Cost of Living in London

Summary about cost of living in London:

Restaurants [ Edit ] Range
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 15.00 £ 10.00-20.00
Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 50.00 £ 40.00-66.00
McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal) 5.50 £ 4.70-6.80
Domestic Beer (1 pint draught) 4.50 £ 3.70-5.00
Imported Beer (11.2 oz small bottle) 4.50 £ 3.50-5.00
Cappuccino (regular) 2.69 £ 2.20-3.30
Coke/Pepsi (11.2 oz small bottle) 1.25 £ 0.75-2.00
Water (11.2 oz small bottle) 0.96 £ 0.59-1.50
Markets [ Edit ]
Milk (regular), (1 gallon) 3.52 £ 2.57-4.54
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (1 lb) 0.96 £ 0.68-1.50
Rice (white), (1 lb) 0.64 £ 0.41-1.00
Eggs (regular) (12) 2.18 £ 1.50-3.00
Local Cheese (1 lb) 2.58 £ 1.36-4.54
Chicken Breasts (Boneless, Skinless), (1 lb) 2.92 £ 1.81-4.54
Beef Round (1 lb) (or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat) 3.73 £ 2.72-5.67
Apples (1 lb) 0.88 £ 0.57-1.13
Banana (1 lb) 0.46 £ 0.34-0.75
Oranges (1 lb) 0.76 £ 0.45-0.91
Tomato (1 lb) 0.99 £ 0.54-1.59
Potato (1 lb) 0.65 £ 0.45-0.91
Onion (1 lb) 0.52 £ 0.32-0.91
Lettuce (1 head) 0.85 £ 0.60-1.00
Water (1.5 liter bottle) 1.02 £ 0.70-1.50
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range) 8.00 £ 6.00-10.00
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle) 1.68 £ 1.10-2.50
Imported Beer (11.2 oz small bottle) 2.09 £ 1.20-3.50
Pack of Cigarettes (Marlboro) 10.00 £ 8.00-11.00
Transportation [ Edit ]
One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 2.50 £ 1.50-3.50
Monthly Pass (Regular Price) 132.00 £ 120.00-160.00
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 3.35 £ 2.60-5.00
Taxi 1 mile (Normal Tariff) 4.02 £ 2.75-8.05
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 30.00 £ 20.00-50.00
Gasoline (1 gallon) 4.57 £ 4.39-4.92
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (Or Equivalent New Car) 20,000.00 £ 17,000.00-22,000.00
Toyota Corolla 1.6l 97kW Comfort (Or Equivalent New Car) 20,505.22 £ 17,000.00-25,000.00
Utilities (Monthly) [ Edit ]
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 915 sq ft Apartment 136.88 £ 70.83-250.00
1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans) 0.11 £ 0.05-0.20
Internet (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) 28.12 £ 20.00-40.00
Sports And Leisure [ Edit ]
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult 48.33 £ 29.00-80.00
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend) 11.31 £ 6.00-20.00
Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat 12.00 £ 10.00-15.00
Childcare [ Edit ]
Preschool (or Kindergarten), Private, Monthly for 1 Child 1,135.75 £ 800.00-1,550.00
International Primary School, Yearly for 1 Child 15,583.33 £ 10,000.00-22,000.00
Clothing And Shoes [ Edit ]
1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar) 63.29 £ 40.00-85.00
1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, H&M, ...) 32.10 £ 20.00-45.00
1 Pair of Nike Running Shoes (Mid-Range) 67.41 £ 50.00-90.00
1 Pair of Men Leather Business Shoes 81.19 £ 50.00-120.00
Rent Per Month [ Edit ]
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre 1,650.34 £ 1,200.00-2,200.00
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre 1,194.61 £ 900.00-1,500.00
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre 3,105.87 £ 2,400.00-4,500.00
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre 1,972.97 £ 1,500.00-2,500.00
Buy Apartment Price [ Edit ]
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment in City Centre 1,224.48 £ 743.22-1,999.98
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment Outside of Centre 671.28 £ 464.51-929.02
Salaries And Financing [ Edit ]
Average Monthly Net Salary (After Tax) 2,283.58 £
Mortgage Interest Rate in Percentages (%), Yearly, for 20 Years Fixed-Rate 3.14 2.00-4.00

Prices in London

These data are based on 7226 entries in the past 12 months from 849 different contributors.
Last update: February 2018
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100 Comments so far

#Josiah on Feb 13, 2018 :
Hello All,

I leave a message here to all foreigners moving to the wonderful city of London.
Please note that as a foreigner, you will have to pay a premium on rent!!

Make sure to have a guarantor, or at least be ready to pay +6-8 months in advance worth of rent!

Do NOT forget about the council tax! The Borough of Westminster charges GBP150 per month! Even the cheap Boroughs like Camden, Tower Hamlets charge GBP 125 per month!
#Kumal on Feb 11, 2018 :

Also, make sure you try to arrange with your landlord a fixed price for 2 years as typically landlords will increase the rent after one year.

I have been living in london for the past 20 years and rented for about half of that time, and it happens every single time.

It is a nice way to save money if you know you will be staying for more than a year!
#Kumal on Feb 11, 2018 :
Hello @adam,

For a flat larger than 50sqm , you will almost certainly will have to search outside the city. Therefore, Zone 2,3. This is for your budget.

With 50k net of taxes, you would most likely have to live outside the city, in the outskirts if you want to live unworried.

You can also look at places which they call ''up and coming'' like Angel, Islington, Shoreditch. It has a more alternative vibe and some homeless people, but if you choose the right places, you can find a good street. And/or live with other 3-4 flatmates which can be a lot of fun.

To live in london by yourself in a one bed flat you would need to make approx 75-78k net = 130k GBP per year gross.

Also take into account you will have to pay 1,400 on council tax a year! so add that to your calculations as well. Plus utilities of 200 per month more for electricity and water. Plus other 50 for internet. Plus your mobile phone plan for another 50 pounds if you choose a cheap plan.

This website is very misleading as it suggest a flat in the city costs 1,700 per month which is hardly true for a decent place and not a studio.
#Adam on Feb 09, 2018 :

Can you advise on what kind of life a net (after taxes) 50k per year buys in London? What are the tradeoffs of a bigger flat in terms of distance from zone 1? Where should one look for a bigger (50sqm+), cheaper accomodation? Is it a viable option to live a bit farther but pay less for the flat? Thanks in advance!
#Sam on Jan 30, 2018 :
Also, @Dev
I encourage you to check for prep school scholarships if you are coming from abroad for your children.

