Food Prices in Fort St John, BC, Canada

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Milk (regular), (1 liter) 1.99 C$
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g) 2.50 C$
Rice (white), (1kg) 2.19 C$
Eggs (12) 3.50 C$
Local Cheese (1kg) 22.50 C$
Chicken Breasts (Boneless, Skinless), (1kg) 12.00 C$
Apples (1kg) 2.76 C$
Oranges (1kg) 4.41 C$
Tomato (1kg) 7.25 C$
Potato (1kg) 1.10 C$
Lettuce (1 head) 2.00 C$

Last update: September, 2014

Recommended Minimum Amount of Money for food (2000 calories, balanced diet)

Milk (regular), (0.25 liter) 0.50 C$
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (130.00 g) 0.65 C$
Rice (white), (0.13 kg) 0.28 C$
Eggs (3.60) 1.05 C$
Local Cheese (0.15 kg) 3.38 C$
Chicken Breasts (Boneless, Skinless), (0.25 kg) 3.00 C$
Apples (0.34 kg) 0.94 C$
Oranges (0.34 kg) 1.50 C$
Tomato (0.21 kg) 1.52 C$
Potato (0.25 kg) 0.28 C$
Lettuce (0.15 head) 0.30 C$
Daily recommended minimum amount of money for food per person13.39 C$
Monthly recommended minimum amount of money for food per person
(assuming 31 days per month)
415.15 C$

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