Cost of Living in Toronto

Summary about cost of living in Toronto, Canada:

Edit Range
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 86.63 R$ 51.98-142.94
Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 389.83 R$ 259.89-649.71
McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal) 47.65 R$ 43.31-55.23
Domestic Beer (1 pint draught) 30.32 R$ 19.02-43.31
Imported Beer (12 oz small bottle) 34.65 R$ 25.99-47.65
Cappuccino (regular) 19.40 R$ 10.83-30.32
Coke/Pepsi (12 oz small bottle) 10.71 R$ 8.66-17.33
Water (12 oz small bottle) 8.49 R$ 6.50-12.99
Milk (regular), (1 gallon) 50.75 R$ 24.59-81.98
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (1 lb) 11.05 R$ 7.82-19.65
Rice (white), (1 lb) 6.66 R$ 3.54-15.72
Eggs (regular) (12) 14.26 R$ 8.66-21.66
Local Cheese (1 lb) 26.45 R$ 13.75-76.62
Chicken Fillets (1 lb) 26.12 R$ 10.53-39.29
Beef Round (1 lb) (or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat) 30.92 R$ 15.72-56.31
Apples (1 lb) 7.66 R$ 3.91-11.79
Banana (1 lb) 3.15 R$ 1.96-5.89
Oranges (1 lb) 6.54 R$ 2.95-14.15
Tomato (1 lb) 7.48 R$ 3.93-11.79
Potato (1 lb) 5.15 R$ 1.96-9.82
Onion (1 lb) 4.77 R$ 2.00-9.82
Lettuce (1 head) 10.57 R$ 6.50-17.33
Water (1.5 liter bottle) 8.94 R$ 4.33-14.08
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range) 69.28 R$ 51.98-86.63
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle) 13.51 R$ 8.66-21.66
Imported Beer (12 oz small bottle) 15.14 R$ 10.83-25.95
Cigarettes 20 Pack (Marlboro) 64.97 R$ 56.31-77.97
One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 14.08 R$ 13.86-15.16
Monthly Pass (Regular Price) 675.70 R$ 606.40-697.36
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 18.41 R$ 14.08-25.99
Taxi 1 mile (Normal Tariff) 13.94 R$ 12.20-27.88
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 134.45 R$ 129.94-259.89
Gasoline (1 gallon) 18.48 R$ 16.40-21.32
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (Or Equivalent New Car) 108,285.69 R$ 104,699.27-125,611.40
Toyota Corolla Sedan 1.6l 97kW Comfort (Or Equivalent New Car) 111,225.29 R$ 99,622.84-129,942.83
Utilities (Monthly)
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 915 sq ft Apartment 755.17 R$ 460.21-1,299.43
1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans) 1.57 R$ 0.39-2.17
Internet (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) 314.37 R$ 242.56-433.14
Sports And Leisure
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult 240.17 R$ 70.39-433.14
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend) 108.29 R$ 0.00-173.26
Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat 64.97 R$ 56.31-86.63
Preschool (or Kindergarten), Full Day, Private, Monthly for 1 Child 7,284.11 R$ 5,197.71-9,745.71
International Primary School, Yearly for 1 Child 116,281.51 R$ 64,971.42-155,931.40
Clothing And Shoes
1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar) 319.40 R$ 151.60-467.79
1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, H&M, ...) 209.38 R$ 129.94-368.17
1 Pair of Nike Running Shoes (Mid-Range) 464.96 R$ 259.89-649.71
1 Pair of Men Leather Business Shoes 613.18 R$ 385.50-866.29
Rent Per Month
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre 8,717.02 R$ 7,363.43-10,395.43
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre 7,433.59 R$ 6,064.00-8,662.86
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre 14,694.34 R$ 12,128.00-20,790.85
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre 11,432.69 R$ 8,662.86-15,160.00
Buy Apartment Price
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment in City Centre 4,650.25 R$ 3,703.34-5,847.38
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment Outside of Centre 3,650.49 R$ 2,815.40-4,828.79
Salaries And Financing
Average Monthly Net Salary (After Tax) 19,506.46 R$
Mortgage Interest Rate in Percentages (%), Yearly, for 20 Years Fixed-Rate 2.58 1.75-4.00

Prices in Toronto

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Last update: May 2021
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100 Comments so far
Toronto Manz on Apr 14, 2021:

I guarentee you will work until death drowning in debt and never having any real asset ownership
Ian Lucas on Apr 13, 2021:
Toronto is much better than Vancouver.
Higher salary at least and better public transit.
Anonymous on Mar 25, 2021:
Canadian government depends heavily upon cheap labor to fatten their own private financial portfolios. The doors remain open to any and all foreigners from 3rd world countries or below that.Five billion usd went missing mysteriously several months ago but Trudeau won't comment.He along with other high ranking members in government has sunk Canada's economy.Canada enjoys bashing the U S every chance they get.But the consequences of that are grim especially since the Ford plant is the largest employer in Canada and congress is talking about putting heavy tarrifs on anything made at the Ford plant in Canada. Basically putting Ford out of business in Canada is the motivation and Ford in the U S is worried about it.
Pat on Mar 24, 2021:
A quote in the National Post:

"Canada is a third world country whose paper-thin facade of modernity was built mainly by selling out future generations into tax and debt slavery, perhaps forever."
Uh oh on Mar 01, 2021:
Sorry guys. The four students I mentioned below are no longer employed. Student loan debt is climbing.
Anonymous on Feb 27, 2021:
Plant all of the cherrie blossoms you want it won't matter covid19 is a population killer.Besides nobody will miss Canada or its dysfunctional society. Go to HEL EN wait.