I myself know quite a bit as I have been living here for the last 15 years
#Sam on Jan 30, 2018 :
@#Dev, I do not want to sound pessimistic.... but if you are the only income-bearer in you family of 4 with 2 kids, it looks like 135k gbp will not be enough. Remember that taxation on income in the UK is 40%. You would have to live in the outskirts very far away from London city. The good part of that is that you will probably get a 60sqm flat for the same amount that you would get a 40sqm flat in London.

Hope it helps!

Remember you also have to pay bills, council tax, medical insurance, retirement plan, school, etc.

For one person living alone, gbp 135 gross = 81 net of taxes would be OK ish.... without any savings.
#Dev on Dec 03, 2017 :
From comments below it seems London needs major improvements. Outer lying towns like Watford, are they the same, and are costs far lower here. Can a gross salary of 135k GBP be suitable for a family of 4 with 2 kids in private schooling, and family used to a western style living. What would be a comfortable salary with savings. Comments appeciated
#Stan on Nov 15, 2017 :
@ #Andrew on Nov 10, 2017
People on minimum wage live in "housing estates" and rely on "benefits" (like child tax credits, working tax credits etc) + the "free stuff" like dental treatment :)

With the right to vote one can "outvote" the creative & hard working, tax them to death and make them pay "their fair share" to support the "democratic majority"...LOL.

UK it's socialist(Frankfurt School/Fabian) with some capitalist niche areas , now you know the truth.

PS: 6 million people (UK) age between 18-60 never worked yet they have free housing, free health, free school, etc + trillions of unfunded liabilities like state pensions (Ponzi scheme)...HEDGE accordingly.
#Andrew on Nov 10, 2017 :
Guys, how do people in London survive on minimum wage or a bit above that? 7-8 pounds per hour before tax????! It seems impossible
#Sabby on Nov 07, 2017 :
Hey I am planning to relocate to London from India (gurgaon)
I am receving a package of 85K all inclusive of bonus, insurance, pension etc.
I plan to come with my wife and a 4 month old child.
Is it worth to relocate?
Would I be able to sustain a conformtable life and save?
#Kadiric on Nov 03, 2017 :
London is by far the worst city to try and live in. Your pay if based on average figures is non existent. You can forget any savings as most will go towards rent, followed quickly by commuting to work, and then utilities and food. Even if you earn in excess of £6k a month, a lot of tax is drawn from your pay and still your quality of life is deemed borderline "poverty". A city plagued by unreliable transport systems, depraved healthcare systems, criminal statistics through the roof (where moped gangs target even the affluent of postcodes), anybody seeking to come to London for work would be well advised to stay away. Economically it is not viable! Not to mention the spikes in stress and depression one will amass. For an equally skilled job in another European country, you will be far better off than living and working in this dump.
#KK on Oct 20, 2017 :
Hello guys,

I need advice from you people.

I have offer from one company in Gatwick, can you please let me know what is average cost of living there in Gatwick, i m single but i have to support my family from there. What will be my minimum cost per month?
#anonymous on Oct 04, 2017 :

Do not come to London for 30k. This will be a struggle. London has very low quality of life, high stress and logn commutes.

As a person said below, you don't want to be in 30s and share rooms... or 40s even. If you want to eat Tesco meals, live in tiny dirty room, you can survive with 30k. In reality, anythign remotely close to normal life needs over 50k, likely over 70k.

For those who come from continental Europe, and are used to eg 50m flat, this is luxury in London.

I advise people to think this through... I found much better paid jobs in Germany big flat being 5-10x less expensive, food 50% price etc. Indeed, in some place you can live well for less than room price in London. Not to mention, it's clean, things run on time, less stress, savings possible at high rate.

@Moira, there is very little car idnustry in UK... go to Germany, Stuttgart area is very good.
#Stan on Sep 29, 2017 :
#Anonymous on Sep 25, 2017
In a nice area (usually it's NOT city center) with clean streets, no crime, good schools and live alone in a house(not flat) with your family (quality of life) you need to travel around 50-80 minutes away from job (unless working from home). A revenue of 4k a month after tax if you are employed (self employed is different) it's what you need. Employer needs to pay around 6.5k before tax (700 pounds not on the pay slip because tax man says it's "employer national insurance", LOL) need to be a high skilled productive employee to have that kind of wage/salary.
Our current socialist Muslim mayor wants to ban Uber and says that religious terrorism is "a normal thing in a big city" so the future is not good.

Long story short NO (2270), it is not enough , unless you want to share rent and live in a "shitty" area^

^From a "western" quality of life perspective, not 3rd world (witch we can have on most of the "planet").
#Anonymous on Sep 25, 2017 :
Hi Guys,

I have been offered a job with T2 visa in London with annual salary 35K. Is it a good amount as I will be moving with Family. ( me + wife + 1Yr child). As I saw from many websites, my take home salary would be around 2270 after tax. Will it be too tight ?

Thanks in advance.

#Akshay on Sep 20, 2017 :
Hi Guys,

I have been offered a job with T2 visa in London with annual salary 35K. Is it a good amount as I will be moving with Family. ( me + wife + 1Yr child). As I saw from many websites, my take home salary would be around 2270 after tax. Will it be too tight ?

Thanks in advance.

#Mostafa on Sep 15, 2017 :

am planning to study PhD in London and i want to ask if 1,000€ is enough for me?
(we can escape the cost of accommodation)

Thank you :)
#Anonymous on Sep 03, 2017 :
Thanks Sam!
I would be moving alone - so no family involved. Would you say that 35k for a young professional (26 y.o.) should be enough to start with?
#Sam on Sep 03, 2017 :
Hi Dominik
Yes 30K is way too less if you are moving with your family. You will live a goof life but won't be able to save much rather none. If your salary is 40K plus then you can save some.
#Dominik on Sep 02, 2017 :
Hi there!
I was offered a job as a structural engineer in the outskirts of London. I have 3 years experience in other EU country but no UK experience. The salary is about 30k. Isn't that to low? I mean where I live now, I get +40% than national average and keep 35-40% in savings.

