Cost of Living in Melbourne, Australia

Prices in Melbourne

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Consumer Price Index (Excl.Rent): 113.98
Rent Index: 60.25
Groceries Index: 111.98
Restaurants Index: 98.63
Consumer Price Plus Rent Index: 87.98
Local Purchasing Power: 103.38

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Restaurants [Edit] Avg.
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 15.00 A$
Meal for 2, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 80.00 A$
Combo Meal at McDonalds or Similar 8.00 A$
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught) 7.00 A$
Imported Beer (0.33 liter bottle) 7.00 A$
Cappuccino (regular) 3.73 A$
Coke/Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle) 2.98 A$
Water (0.33 liter bottle) 2.57 A$
Markets [Edit] Avg.
Milk (regular), (1 liter) 1.48 A$
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g) 2.96 A$
Rice (white), (1kg) 2.45 A$
Eggs (12) 3.99 A$
Local Cheese (1kg) 10.95 A$
Chicken Breasts (Boneless, Skinless), (1kg) 12.12 A$
Apples (1kg) 3.88 A$
Oranges (1kg) 3.48 A$
Tomato (1kg) 4.92 A$
Potato (1kg) 3.11 A$
Lettuce (1 head) 2.27 A$
Water (1.5 liter bottle) 2.50 A$
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range) 15.00 A$
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle) 4.67 A$
Imported Beer (0.33 liter bottle) 4.59 A$
Pack of Cigarettes (Marlboro) 18.00 A$
Transportation [Edit] Avg.
One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 3.70 A$
Monthly Pass (Regular Price) 130.00 A$
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 3.50 A$
Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff) 1.83 A$
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 50.00 A$
Gasoline (1 liter) 1.49 A$
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (Or Equivalent New Car) 27,496.01 A$
Utilities (Monthly) [Edit] Avg.
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Water, Garbage) for 85m2 Apartment 188.57 A$
1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans) 0.90 A$
Internet (6 Mbps, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) 62.77 A$
Sports And Leisure [Edit] Avg.
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult 70.59 A$
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend) 19.50 A$
Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat 18.00 A$
Clothing And Shoes [Edit] Avg.
1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar) 104.64 A$
1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, H&M, ...) 73.23 A$
1 Pair of Nike Shoes 144.43 A$
1 Pair of Men Leather Shoes 148.26 A$
Rent Per Month [Edit] Avg.
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre 1,676.90 A$
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre 1,314.66 A$
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre 3,175.48 A$
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre 1,981.19 A$
Buy Apartment Price [Edit] Avg.
Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment in City Centre 8,521.11 A$
Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment Outside of Centre 6,077.27 A$
Salaries And Financing [Edit] Avg.
Average Monthly Disposable Salary (After Tax) 4,242.73 A$
Mortgage Interest Rate in Percentages (%), Yearly 5.97

These data are based on 3196 entries in the past 18 months from 376 different contributors.

Last update: April, 2014

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#Popeye on Apr 12, 2014 :
Are you thinking of moving to Australia and not sure which state or city to move to.

My experience tells me that Melbourne is the best place to be in Australia because it has everything ..

It's cheaper than Sydney and in my view it's way better.

We have our own Little Greece (Oakleigh), Little India/Sri Lanka (Clayton/Noble Park/Dandenong), Little China (Mount Waverly/Glen Waverley and City), Little Israel (Caulfield), Little Middle East (Coburg), Little Italy (Carlton), Little Africa (Footscray) and various other Little Countries within a suburb.

Melbourne has a great and often crowed public transport system and it's not expensive compared to some other countries.

You can eat cheaply here once you know where to go and if you have bags of money you can live like a king too.

Cost of Housing:
HOUSING ... the days of cheap rents and purchase prices are largely over in the inner east, south east and north.
In good areas within a 10-15 km radius of Melbourne you will find well positioned houses selling for $800,000 - $1,500,000

Cheap Housing: Yes it is available in many outer areas of Melbourne.
Places like Cragieburn, Tarneit, Hoppers Crossing, Point Cook, Mill Park, Epping, Lara..

Remember, some of the cheaper suburbs of Melbourne can be hot spots for crime and assaults because of high unemployment,
dysfunctional adults/youth, drug/alcohol abuse and so on.. So research your suburb first before taking the plunge.

You can rent a new single storey 3 bedroom house for around $250-$300 per week and buy for around $300K - $350K

If you want to live in a country town in Victoria (like Traralgon) you can rent 3 bedroom houses for around $250 per week
but once your out of Melbourne there aren't many jobs. It's ok if you're self employed and running an internet business
or are a professional gardener or builder/tradie etc..

In a snap shot tell me in a few words about the other cities in Australia.

Perth: Horribly and massively expensive, way too hot in summer, boring city, narrow minded, too many rough people and bogans.
A city for the established and the wealthy and those employed in the mining industry.

Adelaide: Too hot in summer, city is too small to offer a wide mix of experiences, not a draw card location .. in Melbourne
nobody ever mentions Adelaide unless they say they escaped the place.

Tasmania: No jobs, lovely countryside, mono-cultural.

Sydney: Brash, exciting, dangerous, expensive, flash...

Brisbane: I was quite pleasantly surprised by Brisbane, it's a lot more diverse than I would have imagined.
Still, not quite a match on Melbourne but better than Perth and Adelaide.

Gold Coast: Trashy, Flash and past it's glory days ... a lot of dimwits everywhere but at the same time it can be fun
and good for a holiday..

Darwin: The last outpost .. Like Perth it's expensive and nearly everything is over priced .. but at the same time it's the last outpost
and the place to go if you want to start all over again with a new life... a lot of shady types end up in Darwin .. (or so I've read...).
Look out for the troppo season .. Many of the population drink enough beer to sink the Titanic.

ACT/Adelaide: Everyone works for the Government.
#BingBong on Apr 11, 2014 :
Hi to everyone who is interested in coming to Melbourne.

I will provide a little bit of a recap on what to expect with the costs of living and other things.

Q: If I go out for a breakfast, how much would I expect to pay?
A: Typically a cafe style breakfast with coffee would set you back $17 - $23

Q: How much is a coffee and a piece of cake in a cafe?
A: Coffee $4.00 and cake $6.50 = $10.50, Muffins are around $4.00 - $4.50
You will be able to find places that sell coffee for around $3.50 once you know where to look..

Q: What about prices for restaurant meals?
A: Probably around $30 to $40 for most places and up to $60 at more fancy establishments (wine extra).

Q: I'm on a budget, are there cheaper options for nice food at restaurants?
A: Yes there is, OM in the city have vegetarian rice, curry and naan (all you can eat) $6.50
Lentil As Anything vegetarian restaurantin the Abbotsford Convent grounds is "pay as you feel/donation".
Hare Krishna restaurant Crossways in Swanston St Melbourne, all you can eat vegetarian lunch for $7.50

Q: How much does it cost to use the metro?
A: Trains, Trams and Busses all use a common ticketing system called MYKI,
Melbourne has two zones. Zone 1 is approx 15 km radius of the city and Zone 2 is beyond that distance.
Zone 1 all day full fare is $7.16, Zone 2 all day full fare is $4.96 (Monday to Friday)
Weekends the fares are capped at $6.00 for a full day of travelling (Sat and Sun).
Travel on trains between approx 05:15 and 07:00 hours Mon - Fri is Free (The Early Bird Free Fare) (Trams and Busses are not included in the
early bird free fare).

Q: How much is a good mobile/cell phone plan that includes data?
A: Amaysim have the unlimited prepaid that includes 4GB of data for $39.90 per month
(unlimited calls within Australia).

