Cost of Living in Singapore

Cost of Living Index (Excl.Rent): 86.96
Rent Index: 77.94
Groceries Index: 76.59
Restaurants Index: 59.39
Cost of Living Plus Rent Index: 82.67
Local Purchasing Power: 99.63
Restaurants [ Edit ] Avg. Range
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 12.00 S$ 7.00-18.00
Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 60.00 S$ 40.00-80.00
McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal) 7.50 S$ 6.50-9.00
Domestic Beer (1 pint draught) 8.00 S$ 5.00-12.00
Imported Beer (11.2 oz small bottle) 9.00 S$ 6.00-12.00
Cappuccino (regular) 5.45 S$ 4.50-6.00
Coke/Pepsi (11.2 oz small bottle) 1.64 S$ 1.10-2.50
Water (11.2 oz small bottle) 1.20 S$ 0.90-2.00
Markets [ Edit ] Avg.
Milk (regular), (1 gallon) 11.36 S$ 9.46-15.14
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (1 lb) 2.11 S$ 1.72-2.72
Rice (white), (1 lb) 1.30 S$ 0.91-2.18
Eggs (12) 2.74 S$ 2.20-3.60
Local Cheese (1 lb) 11.84 S$ 6.76-22.68
Chicken Breasts (Boneless, Skinless), (1 lb) 3.79 S$ 2.72-4.54
Beef Round (1 lb) (or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat) 9.55 S$ 5.44-14.97
Apples (1 lb) 1.84 S$ 1.36-2.27
Banana (1 lb) 1.41 S$ 0.91-1.81
Oranges (1 lb) 1.84 S$ 1.36-2.27
Tomato (1 lb) 1.31 S$ 0.91-1.81
Potato (1 lb) 1.21 S$ 0.91-1.81
Onion (1 lb) 1.20 S$ 0.91-1.81
Lettuce (1 head) 2.42 S$ 2.00-4.00
Water (1.5 liter bottle) 1.60 S$ 1.00-2.00
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range) 30.00 S$ 22.00-37.00
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle) 5.89 S$ 4.00-8.00
Imported Beer (11.2 oz small bottle) 6.96 S$ 4.00-10.00
Pack of Cigarettes (Marlboro) 13.00 S$ 12.00-15.00
Transportation [ Edit ] Avg.
One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 1.80 S$ 1.30-2.00
Monthly Pass (Regular Price) 100.00 S$ 70.00-120.00
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 3.50 S$ 3.20-3.80
Taxi 1 mile (Normal Tariff) 0.89 S$ 0.80-1.61
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 18.00 S$ 15.00-25.00
Gasoline (1 gallon) 8.00 S$ 7.57-8.71
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (Or Equivalent New Car) 127,800.00 S$ 110,000.00-150,000.00
Utilities (Monthly) [ Edit ] Avg.
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Water, Garbage) for 915 sq ft Apartment 166.97 S$ 110.00-250.00
1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans) 0.18 S$ 0.15-0.25
Internet (10 Mbps, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) 42.93 S$ 30.00-60.00
Sports And Leisure [ Edit ] Avg.
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult 123.61 S$ 100.00-160.00
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend) 13.75 S$ 8.00-24.00
Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat 12.00 S$ 10.00-14.00
Clothing And Shoes [ Edit ] Avg.
1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar) 105.34 S$ 70.00-150.00
1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, H&M, ...) 61.27 S$ 40.00-80.00
1 Pair of Nike Running Shoes (Mid-Range) 123.09 S$ 90.00-150.00
1 Pair of Men Leather Business Shoes 134.36 S$ 90.00-200.00
Rent Per Month [ Edit ] Avg.
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre 3,193.37 S$ 2,000.00-4,500.00
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre 1,995.81 S$ 1,500.00-2,600.00
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre 6,182.80 S$ 4,500.00-8,000.00
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre 3,501.75 S$ 2,600.00-4,500.00
Buy Apartment Price [ Edit ] Avg.
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment in City Centre 2,313.95 S$ 1,657.91-2,972.87
Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment Outside of Centre 1,177.01 S$ 799.99-1,486.44
Salaries And Financing [ Edit ] Avg.
Average Monthly Disposable Salary (Net After Tax) 4,187.71 S$ 2,600.00-6,000.00
Mortgage Interest Rate in Percentages (%), Yearly 2.25 2.00-2.60

Prices in Singapore, Singapore

These data are based on 6027 entries in the past 12 months from 638 different contributors.
Last update: May, 2016
Sources and References : Info
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Cost of living in Singapore is 13.04% lower than in New York (Info)Our estimator (with default settings) estimate monthly expenses for a single person at 855.35$ (1,181.75S$) and for four person family at 3,112.72$ (4,300.54S$) (without rent).
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#derick benson on May 29, 2016 :
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#Sreekanth on May 22, 2016 :

I was offered a relocation to Singapore 4 years back. I got a EP P1. With this EP, there's no issue bringing your family over.