Every comment is appreciated :)
#Tom Lee on Aug 27, 2017 :
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#Anonymous on Aug 25, 2017 :
Hi Roby,

I would not take the offer especially now with a worthless pound. I am making 75K + bonus (single and no kids) and I am struggling to make any saving (all I save is for my vacations).
People saying 50K is enough are people sharing flats, commuting for long time and counting the pennies(I see my colleagues eating Tesco sandwiches everyday trying to save few quids a day), if this is the life you are looking for, then 50K is going to be enough.
Good luck.
#Moira on Jul 26, 2017 :
I am 16 rn and I want to move to London when I turn 25. I live in Canada and am a female going into the automotive industry. Also I would like to visit London for a summer to see if it is "for me". Would being an automotive service technician in 10 years in London provide me with enough money to have a decent life. Just me likely would live on my own ideally would want a studio or one bedroom flat. Does not need to be large. And I would like it to be somewhere upon Thames. Mostly I am asking where the automotive industry would be in ten years in London. Thanks!
#josh on Jul 05, 2017 :
i want to know the price of a ps4 game please
#anonymous on Apr 25, 2017 :
Many posters below are right... you can't save anything in dump called London... a manual worker in say Germany will be living decently in a big flat + saving, while you with a professional job in London, will struggle to rent even a decent flat with whole salary, forget savings.

The city is very dirty, public services in UK are a joke, tube is a joke...the place is full of yobs, badly behabvioured youth etc.

Unless you come from a third world country, and are desperate, do not come.

If you have any skills, you will live far better even in poorer European countries, where rents are 20x lower, and you have some quality of life. You will save more money as well.
#anonymous on Apr 25, 2017 :
Do not come to this city. It's absurdly expensive, very dirty, and depressing... people are unfriendly, crime is rife.

I've lived in London for years...never again. Unless you can earn at least 100k, forget life. Many spend 80% on just rent in tiny tin can, often in crime infested neighbourhoods.

Forget buying house etc. Just about any other place is better, choose any rich continental country...London is truly a dump.

Work hours are very long, pay is low, and worker security terrible. Do not come here and waste your life like some of us did. It's a disgusting city.

Learn another language and go to a proper country, with far higher purchaisng power. Or be stuck in poverty here where bathroom can cost 1m, and you can't get a decent broadband quite often.
#EU on Apr 12, 2017 :
Hi, i think that data are not up to date. London is far more expensive than shown. I agree when most people say that cost of living there depends on your standards but again, if you move there you either do that because you have no alternatives (and in this case 80k with a family is the minimum you can survive with) or because you want something better from your life. If the latter is your case, i really think that 250/300k is the amount of money you can live a good life style in London with a 2 kids family: you can afford renting a nice flat in a nice area ( non glamorous), send your kids to good schools, clothes, have a decent car,holidays twice a year and save a bit for the future. If as a total family compensation you are below that amount, i really think you are better off elsewhere.
#Abdelhai Hussien on Mar 06, 2017 :
Dears ,

am looking for job in London , IT Field . Anyone can help me to get work visa . and i will buy the cost
#REGGIE ANDREWS on Feb 23, 2017 :
i wish like living in London very much but I feel bit difficult with financially because I maybe too Expensive rental really so I still like Returns appointed about I still like returns to London again but I never give up so perhaps too many house really never mind I hope one day to be lucky but wait see later hope touch soon I do like living in Camden town only thanks
#ivan on Feb 20, 2017 :
Hello guys I would like to know how much for a cheap studio near London,cause am coming there in summer
#Gayathri Chavan on Jan 29, 2017 :
hi, i want to know is it affordable to stay in london with a monthly salary of 10500 GBP with accommodation & education for kids, transportation offered from the company. is this a good offer, please can anyone suggest me on this. As im moving alone with my family along with kids.
#Tati on Jan 20, 2017 :
I would like to mention that if you are moving to London with a kid <6 yes old you need to consider that the nursery will cost you round 1500 pound a month!
I would say that you won't get a proper living in London with less than 50K/year.
#Milan on Dec 22, 2016 :
Hello i just want to ask, is 1500 pounds per month enough for living in london? im just a student 18yo and i reallly really want to leave my country and go to london after school.
#Addi on Nov 04, 2016 :
Hello All... I have an offer for a job in London paying GBP 80K.... my family consists of me, my wife and 3 kids (aged 10 to 17). Do you think GBP 80K is decent enough?
#Naymath on Oct 04, 2016 :
I have got a Job offer on London Pay is 4500GBP.Am currently working in UAE
Will it be wise to move to London with Partner and 2 kids ? Will the salary be enough for a decent life with a car one 2 bedroom apartment ?
#Andrew on Sep 21, 2016 :
Hello. I have lived in London for about 25 years and the city is both affordable and expensive depending on your exact location and choice of lifestyle.

Food in supermarkets is in my view very cheap and generally good quality.
A loaf of bread (800 grams) costs only about £0.80
A 4 pint (over 2 liters) bottle of milk is only £1
A whole large chicken is less than £5 while beef is ~£10/kg
Food in restaurants and fast food places varies a lot which is true in any city in the world. Fast food outlets are about £5 for a meal with middle of the road restaurants (still nice) are £10-15/person

People complain about rents and they are high. A good size house in zone 2 of about 100sqm will be ~£2500 while similar in zone 4-5 might be ~£1600 however if you are young and want to reduce costs most young people share such a 4 bed house between four people which means it works out to 25% each.

Mobile phone contracts are cheap you can get a good deal with minutes data and calls for just £10/month.

The main point to consider is probably not the cost of London but your own potential and wages. The average wage in the whole of the UK for a full time male is ~£37,000 per year but it is a good deal higher in London. Probably ~£45,000 per year. Of course some industries in London offer a lot more than that. Its not uncommon to work in the city of London and be on a starting wage of £100,000

Income Tax rates are also quite good vs most EU countries. As a quick guide they are roughly. No tax on the first £11k of income. Then from £11k to £42k a tax rate of 20% and then 40% above £42k. So for example if you earn £22k a year your effective income tax rate is just 10%

Personally I would recommend London. Its a great city with opportunities not available in any other city in the UK. You can earn good money in the right industry or job. Likewise you can find a partner/wife/husband who earns well as most the well paying jobs in the UK are in London
#TheSir on Sep 18, 2016 :
I think at this point of its evolution London can be labeled as an overrated city.