Helen Tolias on Feb 15, 2021:
Looking forward to spring ! The Cherrie Blossoms at Trinity Bell Woods Park and High Park could be the cure to the Covid 19 situation - get some as soon as possible. Maybe re-plant some of the flower, or get seeds to plant the flowers in your apartment, condo or house.

Help a neighbour = helps you too.

Wish I was still living in Toronto.

Till we meet again.

Helen Tolias
February, 15, 2021.
ss on Feb 10, 2021:
im here for school... who else? (im like not here for a job im too young fo that lol)
Anonymous on Jan 08, 2021:
As Canadians we must provide jobs and training for our incoming refugees and ignore other non Canadians who already have educations
daqing on Jan 08, 2021:
canadian immigration is a fraud. You pay thousands of bucks to apply for study permit/work permit/permanent residence to come to canada, and you end up paying a huge rent in a tiny basement room with two other poor guys/girls in large city such as Toronto/Vancouver. Company are asking for your Canadian experience the moment you start to apply for your first job and you get rejected again and again. Huge amount of people with a bachelor/master/phd degree become cheap labor as a uber driver/walmart cashier. Don't come to Canada! Stay in your own country! At least you have some decency to stay and work in your own country.
Reality Checker on Nov 11, 2020:
Jobs from professors? HA!

Specially from Centennial college, con artists galore!
Happy Torontonian on Nov 11, 2020:
I'm a happy person.

This city is awful.

BTW, who keeps inflating the average monthly salary? Lately, it's been 2k from CERB, or 0 if you didn't qualify.
Uh Oh on Sep 25, 2020:
Thanks to Covid students are not attending classes as before. And the four students I know work in retail and fast food. Getting a job from your prof is a fantasy answer.
Anonymous on Sep 23, 2020:
Students are generally treated well but it's a bit expensive in Canadian Universities. Although there are opportunities to earn money here and there as you can find work helping professors with their research or getting a part time job on campus.
Anonymous on Sep 23, 2020:
Can anyone tell about the situation of Canadian students ??? Are they treated well can we survive here as a students ???
Anonymous on Sep 20, 2020:
We will see toronto true colours soon enough once the mortgage deferrals and cerb will end!! Get out while you can there will be massive civil unrest and a huge homeless Population. Canada is losing its status as first world country. You have been warned!
Jennifer on Sep 18, 2020:
Look at these pathetic whiners below.
You think you're entitled to just be handed a good job? Go create opportunities for yourselves, don't whine that women are outcompeting you. How freaking pathetic.
See, another reason we don't need anymore immigration at this point. We already have enough total losers, we don't need to be importing more.
Michael on Sep 15, 2020:
I was almost a victim of Canada's legal system when I lived in Toronto.

Girlfriend suddenly wants to move in and get on my benefits from work.

A close friend of mine at work hears me talking about this and she tells me about the Ontario spousal laws and warns me that I'm being setup for financial rape.

I end the relationship a day later.

In her angry breakup email she states how she is going to come after me for my pension.


Guys.. you just can't ever get married or live with them anymore, that time over until the system is fixed. Toronto is a city for the 1%ers who live in Bridle Path and Lawrence Park. Toronto females hate men with a vengeance, and the police treat men like slaves.

Or.. we all seriously need to go line up and get government ID stating we are all women.
Getting out of Toronto on Aug 18, 2020:
These comments are a dumpster fire. But the sentiment is correct.
John Lawson on Aug 15, 2020:
Its only one small aspect of the city

but does anyone else notice the issue the downtown has with a perpetual smell of garbage and sewage?

Every time I visit Toronto (admittedly usually just commuting in from the burbs for a Jays game) the stench is just brutal. Ive been to pretty much every big city in North America, and none of them have a problem with this on par with Toronto. New York was pristine and hygenic last year.