Here's some advice to enjoy yourself here on a salary range of $4-6K monthly.
- Rental. For those with family. Go for HDB whole unit in Punggol or Sengkang. It's roughly $1.9-2.3K. For those single, it's $500-800 for a room.
- Transport. $100 monthly. Occasional taxi $10-20 per trip. It's one of best transport system with reasonable fare.
- Food. $500 monthly per person. This is rough estimation including shopping at supermarket.
- Mobile/Utilities. $100-200 monthly.
- Leisure. $300 monthly. E.g Movies, Beer at coffee shop or pub occasionally.
- Income Tax. 8-15%. It's the lowest in the world. For the security and infrastructure, it's the best you can find considering how much tax you paid.

I've been to UK and Australia for work assignment. Singapore has many more advantages over them. Eg proximity back home, tax rate, culture, food, weather.

If you have an opportunity to work or come here, my advice is please grab hold of it.
#Anonymous on May 22, 2016 :
Coke/Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle) in Singapore costs 5.00S$ (about 6 minutes ago)

As this is RESTAURANT price, $4-5 is correct for a can of coke.
For a similar can of coke at the groceries store, it is around S$0.80
#Nath on May 13, 2016 :
for apple, orange, pears..the supermarket price they dont sell by Kg, they are counting at about 1.80 - 3.50 per 5pcs according to country of origin.. some counted by 3pcs
#ForeignT on May 11, 2016 :
Surprised to find so many Indian nationals express interest looking for jobs in Singapore. One ADVICE: DO NOT come to Singapore. Reasons: Many, amongst them the locals do not really like Indians as most Indians are regarded as arrogant and vicious, and also lots of eye-witnessed bad incidents committed by Indians (from low-skill workers to professionals) that news do not report.
#Subramanian on Mar 19, 2016 :
This is Subramanian Raju working in UAE as accountant. having 10 years experience in accounting.
I have a dream of working at Singapore may I know what Salary is Offered for an Accountant there and what would be the Cost of Living for bachelor per month.

#hook on Mar 10, 2016 :
i just an average Singaporean making 100k a year and my wife makes the same in a year. we have no kids and we are struggling to make ends meet. Welcome to Singapore where you need an annual household income of half a mil to be fairly comfortable. Anything less just makes you feel real poor in the city where the rich unabashedly flaunt their wealth.
#adi on Mar 07, 2016 :
I have got offer from singapore management university for higher studies but the course fee is 40kSGD .
How much time it will take to repay this if i take loan and work in singapore after course completion? and how much salary i should minimum expect to live with my wife after course completion ?
#Charles on Jan 27, 2016 :
7 S$ for a pint of draught beer in a restaurant after tax and service charge? You won't get a draught for less than 10, usually around 13-18 S$.
#Arun on Jan 27, 2016 :
No Monthly pass or season pass were followed in Singapore, Minimum fare on SBT is 78 cents.
#Shakil on Nov 08, 2015 :
Hi I am shakil
I want Job in singapur my English is not good
But I want job
#RAMARAO on Sep 21, 2015 :
What are the expenses for bachelor if I got accommodation in singaport
#PK on Sep 03, 2015 :
I have an offer of SD 4500 per month as a contract for 6 month.
So I would like to know the living cost for bachelor in singapore?(Company wont provide accomadation)
What is the % of tax on the income ?
How is the opportunity in Singapore to find another job(Automotive Embedded Software), in case if the contract not get extended ?
Thanks in advance!
#vinit on Aug 23, 2015 :
I am from india and 3yr exp in (sw.eng)computer,seeking for job in Singapore.I have 3 years experience in Indian ..I want to work in singapore,preferably my field.Knowing its tough.I am ready to work irrelevant of my work experience.Can I get job where I can earn and save money which can be family here in India.Can anyone can guide.Please email me on
#Chaitanya on Aug 09, 2015 :
I have almost read many comments from experienced people here who have vast knowledge about cost of living in Singapore.I whole heartedly thank you.Now I have something to say.I am from india,seeking for job in Singapore.I have 6 years experience in Indian stock market.I am currently working as Senior market executive.I want to work in singapore,preferably my field.Knowing its tough.I am ready to work irrelevant of my work experience.Can I get job where I can earn and save money which can be family here in India.Can anyone can guide.Please email me on
#Aneesha barvin on Jul 28, 2015 :
I completed Bsc homescience with general computer application and then PGDCA and i completed some courses, they are Tally, DTP(Desktop publishing), Web Technology and I know driving I have indian gov license to four wheel driving. How can i find job to me and which type of job may i select to me? Please somebody help me.
#uma upadhyay on Jul 17, 2015 :
can my brother (indian) who has completed his btech software in australia get a job in singapore
#Sudhir on Jul 06, 2015 :
I am getting job in singapore as a nurse in government hospital ,1450 Singapore dollars offer ,will I get s pass there ? I seen some website there minimum 2,500 SD will get s pass .is it true ?
#saeed on Jun 06, 2015 :
hi, i'm 38 years , BA, more than 15 yrs experiance in tourism managment , i have 01 chd, how can i find job offers in my job field and who can help me in this matther?
#Nikish on May 29, 2015 :