Everybody from the villages of the other EU countries wanna go there because "is cool", a pop city where you can brag about living there, no matter that you're living in 2 sqm with 3 poles and 2 pakistanis and 50km far from Zone 1 and you survive on heating up Mocha Latte in a Starbucks while your friend made a career in your home country.

Is the sensationalism of the villager that move to the city, just an amplified version.
#I Dream of England on Aug 30, 2016 :
Don Yuen - thanks for the great informative info and thank you to #Anonymous on Aug 05, 2016 for their perspective too and good info..

For me I would love to afford a lifestyle in England.. When I read reports it seems that London is really a playground for the very rich and super high end internationalists who have homes in places like Notting Hill, Belgravia, Mayfair, St John's Wood, Kensington etc..

Houses and transport are the key costs to everyone else.. food can be quite affordable if you prepare your own meals and avoid spending chunks of cash at cafes, restaurants, pubs, clubs etc..

But my real dream would be to reside deep in England's leafy green countryside.. maybe West Sussex or similar..
#Don Yuen on Aug 07, 2016 :
Hello all.

Living and working (in zone 1) in London for 2 years now.
Single man, 40 years old, no pubs / disco friendly.
Graphic / Web designer, middle weight to senior experience.
No plans to live for long here.

With my profile, all in GBP currency.

~ 150 month travel card. Fuck yes, 40 year old noisy tube coaches.
~ 20 month cheapest gym.
~ 350 month food, take away mostly.
~ 25 month phone bill EE provider.
~ 100 month leisure, some cinema.
~ 100 month other (dry cleaners, grooming, utensils)
All ~ 750.

Living in shared house. Savings in mind. Salary should be:
~ 30,000 gross / year (1,950 net/month). Rent outside zone 1. 650 rent. You save 600 / month.
~ 40,000 gross / year (2,500 net/month). Rent outside zone 1. 650 rent. You save 1,000 / month.

Living solo. Savings in mind.
~ 40,000 gross / year (2,500 net/month). Rent outside zone 1. 1000 rent. You save 600 / month.
~ 50,000 gross / year (3,000 net/month). Rent outside zone 1. 1000 rent. You save 1,000 / month.

Living solo. No savings in mind.
~ 50,000 gross per year (3,050 net/month) to live in zone 1 border to 2. You save 200 / month.
~ 60,000 gross per year (3,500 net/month) to live in zone 1. You save 300 per month.

Living solo. Expending (as an employee, keep in that in mind), travelling, nights out.
~ 60,000 gross per year (3,500 net/month) to live in zone 1. You could save 200 per month.
~ 70,000 gross per year (4,000 net/month) to live in zone 1. You could save 700 per month.

So, as a mature person that knows how to manage the money, with my profile:
<35,000 is low for London, but you can do it.
40,000 is enough, but you live "just ok".
45,000 can be the starting sweet spot. No car. No luxury expenses. But you can live fine.
50,000 sweet spot. No car. Some luxury expenses. You live fine.
70,000 sweet spot. Car. Luxury expenses. You live nicely.
#Anonymous on Aug 05, 2016 :
Hi Guys,
I would like to address few question below on regards costs of living in London and if it's worthwhile to come over and live in London. The simple answer is depends on your circumstances and what you are looking for but generally speaking if you are on this site (so I am assuming you are not a multimillionaire and have not received a crazy salary offer) the most likely answer is no, it s not worthwhile to come and settle in London but let me explain you why:
First and I am not saying anything new here , London is extremely expensive for everything from housing to transport and it's going to kill you off every time you decide to have a nice night out ( restaurants-pubs-clubs have insane prices compared to any other major cities in Europe - for my work I travel extensively around EU and whenever I am back in London which is my home I am literally shocked for few days). Obviously there are some cheaper alternatives but you need to be prepared to sacrifice yourself a lot, for instance living in a shared flat with other people and prepared to commute to your job for over 1 hour or more on each leg and trust me it is not going to be an easy ride every day as the trains are packed and tube is even worse ( I personally know many colleagues commuting for roughly 2 hours ). A decent 1 bed flat will costs you 1.5K included bills - council tax and utilities.

Second: you working hours regardless of what the contract is stating are going to be much longer and your employers are very demanding ( you are in london and you need to be a world class employee fully focused on your career and achieving result for your company. Again there are exceptions but this is true for the majority of my friends. Additionally and here there are no exceptions in UK social security is almost no existent which means that if you got fired/redundant you will be able to claim only 75 Pounds a week for 3 months ( essentially you are not able to pay even your foods with the money) but only in case you have worked at least 2 years ( your employer can fire/make redundant without any obligation within the first 2 years). If this is not enough your salary does not include any pension, what you get assuming you have worked at least 35 years is the statal pension of 125 pounds a week,a misery! ( in other EU countries your salary will accrue for a pension but in UK you have to make a private contribution with most employers matching your salary sacrifice).
So to answer few question about how much money and when it's worthwhile to come over here you go:
If you got a crazy offer which means 150K above then would make sense.
If you are young and looking to have some experience on your CV and do not care about sharing flat -commuting hours - pension -quality of living - weather etc.
If you are multi-millionaire and want to enjoy the London life ( if you belong to this category I think London is the best place where to spend few years or your life as you will have unlimited options to entertain yourself)
If you are desperate or coming from a very poor country and the only place where you received a job offer or can work is here.

I am afraid for the rest of the people who do not belong to the above categories I think there are much better options and I would advice to not make decision just based on a better salary offer because when you take everything into account, the money offered will look very little
#Robert on Aug 05, 2016 :
London is in a bubble.Prices are invented.Get ready for a thud.
#poppa joe on Jul 30, 2016 :
vschia that sounds like a good deal.. uk pounds 75,000 is a lot of money.. so even in expensive London you should be able to fund a nice lifestyle
#vschia on Jul 28, 2016 :
I'm applying for a 1-year job position in London.
I will have at my disposal around 75k GBP for everything, for the full year (rent, assurances, transportation,..all). .
I will come with my partner and a 6-month old baby.
Any idea if this kind of money will be reasonable ? Shall we be able to live in the city center, or else we should try and search somewhere outside ?
#Ilene Leff on Jul 26, 2016 :
Does anyone have data for cost of living for London for 2015 to compare to the present? Or data on the size (percentage change) of salary changes this year in London social sector organizations?
#Make Britain Great Again on Jul 11, 2016 :
Actually what Britain needs is the pond sterling to drop by a lot.. !!