Its probably driven by that sewer line theyve been working on for what feels like a decade in front of Union station, but the amount of trash on the street is pretty extreme in some places too
Jennifer on Aug 07, 2020:
@rocky Canada has a low-wage economy due to the hour of labour and high household debt due to not being able to save money in conjunction with exhorbitant mortgage debts caused by the influx of rich foreigners we are forced to compete with for housing and the "foreign investors" i.e. parasites taking rental supply off the market and creating makeshift ghost hotels in areas not zoned for it by way of airbnb - to the tune of 30k units per The Globe and Mail, representing a vacancy rate 1.5% lower than the healthy rate it could have been without the parasite class.
Believe it or not, we don't need people like you and if you are never allowed into the country again this will be met with only a collective sigh of relief.
Perkin.Jill on Jul 31, 2020:
The secret of success is to work harder than others every day
Barton on Jul 31, 2020:
Who keeps pumping up the avg. monthly salary?
That's double what FT pays NET
rocky on Jul 28, 2020:
One can easily tell from the comments left here by Canucks that the education system in Canada is substandard and a lot of Canucks are truly uneducated on how the economy works and where the funding comes from. This frozen wasteland of a nation with a piddly 35 million people desperately needs global investors and entrepreneurs to pay for the over-taxed socialist nanny state looking after alcoholic hicks, rednecks and homeless bums on the streets that complain all day and contribute nothing.
rocky on Jul 28, 2020:
Anonymous, have you graduated from high school? Illiterate imbecile.
Anonymous on Jul 22, 2020:
Rocky, if your belt is loose your pants could fall down causing you to lose your wallet. Please use the English language properly if you are going to tell others to educate themselves.
rocky on Jul 20, 2020:

If you understood anything about how the economy works you wouldn't make a ludicrous comment like that. Do you have any idea how much money is injected into the economy by foreigners? Canada can't survive without foreign investment and this pandemic has caused immense financial loss to the national economy already. Educate yourself. If Canada closes the doors to foreigners then Canada looses out as people will invest their wealth in another country.
Jenn on Jul 19, 2020:
Anonymous said on November 23, 2019 about Toronto's escalating rent crisis: "I wonder if Toronto will face riots if this continues?"

Recent events during the pandemic would seem to suggest that the answer is yes.
Jennifer on Jul 19, 2020:
If we can keep the borders closed for another 10-11 months including the slowed-to-a-trickle immigration numbers we've seen under COVID, keeping out the foreign students, tourists and foreign investors exploiting airbnb and the foreign money launderers we may be able to return to something resembling an actual livable city for the people who actually grew up here. Signs are encouraging. Justin, if you do this like literally all of Canada wants you to, you got my vote, that's for d@mn sure.
Franco on Jun 10, 2020:
The homeless population of Los Angeles, the rent of Manhattan, job prospects of Russia, racism of Poland, fuel prices of Iceland, taxes of Sweden, cost of living of Singapore, nepotism of Tel Aviv, work-life balance of Tokyo, collective happiness of Afghanistan.

Being stuck in a debt spiral and working until death for food, sheltar, and transportation is the norm.

Toronto veteran
Pat on May 31, 2020:
Garbage place. This page here for Toronto should not even exist because Toronto is extinct.
Anonymous on May 25, 2020:
"(Mostly) white covidiots at Trinity Bellwoods think the rules don’t apply to them. They’re right"
By Shree Paradkar - Race & Gender Columnist at the Toronto Star

Imagine trying to publish this article about any other race!!!
#refugee on May 22, 2020:
comments are so negative here. but 350kx10k make sense thats 3.3 billion dollar!! That is easy money..however it means more
demand and more production and more jobs.. demand creates economy.. its not the reason for joblessness could be racial issues
many goes to other countries with their believes and systems which i oppose.. there should be a test for cultural, religious and social intelligence of people who is coming to any country. those who coming thinking to make it their "rules" can make hole in your doubt. and i have seen blatant racism in middle east. in south asia china. but Canada is much better unless you
behave so awkwardly or dress or may the person is a loser so you cant help!! he or she may be finding an scapegoat in you.
Anonymous on May 05, 2020:
Ravi Hooda is most likely the anti-Muslim poster who is flagging comments which are critical of real estate.
Anonymous on May 02, 2020:
The Polish nationalist is spreading disease to the Arab newcomers living in this area:
Anonymous on Apr 11, 2020:
Let me guess...The feds and the realtors are unemployed and they can't use the city services to censor comments....LET THE REAL ESTATE COLLAPSE IN TORONTO!
Anonymous on Apr 04, 2020:
Toronto is overpopulated:
KingOfDundas on Mar 30, 2020:
Toronto is a curse and jobs are extremely hard to find.
But if you're a war criminal or money launderer, Toronto is great!
A Landlord on Mar 25, 2020:

A landlord is not running a charitable organization. I have bought several mid rise buildings in the Parkdale area and I want my rent paid by April 1st!
A Landlord on Mar 25, 2020:
During the pandemic, please try to keep healthy and safe by not being poor.If you are temporarily out of work, you can try applying for a job at Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, Metro or other grocery stores and essential services. Delivery services like Amazon are also hiring as more people are requiring deliveries to their homes.If you don't want to work or pay rent, please don't come here and create problems for the Landlords. Toronto is a growing city and we don't have time for freeloaders and scumbags.
Anonymous on Mar 19, 2020:
Jarvis, you clearly need help if everything is i$lam to you. Serious.
Jarvis on Mar 19, 2020:
To the Pisslamic rat below me. Nobody wants you in Canada Muslim terrorist. Absolutely everyone hates being around Muslims. So go back.
Anonymous on Mar 18, 2020:
@Jarvis: Ok Boomer. Let us know when you are planning to commit a mass shooting. The cops probably have your IP address already.
Jarvis on Mar 18, 2020:
NO MORE MOSQUES IN CANADA. Send these terrorists back to Porkistan.
Jarvis on Mar 18, 2020:
Pay no mind to the Jihadi Pisslamic terrorist below me. GO BACK TO PISSLAMABAD ISIS TERRORIST.
Jarvis on Mar 16, 2020:
No sympathies for immigrants struggling in Canada. Get in line. Canada is not a free ride.
Anonymous on Mar 16, 2020:
Toilet paper has increased significantly for the past week. You can only find one roll of toilet paper (sold separately) for $10 a roll. Greedy speculators are gouging Canadians just like the Landlords and Boomer home owners.
Please Jesus let the Coronavirus affect the Boomers who are gouging the rent and house prices for their greedy lifestyles such as buying vacation properties in formerly Native Indian reserves in South America.
How are the younger generations going to get ahead when the Polish nationalist Boomer in Canada wants mass immigration to increase his rent and house prices, yet the Polish nationalist doesn't like immigrants. Make up your mind Boomer! When are you going to expire?
Qatari Canadian on Mar 12, 2020:
You're gonna pay $2,000 a month in rent to live with Greek and Polish nationalists who hate you:
Anonymous on Mar 08, 2020:
Once you move to Toronto, there is no turning back. You will be stuck in a lifetime of poverty and fear of homelessness. You might die prematurely because there are no affordable housing or food in Toronto. Food banks are in dire need of donations, and apartments are rising sky high. Beware!
Anonymous on Mar 07, 2020:
Toronto has a homeless problem. They live under bridges and the police set fire to the place:
Melika on Mar 05, 2020:
Hey i wanna know how much does it cost to rent a house in city center? Is it better to live in university's dorm?
Anonymous on Mar 04, 2020:
You could spend $400 to live in a hut, right in Toronto:
Anonymous on Mar 03, 2020:
Toronto is becoming a feudal city and the serfs are one rent hike away from becoming homeless:
Toronto is failing me on Feb 29, 2020:
Toronto rents are creating a mass exodus. Who is gullible to pay C$2500 a month to rent a room inside a basement in Parkdale? You sure ain't getting Manhattan salaries when newcomers are begging to work for free.
Albanian on Feb 27, 2020:
Just because you got bullied doesn't mean you should become a bully too Peter.
Jennifer on Feb 24, 2020:
Toronto's fertility rate was 1.3 in 2017 and is undoubtedly lower today. Nobody in Toronto is having kids. Over 30% of pregnancies in Brampton are aborted. Hamilton is Canada's hate crime capital. Go look at the top 10 cities for hate crimes in Canada per StasCan, 8 are in Ontario. Do not move to Ontario if you want kids or grandkids and do not want to become a victim of a hate crime. Nobody in the GTA can afford kids and we can see that the government will not stop foreign money laundering into our markets by only allowing citizens or permanent residents to buy homes here, so everyone - nonwhite and white alike - are nihilistic and don't even bother with reproducing the next generation when there is no hope for them here. Is this what you want for your future? Stay away from Ontario (and probably Canada in general). All we do is party and drink because there's no other hope or purpose here. We are serfs who only love to work and pay unaffordable rents.
Anonymous on Feb 18, 2020:
If foreigners weren't being lied to regarding job prospects I wouldn't have an issue with Toronto.

All you get in Toronto are unhappy immigrants who were told a lie but are afraid to stand up against those who lied to them. Instead they vent their anger towards the Canadian-born who doesn't know what is being told inside immigration offices in Bombay or Lahore.
Janice on Feb 15, 2020:
Toronto is a great city to live. We have the tallest building in North America. New York here we come!
Anonymous on Feb 12, 2020:
Paying $1150/month to rent a makeshift basement apartment in Scarborough, a one and a half hour transit ride from the downtown core:
Anonymous on Feb 12, 2020:
It's $1800 a month for a one-bedroom apartment, but the law doesn't allow more than three tenants in a one-bedroom. Do the math before moving to Toronto. Rents are insane, but jobs that pay a living wage are hard to find.
Are you efing kidding? If you cant make 450usd per month for apartment in 1st world and you need to live with your whole village in order to sustain yourself, you shouldnt come in the first place
Anonymous on Feb 11, 2020:
It's $1800 a month for a one-bedroom apartment, but the law doesn't allow more than three tenants in a one-bedroom. Do the math before moving to Toronto. Rents are insane, but jobs that pay a living wage are hard to find.
Anonymous on Feb 11, 2020:
It's hilarious to see everything blamed on white people and their racism. The truth is that you aren't only competing against white people. You are competing against your fellow pajeets too. So no matter how unfair you think Canada is, there is another Pajeet having wet dreams about coming here and taking on that sweet min wage position in such prosperous North American lands. White people aren't crapping in your morning cereal, you've got that well taken care of
Anonymous on Feb 10, 2020:
True North,

Aren't you also guests because your ancestors came here by force a few hundred years ago?