I have an offer to work in Singapore with the salary of 2500SGD per month+accommodation. Can anyone tell me is it enough to live a normal life in Singapore for a bachelor and please tell me is it possible to save anything or not.
Thank You
#aman on May 25, 2015 :
I got a job with NTU as research associate.
Presently working with an Oil & gas company in Dubai and leading a splendid life

But to pursue my higher studies, I have decided to join NTU and do my Phd.
My salary would be 3700 SGD, with wife and a baby, how tough it will be to live a normal life?
Is it possible to get spouse visa with a salary of 3700 SGD?

Thanks ,
#Gopal on May 19, 2015 :
I will not agree with most of comments people say with less cost of living they live happily. I am living in Singapore for the past 2 years.

If you are foreigner with 2 kids, non-working spouse, Here is the realistic breakdown based on my personal experience.

You need at least $2200 to rent 3 bed room house.. plus + 1/2 month agent fee one time. if you sublet(which is mandatory to mitigate expenses) out one Room, you can save $700.
Medical: if your company not providing Insurance to your family, you need to reserve atleast $100 towards your family medical.
PUB(Power+Gas+Water): $120 atleast with optimal usage of AC.
Internet+Mobile: $110 atleast for you just.
Monthly groceries + veg+ Milk: $300 minimum

Kids schooling: if your kid going to local school(Kindergarten) ,The fees is $350, Indian International school $1000 min

If you go out on weekends, Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/CAB, it will add few 10s/100s dollors
Shopping some times adds up.

Sum up all these, you will have minimum expense to stay in Singapore.
I hole this helps...

Contact me @ if you have any questions further , I am happy to help you.
#AdviseSG on Apr 12, 2015 :

Your case is similar to Shivam. So, unless you earn between $6000~$7000 (after tax), you will not have a fine life here as you got to contribute to the heavy 15% tax rate, getting health insurance, expensive expenses (rental, food, leisure, basically everything here is expensive I am sure you already know Singapore is the most expensive place in the world and what we earn can only ensure us do not starve to death)
#AdviseSG on Apr 12, 2015 :

Hi, as mentioned in your question, you salary will be $8333 before tax, here is the breakdown for you how much you will be left with at the end of each month.

Tax Rate: 15% (which means you will be left with $7083.05 after the heavy 15% tax. Do note that the tax rate will increase as your salary increase. For detailed info, refer to

You will probably need $100 for monthly public transport though it may increase in future (the public transport fare will probably increase every 1~2 years)which left you with $6983.05

Rental wise, 2 room apartment could easily cost you between $2000~$3000. Prepare for the worst $3000. And you will be left with $3983.05 after rental

Since you will be eating at home mostly and have a weekly leisure (movie & dine out I suppose), you would probably about $300~$500 for 2 pax ingredients. Movie ticket cost between $9~$12/pax, that would be around $24 for 2 tickets. Dinning out are incredible expensive especially in the restaurant (which could easily cost you $40~$60 per person). So, take the average $400 + ($24*4) + ($50*2*4) [assume 4 times leisure per month] and that will be around $900. So, you will be left with $3083.05. Utilities wise will depend, should be around $150~$300 for you if have the habit of sleeping in air-condition (that will makes you left with about $2800 each month). However, do note that in Singapore, if you do not have health insurance, you will be doom if you are required to stay in the hospital so be sure to get health insurance for you and your wife (You company probably only insured you with the most basic medical coverage. I would recommend you to get an health insurance from AIA).
#amit on Feb 28, 2015 :
Can anybody help me what is
BASIC cost of living in
I am neither smoker, nor
alcoholic, I go not in Clubs/
1. Room rent (1 room,1
bathroom,1 kitchen) :- ____ S$
2. Room utilities :- ____ S$
3. Food for family(all 3 meals
+ 2 times dine-out per month)
:- ___ S$
4. Monthly Travel :- ___ S$
#Shivam on Feb 26, 2015 :
I have got a job offer in singapore. Obviously would have to relocate. Monthly income would be 8333 SGD (before tax). Would like to know if my wife (non working) and I can have a decent enough living. Would want to rent out a 2 bedroom apartment. Willing to commute (1 hour max each side) to work via public transport to work. My whole concern is how much will I be able to save after expenses ? Cooking will be at home mostly.
Outings (movie+food court) once a week. Medical expense covered for me by company. Also what are the tax slabs like ?