Why I hear you ask...?

Because then it will be great for inbound tourists from wealthy countries like
New Zealand, Canada, Australia, America to buy from your shops, go out to restaurants and cafes,
pay for taxi trips, rent stays at Hotels, B&B's, Air BnB's etc.., rent hire cars,
buy stuff in shops, go to the movies, theater, concerts, pubs, clubs etc....

Foreign currency into the UK will help with so many small and medium size businesses..
especially the small businesses that need it the most..
#DollarHaven on Jun 24, 2016 :
Amid the uncertainties of the UK, it is very important to secure your capital back in US dollar though UK claimed large amount of fund allocation to support businesses which we are not sure anymore as enormous ongoing outflow of fund which UK should never be able shoulder even with all her might so probably might be nothing more than the ability of the Sterling Pound printer being able to produce the claimed fund and this should certainly result the weight and value of the Sterling Pound getting lower gradually or violently endlessly.
#DoomSterlingPound on Jun 24, 2016 :
Raising of the value of the Sterling Pound recently just few days before the poll of the UK exit from Euro was a shameless trap from the dishonest UK government.

Today the value of Sterling Pound fell more than 10% to the extent of reaching 1 Sterling Pound for 1.3236 US dollar.

So consequently sold all of my Sterling Pound asset not leaving a cent with great loss today as the situation of the Sterling Pound is expected to be getting worse tomorrow onwards as well expecting the day of the value of the Sterling Pound being the same to the value of the US dollar or worse soon.

Learned a great lesson from the dishonest practice of the financial market of UK so would never touch the dishonest financial market of UK again. And would also advise business people I care about to withdraw all of their businesses altogether from UK to prevent from much more unrecoverable damage expecting to going to happen very soon in UK due to uncertainties of politic, division, no direction, no money. Yes, no more money I think the consequence of today's UK dishonesty has already stripped UK out of many trillions of the Sterling Pound which were being converted to the US dollar and transfered outside UK to the extent of UK becoming an empty shell with secret mounting debt with which UK would be crippled very soon consequently so the near future of UK might look not better than today's Greece.
#SterlingPoundSalvation on Jun 23, 2016 :
whether or not UK leave the rusting Euro, UK government must still protect the integrity her financial foundation Sterling Pound with all her might for the sake of her own immediate future because UK can only claim her greatness again by only becoming a trustworthy leader of the financial market of the world and should be careful not become the next victim of Euro after Russia.
#nniiccoo on Jun 21, 2016 :
Is it possible to survive on minimum wage in London ? If a person works full time , 5 days a week and 37.5 to 40 hours ? Seems almost impossible if you have a look at rooms and property prices
#RootOf ukMelting on Jun 16, 2016 :
As everyone is aware of that the financial market is the only bloodline of UK economy.

The financial market of UK was long established on Trust and Honesty by many generations which were not easily earned, took many years to achieve the current status of the financial market of UK today. Not to forget the root of the financial market which is the very Pound Sterling currency.

Though the financial market is not the only bloodline of US unlike UK, US shall still do whatever it takes to protect the integrity of Dollar because US understand the contribution of Dollar in return. The Cameron's government has a lot to learn from US on how to protect the integrity of currency.

However, the Cameron's government has been victimizing and weakening the Pound Sterling thinking UK have been reaping a lot of advantages through beating of the Pound Sterling to the weakest point of value in UK history Not realizing the ability of the integrity of the Pound Sterling being able to help UK out of million of difficulties just as Dollar helped US many time before. As a result of this dishonesty, UK have been losing much more that gaining as never seen in UK history.

Not sure whether or not the Cameron's government realizes that UK have been losing her edge of the financial market as a whole to US as more and more people of the whole world are trashing the Pound Sterling and start buying US Dollar for reserve.

So it is time to act right immediately reviving and restoring the benchmark value of the Pound Sterling before it is too late of losing of the remaining hope of the trust of the whole world Or Else it is very hard to restore a healthy financial market of UK which currently inclines towards financial market collapsion with which might resulting the fate of UK no difference to Greece today which is absolutely not what the Cameron's government and UK citizen would like to see in the near future.
#igor on Jun 10, 2016 :
Hello,I am moving to London so uf some1 can tell me whats the minimum wage to live with in london (including rent) and how much money I need for food, bills... thanks :)
#melbourne boy on Apr 21, 2016 :
Hi to Londoner and everyone,

Londoner that was a very good post and knowledge you distributed about getting better deals and how to live more cheaply by being smart and active in finding where the better value is.

Please post more as it is very helpful and encouraging.
#Krzechu on Apr 17, 2016 :
London is close to a juncture since despite the quality of life is falling is still the main destination for new migrants in Europe due to the language and the very active job market.

The cost range is getting wider as the difference between social classes since on one side are flocking to London millionaires from undeveloped countries that whoknowshowtheymadethosemoney and UK is more than happy to welcome them and let em launder the money in the british market; on the other side an army of economic migrants (mostly uneducated but even in some educated jobs like IT) coming from countries with some level of turmoil in wages like Pakistan and Poland, and they contribute to push down the salaries since they're fine with low wages, they come with no family and are ok living in 7 in one flat, sipping a cheap beer in the corner of the street and send what they can save back to the homecountry.
#Londoner on Apr 16, 2016 :
London is a city if extremes. You can live cheaply if you make an effort and smart choices.

People have died whilst cycling in London but usually at busy this usually involves trucks and interesections. I dont feel unsafe but am vary aware of the traffic around me. You can try out cyclingbon the santander bikes available around the city. Theft can be an issue if you have to leave a bike outside overnight.

Buses are cheaper than the tube. Its a lot cheaper if you dont have to travel through zone 1 so try to live and work in the same side of London.

There are lots of genuinely free offers. For example, Waitrose supermarket give you a free hot drink each day, no purchase needed. Google 'free stuff london'. Get an 02 sim card (free online), install the 02 priority app and get free hot drinks, food and other items.

Get a card that gives you half price or 2for1 restaurant meals. or join the mailing list for special discounts at your favourite place.

Over the years I have managed to live near work and walk in 15-20 minutes to mayfair, soho, aldgate, fulham for £500pm for a room in a shared house including bills. Prices are going up but many landlords who have rented out properties for years havent increased prices if they have good tenants. The problem is there is huge competition for people wanting to rent cheap rooms. Try finding rooms on but make sure you know who you hand your deposit to. Scam artists often pretend to be the owner of a property when in fact its a airbnb etc flat they have rented for a few days.