Q: How much is ADSL Broadband for home?
A: I pay $80 which includes line rental.

Q: What is the cost of rents in Melbourne?
A: One bedroom 60s/70s style flat $260 - $290 per week in good area, 2 Bed $300 - $400 per week
Newly built 2 bedroom apartment $450 - $700 per week.

Q: Do you have to be rich to afford a house in Melbourne?
A: In good areas yes, the cost of a stand alone 3 or 4 bedroom house that is close to schools, public transport and shops
will set you back $800,000 - $1,300,000

Q: Can I buy a house further out for less?
A: Yes, you can buy a house in the outer suburbs in the new housing estates like Cragieburn, Tarneit, Point Cook, Hoppers Crossing
for between $300,000 - $600,000

Q: I want to live closer to the city, how much is an apartment to buy?
A: Within 15 km of city a (older style) 1 bedroom $300K - $350K, 2 bedroom $350K-$475K
A new 2 bedroom apartment $550K - $750K

Q: Is Melbourne a safe place?
A: Yes and no, you need to be smart and sensible and avoid the hot spots and troublesome areas.
The city at night and very early in the morning, especially weekends can be potentially dangerous.
Drugs and alcohol affected and crazed people are around, so learn what to avoid and have a mental escape route
mapped out in your head if you're out late at night especially. Also be careful and cautious any other time because
things happen ... But overall, I would say Melbourne is safe so long as you follow your instincts.

If you have any other question please post them here and I will try and answer them to the best of my abilities.
#BingBong on Apr 11, 2014 :
Hi Esra GC (see on Apr 09, 2014)

We will be transfer there due my husband's job but i wonder about safety and crime.

-If you rate btwn 1(dangerous)to 10 (safest) how would u rate there?
I would say it's quite safe so long as you adopt sensible and cautious behaviours and practises.
Late night and very early in the morning around the city, particularly weekends can be risky,
Avoid areas where the nightclub crowds are because drinking and drugs often lead to violence.
If you live in a good suburb and generally are at home at night then I would say Melbourne is quite safe.

-What about people's attitude towards to foreigners ? (we all can speak English fluently)
Melbourne is populated by foreigners - so there's no problem there .. We have people from everywhere
living here and speaking all sorts of languages.

There is a high population of Chinese, Malaysian, Vietnamese, The Philippines, Indian and to a lesser degree
Pakistanis, Sri Lankans and other south east asians living here. Also many Europeans, Middle Eastern, etc..

I come across very few Canadians, Americans, South Americans or recent British arrivals .. although I believe there
are many people here from England I think they may reside in the outer suburbs.

-Any suggestion for private schools ? (for our 9yrs old boy)
Not really, use the internet to find more info.

-Any suggestions for good neigbour,including outside of the city?
That's very important, the low rent outer suburbs often are the ones to avoid because of drugs, crime and
behaviour issues.

I would say the better suburbs ten to be within a 15-20 km radius of the city.
Personally I would favour the south east but really there are many nice areas in the east and north of Melbourne.

We are Northern Italian family with 9yrs old boy.
We will be transfer there because of my husband's job.

If you're Italian you will find Melbourne very much to your liking because there is a large Italian population
here and many restaurants with Italian cuisine.
#Esra GC on Apr 09, 2014 :
We will be transfer there due my husband's job but i wonder about safety and crime.

-If you rate btwn 1(dangerous)to 10 (safest) how would u rate there?
-What about people's attitude towards to foreigners ? (we all can speak English fluently)
-Any suggestion for private schools ? (for our 9yrs old boy)
-Any suggestions for good neigbour,including outside of the city?

Thanks in advance,
#Essie on Apr 09, 2014 :
We are Northern Italian family with 9yrs old boy.
We will be transfer there because of my husband's job.
What i wonder is crime and safety.
-Is it safe there,if you can rate it from 1(very low) to 10 (very safe)how would you rate Melbourne?
-How about the people attitude towards foreigners? (We also lived in U.S,we all speak English well).

-What about private school? any suggestion?
-And any suggestion for good neighbour,including outside of the city?

Thanks in advance,
#BingBong on Apr 09, 2014 :
Hi Patrick (see post on Apr 08, 2014 :)

Im young western European , from Portugal,
looking forward to move in this city or to Sydney,

Q: I wonder if it is easy to get a job in the area of network engineering / cisco or telecom or IT in general
A: It's a competitive area, you may be able to get a job with a major Telco or corporate player ..
sometimes you may have to do something else before the right job comes along..

Q: and what is the average salary for this kind of jobs in Melbourne or Sydney?
A: If you're with a big Telco or corporate player then it's likely to be between $70K - $110K
If you're with a smaller player it may be $50K-$65K

If you have the scope of working shift work and over time then you this could increase by another (approx) $30K

When you first arrive you may have to do a totally different job to begin with and may earn $40K-$55K
until you win a better job.
#Patrick on Apr 08, 2014 :
Im young western European , from Portugal,
looking forward to move in this city or to Sydney,I wonder if it is easy to get a job in the area of network engineering / cisco or telecom or IT in general,and what is the average salary for this kind of jobs in Melbourne or Sydney?
#BingBong on Apr 08, 2014 :
Hi Ashish, I will try and answer your questions.

Q: I want to know how to survive the first few months of Job search.
A: Internet sites, word of mouth, make contact in cheap/budget restaurants where other people from your country go
as often opportunities come about through getting to know some people.

Also there are websites for jobs and for cash jobs look in window displays in grocery stores etc..

Q: Cheapest way to live, Hostel, or renting or what?
A: Share a house with people, rent a room. Lot's of people want to share flats and houses.

Q: Cheapest Veg food, quickly and readily available?
A: Vegetarian restaurants are around and inexpensive.
Lentil As Anything where you donate/pay as you feel.
OMM in the city is only around $6 for a simple rice and curry and all you can eat.

Q: Where to go for internet and surfing,?
A: Most suburbs have internet cafes, all libraries offer Free Internet access.
City Library in Flinders Lane, Melbourne has free Internet and easy to become a member.

Q: what job sites to look at? / Any consultant you can recommend?
Lot's of cash jobs that pay a little, $8 - $20 per hour from cleaning, cooking, car washing, driving etc
Professional jobs and call centre jobs can be very lucrative if with a big company and you work shifts and do overtime
can make over $100K if you're lucky.

Q: what internet plan and sim to buy?
A: Amaysim have an unlimited (Australia wide calls) mobile plan for $39.90 per month which includes 4 GB of internet data.

Q: Any other things that you can tell me based on ur experience?
A: Once you know the best neighbourhoods for your cultural and interests and know where you can get good value food
you will be right. You will be able to buy a nice lunch of rice and curry from all sorts of places for $6-$8 or less if you go to
pay as you feel / donate places plus there's the Harre Krishnas for cheap/free meals.

Trains/Busses/Trams all use a common MET Myki ticket
See some of the previous postings for prices etc .. public transport in Melbourne is very good, can be crowded at peak times.

Free trains from approx 5.15 am to 7 am Monday to Friday (Early Bird Free Fare)


My pleasure, BingBong
#Ashish on Apr 08, 2014 :
Thanks for creating this site, I wanted to know about the inital days in Melbourne. I applied for PR and will get it soon, I want to know how to survive the first few months of Job search,

Cheapest way to live, Hostel, or renting or what?
Cheapest Veg food, quickly and readily available?
Where to go for internet and surfing,?
what job sites to look at?
Any consultant you can recommend?
what internet plan and sim to buy?
Any other things that you can tell me based on ur experience?

