity, just like Myanmar is still in a stone age era though Myanmar run the fastest for rip-off in the world history since 2010 for skyrocketing of property price (now comparable to New York, US, unbelievable Myanmar for being as merely as a beggar in reality though with no whatsoever success achievement in economy unlike Malaysia, Thailand, etc until so far since opening up in 2010, but shamelessly dare to play skyrocketing with nothing of achievement and then consequently play to death might be the final destination for Myanmar !!!), hotel room price, meal price, visa price, atm withdrawal fee, electricity price, Yangon car license tax, alcohol tax, car import duty, rice export duty, appliance import tax, rent tax, hostel tax, even adding the world's first tax called income tax which is targeted for all money with no tax collection history, etc
Anonymous on Aug 06, 2020:
Many people in Myanmar make a living for free surprisingly by becoming monks unlike never seen before in all other countries.

Monks from Japan, China and Korea have to work hard for a living unlike the freeloading Myanmar monks.

Unlike the monks from other aforementioned countries above, the Myanmar monks have been disturbing all Myanmar people without rest as long as there is daylight using all kind of abuse method for donation request and indeed the usual abuse of the loudspeaker by the monks is the most unbearable one.

It's time to control and stop the immoral monks from abusing loudspeaker shamelessly everywhere immediately so that quality life would be returned to all Myanmar people and the responsibility absolutely lies with the current income-tax-monster government which has been collecting taxes heavily and unreasonably from all Myanmar people without working for all Myanmar people in area of regarding the endless disturbance from the shameless free-loading monks.
Anonymous on Aug 03, 2020:
Most Myanmar people dies in Myanmar due to the oversupply of salt in their body.

Thanks to the sick Myanmar government which commits all crimes in order to earn money even in inhumane manner unlike all other foreign countries.

Myanmar government greedily sells butcher license at an extremely expensive price to many businesses in Myanmar and Myanmar government also allows them to inject the salt water into meat.

In order to recoup for the heavenly expensive butcher license price, the butcher businesses simply inject salt water into meat as much as or more than 100% unhealthy salty water so it's no wonder to see meat swelling like a shining meat ball in the market unlike never seen before in all other countries.

Injection of salt water into meat is the main root cause of almost all sickness emerging from in Myanmar which consequently causes the death of most people in Myanmar so the current Suu Kyi government has an undeniable responsibility for causing almost all sickness and deaths coming from oversupply of salt in their body by deliberately allowing the inhumane butcher businesses to inject unhealthy salt water into meat.
Anonymous on Jul 25, 2020:
Labour union is out of touch to the reality in Myanmar that they merely represent 16% of the total population in Myanmar but dare to challenge politics by participating in election in order to manipulate and raise wage excessively without considering higher wage would discourage foreign investments as once happened in 2018 due to the skyrocketing of salary by 33%.

Labour union should control its greed and should also consider the remaining 84% population who have no job.

Local job creation is not strong enough to provide job for everyone so urgently need foreign investments to create jobs but wage is the key criteria of foreign investments in Myanmar and low wage is the attraction Myanmar need to win foreign investments.

Or else allowing the foolish labour union to raise wage by 50% every 2 years and then Myanmar wage should be the highest in Asia in a few years and then even the existing investments in Myanmar would sooner or later run to other low-wage labour countries such as Vanezuela, Bangladesh, India, etc where the wage of all these countries are much lower than the current minimum wage in Myanmar now.

So the no-brainer labour union is clearly sabotaging the labour market to collapse by attempting to skyrocket the wage by 50% every 2 years which would consequently drive out even most of the current existing investments in Myanmar.

Before it's too late to prevent from collapsing the labour market in Myanmar, the culprit labour union must be outlawed and banned immediately to provide more job opportunities to all population including the remaining 84% current jobless population in Myanmar
Anonymous on Jul 18, 2020:
Myanmar is really a rip-off land where the greatest rip-off is coming from the current thief government itself led by the most fake democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi.

The Nissan Sunny car is made in Myanmar and Myanmar is much poorer than Thailand so the Nissan Sunny car produced in Myanmar should be cheaper than the similar Nissan Sunny car made in Thailand.
No, you're wrong !
The Myanmar-made Nissan Sunny car is outrageously more expensive than the Thailand-made Nissan Sunny car.

The Nissan Sunny car is 0.5 million baht in Thailand but in Myanmar, it costs about a whopping 0.66 million bath or about 28.8 millions kyat so it is at least 30 percent ((0.16/0.5)*100) more expensive in Myanmar than Thailand.