Supermarkets mark down food around 7pm so you can pick up meat/veges for as little as 10p if you are lucky. Supermarkets are very competitive and have lots of specials so shop around. Organic food is more expensive so try ine of the many local markets.

Join quidco and get cashback for signing up to phone/electricity contacts that you need anyway. You can get £100 per contract depending on the offers at the time. Its also good for online shopping. I have received over £800 in cash back so far.

Check for tips on how to save money. There are lots of UK websites that help you save money, compare supermarket prices etc.

The cost of living in London really depends on how much effort you want to put into saving money.
#Karina on Apr 13, 2016 :
Hello everyone. I have a question :) What is the minimum to life in London for a single person in your opinion in 2016? Rent (a room probably ), food (meat, fish, vegetables, fruit etc.- cooking at home and eating out sometimes), tube/bus, phone . Plus things like being able to buy new clothes, shoes, cosmetics when needed , go to the cinema or go on holiday . Would also be great to save a little bit - 20-30% of net income. How much do you have to earn to have that kind of life in London ? Thank you . All the best ;)
#Taaj on Mar 31, 2016 :
@Miguel "Another example is many of my colleagues in IT go for the cheapest option at lunch time, when you get 3K or 4K a month net and you are counting every penny, something must be really wrong."

is not only about counting the pennies because is an expensive city.

If even your colleagues are expats, many of them are economic migrants (even the educated people in IT, I experienced this even in Dubai) that have no plans to stay to live in a city like London, but just to save as much as they can and then go back home and buy their house.

Just to give an example, most poles in London used to do this since 2003.
#DingDong on Mar 31, 2016 :
Hi Miguel and everyone,

that was a really good post and makes a very worthwhile point that you can live very cheaply so long as you are flexible, tolerant and willing to co-dwell with others and share in the rent costs.

Housing is the huge expense in every major attractive city whether it's London, San Francisco, Beverley Hills, New York, Melbourne, Sydney.

So by swallowing your pride and being more adaptable by sharing your lodgings with others you can now take the pressure off and live a lot more cheaply and put some money away for a rainy day or a future in the sunshine...

Travel & Transport:

Firstly live without a car and that will save a ton of dough.

Public Transport .. From what I have read you can save a lot if you buy half yearly, full yearly or some other type ticket/pass. Use the internet to work out the best deals on saving money with public transport..

Bicycle, Moped, Walk..

Eat in and cook your own slop, if you eat out choose the cheap and cheerful curry huts and chinese takeaways..

Learn to be cheap.. find the coffee shops that offer the best deals.. always look for a bargain and a great deal.. Most important of all .. smile and enjoy life :)
#Miguel on Mar 27, 2016 :
I am Spanish and I have lived in London for more than 9 years, I am single and one of those fortunates to have a decent well-paid job (in IT). I have managed to spend around 1000 pound a month minimum doing some sacrifices to cover the basics: living further (Zone 2-3), sharing accommodation, cooking at home and cycling to work. This does not include going out or travelling or other purchases like clothes which pretty much cost the same everywhere in the world. So London is expensive but you can manage even with the minimum wage if you really want the London experience.

However lately the rent prices are going mad. If one day I have a family I think I will really struggle, any decent 3 bed apartment in zone 2-3 starts from 2500 pounds a month, then add transportation, food and other expenses for the kids as somebody else mentioned, a good private school and maybe one car. You easily need 5000-6000 to sustain a family and provide a good education, the same standard of living you can easily achieve, let's said in Spain, with a third of income.

There is something really wrong when you are in the high street of a borough and decent houses starts from 1 million and the shops you found are cheap takeways, lidl, poundlands and the street is full of beggars. If you can afford a 1 million house, you would expect really nice and expensive shops. Another example is many of my colleagues in IT go for the cheapest option at lunch time, when you get 3K or 4K a month net and you are counting every penny, something must be really wrong.
#Filipe on Feb 29, 2016 :
Hi all,

And thank you numbeo for give us this informations.

i have a question !

I planning to go to London in september 2016, (some oportunities is waiting for me ),
but i need to finish my last year of university.

And i found a rent for 700 pcm.

maybe my sallary will be 1555 ~ 2500 per month.

it will be enought to live in London ?
#Anonymous on Feb 29, 2016 :
Could someone please tell me whether a single female European college graduate stands any chance in this city to make it on her own? I am used to a very healthy and active lifestyle and I'm not sure whether I'd still be able to maintain it once I relocate. I've still got a bunch of unanswered questions and would be very grateful if anyone could assist. Regarding:


Is organic food affordable for regular folks?


Would it be practical to opt for a bike instead of using public transportation? I've once read it can be pretty unsafe.


I guess renting in the City Centre is out of the question but what if there's no alternative for me as a female on her own? I've got relatives in 3rd zone (Walthamstowe) whom I once visited and I know how unsafe those neighbourhoods can be. Plus, I've also read Zadie Smith's N-W and I highly doubt it's all fiction!


I could probably save from using the parks instead of the gym but again how safe is that going to be? The weather is another disadvantage, very unsuitable for outdoor activities.
#Geoff on Feb 05, 2016 :
A very useful resource. I suggest that Council Tax be added to these figures, as virtually everyone except for students has to pay it. At present the average across London is about £1298 per year, per property (Source: Dept. for Communities & Local Governement.)
#Anonymous on Jan 23, 2016 :
It's the same old story that's happening not only in London but also in Melbourne, Sydney, New York..

Real Estate has become the vehicle where people lay their hopes on getting rich and so it's become
a speculative trading asset and the prices just keep going up while the deep pocketed new arrivals (and many not even arriving) buy up all the stock pushing up the prices sky high and the ordinary wage/salary earning people living locally are left renting space in bedsits and backrooms..
#Doruk on Jan 22, 2016 :
Is it really too expensive to live

And if i go london to study how much money i will need ??
#FrenchInLond on Jan 19, 2016 :
London is great if you are rich ... I mean SUPER rich.
You'll always feel poor.
The real estate's price is crazy thanks to all the super rich people from third world country ( because they can speak english here, laundry their money & it's way easier to have a Visa than for the US)

My husband is a banker - we moved from Paris and with a six figure salary we can't buy a 3 bed flat in North London.
A 3 bed flat costs between 1 to 2 millions pounds in zone 2
It's 2x more expensive than Paris

The free school is generally really bad even in the the best neighborhoods - because there are council flats everywhere in London - you have to pay for a decent international/independent school,
It's 1500 pounds per month per kid.
In Paris, if you live in a good neighborhood, the free schools are great.