#Nick on Apr 03, 2014 :
I got a PR visa and ll be moving to Australia. i am a civil engineer can anyone leme kw the job market for civil engineers in australia and good place to settel.
#Damatha on Mar 20, 2014 :
Looking at the prices for Melbourne made me realise that if you shop around you can save a lot of money.

White bread doesn't have to cost $2.97, home brand white bread is only $1 a loaf, quality light rye or other
whole breads can be purchased from Aldi for $2.89 a loaf.

Cappuccino well it may average out at $3.73 for a cup but in many places it's now over $4.00, maybe $4.20 - $4.60

Eating out. I went to Clayton today and had a nice vegetarian Sri Lankan rice and curry for only $6.90
so you can save money by knowing where to go.

Remember, if you have loads of money you can live like a king, if you're nearly broke you can still get by but you
got to learn where to go and be a little street smart.

Know the art of saving money and then you'll be right.

Also, you can find cheaper housing such as flats by looking around... be careful of the area as the cheaper housing estates
can be hot spots for trouble.

Lots of cash jobs paying $10 to $12 per hour if you're prepared to work in a shop or cleaner or kitchen.
#Ahmad Hassan on Mar 17, 2014 :
It's Ahmad,
I'm going to Melbourne city in Australia in this July session at Fed Uni.
I'm from Pakistan, anyone has planed to be there and looking for settlement of initial issues over there, can catch me at my Email address I need a person specially from pakistan as companion.
#Atish on Mar 11, 2014 :
I am a Mechanical Engineer.I want to migrate to Australia with my spouse & kid.My wife is a teaching professional of English language. Can anyone help me in gathering some information on how to start the process for migration & also getting a well paid job.
#Sambo on Mar 09, 2014 :
Hi Santosh from india,

I am coming to melboure and please provide me the details

1)how the jobs offers will be there and what would be the starting salary overe there or its very hard to get job over there<
A: There are all sorts of jobs available from cleaning and restaurant work to hospital and aged care and call centre work.
You would expect a starting salary of between $40,000 for low skilled work to $60,000 - $100,000 for more skilled work.

If you work penalty shifts and overtime you can nearly double your base income.

2)How would be the cost of leaving,as i am staying with my family and i need to pay university fee also with the salary
)Expeneses on monthly basis like Food,Accomdation,Medical,Transport and others.

A: Eating out at restaurants is quite expensive .. probably double many other western countries.
If you buy your fruit and vegetables from small shops or markets and cook your own meals at home you will SAVE A LOT OF MONEY.

Avocados are $3.49 each, Mushrooms are $11 per kg. Tomatoes $3-6 per kg, green beans $5-$9 per kg, apples ~ $5 per kg
Soy Milk $1.20 - $3.0 per litre, Vegetarian sausages (8 of) in tin $4.60, Baked beans $0.70 - $2.0, Break $1.00 - $6.00 a loaf.

Please provide me the details so that i can survive there by doing job.

Don't spend money when going out as things are expensive .. take your own food and drink with you when in the city or travelling.

There are a couple of good low price places like OM in Melbourne for Veg Indian food, Lentil As Anything in Abbotsford (pay as you feel)

Go to Clayton for Indian food - Masala Dosa $7.50, Vegie Thali Rice $10.00, some places may be a little more expensive.
#santosh kumar on Mar 06, 2014 :
Hi All

My name is santosh and i am from india,and in india i am working for Mahindra retail and worked for aditya birla group and other retail Job As assistant store manager and i completed B.Com
I am coming to melboure and please provide me the details
1)how the jobs offers will be there and what would be the starting salary overe there or its very hard to get job over there<
2)How would be the cost of leaving,as i am staying with my family and i need to pay university fee also with the salary
)Expeneses on monthly basis like Food,Accomdation,Medical,Transport and others.

Please provide me the details so that i can survive there by doing job

#Dinesh on Feb 20, 2014 :
Hi Uday, I'll try and answer your questions.

How much can I rent a house of 2 BHK furnished?(please tell me the cheapest one)

Most houses and flats/apartments don't usually come furnished .. you can pick up cheap and even free furniture
around Melbourne if you need to. So it doesn't cost much to furnish a place.

2 bedroom old style flat $350 - $400 per week in good area within 15 km of city
3 bedroom house in outer suburb in the west or northern suburbs $280 - $350 per week

How is public transport?(can I have rates of them)

There are 2 zones (Monday to Friday rates)
Zone 1 (city and approx 15 km radius of Melbourne) $7.16 per day unlimited use
Zone 2 (approx 15 km from city going further out, approx 30~45 km of Melbourne) $4.96 per day unlimited use
These tickets include all modes Train, Bus and Tram.
Full fare rates quoted.

after 6 pm till approx 12 midnight you pay a 2 hour fare and it covers you for the whole night,

2 hour fares are half the rates listed above.

Saturday/Sunday rates
$6.00 flat rate which includes Zones 1 & 2 unlimited use over the weekend.

If I am offered a salary of 5k p.m. how much taxes do I need to pay & do I get the tax claim benefit at end of the year?

Your employee will deduct the taxes for you and will also contribute to your superannuation.

$5K per month is enough to live well.

How much is the internet connection for and which one is the best?

Including line rental I would say ADSL with unlimited plan or near-unlimited plan is around $80 per month

I guess I am going to be placed in Melbourne.

Melbourne is wonderful and lot's of Indian restaurants and places of interest.

Read the other guides/posts and suggestions about safety and choosing where you live and what you do carefully..
#Uday on Feb 19, 2014 :
Hello Everyone,
I have been offered a job from an retail company in Australia.I am from India.
I just needed to know few things before I arrive there.
How much can I rent a house of 2 BHK furnished?(please tell me the cheapest one)
How is public transport?(can I have rates of them)
If I am offered a salary of 5k p.m. how much taxes do I need to pay & do I get the tax claim benefit at end of the year?
How much is the internet connection for and which one is the best?

I guess I am going to be placed in Melbourne.
Thanks & Regards,
#Tom Tom on Feb 02, 2014 :
Hi Hira,

You will be fine in Melbourne and there are plenty of jobs* to help fund your life in Australia.

Many of the sub continent people take jobs in the following categories.

Driving Taxi
Delivery Van / parcels
Telco Call Centres

If you have the qualifications you could try
Working in a Bank
Working in a Hospital

Lot's of jobs in health care

Many people from India/Pakistan/Sri Lanka/Nepal live in the south east of Melbourne
in suburbs like Clayton, Westall, Noble Park, Dandenong, Carnegie, Murrumbeena, Hughesdale.

Rent prices.
1 bedroom flat $250 - $280 per week
2 bedroom flat $330 - $380 per week

modern 2 bedroom recently built apartment $550 - $700 per week

See other posts for public transport around Melbourne

Also read about safety and what to avoid.

Driving taxis at night can be risky.. walking around the city late at night or very early in the morning
can also be risky.

For basic casual labour you can get off the books work for around $15 - $20 per hour in restaurants, cleaning etc ..

Other on-book work will pay better plus you will get extra rates for weekend work etc..
#Hira on Jan 31, 2014 :
Hi there!!

I am planning to do my Masters in Strategic HRM from university of wollongong july session 2014, please guide me as i am coming from pakistan, and i don't have any one in austrailia? would it be safe for me to live alone and bear my expenses too? how would i be able to earn and get a job during my studies? and after my study would my degree worth it to get a better career job opportunities in austrailia as i really want to settle down there. not happy in my country :( please anyone guide me
#Ahnad on Jan 23, 2014 :
Hi Martin from Bulgaria, $45K is enough to live on and enjoy life if you are a single person.

