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Although content at website is provided for free for both non-commercial and commercial use under GPL and CC-BY-SA licences (please see Terms of use), for companies who wants to access our data from their applications, we do provide an API to get the data in a machine friendly format.

API access is available for a fee using a yearly subscription model.

Why do we charge access to our API? These are some reasons:

Numbeo API currently uses JSON interchangable data output, so it can be used in various platforms or systems. More output formats might be presented in the future. We help each particular client with getting the data they need from our database. The current documentation is available online. Numbeo updates the API and the documentation with new features to accommodate client requests. Querying for cities is available by using its name (Numbeo use geo-normative service from third parties) or by latitude/longitude.

For academic purposes (i.e. university research), we might grant free API licence as determined at our discretion. Please look at the application for free academic licence. We are sorry, but at this moment, we do not grant free API licences to companies and individuals.

Small Access Subscription

  • Price: 2900EUR per year
  • Using API from up to 3 development machines + 1 server
  • 5000 queries per day maximum
  • Email support

Large Access Subscription

  • Price: 6900EUR per year
  • Using API from up to 10 development machines + 5 servers
  • 50000 queries per day maximum
  • Priority Email Support

Payment via bank wire only. Minimum commitment period one year.

To send you an invoice, or if you have more questions, please use the contact page.

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