The medical system is a shame - it's impossible to see a specialist doctor - my kids never went to free doctor once here - because it's oversubscribed - if you are not in danger of dying or whatever they don't care - so we have to pay for private doctors
It's 100-200 pounds each time.
In Paris it's free.... and the quality of the medical system is great...

London is great, but if you have a family, it's not that good.
#TrueValue on Jan 14, 2016 :
The value of great UK currency has been falling over 15% from 0.588(benchmark) to 0.694 against a US dollar.

However, though the value of China currency has been falling but is still overvalued over 17% from 8(benchmark) to 5.9 against a US dollar.

It is best to always stick to the fair benchmark value to gain the utmost trust on currency value from all international holders
#Igor on Jan 14, 2016 :
Thanks #JoBoy ,I am coming from Croatia,here pay is like 500 euros and that isnt enough even for surivive..My gf will move in London a year after me so we will live together,she will have a job in bank for like 1500 pounds per month..So first year Ill be saving and when she come things will get better,and I am 19 years old..
#JoBoy on Jan 11, 2016 :

u can make it but living really like a student and with no whatsoever opportunity to both enjoy ur leisure time and save money.

Wherever u come from Igor think 2 times before making the move to a city like London that, despite the incredible cultural offer it has, it's every year more and more difficult to live a quality life.

If you're very young is a great choice mostly to grow up in a multicultural environment or to kickstart your career in a qualified job, otherwise I would check for a smaller and nicer city.
#JoBoy on Jan 05, 2016 :

a full flat 40-60 sqm you cannot find nothing for less than 1200-1500 GBP till zone 2-3.

The biggest problem is indeed real estate, and the transportation is quite expensive (130 GBP month), for the rest prices are ok, but it depends a lot on your salary ...

all the experienced IT specialists I know in London they all bank at least 3000 GBP a month net, and that's enough to live well
#igor on Dec 26, 2015 :
Hello,I am moving to London(alone),so whats the price of the flat per month?And how much money should I have for all other things(food,bills..) thanks :)
#If I were Rich... on Dec 16, 2015 :
I would buy a large manor house situated down a lonely leafy laneway deep in the English countryside surrounded by rolling green hills and woodlands...

In my driveway would be a late model Range Rover and my recreation activities would included playing Bridge on Friday nights with the local well healed town folk and Fox Hunting on horseback on Sunday mornings..

(even though I have no idea how to play Bridge let alone ride a horse... but it seems to be such a "country life" thing to do...)
#Jumbo The Elephant on Dec 16, 2015 :
London has changed so much over the years .. yet funnily enough some things remain much the same ..

I guess the biggest change has been house/property ownership and cost ..

Same thing is happening all over the world where very wealthy foreigners buy up property as a way of stock piling wealth in a safe asset .. or as someone said.. bullions in the sky...

One way to avoid this issue of un-affordable housing is to step back and move to the provenances or the countryside.. This is generally better suited to the self employed as jobs away from the big cities are less available.
#Italian on Dec 06, 2015 :
Mr. Administrator, please ban users who write offensive comments like the one posted by the user #Krzechu on Dec 02,2015. Thanks.
#Krzechu on Dec 02, 2015 :
Poles, Italians, Pakis and Indians that complain about how London is a barely livable place ...

if people from everywhere could stop to flock there maybe it eill become a better city
#r on Nov 24, 2015 :
Dear admins, please remove the transit prices link I added by mistake.
#Denis on Nov 05, 2015 :
Guys listen this city is anything but normal
Too expensive, overcrowded, shit weather, shit houses + overpriced, racist people ( even the migrants) and the salaries for sure you don't take that easy 1900£ after tax a month you have to be a very good specialist with a lot of years of experience in a job and not any job.
In a few words in this place you can't have a normal life you can't enjoy life that much is everything about business.
In my opinion I would rather be happy with less in a smaller city out or in UK than still poor and in London cause believe is not that easy to make money in this overpriced city that doesn't offer anything special
All the best to all expats
#L. Don on Oct 30, 2015 :
Everything has changed... I remember when London was like a community where we all clicked and felt like we had similar aspirations, circumstance, cultural connections and all in it together..

Now London is all about the top one per cent who have ruined the London I used to know ..

They greed and the money has pushed normal working people out of London and into the outskirts of civilization and often into the treadmill of keeping their heads above water..

Give me 1966 again .. swinging London was fun, cheap and we were all in it together..
A great time for music, pirate radio, movies, TV and the High Street Experience...
#Snappy Tom on Sep 29, 2015 :
here's my response to the post by yank..


The UK economy and more targeted the LONDON economy is doing fine .. the rich are getting richer than ever before ..

There is billions and billions of pounds/dollars floating around London, mega super mansions,
million dollar fancy sports cars and lifestyle of fun and fantasy.

Then there are the servants that make London tick over .. it's almost like the days of Dickens..


Same situation as in Aus as well .. higher weekend penalty rates which make it very difficult for small business, particularly small service and hospitality business (cafes, shops, restaurants)
when the rate is around $30 to $40 per hour on Sundays and public holidays.

Countries can't just loosen wages and awards because the unions all gang up and hold the government to ransom and you end up with no change ..

The only way around it is with higher inflation and devaluation of the local currency.


We're in the age of "create your own job" and "be your own service provider"
because all the old manufacturing jobs are shifted offshore and more and more retail
has shifted to the internet.

This isn't just a UK thing, this is the same in Aus and US/CA and all over..
#Hack London on Sep 22, 2015 :
"how to hack London and live well on a shoestring"

You can have a cheap and fun life in London if you know how to hack the system and compromise on a few things ..

Number 1 way to save a fortune:

First key to living cheaply is to share your accommodation - get some roommates in and split the rent & bills 3 or 4 ways ...

Second is to find all the cheap places where you can eat well for Indian curries and Chinese food ..

Learn to cook for you and your roommates

Find the best prices and tickets for using public transport - or if you can, get a bicycle and ride around London town for free..