If you have dependents then you can still do it, but it will be harder..

It's not rich money but it's enough to get you a flat/house and pay for transport
- food and living expenses and some spare money leftover.

You would have to be careful not to throw it around otherwise it will be spent in no time ..

Follow the advise on how to live cheaply in the other posts and you will be fine.

If you're not a crook, druggie, bad violent guy .. then I would recommend you move to good suburbs and pay a bit more in rent.

The cheapest areas are cheap for a reason .. you're likely to be robbed, bashed and then end up in intensive care as there are some dangerous
and nasty dudes out there,

Australia is a great country and Melbourne is my favourite city .. but it can be dark and dangerous as alcohol and drug fuelled random violence
is common .. especially if you're in the city late at night.. so be careful and cautious.
#Anonymous on Jan 21, 2014 :
Hi there,

I'm from Bulgaria and currently considering moving abroad. One of my top destinations is Australia and I was wondering if someone could advise me if call centre operation salary (about 45k) would be enough for make a living and eventually saving some money?

Any information would be more than welcome :) You can contact me on

Best Regards,
#tips for newbies on Jan 15, 2014 :
This post is really meant for Indian, Sri Lankans, Asians and others who are looking to come to Melbourne.

You don't need a lot of money to get by ..

Asians: Chinese tend to come to the East and South East .. areas such as
Doncaster, Bulleen, Templestow, Mt Waverley, Glen Waverley, Box Hill, Burwood etc..

Middle Eastern tend to come to the northern suburbs- Coburg, Broadmeadows, Mill Park etc as well as some
Western suburbs.

Greeks - Oakleigh plus all over Melb

Europeans (general) - all over Melbourne ...

Indian and Sri Lankan - come to the south east of Melbourne
Areas like Carnegie, Murrumbeena, Hughesdale, Oakleigh, Clayton, Westall

Don't think I would recommend beyond Westall as it gets a bit rough .. although Noble Park North is both inexpensive and safe.

CHEAP Budget Living

SHARE your accommodation ..either move in and rent a room from a friend (who's already here) or someone you trust or
put a deposit (bond) down on a flat or house and have a few of you move in and share all the costs and expenses.

SHARING ACCOMMODATION is the key to affordability and saving money

Now I know it's not always easy when it comes to sharing a home with other people, so for that reason you have to be very careful
with choosing your housemates and everyone in the house has o be honest and reliable and do their bit in running the home.

Once you're here - follow these steps...
Don't Gamble (no matter how tempting)
Don't rush out and buy a car (on credit)
Don't get yourself a motorbike
Don't waste all your money on bars/clubs/dining out ..
Don't mix with crooks, druggie or alcoholic people as they will ruin your life as well as their own

Try not to use credit and learn to live within your means ..
Getting a credit card is good for your credit rating but don't accrue debt

All the other advise listed in the other posts applies .. avoid the city late at night, very early in the morning .. it can be dangerous ..
The roads can be dangerous too .. always be careful when crossing a road or driving on the roads because a lot a fatal accidents
occur because drivers are too busy playing on their mobile phones and not concentrating on the road, or drunk/drug affected drivers
and mad reckless drivers.

Melbourne can be a great place once you work out how things operate ..
See the information about public transport in the other posts ..
Try to find a place close to a railway station so that getting around is easy..
#Sammy on Jan 13, 2014 :
There is other work available too.

Lot's of cleaning jobs that pay $15 - $20 an hour

Cooking/Chefs and washing dishes in restaurants and takeaway outlets

Driving taxi's

Bus driver ..

Van driver for parcel deliveries

Ute driver for courier deliveries

Gardening - a lot of gardeners get jobs by word of mouth and it's all cash..

Hair dressing / Barber

Lot's of jobs in the cash economy

City entertainment busker

Club DJ - lot's of gigs for EDM DJ's

Waiter in a bar

Cafe barrista

Selling utilities (Elect/Gas and phone plans) door to door

Newspaper and advertising pamphlets neighbourhood distribution

Some factory work available.. (blinds, furniture, kitchen/bathroom fittings etc..)

Computer IT support for regular people

There are a lot of unofficial cash (under the counter) jobs available working for small businesses who don't
have the budget to pay full penalty pay rates ..
#what about jobs on Jan 13, 2014 :
There has been a huge trend in recent years to offshore technology/iT jobs to the Philippines and India. This has caused a surplus of
skilled iT and call centre people to enter the job market.

Retail has also seen staff laid-off mainly because of the upswing in consumers purchasing good over the Internet.

The Internet has changed everything ..

So what are the safe jobs...

Probably Health
Aged Care
Eye Specialists

The Health and Aged Care is probably one of the safest areas to work as it can't be digitised and provided over the internet.

Government departments.
This is a bit broad but jobs in Government departments are well paid and usually quite secure.

Public Transport.
Working for the MET
Train/Tram drivers
Station attendants
PSO's / ticket inspectors

Police force

Teaching and Education

Having said all of this .. Australia is still largely a country of shopkeepers, cafe owners, taxi drivers and self employed

So if you have the drive and ambition, set up your own business, register a business name and get yourself an ABN for GST reporting and
go into business for yourself.

This is a capitalist country and some businesses do well and others go bust .. but by doing nothing you'll never know..
#City Lights on Jan 13, 2014 :
Whether you're from Europe or Asia, The Middle East or North/South America - Melbourne is good because it really
is a mix of peoples and culture. Brunswick and Coburg have a strong middle eastern culture with food, shops and people.
Go to Clayton and Dandenong and you will find a strong Indian and Sri Lankan culture with lots of restaurants and shops.
Oakleigh is very Greek with lots of cafes for Greek style coffee and cakes.

There's all the cultures .. Asian food and culture is everywhere and you can find a real mix pretty well wherever you go.

This is a capitalist city in a capitalist country so everything seems to have a price .. but that's business and that's capitalism.

The main thing you'll discover about Australia is that commercial landlords can be very greedy and demanding on shopkeepers
and this plus the high wages and penalty rates causes our prices to be above what most other developed countries would charge for
similar goods and services.

Happiness is found when you have a human-to-human connection and you have individual opportunities to make a better life for yourself.

Everyone needs hope and opportunity no matter which country or city you're living in.

Melbourne can provide the setting but naturally the human connection is up to you just as it is anywhere else.

You can live really cheaply here if you follow some of the steps as mentioned in the previous posts and don't go mad
spending all your in the clubs/bars/restaurants and motor car showrooms :)

If you are already well healed and have cash to spend then Melbourne can be your little paradise !

From luxurious city apartments to gothic mansions in Canterbury, Toorak and Brighton .. you can enjoy the spoils of capitalism
at it's finest.

For the folk on more of a budget - there are many ways to make you dollars go further ..

Enjoy life and remember that happiness comes from inside within .. so brighten up your attitude and embrace your life.
#Young, Free and Single on Jan 11, 2014 :
The trick to save money is easy ..

Don't go out and use "pay for" entertainment
Don't go to pubs/bars/clubs (ok, then limit it and drink very slowly ! )
Don't go to restaurants if it can be avoided.

Learn to make stir fry's and you'll find your home cooked food is much nicer than going out for it
and is a quarter of the price of eating out (or even less..).

You can have a great time for almost free by preparing your meals at home
and taking your food/drinks with you when you're out and about at the beach, in the parks and gardens, up on top of the mountain,
down by the lake, even in the city you can have an urban picnic.

