Climate in Anchorage, AK, United States

Climate Index: 38.07
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Climate By Month in Anchorage, AK

Weather Conditions Outline
Low avg 12℉
Chance of cloudy day 52%
Chance of snow day 45%
Low avg 16℉
Chance of cloudy day 49%
Chance of snow day 37%
Low avg 16℉
Chance of cloudy day 48%
Chance of rainy day 47%
Chance of cloudy day 53%
Chance of rainy day 49%
Chance of cloudy day 61%
Chance of rainy day 63%
Chance of cloudy day 61%
Chance of rainy day 63%
Chance of cloudy day 47%
Low avg 18℉
Chance of snow day 28%
Low avg 12℉
Chance of cloudy day 52%
Chance of snow day 42%

Best Months To Visit Anchorage, AK

Best months to visit: May, June, July, August, September.

Temperatures (table)

Low Avg
High Avg
Jan 12℉ 23℉
Feb 16℉ 30℉
Mar 16℉ 34℉
Apr 32℉ 48℉
May 43℉ 59℉
Jun 52℉ 66℉
Jul 55℉ 68℉
Aug 54℉ 66℉
Sep 43℉ 57℉
Oct 32℉ 45℉
Nov 18℉ 28℉
Dec 12℉ 23℉
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1 Comments so far

#Anonymous on Nov 10, 2016 :
hello everyone, my name is Mandy & I am born and raised in deep southern Louisiana. I have always wanted to visit Alaska and now that all my kids are grown we are considering a move. my fiancé & I are both 39 years old. I have done some research on cost of living there and actually am shocked because it is very similar to here in Louisiana almost identical actually. my question fiancé is a welder, he has been for 20 years. I noticed that the pay for welders in the US is highest in Alaska. It is actually double what he makes here but with same cost of living so I feel we would do well there financially.I am just wondering if anyone can give me more information on the welding industry and job prospects as well as what town we could possibly live in with him working this proffesion. I am used to a more rural living environment and don't care very much for the hustle & bustle of the big city. I don't have to be far from the city but just wondering how far away some of the outlying towns are from possible work. Also what is the healthcare like there?