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Crime Index: 73.00
Safety Index: 27.00

Crime rates in Lagos, Nigeria

Level of crime
80.43 Very High
Crime increasing in the past 3 years
67.31 High
Worries home broken and things stolen
71.15 High
Worries being mugged or robbed
77.00 High
Worries car stolen
69.23 High
Worries things from car stolen
76.00 High
Worries attacked
70.37 High
Worries being insulted
66.35 High
Worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin colour, ethnic origin or religion
59.62 Moderate
Problem people using or dealing drugs
72.12 High
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft
74.04 High
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery
79.63 High
Problem corruption and bribery
89.42 Very High


Safety in Lagos, Nigeria

Safety walking alone during daylight
43.00 Moderate
Safety walking alone during night
22.12 Low

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Last update: March, 2015

These data are based on perceptions of visitors of this website in the past 3 years.

If the value is 0, it means it is perceived as very low, and if the value is 100, it means it is perceived as very high.

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32 Comments so far

#vivek on Mar 30, 2015 :
Monthly living expenses for husband and wife (No smoking, drinking)
#vivek on Mar 30, 2015 :
For a family of husband and wife what are the monthly expenses?(No smoking , no drinking)
#Parteek gandhi on Mar 27, 2015 :
I have offer from Nigeria , Asaba,Please help what is crime rate there i have got a job there in steel plant please reply some
#Anonymous on Mar 20, 2015 :
Somebody please provide current situation of Lagos in terms of cost of living, medical facilities, social life, safety etc.?
#Kendzi on Mar 11, 2015 :
I live in this city and I find it hard to believe this statistic to be true. Maybe to foreigners, but I actually feel safe in all parts of Lagos.
#Anonymous on Feb 28, 2015 :
Don't know much about Lagos. But is definitely a scam artist city. Very desperate for money and to scam ppl at any cost even if it means using force.
#Stephen on Nov 06, 2014 :
What is the statistic crime rate in Nigeria for oct,20134
#Samy on Sep 08, 2014 :

I am samy from India please share lagos cost of living.
#Anonymous on Aug 18, 2014 :
Hi, i have got an offer from Lagos, Nigeria, can anyone help me in understanding crime , safety and living information in lagos.

#danski on Jul 29, 2014 :
Mr. Khan,

I was just working there and had to leave quickly due to the strong threat of kidnapping. Regardless of my situation that occurred, I would not recommend going there. It was interesting to see but the conditions are terrible along with the crime. you can't drink the water or eat any food that is washed in the water (unless it is cooked afterward). The power goes out at least a dozen times per day and for any type of a decent life, it's very expensive. If you do go, I strongly recommend to have an armed security guard and driver and NEVER travel at night. As for me, there isn't enough money in any company's wallet to lure me back. I will never return to Nigeria. Good luck and hopefully more than the President by the same name.
#stfu hoe on Jul 28, 2014 :
lagos is an amazing place, just know ehre you are going don't got to places like agege or obalende especially if youre white, stay in places like ikoyi lekki vgc etc. so if you hating on this sick ass country somethings wrong with yo ass
#Mr. khan on Jun 17, 2014 :
Hi this is mr khan. From india. Now im fix a situation. That I got a call from nigeria (Lagos) as a food technologist specialy in Bakeri industries. I m in dilemma. That I should go there or not? Sombody pls help me. Because i m worried. Abut the crime of nigeria.
#Clasina Verheul on May 17, 2014 :
I have my partner over there I'm worried he's not safe with the proems going on. Will he be safe there he's over there for work
#juraj on Apr 17, 2014 :
Lagos is very dangerous and dirty place. But compared to most of other african countries or even some african american cities, its above average. However caution is recomended if you want to pay a visit. I wouldnt travel there with kids or wife though...
#John Mark on Feb 05, 2014 :
I am an expat living in lagos since last 4 years. I have never seen / read or heard a news of any city which has transformed itself like anything. The Governor of City is a pro development person.. When I arrived lagos in 2010 first time; I was extremely skeptic and apprehensive about this city.