Life can be lot's of fun without costing you more than a few bucks.

If you are happy to co-dwell in a flat or share house - you will save a HUGE amount as rent is probably the biggest expense
you'll encounter. Sleep 2 to a room and you'll save even more ...

Use Public Transport .. who needs the hassle and expense of a car .. not you .. public transport in easy and cheap ..
maybe a third of the cost of train travel in the UK when comparing Melbourne/London fares.
Be smart and read up on Myki and make Myki your friend.

Buy a basic internet enabled semi smart phone for around $90 and then sign up for a pre paid account
such as ALDI Mobile for $35 per month.

Don't pay off an expensive smart phone and don't go onto the ripoff phone plan caps ...

If you can avoid it then do so .. use your mobile or internet cafe's
You can always tether your laptop to your phone to access the web.
#Nicky on Jan 11, 2014 :
Publis Transport in Melbourne is great - but first learn how it works..

Train, Tram and Bus fares in Melbourne. Greater Melbourne is divided into 2 main Zones.

Zone 1 covers the city and around a 15 km radius of the city approx.
Zone 2 is outer/greater Melbourne covering approx 15 - 40 km from Melbourne.

Zone 1 daily fare $7.16
Zone 2 daily fare $4.96
Zone 1 & 2 daily fare $12.12

(Full Fare prices quoted)

WEEKEND Daily Cap is $6.00 per day on Sat / Sun and can be used for Zones 1 & 2 unlimited transport each day.

This is using the Myki system and includes all modes of transport i.e. Train, Bus and Tram.
If you're new to Myki a Myki card costs $6 .00 and then you load up your funds depending on your transport requirement.

Public Transport: Take the time to get familiar with it and how Myki works .. I have found the Melbourne public transport
system really good and can plan all my travel around Melbourne quite easily by using the MET web site and by knowing the
system reasonably well.

It gets a lot of criticism but really most of the problems I believe are peoples lack of understanding of how it works
or people trying to fare evade.. my advise don't try to fare evade as it's not worth the hassle, risks of fines and anxiety.

Learn the Myki system and you will love it too ..

Early morning train travel where you reach your destination before 7 am is Free. (The Early bird fare).

Travel after 6 pm Mon - Fri you pay just for a 2 hour ticket for the whole night (6pm - 1am approx)
A 2 hour ticket is approx half that of a daily fare - see prices above.

Learn more by visiting the MET website
#Advise for free on Jan 06, 2014 :
I'll see if I can answer some of the questions from Michaellee;

Q: Christian church in Melbourne- who can direct me to a nice studio -or a christian
Home family willing to rent me a room in they're home... was hoping to find a room near Melbourne university or nearby...
or will consider any housing oppty.
A: Probably best to lookup websites for groups or organisations that offer such contacts and supportive information.

Q: Am single-seeking a wife..not just a girlfriend...
A: I wouldn't suggest an internet dating site - wait till you settle here and then you will meet people
and hopefully the right person will come into your life.

Q:Also wondering if its ok legal to sleep overnight on a boat in a Aussie boat marina...
A: No, this is not legal, short term over night stays on proper vessels in marinas 24-48 hours is probably ok
at some marinas (not all) but longer stays would be stopped by the marina security/management.
Melbourne does not have a culture of "living aboard Melbourne" or houseboat living.

Q:Or is it ok survival-able to sleep in Truck bed camper shell vehicle say something like a 2007 Ford Ranger.
Would I be stopped bothered if I deciced to bed down inside a car to or illegal...

A: This is also know as "Urban Camping" and is illegal in most areas and also dangerous from threats of
robberies, muggings and violent prone people.
Some urban camping does exist in areas around Fitzroy in inner Melbourne but it is still not supported, maybe partly tolerated.

Melbourne is not a safe city for sleeping in cars/trucks/parks or under bridges. Don't Do It - too dangerous.

If you come to Melbourne you will need some cash to back you up otherwise it could turn nasty ..

I would really recommend bringing with you a minimum of something like AUD$10,000 as you will need to find a roof over your head
and be able to cover everyday/everynight financial expenses while you find employment and get things together.

Remember to protect yourself by being cautious and sensible - it's a jungle out there .. especially at night.

Don't walk around in the city or anywhere late at night (or very early in the morning, especially weekends)
Don't walk through parks or dimly lit areas late at night

Try to avoid late night night club / bar culture because too many people end up damaged by it one way or another.

Try to find a good area to live in with stable friendly honest people.

Avoid trouble, don't hook-up with anyone/everyone you meet .. be selective because too many get hurt by becoming friends with
the wrong people.

Melbourne is a great city but you need to equip yourself with the right survival instincts.
#mlee on Jan 06, 2014 :
Am open to obey trust God to make a life-changing move out of the US

Is anyone involved in a Christian church in Melbourne- who can direct me to a nice studio -or a christian. Home family willing to rent me a room in they're home...
Was hoping to find a room near Melbourne university or nearby...or will consider any housing oppty.

Not sure what job to take-I would need some labor or cashier -or Homecare work...or I can do Airport cleaning or Home care assisting familys with elderly...
I have no official school degree-

Am considering Teaching English there in Melbourne -but don't yet have a certificate.

Anyone know of a specific website of Tesol certificate I could the Aussie visa people will allow me to stay in Australia...

Seeking to make a difference in Melbourne as well as survive and find a way to make it...

Am single-seeking a wife..not just a girlfriend...
Believe the am trying to follow his way...

Got any direction or info
Also wondering if its ok legal to sleep overnight on a boat in a Aussie boat marina...
Or is it ok survival-able to sleep in Truck bed camper shell vehicle say something like a 2007 Ford Ranger.
Would I be stopped bothered if I deciced to bed down inside a car to or illegal...Maybe local police are nice to allow it-or maybe it is overlooked allowed...Or am I going to find trouble sleeping in the street...?