Thank you.
#Maria on Feb 19, 2015 :
Dear all,

I would like to know How many the lowest level of salary in SG and Its salary is sufficient for living cost. And How many the average salary of graduated person (sale girl,office staff etc.............).

Hope your Reply,
#Maria on Feb 14, 2015 :
I am Maria , Now, I live in Myanmar and works at Cement Factory . I want to move to SG with my bf but not yet, may be, next year.I want to know,how can I survive in SG and what types of work is get more salary ? How about the living cost ? And How many amount of money i can save? Please reply my question. Thanks a lot.

#Srivastav on Jan 12, 2015 :
I have offer of 4500 SGD per month.
Relocating from India as a bachelor can any one let me how much is needed for a month for proper living.
Whats the cost of living in Singapore in 2015.
Please reply as i relocating in near by time.
Thanks for replying fast.
#hehehehhe on Jan 05, 2015 :
dear all ,
i can survive in singapore less than 200 dollar per month. living with parents
so i really dont get why you people are complaining and saying 1500 is not enough and you have to have 8k to live in singapore.
fyi, in sg , in order to earn up to 8k , you have to have alot of knowledge and experience.
the most of the jobs offer is within the range of 1500k to 3k . bonus if u have experience and knwoledge . you can live comfortably with just 1500 , trust me , i can even save 700 out frm it.
its just how u handle the money how u manage it , not how much u earn in a month. 8k is ridiculous amt and anyone will be able to live richly with that amt without a single problem in life.
#anonyms on Dec 19, 2014 :
I have been offered a job at 1800 sgd per month no accomodation. Can me and my wife survive and save 200 to 500 sgd a month. Shall I take this job.
#Ramanarsimha Prasad on Dec 10, 2014 :
i have total 11 years of exp in Pharmaceutical industry in India. now i have the offer from Hotel sector per month 1500 sgd accommodation they will provide and apply for s-pass. how much can i save averagely per month i am married but will go first individually.
#sathish on Dec 01, 2014 :
Hi Everyone,

I have got an offer of 5500 SGD PM
I'm married and have 2 year old kid
It's a assignment for 2 years

Can someone help me in below questions

How much will be the rent of a small apartment for a small family of 3 ?

How much will be the food expenses if food is cooked in home for 3 of us ?

How much will be my transport charge of I take only train and bus ?

How much will be cost of small window shopping and visit once a week ?

I'm a rare drinker and will drink only once in a week only in home probably 4 cans of beer a week .How much will be the cost if I take 4 Times in a month?

What will be the cost of a decent gym per month ?

Any reply is much appreciated

Thanks in Advance
#mizo on Nov 16, 2014 :
i will go to singapore to work in a restaurant . its employer will give me salary 1500 sgd only . should i work at it or no? but he will offer the food and a apartment to me
#Jack on Oct 27, 2014 :
If you really serious don't want to lose any money in the package and maximise your expat package, you need to get the expat self-assesor tool. It basically a self assessment spreadsheet checklist with about 90+ questions that will scrutinize your needs and worth. It takes only 3-5 minutes to assess and diagnosis your self.

Basically in the end, it will pinpoint your "deal breaker". After you knew your "deal breaker", you will enter into "The Game Changer" phase. Meaning that the negotiation will flow to your advantage. In other words, its a matter of asking whatever you want from the company. The company will feel 'guilty' if they cant offer what you ask at this phase.