Why did your ancestors land in Canada, spread smallpox and nasty white people diseases and almost exterminated the entire Indigenous population?

To add insult to injury, the remaining survivors were forced into residential schools and taught to "take the Indian out from them" under appalling conditions.

Now the current system in Canada wants to scam immigrants to come here and live like slaves.
Anonymous on Feb 10, 2020:
Immigration is an economic system, pure and simple, Canada has perfected it, Germany is catching up to it, many other DYING countries will end up doing the same. Even Japan is experimenting with the immigration concept.
Anonymous on Feb 08, 2020:
Toronto is way over valued for what it is. As someone who grew up here I can tell everyone this is no New York City or Chicago or Tokyo. It is not a world class city. There are City's with comparable amenities to Toronto in the us or in other country’s for a lot less then 2400$ for a one bedroom apartment. Also if you look at world city’s like London, Chicago, New York peoples make a lot more the. 40000 after tax, the average wage has only gone up 4000$ since 1994 it’s a joke.
@Jim on Feb 07, 2020:
Yes Toronto is a capitalist meat grinder just like any city in the world. There's nothing superior in Toronto that you couldn't find in another city in another country. Only you could do it for cheaper. Toronto is in an economic bubble and you'll end up paying out of your a$$ for a mediocre life. For the cost of a mediocre life in Toronto you could afford a much more agreeable lifestyle elsewhere in the world.
Anonymous on Feb 06, 2020:
No dude it's because foreign credentials are not recognized in Canada.
Doesn't matter if you come from Russia, South Africa, Europe, China, or Pakistan.
The issue here is that Canada invites everybody here but isn't transparent about the fact that most of your credentials will count for nothing.
There is a real problem with this but you guys immediately jump to racism as the answer to everything.
I guess it's an effective way of getting what you want?

It is racism because Canadian employers would rather hire a dumb white blonde with a high school diploma than an educated foreigner for a job. Why do Canadians expat in oppressive Middle Eastern countries and earn high wages while the locals and foreigners from Asia are treated like slaves?
Anonymous on Feb 06, 2020:
"Racism is definitely involved if educated immigrants are being denied jobs in their fields while being accosted due to their religion or race on the streets of Toronto."

No dude it's because foreign credentials are not recognized in Canada.
Doesn't matter if you come from Russia, South Africa, Europe, China, or Pakistan.
The issue here is that Canada invites everybody here but isn't transparent about the fact that most of your credentials will count for nothing.
There is a real problem with this but you guys immediately jump to racism as the answer to everything.
I guess it's an effective way of getting what you want?
Jason on Feb 05, 2020:
The Canadian public health-care system is among the most expensive among OECD countries as well as the least efficient, according to a new report by the Fraser Institute.

Canada has just 2.6 physicians per 1,000 people, which is among the lowest across OECD countries. Canada ranks slightly better in terms of nurses (9.7 per 1,000 people), though it is still below the OECD average of 9.8. In terms of acute care beds, however, Canada ranks last, at 1.8 beds per 1,000, compared to an average of 3.3.
Anonymous on Feb 05, 2020:
Racism is definitely involved if educated immigrants are being denied jobs in their fields while being accosted due to their religion or race on the streets of Toronto.
Anonymous on Feb 04, 2020:
The man who is accosting brown people in Toronto by yelling Yama Yama to their faces does this a lot to mainly young men who he perceives as Arabian refugees. He doesn't know the difference between Hinduism and Islam and he accosts any brown person for this reason. He's racist and he doesn't like people who are Hindus or Muslim, even if they are actually Christian Sri Lankans.

You are gonna spend over $50,000 in Canada that you brought from India to be accosted by the racist "Yamma Yamma" man who thinks that you are a Muslim refugee? Are you that foolish? The man does this a lot and someone in the area suspected that he tried to assault a Muslim woman in the Don Mills area. The Muslim woman should have hired a hitman and got rid of that racist mad man.
Anonymous on Feb 02, 2020:
Jason it's no use arguing with these Canadians.

The immigration lawyers, the Canadian government and the embassies lie to foreigners
Jason on Feb 02, 2020:
You seem to completely miss the point. Qualified immigrants are granted visa based on the same skills that are inadequate for employment due to lack of Canadian experience. Then why grant them a visa in the first place for no other reason than to scam them of their savings? Besides these days only 3rd world immigrants are dying to get to Canada. A Phd earned in India is as good as dirt outside India and I'm sure these pajeets and patels know they have no alternative. So they pack their bags and run off to Canada to work dead end jobs which results in competition and stagnant wages for the rest of the country.

Why would someone living in a developed country want to move to Canada to hibernate 8 months out of the year, keep up with skyrocketing expenses and taxes. On top of that Canada is not economically dynamic or diverse.
Anonymous on Feb 02, 2020:
Canada lies to immigrants to come to Toronto, yet Radmandeep and Beatrice still treat skilled immigrants as refugees. This is the white people of Canada who are bigoted towards educated immigrants.
Beatrice on Feb 02, 2020:
If you don't like Canada, you could always go back!