Any thoughts comments you have would greatly help figure out how to survive there in Melbourne...
#South East on Jan 05, 2014 :
Melbourne is a great place to live and in my view it beats all the other capitals in Australia because of it's cultural diversity, job opportunities, parks/gardens/beaches/mountains, good sized city with lots of choices, many places for walking and enjoying the great outdoors. Be smart and be sensible .. Although Melbourne is a great place, there a dangers that you have to be aware of. As in any big city there are issues with violence, drugs and crime. The city can be a risky place late at night and very early in the morning, especially over the weekends so don't go wandering around in these hours as you're likely to be robbed and then bashed and end up in intensive care. Don't hang around outside the night club hot spots late at night as they too can bring trouble. Be careful when travelling late at night on the trains and don't flaunt your high value possessions. To survive and enjoy Melbourne you have to be aware not only of the good elements but also the dangers that exist around every corner. As one of the earlier posts said, choose your area carefully as well as your friends and whatever you do steer clear of troublesome people and areas known for problems. If you are going to be driving taxis for a living be aware that late night brings out the drunks, drug affected and violent and robbers ..I wouldn't recommend driving Taxis at night. Actually any job where you're in contact with the public late at night brings with it certain risks .. i.e. convenient stores, pizza deliveries, taxi driving etc.
#West on Jan 05, 2014 :
#David what do you know about the west? Have you been to Frankston and Narre Warren?
#David on Jan 05, 2014 :
The other thing I forgot to ad is the importance of choosing the right area to live in. Now, I'm in the south east and my view might be a bit biased but I would suggest NOT to move into the cheapest suburbs or out west for the reasons that these areas are usually where the trouble is with crime and dysfunctional and potentially violent youth and unemployed people. Also don't move too far out in the suburbs .. I would say stick within a 15 km radius of the city and lean more towards the east, south east and north of the city. Avoid outer suburbs housing estates and areas where there is a lot of cheap housing, high unemployment and violence/crime. Pick your area carefully. Also, be careful when when choosing your friends and people you hang out with as all of this will rub off on you and can affect your prospects with building a life in Melbourne.
#David W on Jan 05, 2014 :
As of Jan 2014 I will give some price guides to living in Melbourne. I live in Murrumbeena which is around a 25 minute train journey from the city. To rent a 60s style one bedroom flat close to the railway station is around $260 per week, a 60s style 2 bedroom flat probably around $400 per week, a modern recently built 2 bedroom apartment in the same area would probably rent for $550 - $600 per week. Train travel - the Saturday/Sunday daily cap was $3.50 and has now risen to $6.00 as of Jan 1, 2014. That's right, it's nearly doubled in cost for weekend travel on the trains. Having said that, train travel using the Myki system is probably half the cost of train travel in the UK. I think public transport is actually quite good .. I have got by without a car for nearly 10 years and do fine, plus it saves a lot of money. HOW TO SAVE MONEY... I saved up quite a bit and I did this by limiting my lifestyle .. 1. Live without a car, 2. Avoid pubs/clubs, 3. Avoid fancy restaurants, 4. Cook at home, 5. Don't subscribe to Pay TV, 6. Don't payoff a smart phone. You can live quite cheaply if you choose to do so and don't throw money away at restaurants, nightclubs, cinemas, cars. RENT is the biggest expense to most people and/or purchasing a property if you have the money (either a good deposit for a mortgage or can buy outright...). PRICES FOR HOUSING: 1 bedroom 60s style flat un-renovated $280K, 2 bedroom 60s style flat un-renovated $440K, 2 bedroom new recently built apartment $600K, 3 bedroom 60s/70s house close to railway station $900K. (These prices are for areas like MUrrumbeena, Chadstone, Hughesdale, Carnegie in the south east .. approx ~ 14 km from city). Going out for a coffee $3.50 - $6.00 depending on the size and the venue, slice of cake $6.50, Berry Muffin $4.20: If you buy your sweets from the supermarkets and have coffee at home you will save a lot of money. When I was working I saved up a good amount that is currently sitting in the bank as I'm deciding what to do with it, the share market is very high and previously when I've invested in share it's been when it's high and then followed by a fall .. so timing is imperative. I purchased my flat in this area in 1995 and paid $78K for a 2 bed 60s style flat .. had I known prices would rise to such a degree I would have bought something a bit more substantial .. that's life .. So to summarise .. You CAN live CHEAPLY if you put your mind to it and avoid the spending traps that so many fall into. 1. Do without a car, 2. Prepare and eat meals at home, 3. Enjoy cheap/free entertainment, 4. Take a sandwich to work and a supermarket muffin and instant coffee, 5. Live close to Public Transport. Doing all of this will make life in Melbourne quite affordable and enjoyable.
#Quooston on Dec 25, 2013 :
Been in Melbourne for 4 years after living in London and before that JHB. I don't like it here. It's way too expensive for what you get in general. The "quality of life" does not make up for it either. The beaches are rubbish and the weather too variable all year round to enjoy. It's a bit wacky and "cultural" etc, but beyond that, a black hole really. Don't bother.
#J.W.HOWARD on Nov 11, 2013 :
#Rahul on Oct 05, 2013 :
If i do mba in hr from western sydney university or from victoria university in melbourne then how much could be my approximate starting salary after mba. Can anyone giveme any guess for this......???????
#Anonymous on Sep 26, 2013 :
for single, you only need a room. if you live in eastern suburb, like Glen Waverley. Only cost around $140 per week. It's very convenient, got all the transport(trains, buses...). There are a lot of shops and shopping center around train station. plenty job opportunity.
#Steven Mooney on Sep 26, 2013 :
I've lived in Melbourne for 7 years from Italy as an arborist (crazy fuckers that climb trees with chainsaws near high voltage power lines for the Council and private contracting firms)
I've earned up to AU$90/hr and there were very few Aussies willing to do the work - I'm originally Italian/Irish and first generation to this country. I left school to busk and travel Europe when I was 15 and though I'm now 31 I never finished grade 9 (Italian terza media) but enrolled and achieved a Bachelor of Liberal Arts while I was working. Melbourne is a crazy city - there's currently a flood of European, Indian and Asian immigrants. Europeans tend towards the farming jobs to achieve their two-year Visa, Indians and some Asians tend to get straight into work and drop off the immigration radar, wealthier Asians tend to come here cashed up and enroll in Degrees. Seriously speaking a room will cost you ~$150 within half an hour of the City. Twice that if not more within the City (I know people paying ~$175 for a four bed shared room - on your own the same would cost $700)
At that point you're best off with a studio apartment in Richmond or Brunswick for $500/wk on your own with security and spa/pool etc....
Eating out varies - when I first moved here before I worked I was officially "homeless" so I'd busk and in a day make over $150 easy - you can go down to the Hare Krishnas on Swanston St and get fed all you can eat any day for a fiver - vegan/vegetarian food between 12-2pm. You can also spend $150k across the river at the Casino across the river in a single hand of black jack if that's your kick. Melbourne is fascinating. Marvelous, awesome city. And I've been on the road 16 years, been to more countries than my fingers and toes twice over. Avoid King St district on the weekend unless you're trained in martial arts, wear a uniform or looking for a fight. Brunswick is awesome, the Russel St area is full of little alleyways and cafes you'll spend a lifetime exploring, Johnson St district if you're into live music and getting laid, if you're gay or open minded head to St Kilda or follow High St from the city to Saint's Road - Thornbury. The city is constantly revisiting itself - you'll never be bored here.
Honestly speaking I wouldn't have been here for seven years on and off if the place wasn't what it is. Melbourne welcomes you with open arms. It craves you. It wants you to explore it, and in discovering it you find more of yourself. Have no fear - but remember you're in Oz where the taint of political correctness is alive and kicking so just be careful whose toes you tread on. It's both volatile and seductive while fascinating and violent. Whatever you want, whether it be to settle down or travel through, peek your beak or steady your course of Melbourne you'll find your place - in time.
Does any of that make sense?
#Jaber on Sep 18, 2013 :
I'm going to Aust, Melbourne on vacation for happy year. I did booking for everything's, just need to someone helpful n friendly to make me feel well there n ill pay for him
#Anonymous on Sep 01, 2013 :
Go to any prices are in that website.
#josh on Aug 23, 2013 :
depends on the job, hospitality maybe about $16p.h.
retail about $20 p.h.
professional about $25p.h.