Everything is so unfair under the misleading of this hypocrite Suu Kyi who endlessly burdens everyone in Myanmar beyond acceptability, logic and reason.

Now everyone in Myanmar has to pay an extra income tax of 15% unfairly which is kind of advance payment of income tax, logically stupid and unreasonable and is never heard of in foreign countries or it may be silimar to a slave tax while slave system was not yet abolished before.
Yes, you need to pay an extra income tax of 15% for purchasing a car or a property or everything in Myanmar.
The extra income tax is indeed a slave tax initiated under only by the most fake and corrupt democracy system in Myanmar.

Probably for the calculation of election coming this year by the corrupt Suu Kyi, the income tax is temporarily reduced to 3% until the end of September this year deliberately but the outrageous 15% income tax is coming back on October this year.

The fake democracy in Myanmar is unreliable because it's full of unfairness and excessively burdening the people to bill the government's excessive wasting.
The government should not target people for money extraction and instead should target money extraction from all the natural resources which are more than enough to support both the government and all the people.
Anonymous on Jul 08, 2020:
What is the difference between Aung San Suu Kyi and beggar?
Is Suu Kyi better than a beggar?

Recently there are groups of beggars singing on the street begging for food frequently.

Thanks to the worse than a beggar, the wasteful Suu Kyi harming the interest of all the Myanmar people.

The most foolish Suu Kyi is happy to raise the salary as well as the price of rice and everything even including the price of restaurant menu without considering the impact behind her foolish action.

With the biyearly rate of salary raising which amount at least 33% as done by Suu Kyi foolishly in 2016, it's predictable the salary in Myanmar would be the highest in a few years due to the policy of biyearly salary adjustment arrangement as well as allowing the labour union to bully investors at will for endless demands without law and order so wise foreign investors abandons all investments altogether in Myanmar straight away since 2016, considering the long-term interest instead of short-term interest, all thanks to the greedy Suu Kyi for raising the salary by 33% in 2016.

Suu Kyi is not up for the job to serve the Myanmar people because she is out of touch to the reality and enjoy her life lavishly now comparing to before becoming the current government worker unlike the Myanmar people in poverty without job.

The current president of Suu Kyi's choice is a joke as the president abuses power unlike the previous much better president.

Recently there was a news regarding a robbery in a village in Mulay, Sagaing where one of the robber or the leader of the robbers was the person who was released 4 months ago on this foolish president's pardon.

Pardoning and releasing thousands of prisoners during this epidemic by the president is the most foolish, imprudent action without considering of no more hiring at outside for the released prisoners to find jobs for survival during this epidemic so the president is absolutely responsible to compensate all sufferings encountered by the Myanmar people due to the foolish president's pardoned prisoners.

This president still wants to insist on approving on the corruption of free car import license for government workers until now where his share of the free car import license is worth 150 millions kyat.
Anonymous on Jun 28, 2020:
The no-brainer Suu Kyi did it again to raise the daily minimum wage of poorest people involving in the countryside development programme (cash for work programme) to 8000 kyat or 67% salary raising from the current daily minimum wage of 4800 kyat.

Even the poorest people in the countryside in Myanmar are reaping 8000 kyat for the daily minimum wage so there would be a disaster consequence from the city dwellers to follow the trend to demand 20000 kyat for the daily minimum wage sooner or later and then the wage in Myanmar would be higher than China very soon and then the worst consequence would follow as all investments in Myanmar would no longer be sustainable due to the unacceptable high labour wage to the extent of collapsing, closing and shifting most of investments to other labour-cheaper destinations such as Vanezuela (daily minimum wage in Vanezuela is just 1300 kyat), Bangladesh, India, etc and then starvation and deaths would follow to spread across Myanmar uncontrollably. So Myanmar would officially become the most unsustainable and dangerous destination for investments for foreigners from then on.

The daily minimum wage in Vanezuela and India are 1300 kyat and 3600 kyat respectively, which are 269% and 33% respectively lower than the current daily minimum wage of Myanmar which is 4800 kyat so it's no wonder most foreign businesses have been selecting India, Bangladesh, etc for investments since the no-brainer Suu Kyi has been sabotaging all the cheap advantage and cheap attraction of Myanmar for foreign investors since 2016 so Myanmar is currently being misled dangerously by the out of touch British mother, the utmost foolish Suu Kyi.

Myanmar beggar labour union has been greedily demanding to raise wage dangerously by at least 50% every 2 years so investments in Myanmar are absolutely unsustainable unless the beggar labour union is dismantled immediately as well for good.