Everyone starts from the bottom here. You don't start from the top. As a Canadian, I don't care if you were a Phd in your home country. You join the line like everyone else, even if it means having to clean toilets or shovel snow to pay the rent.

Toronto is a world class city and you should be happy that you found a job here, even if it means cleaning public toilets.
NotCanada on Feb 01, 2020:
8. Discriminatory and Dishonest Immigration System.
Immigration to Canada is based on a point system, obtained with your education, qualifications and job experience. Points are good enough for immigration, but in Canada, they are not good enough to get a job in your field. Amazing, how the credentials that qualify you to come to Canada are the same credentials that don't qualify you for your profession in Canada. The reason is, Canada only wants immigrants to do the labor jobs - pizza delivery, driving taxis, factory work etc.

7. Out Of Control Cost Of Living.
From rent, to utility bills, to shopping, to phone, internet and cable bills, to gas, to car insurance, to eating out, to basically anything you have to pay for or buy, the cost of living in Canada has become astronomical. Recent immigrants are astonished as to how expensive everything is. It is estimated that compared to most countries around the world, the cost of living in Canada is on average five times greater.

6. Health Care Crisis.
Practicing physicians in Canada are in a shortage, 1 in 4 Canadians cannot get a family doctor. Canadian doctors are leaving to move permanently to the United States. Statistics Canada and the Canadian Medical Association both have identified that for every 1 American doctor that moves to Canada, 19 (nineteen) Canadian doctors move to the United States! Doctors in Canada are overworked and underpaid, and there is a cap on their salaries.

5. Very High Taxes.
Yes, you have the GST, the PST, totaling 15%, on practically everything you purchase and many other taxes taken out of our weekly paycheck. You have to pay a whopping amount to the government, out of your hard earned salary, so that the government can turn around and give it to beer drinking, hockey watching welfare bums. Fair? It does not matter, it's Canada.

4. Money Hungry Government.
Canadian Embassies around the world lie to foreigners, painting this picture that Canada is Utopia, because they want them to come to Canada. Why? Because foreigners bring money! So after being deceived, these foreigners come. They must bring with them at least $10,000. Canada has an immigration quota of 250,000 per year. So please do the math, 250,000 multiplied by $10,000 each equals a whopping 2.5 Billion dollars that Canada gains from immigrants every year.

3. No Culture.
Unlike almost every other country in the world, Canada has no culture. Actually American culture is what dominates Canada. When was the last time you had some 'Canadian' food? There are no Canadian traditions and there is no national identity. What does it even mean to call yourself a 'Canadian'. . .nothing really. People living in Canada, still identify themselves with the country they 'originally' came from.

2. Worst Weather.
Yes, Canada has the worst weather conditions of any country in the world. Freezing cold temperatures, snow, ice, hail, winds, storms etc. From the Prairie provinces to the Maritimes, from the Territories to southern Ontario, the weather is so horrific and disgusting that many Canadians leave Canada simply because of this reason alone.

1. No Jobs.
Yes, coast to coast, there are no jobs. Immigrants are highly qualified (MD's, PhD's, Lawyers, Engineers etc.) but they are driving taxi cabs, delivering pizza's or working in factories. Even people with bachelors degrees from Canadian Universities cannot find jobs after graduation. This is the tragedy associated with immigration to Canada. I feel sorry for those immigrants who are stuck in Canada for the rest of their lives. It is indeed a very sad and hopeless future.
Anonymous on Jan 31, 2020:
They say to network and meet people to get a chance for an unpaid work contract, but approaching female managers without their consent is considered criminal harassment.

Canada is a scam. You were told a lie.
Anonymous on Jan 30, 2020:
I'm sure racism does exist in Canada to some extent.
But, to claim its a whites only problem is absurd.
In fact in comparison to most countries it is very tolerant.

It doesn't take much searching to find some depressing examples of how India treats its own minorities and refugees.

"Extremists have since adopted this mantra, protesting to demand full deportations and using billboards and front-page advertisements to convey propaganda and threats to local Rohingya."
Anonymous on Jan 28, 2020:
It's too late for you buddy. Once you land in Canada and are given the first weeks of fake smiles and being lured into a lifetime of entrapment.

You probably wasted 20 grand in one year renting a suffocating basement apartment that has a rodent, silverfish, cockroach and sewage problem for C$1,999 a month + utilities. You were probably lied that you would get a job in your field, but persisted in sending thousands of resumes to get no reply or being disrespected by the HR who only wanted you to advise you that you lack the holy "Canadian experience".

If do you manage to find a well-paid job, the local Canadians would assume that because you're Brown or Black, that you're a refugee or other racist assumption.

Did you read the stories? Educated immigrants are being accosted with violence by the far rigt, and several posters have complained that there is a madman on the loose yelling Hindu and Muslim chants disrespectfully when harassing presumed immigrants on the streets.

Why did you come here WANNA LEAVE?

You're trapped here FOR LIFE!