These are all starting wages... roughly speaking
#sohail on Aug 20, 2013 :
Hi i am coming for my further studies in Australia so if will do part time job with continue my study so i will pay my expenses of cost of live in Australia it is possible? and how much i will earn per hour ?
#Alex on Aug 08, 2013 :
Where are you looking to purchase? Inner city 1 Bedrooms cost around $300K.
Check out this website:
#Barbara on Jul 29, 2013 :
Does anybody know a one or two bedroom cheap appartment in Melbourne?
#Ravneet on Jun 24, 2013 :
i am going to pursue my bachelor degree in deakin university .
what is the price of 1 bedroom apartment in Victoria
# A die on Jun 24, 2013 :
Is it cheaper to live in Victoria or Queensland?
#sujith on Jun 16, 2013 :
i am planning to do msc Nursing in victoria university melbourne ,moving along with my wife .the total course fee $9500per semester. total 4 semester next semester i have to pay the same ,can i earn the semester fee and living expense if iam working full time in melbourne, they are offering 2year course and 3 year stay back ,is there any chance for change in the rules one i reached there......
#Onasi on Jun 13, 2013 :
The cost of living is pretty rediculous in Melbourne right now, with the Labor government in power and all, spending all that money on silly things and putting the country into debt or reccesion (as they do most turns). we live on the south east side, bayside - kingston (the beach/mordialloc) and its about 3k for rent a month for a four bedroom mirror house ( yeah those ones that get slapped together in 6 months) no backyard, poor insulation and shitty appliances. Utilities are even more now of the carbon tax so the cost of running your home is stupid. pay per quater year. shopping at your big supermarkets is a rort, thier fruit n veg is usually a few months old anyway, we travel to shop and spend $80-100 ( compared to the $200+ you'd spend at safeway )and its mainly fresh fruit and veg in season and some bits and pieces and that lasts easily a week to week 1/2 (where we go its $1.50 for a cauliflower were its $5 for one at safeway) The train system is about $11.00 if you go to the city for a 3hr uni lecture and come back crossing both zones 1 & 2. It is a beautiful place to live peaople are pretty laid back, but a lot seem stressed these days. I'd stay away for a few years and come when the economy isn't in such a down turn - although we do have a high employment rate at the moment (that just means less jobs available) i cant get one anywhere and my work has never been so quite.
#mehdi parsi on Jun 11, 2013 :
hi there,
I am a chemical engineer with 2 years experience , got a TR visa(476) and plan to move to Australlia. would you advice me whether this visa is valid enough to get a related job or the companies are not willing to offer jobs to TR visa?please tell me how the companies look at my visa?
#StMt on May 22, 2013 :
Hi Lee. To get a realistic cost of living is very hard in Melbourne because what is "realistic" is very subjective to each person. Anyway, here probably what is my view of "realistic":
For rental expect to pay around A$300 per week for an old but decent house in the west side of Melbourne. Eastern side usually more expensive, and again depend how far it is to the city.
Monthly cost of living excluding rental for 4, I'd say around $3k and that's depend how you define "comfortable" living standard. The more you eat out (as compare to cook yourself at home) will definitely attribute to the cost.
As for jobs, I think accountants has becoming less demand here with all the offshoring. Again salary range is difficult depend on experience. Full time Junior Accountant usually can earn $45k a year (before tax). Lawyers and Engineers would earn more, but I'm not sure how much more. But remember Australia is notorious of not wanting to employ people not having "western" experience.
#Lee on May 18, 2013 :
Hi there,
I am a tensed and worried migrant to Melbourne coming oct 2013.
My wife, mother, brother and I would be starting our new life in Melbourne.
Wonder what is the realistic rental and monthly cost for 4 adults to survive.
I have a bachelor degree in marketing, now wondering what job and annual salary I can get.
Is there high demand for accountants, lawyers and engineers ?
What would these professionals earn in melbourne ?
Thanks for the guide and help.
#Alex on Apr 30, 2013 :
Where do you want to live? You can get 3 - 4 bedroom places out in the west for around $350 - $450K. Though they aren't in the best places of Melbourne. Depends where you want to live. on Apr 04, 2013 :
Can somebody assist me I want to buy a 3-5 bedroomed house in Melbourne am a young pastor and want to come to Aus with my wife we are still with no child so I want an overview of costs of houses and how difficult is it to get 1 in the range of 400k to 500k
#Ger on Mar 27, 2013 :
Hi, For all you Irish out there. The cost of living in Melbourne is very similar to Ireland, particularly Dublin Galway or Cork with Dublin possibly being slightly more expensive. The only exception being rent which is much higher than Irelands cities. Groceries and dining out are similar to Ireland. So anybody from Ireland going to Melbourne just has to look at cost of living in Ireland in their daily lives to get a good idea how much it will cost in Melbourne.
#Kelly on Mar 19, 2013 :
The NORMAL everyday price for 12 eggs in a supermarket is around $2.50. Markets are even cheaper at around $2.00
The price quoted here is double that! Eggs are not $4 (unless you are getting organic free range or something)
#TH on Mar 18, 2013 :
Can anyone provide updated figures? Also if possible, can anyone do a comparison btwn Toronto and Melbourne? Like for example here in Toronto, an average one bedroom apartment will cost around $1,000 (at least) a month and grocery for 2 people, will be around $200-400 (depending on your eating habits. Chinese/Asian grocers are cheaper). Monthly adult pass is $128 (adult ticket $3.00). So you know what I mean! How much money does a person needs to earn monthly to live comfortably?
#Peggy on Mar 15, 2013 :
I'm a postgrad at Melbourne Uni and its definitely feasible to live on the stipend. I'm not able to save much but it's enough to cover bills and the occasional night out. Most students live in share houses and pay around $150-175/ week. Eating out is expensive but there's lots of cheap places near the Uni. I make sure to buy items like shoes and cameras when I'm in the states to save money. There's also opportunities to make some extra money by grading papers. The best resource will be other students in your son's program. They'll be on a budget too and be able to give advice on how to manage money.
#SS Jason on Mar 05, 2013 :

Dear who?,
I would like to know how a boy student for PG/Ph.D will be able to manage at Melbourne. Can he manage with 2000A$ for month stipend? My son is almost ready to take off for this place after Easter next month. And I am filled with lot of doubts and tension. Pl some body ease me tension. Jason
#Sonal on Mar 01, 2013 :
Can someone give an OVERALL AVERAGE cost of living (excluding rent) for 1 person per week/month. Do focus on Overall and average :-) Please also share, if you can, expenses separately for elctricity, water and internet for a week/month. Thanks a ton!
#Sonal on Feb 27, 2013 :
@Adam Which part of Melbourne suburbs are you staying in?
#StMt on Jan 16, 2013 :
I've been living in Melbourne for nearly 14 years. Migrated from Asian country and now married with a child. The average price quoted in this web site looks reasonably accurate - although some groceries' price range could extend even further if you can manage to spend time hunting for bargain or sale.
Cost of living is the biggest issue here if you can't find a job - which is not easy at current economy and Australia is quiet notorious of preferring people with Australia or "western culture" work experience.

Basic utilities price has steady increased in the last few years and chewing more & more from people earnings while rental price has more or less flatline in the last year.

Biggest saving tip for living in Melbourne (or Australia overall) is to always cook yourself (instead of dine out or even take away) and do lots of DIY (do-it-yourself) fixing & maintenance. To purchase the necessities (like clothing), do it through on-line since majority of retailers here charge inflated price compared to overseas.
#A Ford on Jan 04, 2013 :
Lived in Melbourne for over 20 years, left 2 years ago and not heading back in a hurry. An over crowded desperate city compared to many of the other Australian cities. People are on average poorer than the other mineral rich cities. So you can get better bang for your buck on services there. They fiddle the crime stats to make the place look squeaky clean and safe. In general a violent rough city full of desperate people both immigrants and long term settlers. Transport and services are overcrowed. They only service that has not reached its limit is the sewage systems.
#hamid on Dec 31, 2012 :
the date of comments shows a high increase in rental expenses...
#aida on Dec 23, 2012 :
curious about melbourne? i wonder if there are jobs offered for a 21 years old girl like me...can i earn money at the same time studying?
#Farhad on Dec 17, 2012 :
Dear Melbournians,

I am married (no kids) and have received a scholarship for my PhD from Victoria University in Melbourne. My annual salary will be $24,653. I really wonder if I can get by with this amount together with my wife? Can she also find a job? Are there any laws against her working? She has a master's degree in English Teaching.
#fran on Nov 29, 2012 :
This is crazy. I ve lived in Melbourne for 3 years. The cost of living is much higher... First "medium Salary after tax 3000 to 5000" (after tax??) probably before tax. Second, food prices just look at Coles websites (Cheese for 10$ a Kg ... yes maybe plastic cheese). Third the restaurants cost: three courses meal for 2 people at 75? That means 75:2=37,5 pp and 37,5:3=12,5 p couse. Impossible if you don't want to be poisoned, at least in a mid range restaurant you need to spend 20$ for entree, 30 for main and 15 for dessert, in an average of 65 pp(65 x 2 = 135 plus wine and water cost...). and finnaly 5,5$ for a pint of beer at the pub? Not in Melbourne at least 9$ for a Boag's.. Completely wrong.
#phil on Nov 01, 2012 :

I have been looking at a job in Melbourne with a salary of around $200k per year. But there seems to be many variances with things I have looked at in terms of cost of living.