The period of the countryside development programme is just from 3 months to 6 months which is clearly not to help the countryside people but just to cheat all votes from countrysides for the upcoming election which is just about 4 months way from now on. Shameless cheating after cheating !!!

The worst consequences of this imprudent scheme of this countryside development are that by raising the minimum wage by 67% which would consequently skyrocket the hyperinflation again everywhere in Myanmar resulting most people would face difficulties of higher price for everything as well as after the end of the countryside development plan, there would be unrest throughout the countryside because with the end of the countryside development plan, there is no way to find any work which pay as much as 8000 kyat per day anymore in the countryside, inconsiderably unsustainable !!!

Without careful handling, this might instigate an all-out revolution in the countryside through the unrest created by the troublemaker Suu Kyi through her no-brainer selfish countryside development programme because people in countryside would no longer be content with low pay after the end of the countryside development programme.

Suu Kyi is clearly a traitor who has been creating troubles after troubles for all Myanmar people to seek her own interests above the Myanmar people since being released from prison.

The future of Myanmar would be completely destroyed if this most selfish Suu Kyi and her corrupt NLD party continues to manipulate the country affairs so they should be expelled immediately once and for all from involving in politics in order to prevent from creating more unnecessary troubles for all Myanmar people endlessly.
Simply traitor Suu Kyi is fitted for nowhere except her former prison.

Suu Kyi and NLD should be investigated for the corruption of massive wealth accumulation and also the reason behind China's massive donations to her foundation, etc. And also investigate to see whether or not it's legal for her corrupt NLD party to collect 25% from the government salary of all the NLD members which NLD party is well known to abuse power to only or mostly employ its own NLD members in the government to the extent of rejecting the votes from state to select its own state chief minister because a chief minister earns the NLD party 0.75 million kyat a month from the 3 millions monthly salary of the chief minister, the millions salary for government employee which is beyond word and out of touch to the reality of the very poor Myanmar country now.
Anonymous on Jun 25, 2020:
Suu Kyi is the most corrupt politician who lied earlier during the election race last time to not accept any land offer from the government but recently a news confirmed that the corrupt Suu Kyi accepted 400 square feet of land (400 x 400 feet) which is equivalent to a combination of 66 plots of normal 40 x 60 feet where normally 2 families share a plot.

Continuing with this unfair and corrupt policy of rewarding enormous land to each 4-year government, people have no future in Myanmar anymore so all rewardings such as land, free car import license, etc and unnecessary salary raising in government must be banned immediately for fairness to the people who elected the current dishonest government in 2016.

Instead of investigating the corruption of the Yangon chief minister, Suu Kyi abuse the power of her corrupt NLD party to vote against the accusation in the parliament. The Yangon chief minister was also the one being accused of corruption earlier before in news for wearing 0.1 million US dollar watch and claimed the watch was a gift from someone.

Yangon region where the cheif minister manipulates has been backsliding where until now water is not clean where there are lots of stains and dirts in the pipe water, electricity bill payment has to be made at the office where no online payment or bank transfer is not yet accepted until now, Yangon car license is not issued for imported car, 80% of land are confiscated for area selected for development plan, no freehold for all Yangon apartments which don't even have a lease hold unlike in UK because land owner still claims ownership of the land where apartment building was built and collects monthly land rent from the apartment owners unfairly which is clearly the model of a beggar country.

The price of restaurants in Yangon is more expensive than Bangkok, Thailand though the income in Bangkok is 200% higher than Yangon.
So it's unfair for the people in Yangon to spend more money for food for the money they don't have from their earning.
A set meal of chicken+vegetable+rice in the 7eleven 24hr convenient stores is just 32 baht in Bangkok which is equivalent to 1429 kyat.

So Yangon urgently needs a capable, uncorrupted, 24hr hardworking chief minister to urgently adjust and control the price of everything such as the price of raw meat, vegetable, rice, milk, olive oil, rent, property, restaurant menu, hotel room, hostel room, food related items including for packaging, etc where everything must be adjusted and controlled based on the minimum wage for affordability and foreign meat firms which can produce and sell meat cheaper than the local greedy firms must be invited immediately to invest in Yangon by the government to return fairness and to benefit the people in Yangon who are burdened with the living cost due to the greedy local meat firms, the priority of the people in Yangon should be always above the greedy, lawless local meat firms so that people in Yangon should be able to afford food outside with their minimum wage very soon.
Anonymous on Jun 12, 2020:
According the the department of electricity, the cost to produce one unit of electricity by hydropower plant is just 12 kyat and 54% of all electricity in Myanmar is currently produced by hydropower plants.