1. nightclubs, pubs & fancy restaurants .. (it's the fastest way to make your money disappear)
2. expensive and demanding girl/boy friends
3. smoking (bad for your health and expensive)
4. lottery tickets (really they are a waste of money except for the 0.0000000001% who actually win)
5. owning a car (unless you need a car or van for your work) (the cost of running and maintaining a car is very expensive)

Please post your "how to hack London and live well on a shoestring" posts here for us to read..
#Circle of Fifths on Sep 18, 2015 :
London has tons of space .. lot's of green parks, lakes and sprawling mansions set on acres of private manicured gardens set behind secure 12 foot high brick walls..

London is now more of a rich person's playground.. multi million pound mansions, bomb proof secure apartments and million dollar sports cars...
#Krzechu on Aug 26, 2015 :
Everybody whine about the cost of real estate in London, but if all the pakis in the world both brown and white (poles) wanna relocate in London I cannot c why the prices should fall ...
there's no space anymore in London
#Lulzim Hasani on Aug 16, 2015 :
Hello everyone

I'm Lulzim Hasani from Kosovo, also student, I'm very interested for seasonal job at London like international student. Can somebody to tell me for job. Thank you very much.
#An Idiot on Jul 21, 2015 :
#mike on Jul 13, 2015 :
Wow.. everyone here sounds rich..I earn roughly 32k a year before tax and that is more than sufficient. I live on the border on london and takes me only 45 minutes to get to the center my rent is roughly 500 per month.

I know people who earn 24k per year and live comfortably... what on earth do you guys spend your money on?!

anyone who earns 25k or more and cant survive in london is either:-
A. A idiot
B. Needs to ditch the gold digging girlfriend
C. Is a drug addict.

Dear Mike,

Would you be so kind to enlighten us as to where I could find myself a place to live, only 45 minutes from London, for only 500 GBP per month? I am currently paying GBP 1095 outside London, plus around GBP 400 in train fares... Not much left for a comfortable lifestile obviously..
#mike on Jul 13, 2015 :
Wow.. everyone here sounds rich..I earn roughly 32k a year before tax and that is more than sufficient. I live on the border on london and takes me only 45 minutes to get to the center my rent is roughly 500 per month.

I know people who earn 24k per year and live comfortably... what on earth do you guys spend your money on?!

anyone who earns 25k or more and cant survive in london is either:-
A. A idiot
B. Needs to ditch the gold digging girlfriend
C. Is a drug addict.
#Ashfaq on Jul 09, 2015 :
Dear All,

Please anyone can guide me that how much GBP will be need approximately for two weeks tourism in London.

Many thanks.
#Elizabeth on Jul 01, 2015 :
I question some of the averages - where can you find a 1br flat for £1,600 in central London? Seems impossible!
#DrJay DrJay on Jun 06, 2015 :
I don't understand people's questions "is this enough to live on/is that enough salary?" - ALL THE DATA IS ABOVE IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE!!! You are ON the webpage that has the answers; they're ABOVE!All those data tables you were looking at before you arrived at the comments section! Those ARE the answers!

Add the rent + utilities + phone + food + whatever-you-personally-buy data = monthly cost for you in that city. Consider using the ranges to the right in lieu of the point estimates to the left & you will have a very good statistical range...

How can you people be clever enough to make it to this website & then so stupid as to not be able to USE the data you're staring at?!?
#Kathanika David on May 31, 2015 :
Hi, my dad is in London right now. I am worried if he will be safe
#NILESH SINGH on May 30, 2015 :
hello i got a job in london and my monthly salary is 4550 pounds it's enough to live comfortably in london. pls suugest me as sson as.
#penihas on May 18, 2015 :
HI... im 18 years old planning to study in London and im a middle class person
my question is... how much money do i require for my studies and for my living?
#Kasia on May 14, 2015 :
I live in London, i think if you earn in Pounds everything is easier ,food is noting if you buy in tesco, you can pay your rent for one weeks wage, some more comments on my blog
#pp on Mar 27, 2015 :
i work in London and have done so for the last 10 years, there are far more places to live and work in London than London itself, if you are happy to commute upto a hour and half. if you book travel in advance or find a place were regular coaches run from, Aylesbury, Stevenage to name just two, other cities have lots to offer without the expece, avoid Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool and look at Derby, Lincoln, Nottingham, Sheffield, York and Leeds and same there look at commuting in
#adimay24 on Mar 18, 2015 :
I have got a job offer for 243000 per annum at london. should i go for it ?
#Adi on Jan 29, 2015 :

I need your help to know that is it possible to have an average life in London for 2 person with $5000/month?
#Sam on Jan 21, 2015 :
Dear Friend,

I am working in Software Development field & need your advise on my job offer 43K pound before tax at Heathrow airport. Is it enough for living descent life with family of 3 (me+wife+kid_4years)? I am the only bread earner of my family. Can you also help to guide on tax part as well? Detailed expense info will be really helpful.

Thanks & Regards,
#Sandwich Box on Jan 18, 2015 :
UK pound dropping isn't the only currency going down... The Aussie dollar AUD was worth over one US dollar a few months ago.. not it's 0.82
and predictions are that it will drop even lower to around USD$0.70

Anyway, be glad you haven't got Russian rubbles !!!
#NoPoundFailure on Jan 08, 2015 :
UK Pound value dropping is terrible so contemplating to dump all my pound very soon unless the value is recovered to 1.7 against US dollar

Thought the failure of Scotland independence would strengthen the pound value, my mistake.

the problem seem to be due to the current incapable prime minister of Britain who seems to fail to guard the welfare of the British people as well as currency.
#Motorbike Charlie on Jan 08, 2015 :
The Tube / Trains (Metro) system is incredibly expensive and way over priced... buy yourself a moped and buzz into the city that way...
much cheaper..
#Beck on Jan 05, 2015 :
Hi I am single, 21 year boy and have got the offer of 60000/ annum. will it be sufficient to live in UK?
#Salvador Tarantino on Dec 27, 2014 :
I am Thinking about going to London by myself, study and get graduated. Is it possible for me? as a student
#Sandy Beach on Dec 26, 2014 :
Or maybe consider an entirely different city like Melbourne in Australia.
London was the best in the 60s 70s 80s but now the super rich and largely foreign origin people
have made it so expensive for ordinary people to enjoy.

Even in Melbourne house prices have risen 800 - 900 per cent in the past 20 years I have been there.
Some places as much as 1200 per cent increases.