Although there is no statistical data but I can tell you the kind of development happened in last so many years and safety measurement has been taken is remarkably well.

I would advise others don't compare apple to orange. Don't compare Lagos to Dubai It's obvious dubai and is far -far better.

But If you see growth and the kind of government imitative - Wonderful city, wonderful people
#kanye east on Feb 03, 2014 :
hi lagos is really safe
#Chis on Jan 27, 2014 :
Hi Babs!
Didn't you understand that the information and statistics collected on that page is actually collection of the peoples opinions that have visited and voted on that page, in other words "social opinion". My opinion is that instead of going to lawyers you should consider going back to school to train your logic and maybe some social/soft skills.

I am personally pretty satisfied with the information I collected from here and as I've been living in Nigeria for many years and experienced various dangerous situations over there although I consider myself as a careful person then I can confirm that level of crime: "84.09" is pretty adequate - especially for a foreigner.

For instance can you or somebody else tell me the phone number of Ambulance, Fire service or Police in Nigeria, Lagos? Although everybody has a handy or two in Nigeria, nobody knows those numbers because everybody knows that they are not going to help you anyway in case of emergency. Cannot really state the same for Detroit or Philadelphia...
#Mak on Nov 04, 2013 :

IS it possibile to list safe zones in Lagos a place were you can mingle and get to feel the real life of Africa, since this one nation with a billion things to do. Also is there options of adrealine sports available along side to enjoy the pure bliss of this marvelous country, the above crimes are more common today in major developed and developing cities, but how often is it repeated and high risk areas is what I would love to know.

#Chyke on Sep 11, 2013 :
If govt wants to fight crime. i tink they should start wit rural in lagos.i have live in so many place in lagos.4 ilasamaja if u go to the street u wil fine aut that all the young boys 4rm age of 12years has joing wit that they are not afraid of anybody even police.and that is where robbery start.again go to ojo okoko the samething is hapening.and police know all this boys.if u arrest them.b4 u get home u wil see them wit all the proudness.that they are the owner of the what i m saying is that 4 us to stop local stealing and robbery.police will first of all take care of all this in my vilage our dpo dont have there time.anyboy the brought his case two time he (dpo)wil give the person jungle all the boys are afraid of him.
#Wale on Aug 05, 2013 :
Mind you there are a ton of major American cities with equal or worse crime records, example Detroit or Philadelphia. I think people should take exceptional care of themselves when they are in a major city because safety will always be an issue. Lagos is a megacity and is actually larger than NYC in population yet less in size. The human development index is actually quite high compared to most sub-Saharan cities. I think a lot of comments here might be due to some misguided or outdated perceptions as things have significantly improved since the implementation and sustenance of democracy. They also have a governor the people choose to rally behind. They are currently building what I believe to be the first light-rail in sub-saharan Africa, which should clear some congestion (formally and probably to a degree a hotspot for armed robbery. The city is also building and extension city off the coast kinda like in Dubai called eko atlantic city which would be the first of its kind in Africa. So, things are improving. I by no means an advocate for careless behavior but if you are careful, you should be fine... Much like any Megacity in the world
#Dike akachukwu samuel on Jul 07, 2013 :
Crime in lagos has become the other of the and protecting the lives and property has not really been taken care off.lagos is not safe,due to the propensity of crime happening within the vincity.kidnapping,ritual killing,child trafficking,pickpocketers,to mention but a few, has become a thorn in the street of lagos.little wonder the president of the united state of american;Barrack obama couldn't visit nigeria as a result of insecurity in the country. security and welfare as enshrine in the 1999 constitution is the government priority,but failed to provide adequate security,but were sitting complacently with their hands fold doing nothing about it.people lives and property are in reck,the country is not safe and foreiger could come in due to the level of crime in the country.pls our beloved government do something to trash and quell the ill prevalence in the nation.
#john on Jul 06, 2013 :

As far as safety is concerned, Nigeria is not exactly a prime example, especially for foreigners. Kidnapping of expats unfortunately is very common, as the perpetrators can often expect large ransoms from international companies. Muggings and theft are widespread, and home invasion is a near-constant threat, even in guarded compounds.