Just cost 12 kyat to produce per unit of electricity but charging 125 kyat per unit of electricity to consumer is the greatest scam ever recorded under any government in Myanmar so Suu Kyi has officially become the greatest scammer in the current fake democracy government where she violated the Constitution to stay above the law and the president shamelessly with the help of Kalar.

All the better achievement and justice of the true way of democracy under the previous government have been suppressed and destroyed by Suu Kyi's fake democracy dead-end which surprised not only the Myanmar people but also the whole world where Suu Kyi even disrespectfully profaned the world view upon her fake democracy doctrine as if in the name of protecting Myanmar but actually not as everyone in Myanmar is well aware of her hypocrisy and also expecting only for the worst from her hypocrisy to not only destroy the remaining hope of democracy in Myanmar but to turn Myanmar people into slaves starting by series of unfair actions one after another under her mismanagement such as raising the electricity fee by whopping 180% recently, imposing the combined taxes of both duty and tax for car import to as much as 150% (1.5 times of the price of car being imported), banning Yangon car license for imported car, imposing the hostel tax where the poor stay by 13%, raising the transaction tax of all business such as property, car, etc from 3% to 15% but currently rolled back to 3% just for 1 year until September this year seemingly to help with her dishonest re-election plan before the end of this year, rewarding herself of free car import license shamelessly while all Myanmar people are heavily burdened with the heaviest 150% import tax while she no need to a single cent for importing a car worthing as much as 0.15 billions or 150 millions kyat unreasonably, etc

It was hard under the military rule but it is harder now to survive under the terrible mismanagement of Suu Kyi to the extent of missing the better life under the military rule where food was abundant and cheap such as beef with cattle export ban under the umbrella protection of the military, the property price was a hundred times cheaper than now
Anonymous on Jun 06, 2020:
At this late hour around 8PM, begger family roaming a street nearby begging for food while shouting they're hungry, are you hungry now, Suu Kyi?

Thanks to Suu Kyi's arrogant manner of raising salary 3 years ago by whopping 30% unlike never seen before in any country and consequently most foreign investors abandoned Myanmar and went to other countries for investments since then.

Not that Myanmar people are greedy but Suu Kyi who is out of touch to the reality in Myanmar and not caring to secure jobs at all cost for all the unfortunate who, the poor would be happy to earn 1,000 kyat daily as long as there is a job to feed them so no more suffering of destitute being encountered now but the problem is that there is no job for everyone now already.

Since democracy started in Myanmar, the salary of president, vice president, chief minister are above unreasonable 3 millions kyat to up to 5 millions kyat which is even higher than the salary of China president.

With higher salary, their spending power is strong enough to the extent of not caring food price scamming where price has been raising all the time against the reality logic of Myanmar which consequently harm the interest of the working class where most of them receive less than the daily minimum wage.
Consequently, the living expenses in Yangon is higher than Kuala Lumpur now where all Malaysian have their meals at cheap restaurants whereas all Myanmar people bring their lunchbox from home. Restaurants in Myanmar are unregulated unlike Malaysia so cheap restaurants of Myanmar have always been raising the food price shamelessly to the extent of surpassing food price of Malaysia now and also the amount of food and meat portions is merely half of what offers in Malaysia, a double rip-off and they are lucky for being in Myanmar where the Yangon chief minister ignored his responsibility of regulating restaurant food price throughout his tenure or else if they were in Malaysia, they would be certainly punished badly where justice prevails and you can find news on how Malaysia severely punished restaurants which raised the price of food and drink even just a little amount.

To understand the reality in Myanmar, the salary of president, vice president, chief minister should be adjusted to be less than 0.5 million kyat altogether, the lesser the better or else they would be blind always as they are now out of touch of the reality.

They should understand that the government position is not to make them rich but to sacrifice for the people but look at what they've done to the suffering of the people now, blame their unreasonable high salary which makes them out of touch to the reality in Myanmar.

If they want to get rich, they should seek other rewarding careers outside but not the government jobs which should be always much much lower than the outside to support the ongoing reality around the clock or else what is the government for?

There are lots of brighter successful people outside who love this nation to the extent of not willing to take anything from this nation, no bribe, no government salary, nothing at all but just to sacrifice their lifetime learning for the better future of the nation while well taking care of and seeking justice for the need of the society by applying necessary actions such as correcting rent so rent goes down by half (property price across Myanmar is out of reality and urgently require for correction to return dignity life back to Myanmar people while severely punishing property manipulators and freehold should be provided instead of leasehold for property ownership as Myanmar is no longer under British rule) so restaurant food more affordable by half consequently, etc
Is Suu Kyi and NLD up for the job of sacrifice?