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Taxi Prices in Bangkok

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Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 35.00 ฿ 35.00-35.00
Taxi 1 mile (Normal Tariff) 11.27 ฿ 8.05-16.09
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 120.00 ฿ 100.00-150.00

Taxi Fare Calculator in Bangkok


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368.80 ฿13181.45 ฿23294.10 ฿33406.76 ฿43519.41 ฿
480.06 ฿14192.72 ฿24305.37 ฿34418.02 ฿44530.68 ฿
591.33 ฿15203.98 ฿25316.64 ฿35429.29 ฿45541.94 ฿
6102.59 ฿16215.25 ฿26327.90 ฿36440.55 ฿46553.21 ฿
7113.86 ฿17226.51 ฿27339.17 ฿37451.82 ฿47564.47 ฿
8125.12 ฿18237.78 ฿28350.43 ฿38463.09 ฿48575.74 ฿
9136.39 ฿19249.04 ฿29361.70 ฿39474.35 ฿49587.00 ฿
10147.65 ฿20260.31 ฿30372.96 ฿40485.62 ฿50598.27 ฿
11158.92 ฿21271.57 ฿31384.23 ฿41496.88 ฿51609.54 ฿
12170.18 ฿22282.84 ฿32395.49 ฿42508.15 ฿52620.80 ฿
* - This is an estimated fare. The actual fare might differ due to time of the day, tolls, works (available routes), different car companies, error in collecting prices and other human or software error.

18 Comments so far
#aCitizen on Aug 23, 2015 :
Sharon, you lazy bitch, look up the distance between A and B on google maps and check it on the pricetable.
#sharon on Jul 09, 2015 :
How much is the taxi fare from international airport to Golden Tulip Mandison Suites ? and how much is the taxi fare from Golden Tulip Mandison Suites to platinum shopping centre?
#lollipop on Apr 08, 2015 :
Hi there, is there any taxi that can fit 5 people and luggage from Don Mueang Air Port. Thanks
#chomchai jantra on Apr 03, 2015 :
Anyone need a van taxi pick up and drop off from bangkok airport, start @ 700 baht/trip line: ladytaxiinnova
#Araceli Quiogue on Mar 04, 2015 :
How much will it cost me from citin pratinum hotel to the Suvarnabhumi airport. Thank you very much.
#Vinh Tran Q on Dec 13, 2014 :
Can I hire 1 taxi from airport Suvarnabhumi to W bangkok hotel at North Sathorn road, silom, 106 on 14 Dec. 2014 at 22h30
#Loan nguyen on Nov 14, 2014 :
I want rent a car pick up me from bangkok airport to bangkok city for 4 person . How much include tolls ?
#Sha on Sep 23, 2014 :
I will be visiting bangkok in December I need a taxi driver to be able to transfer me from my hotel grand swiss park to don Mueang airport for 10days back and forth any one interested drop me a mail.
#Lady taxi innova on Jun 27, 2014 :
I m one of a (lady)taxi driver in bkk. I hv to admit that there are some bad taxis not using the meter. Anyway, more than 100,000 taxis in the city, if he refuse to use meter, just wave for another one. Lady taxi innova
#Anonymous on May 30, 2014 :
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#paul on Aug 26, 2013 :

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#Anonymous on Aug 14, 2013 :
@arthur : the 50b extra is normal if you used the taxi queue of the airport ; the detour might be also normal, the highway isn't much straight just around the airport, although it depends how long was your detour...
#chuck on Jun 12, 2013 :
they try these tricks
tollway u have to pay that is normal
but the detour and the extra u can refuse
#Arthur on May 25, 2013 :
Recently, I was in Bangkok. Took a taxis from Holiday inn plaza to the airport. Informed the bell boy by meter. He informed the taxis driver and told us we need to pay the toll. When I board the taxis, the driver told me it's $500bht. I insisted of meter. He went by highway and took a long route to the end of the airport where the catering is and detoured back to the airport. And demanded additional $50bht by meter. I would like to know is this a norm in Bangkok.
#oijojo on May 14, 2013 :
Really nice. Android app would be great!
#wayne on May 10, 2013 :
fantastic,puts my mind at rest, now i no what price distance and times,will use this sight every time,many thanks
#Reg on Apr 13, 2013 :
This is fantastic. I would pay money to have it as an Android app!
#Ruchi on Dec 11, 2012 :
nice website. but you should give us more info on night rates or peak rates or highway tolls to be included on the final price.

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