Again, expats are a lucrative target for criminals, as they are, in general, likely to be wealthy. It would generally be wise not to wander around on your own, especially at night. Some areas of the country should be steered clear of completely in order to avoid problems with criminals or the Nigerian authorities (see below). The horrendous road conditions are, of course, an additional cause for concern.

The dangers of traffic in Nigeria are not limited to those we mentioned on Transport and Education in Nigeria. Carjacking is common, so please remember to keep your doors locked and your windows closed at all times. Because of the opp
#nick on Jul 06, 2013 :
The Nigerian Police don't seem to keep stats on muggings, murder, ritual killings etc.........When you go to Lagos, trust nobody and keep as low key as possible and avoid the Nigerian Police Force. I'm a Nigerian so they can sue me if they likr!
#Anna on May 30, 2013 :
Ron, I have a similar situation, my future mother in law is in Lagos with a young child. They were robbed and assaulted Monday. They were followed home by 4 men, young child is in a coma at local hospital currently.
#Ron on Mar 09, 2013 :
I'm concerned with someone who is visiting in Lagos now. She has to attend her past father's estate of property in Nigeria. Unfortunately, she is also a widow with a young child, travelling from another continent. She has someone in Lagos to meet with her for legal business... her father's friend & lawyer. I trust that all is similar in Lagos, concerning safety in public during daylight, and especially for safety in public areas. Also, I am always concerned that should anything happen to her or her daughter, that the authorities will not be as responsive or fair, based on her foreign visitor status. So I am watching for any news that may indicate a risk increase while she is in country.
Thank you for your information.
By the way, I should say that, it seems you have the same problem with some people, always looking for someone to 'seek for legal action' and especially when they 'play the race card' of perceived prejudice. It seems as though 'fringe lunacy' exists in nearly every part of our world!
#Someone on Nov 27, 2012 :
Thank you for this information about crime in Lagos, Nigeria, It has proven to be very useful. Merci!
#Mladen on Oct 01, 2012 :
Hi Babs, if you send us your opinions about crime in Lagos, please look at "Add data for this city" we'll make sure your opinion is included at this page. We appreciate opinions of the users and would like that visitors of this website don't think that crime is high in Lagos if it's not actually. Also, you are free to comment on these page to improve opinions about crime in Lagos and Nigeria. Also, note that under Terms of use at the bottom of the page "No warranty whatsoever is made that any of the articles are accurate. There is absolutely no assurance that any statement contained at the website is correct or precise."
#Anonymous on Sep 30, 2012 :
Hi there,
Perhaps your relying on a newspaper's survey will do u no good . If you are so sure of what you are doing, you should be able to prove and provide a more logical source of info not a politically instrumented mechanism such as a newspaper . Before you publish any of such info online, you should have your free unbiased survey done.
Anyway, expect to hear from us.

#Mladen on Sep 25, 2012 :
Babs, I cannot prevent you taking a legal action.

Perhaps you can take a legal action against Tribune:

They said: "The increasing rate of criminal activites in Lagos, the nation’s commercial capital city, seems to have taken another dimension as armed robbers and other hoodlums now lay siege to the state."

BTW, if you think these information are not correct, you can contribute your perceptions about crime to the website.

The similar surveys are done by government officials in some cities and if you think you can prevent shadow statistics at the Internet I think you are wrong.
#Babs on Sep 25, 2012 :
Hi Mladen,

Does your terms of use guarantee your snagging of a race , nation or tribe?.

Beacause as far as i can see you are snagging my own state and this is what i call racism at the highest level. Mind you, this is a global age and informations published here goes far.
FYI , am taking a legal action against this publication, expect to hear from me soon.
#Mladen on Sep 24, 2012 :
Hi Babs,

please look up at "terms of use" link at the bottom of the website.
#Babs on Sep 24, 2012 :
Hi there,
i have very serious concerns on the level of safety info you have published here and am curious to know how you have arrived at this statics.

i will also like to remind you that i will seek legal advice if you cannot prove the source of this info especially with regards to Lagos.



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