You either go with the flow, rot and become homeless or fight back against the racists. You have no choice to leave. You're trapped here!
Wanna Leave on Jan 28, 2020:
I wanna leave this place.
It's a toxic environment.
Imagine being told a lie that Canada is this welcoming country
only to be told that Canadians who live outside of Toronto are racist, xenophobic and they dislike immigrants.
Toronto= Canada for non-whites.
I want to LEAVE!
Anonymous on Jan 24, 2020:
Canada is a scam.

The shyster embassy agents will tell you to bring everything and your life savings to Canada

But once you arrive, the bigots will assume that you're a refugee, and the fair-minded Canadians will be unable to offer any help because they are also working paycheque to paycheque in this dump.

Toronto rents are rising & the powers that be are not doing anything urgently to prevent mass homelessness and civil unrest.

For your own good, if you are a professional and you DON'T have a job offer from a Canadian company that pays at least $4,000 a month, DON'T come to Toronto. You will be only waste your money and time here. It's a trap!
Bahamas on Jan 23, 2020:
"Take a DEEP BREATH & FALL IN LOVE with this country!"

How is that going to pay the 10% rent increase when your wages are frozen for the decade?
Anonymous on Jan 22, 2020:
I agree with everything you guys are writing here but I think you guys are wrong to blame whites the way you are
Whites are screwed as well
It's not like Toronto is working for the benefit of whites who aren't already in the upper-middle class
Nobody can afford to live here, nobody is having kids (except the poor and wealthy), everyone is in debt
What sucks about Toronto is that everybody acts like this is normal
like it's normal to have no family and no future
The middle class here is over and done with
Anonymous on Jan 20, 2020:
Toronto is Babylon.

In ancient Babylon, it was a mixed-pot of cultures and was a hedonistic one with the pagan rituals and way of life.

The world "babble" comes from Babylon and it perfectly describes Toronto which is home to hundreds of languages.

Nothing good is ever going to come from moving to Toronto because it's the Babylon system. The white woman have brainwashed your wife, daughter and son to support the Babylon system, while you have to work 44 hours or more a week to pay the overpriced rent in the Babylon system.

You will find out that though you were respected as a Manager at a bank in Asia or Africa, the white woman views you as pond scum, while the white man views you as an 'illiterate refugee' as one poster remarked.

The white man and white woman have oppressed non-white countries for hundreds of years, yet you expect to be treated fairly in the white man system called Babylon in Toronto?
Anonymous on Jan 19, 2020:
I don't see how this is sustainable for people to work for a frozen minimum wage, yet have to pay a 2.5% rent increase under rent control?

Rent control doesn't apply for new leases. If the apartment is being offered under a new lease, the Landlord can just hike the price to the city average of $2,000 per month for a one-bedroom apartment. You are not going to find one-bedroom apartments for $1,500 a month anymore these days unless it's in a faraway part of the GTA and the apartment is located in a crime-ridden area where gangs and gun violence are common.

I am sensing fear, apprehension and anger brewing within Toronto. It's a potential case of civil unrest and riots. It's unfair that greedy property owners are hiking rents yet freezing wages.

It also doesn't matter if the wage is increased, because the property owners and the grocery stores would just hike prices again and offset the wage increase. Toronto is not a first world developed country but worse than the third world feudal societies.

Employers are also demanding WORK EXPERIENCE to work for no wages as unpaid interns. Yes, you got that---Canadian employers expect university graduates and professional skilled immigrants to work for FREE!
Anonymous on Jan 18, 2020:
Why does it seem that Canadians no longer welcome educated immigrants, by lumping professional immigrants as refugees?
It's also racist to assume that refugees are uneducated or illiterate. Some refugees had jobs, homes, careers and businesses before Canada starting joining the American Empire to destabilize those defenseless nations into oblivion.

Make up your mind Canada!

Why do you want immigrants to bring their life savings in Toronto, yet you treat them as an underclass?
Lock Up Yama Yama Man on Jan 16, 2020:
Toronto rents are rising at a sporadic pace. Why pay $1,950 month to rent an apartment only to become a victim of a racist hate crime from the Yellow Vests movement?

Think very hard if you want to leave your middle class job to be treated as a refugee in Toronto and be subject to racist taunts and assaults from the Polish nationalist.
Bashment Scene on Jan 16, 2020:
What makes me laugh is that those who are harassing immigrants (such as the anti-Islamic "Yama Yama" man)

The man who harasses Hindus and Muslims by lumping them together as Arabian refugees is someone from the Yellow Vests or Northern Guard white supremacist movement. Some have claimed that the Yama Yama man is Ed Jamnisek, a racist who was famous for trying to libel a co-owner of Soufi's and inciting violence against Muslims.

His other Yellow Vest supporters like Kevin Johnston was sued for libel and Johnston has declared war on immigrants because he has to pay $2,000,000 for libel.