I have 4 children and I am trying to try to find out if I will have a comfortable standard of living in Melbourne i.e. ability to go out, do tourist things etc.

Any thoughts anyone?


#Adam on Oct 08, 2012 :
Had to laugh reading the comments. I've been in Melbourne for 5 years, living on $45K a year, don't remember if I ever denied myself anything. Sharing a two storey, 4 bedroom house in the suburbs with one other. The rent costs us $1,800pm have access to all public transport but do use a car a lot. The bottom line if you don't behave like a tourist, the costs are reasonable and the living is comfortable. No comparison with back home in Dublin.
#Chris on Oct 04, 2012 :
Set costs you cannot do much about. There is marginal difference between suppliers and serious competition is lacking not only in Victoria but elsewhere in Australia. You need to be a smart and strategic shopper and when it comes to grocery shopping I will go to NQR (Not Quite Right) Stores, ALDHI's and Cheaper By Miles which is a local clearance store and any other local business that offers clearance/lower than supermarket prices which fortunately where I live are all in closee proximity. I have saved an absolute fortune on the food bill and some of what I brought has been really nice.

A friend of mine who use to spend about $15.00 per day on lunch ($75.00 per week on average) now makes his own and he saved a whopping $3900!! in a year which he set aside in an account.

It is a balancing act between cutting your cloth to what you have and enjoying the odd treat out.
#Barberode on Sep 21, 2012 :
I am living in Melbourne since 2006, the prices are higher than in Germany in average, I paid for 1 bedroom apartment 20km from CBD 880 AUD/month, then I purchased a townhouse around 500kk AUD and paid 6% interest rate, the fuel is cheaper than in Europe, but the public transport is much more expensive, 1+2 zones you pay 165 AUD/month, retail prices are more expensive than in Europe, food as well, because of no competition on the market and quality and choice of products are limited, generally the society in Australia is really money driven even the quality is not what you expect for the money paid, the average salary is 45-50kk/year before tax in Melbourne, the tax is about 25% from the salary, cars mostly European ones are double so expensive as in Europe and the full time employment is declining steady, there are more casual, part-time jobs on offer, depends on the industry, if you have kids, so the care will cost you approx. AUD 50-80 a day after government rabat. The weather is here very changeable, moist and wet, there is not such a summer with constantly temperatures as I was used to in central Europe, the sudden change of temperatures during the day is not good for health and many people here are suffer on asthma, cold, coughing and sneezing over the whole year through, which I did not observed in Europe. The ocean is very cold even in summer, the beaches are windy but quite OK for relax, transportation is really shocking and expensive, overcrowded and very behind comparing to Germany, education more money driven than skills and knowledge, especially VET sector, houses do not have proper isolation and heating as well. Overall if you come from Europe, I think there is a better live style, culture and you get much better quality in all aspects of living there.
#Rick on Sep 19, 2012 :
i just got back from melbourne 2 weeks ago..
i agree with the comments posted, it is expensive to eat out..
just a normal breakfast for 2+1 pax's cost between 60/80 aust dlrs..
back in kuala lumpur i can eat the same for less than half the price
#Franck on Jul 22, 2012 :
A little house in Camberwell (suburbs of Melb) Monthly rent $3500 - a small SUV $45000 (the same cost $23k in the US). A cup of coffee: $3.50 to $4.50. A cleaning lady: $25/hour (i used to pay $10 in Miami, FL). These are not statistics but real price I pay.
#Raphael on Jul 19, 2012 :
Did a single person set up this list I wonder? Where are the costs relating to child dependant/s?
#Gamini on Jul 17, 2012 :
I live in Colorado, USA. My brother comes here from Melbourne to shop for clothes and electronics. The savings cover more than half of the cost of the plane ticket let alone the choices in variety/quality in the US that he is amazed with plus the vacation. He does not take all what he can either. His kids are amazed with the amount of food given at restaurants/fast food places. If one needs a good laugh check out the comparision that the govt. of Victoria has in A medium price of $37K for a car under 1800 cc or a 2-piece suit for nearly $1000 is never heard in here.
#Mladen on Jun 08, 2012 :
Dave, please update apartment prices and new prices will propagate.
#dave on Jun 08, 2012 :
These numbers really are appallingly out of date. You cannot rent a 3 bedroom apartment within 20km of Melbourne for the price quoted. A 2 bedroom apartment close to the city costs approximately $4,000 per month (I should know, I live in one), for three bedrooms the price is closer to $5,500 (4,400 euro's). By taking a car that does not qualify for luxury car tax, it also perverts the price of cars. Try looking at the relative price of a mercedes or porsche v's europe.
You should look at the following blog and read the article entitled 'Rip Off Australia' to see what is really going on here. Australia is now almost certainly one of the most expensive places to live in the world.
#Karl on Dec 29, 2011 :
I agree with Joe. All figures need updating. Every thing seems to be higher in Melbourne and I guess recently Melbourne has beaten Sydney in most areas.
#Todd on Dec 11, 2011 :
those prices are actually about right, If you don't mind staying in a bakpackers to start with you should be ok until you find a job. you could probably stay in a backpackers for $150-$200 AUD a week, and fast food/take away meals are cheap. Housing is currently the most expensive thing in Australia.
#heji on Dec 10, 2011 :
thanks for the ( frightening info). Going to go to Melbourne and i'm starting to shit my pants about prices and finance, I'll have 1200 aussie dollars to start off with until I find a job.
#Graham on Jan 03, 2011 :
Needs updating,... if you're to rent centrally (Melbourne has massive urban sprawl), you'll currently pay at least $400 per week to rent a very average 1 bedroom apartment in the center. In the suburbs less, but poor public transport and expensive road costs would bring it to a similar number anywhere 20km's central. Alcohol and cigarettes are more expensive than Tokyo and other capitals, eating out in a regular cafe or restaurant is also more expensive than most capitals. This is all due to the massive amount of foreign investment in property and small business, as well as the incredible amount of wealthy foreign students (in particular from China, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia).

Australia may be on the verge of a major correction in the property market, but that's uncertain. To live comfortably, you'd need at least 40K USD/AUD after rent (rent being between 12k to 100k per year) disposable... pls update
#Joe on Dec 29, 2010 :
Rental figures seem to be fairly inaccurate. I do not have exact numbers so I have not updated however it is very unlikely that the 'average' price for a 1 bedroom apartment in central Melb is $1164 (about $270 per week). My rough guess is that it would be at least $350.

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