The local Canadians are listening to the Polish nationalist and creating tensions. It would be karma if a young Arab beat up Ed Jamnisek or Kevin Johnston for harassing Muslims and Hindus. They were also reported to have incited violence against immigrants using anti-Islamic and Trudeau conspiracies.
Serf on Jan 15, 2020:
Rents are skyrocketing, and this Canadian girl videotaped an incident of being denied a refill because the employees were not sure if it was sanitary:

Toronto might end up with civil war if the local Canadians keep on compromising the minimum wage jobs of the non-whites for ludicrous reasons.
Anonymous on Jan 13, 2020:
"Canada can just import infinite immigrants from countries with high fertility rates to replace its labor force"

In other words, Toronto is a Ponzi scheme?

What makes me laugh is that those who are harassing immigrants (such as the anti-Islamic "Yama Yama" man) are the Baby Boomer generation who bought houses when they were five times the wages of a GROCERY STORE CLERK in the 1960s and 1970s.

To buy a house in Toronto requires a salary of $100,000 year, and the house is TEN TIMES that wage.

Toronto is a Ponzi scheme.

What happens when the serfs can no longer afford the extortionist rents? Will they revolt against the rich and landlord classes rather than attacking the immigrants who were conned into coming here?
Anonymous on Jan 12, 2020:
you misunderstand Anon

Canada doesn't need Canadians to reproduce themselves
Canada can just import infinite immigrants from countries with high fertility rates to replace its labor force
Canada and other Western countries have essentially outsourced the physical reproduction of its citizens

If anything, families are now a problem for Canada because they are more self-sufficient and some kind of return on their investment, like being able to continue to exist

the situation is absurd and i can't believe Canadians just accept this as normal
this would be considered insane in most parts of the world
Anonymous on Jan 11, 2020:
TTC fares are increasing every year, but the not-in-service buses and subway delays are increasing:

It just shows that the landlords and the elite benefit from importing 500,000 foreign students and 300,000+ immigrants yearly to Toronto to clog up the system and create more consumers and serfs.

Meanwhile, your teachers will tell you that you shouldn't form families or make children, while insisting that we should bring more people into Toronto because of "low birth rates", transforming 30-seater TTC buses into packed Bangladeshi slums of over 100 people inside the bus, and subways that are triple the capacity of the safe limit.

Toronto, make up your mind. You want us to not make children in this costly hellhole, yet you and the landlords feast on scamming 300,000 immigrants to compete for the $2,000/month 1-bedroom apartments!
Anonymous on Jan 10, 2020:
Rent prices are a lot higher then posted here it’s 2400 without utilities for a one bedroom. And good luck finding a job that pays more then 35000 after tax, people’s are dumb enough to compete to work for free under the guise of geting work experience. So good luck spending 90% if income on rent. The cerf of the medieval ages hade it better at least they could keep 30% of there crops.
Anonymous on Jan 09, 2020:
FORMAFIST is right
It's basically become unaffordable for the average Torontonian now
Even my well-educated high-income friends are struggling
My friend and his wife have a household income of around 140k after tax and their mortgage for a townhouse (no backyard) is gonna take them like 30 years to pay off
What is the average person supposed to do?
Anonymous on Jan 05, 2020:
Rents are way higher than what is posted on this website. Rents are skyrocketing in Toronto, but wages are not increasing as rapidly. Some people even work for free and do unpaid internships just to be desperate for a full-time paid job, which rarely works. Rental crisis in Toronto (and probably a future civil unrest and civil war)
Anonymous on Jan 04, 2020:
Don't bother coming to this place if you're not offered to work a job which pays at least C$50,000 a year with free housing and meals. Toronto is a costly s-hole of a city.
Anonymous on Dec 31, 2019:
Toronto is a dump full of violence and crime with a cost of housing of Manhattan, 30 years ago it was prosperous with opportunity, that is long gone folks do not waste your time in this place, im saving to get out of this horrible miserable place.
Tim Schwartz on Dec 31, 2019:
Why is Toronto so racist, angry, mentally unsound and culture-less?

NYC doesn't have this depressing mood to it despite the hard grind of the city.

Toronto has what? No jobs to speak of, and rental prices are crazy all around the city.

Where is the relaxation, tolerance and acceptance? Why is Toronto succumbing to the Polish nationalist and harassing immigrants and making life miserable for everyone?
Anonymous on Dec 31, 2019:
The Yama Yama racist is a middle-aged Caucasian man who threatens and assaults Muslim women on the streets of Victoria Park Avenue, Don Mills Road and sometimes he can be seen at STC harassing Muslim families. How does Canada allow this racist to harass non-whites like that?
Anonymous on Dec 26, 2019:
Homelessness is a growing problem in Canada, and Toronto has a growing homeless problem, (and crime that is growing incrementally).

If you want to leave your secure middle class job in Asia or the Caribbean to live in a city of pimps, gangsters, gun violence and extortionist tenants, then be my guest and come here to suffer; worse, come here with your family and see your entire life fall apart.

Canada is for the desperate who is content with mediocrity. If you're coming here to become the next entrepreneur or success story, then sorry to break it, but what makes you different than the 300,000 other immigrants who have to work for free to gain Canadian workplace experience?