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#bilal on Oct 19, 2014 :
hey i got a job in singapore of 1700 sgd so how much is the monthly food if i make food in home and how much can i save.. plz.. reply me thank you...
#Martin on Oct 09, 2014 :
Hi Everyone.

im in Singapore for 6mo already with a kid 6 years old.

if anyone plans to move here for 1 year with family and kid around this age its a real point to think.

the main issue is medical insurance if u don't have here doctors friends.
#xr on Oct 04, 2014 :
Hi Raj. It very unlikely you would be able to save $2500/month. After the heavy tax of 15%(I assume you are under employment pass), you salary would be left with only $2975. Transport alone would most likely cost you around $50 at least (that is only if you only take bus/train), which would be left with $2915. 3 meals * 30 days = 90 meals, which cost around $5 (cheap hawker food + 1 drink, around that price) $5 * 90 = $450, $2915 - $450 = $2465. However, you can only earn this amount, provided you do not have to pay anything else such as utilities, rent, and some other things like shampoo toothbrush toothpaste detergent etc.
#SGfemale on Oct 04, 2014 :
Hi, just sharing. I am a Singaporean female, 23, earning bit less than 2K per month (after our CPF deduction and etc) and it's just enough for the month's expenses, A BIT of shopping, and A BIT of hoohaa hoohaa. I already have the roof above my head, thanks to my parents, so I'm basically just paying up for my own expenses and necessities. No cars. I go by public transport everyday. Been years living this way and I'm happy :) Just gotta learn to minimize unnecessary expenditure.

SO if you're foreign to Singapore and have to find a place to stay, I suggest to put aside at least another 2K for your accommodation and another 1K for your own luxury and comfort. That makes up to 5K per month. That's IF you don't plan for a car/bike! If you do, well that's another issue for you to think off.

Just a TIP: Avoid taking the taxis. It'll ready eat up your money if you are a taxi kinda person.
#Imran on Sep 12, 2014 :

Can some one please help me with below expenses in Changi Singapore :-
1. 1 bhk rent per month ?
2. Montly indian meal charges if any mess service available ?

I have been offered 4 K SGD is that enough and can i save out of it ?

Thanks in Advance
#Anonymous on Sep 09, 2014 :
"Coffee Si" i.e. with mil and sugar (size => Big) costs 1 SGD at local corners.
#Raj on Sep 06, 2014 :
Dear all,

Recently one company offered a job for 3500 sgd they are providing family accommodation. Is it possible I can save 2.5k

#Kkalpesh on Sep 02, 2014 :
Regarding Salary:
IF you are a Bachelor 2500-3000$ is sufficient. U can save 1000-1500$ Every month depending upon individual.
If you are Married 4500$-5000$ is must. One can still save 1000$

Don't worry guys ! An Indian can survive anywhere ;-)
#Anky on Aug 17, 2014 :
I am a married indian. I have one little kid of 1 yr old.

I am planning to shift to sigapore. I had given interview for a job in Exxonmobil.
Can anyone suggest how much salary, if they offer me, would be sufficient to live in singapore. I am also planning for saving of Avg 2k to 3k S$ per month.

Will it be possible?

Pls guide.
#Akash on Aug 13, 2014 :
4000 sgd is sufficient only if you alone are coming with an intention to save something for India.
If you bring your wife and 2 kids with income of 4000. then 2200 goes to Rent, 800+800 goes to school of kids. forget of saving, forget about any shopping, you will not be able to buy milk and bread for your family.
I came in Singapore 8 months back. And realize it is difficult to survive with family.
#vadez on Aug 09, 2014 :
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#VINAY KUMAR on Aug 07, 2014 :
Hi All,

I am a software engg and going Singapore for project assignment for at least 1 year. i have been offered 4000 Singapore dollar.

I am married but initially not in plan to take my wife .(Yes will be in future after 5,6 month)

can anyone suggest please if i can survive there alone and with wife and 2 Kids after 6 months ?

Please Help. :-(
#jatin on Aug 04, 2014 :
My query is rite now iam working in UAE dubai in sales field in company who in trade in building material &sanitary ware product
But my salary is not quiet iam thinking for a job in singapore ,so wht salary would i get to surive and mainly save money ,my qualification is 10th not completed ? Can i get a job ?and what offer should i accept frm the employer? with what all other benefits should i get or take? Please advice me
Iam married and had one child ?but rite now i will go alone for job and than if possible i will take my wife and chid over there
So please help me out to sort out the question i will be very gratefull and thanks to u
God bless all .praise the lord
#Mike Alfred on Jul 21, 2014 :
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#Vikas on Jul 19, 2014 :
Hi All,

I am a software engg and going singapore for project assignment for at least 1 year. i have been offered 4000 singapore dollar.

I am married but initally not in plan to take my wife .(Yes will be in future after 5,6 month)

can anyone suggest pleaase if i can survive there alone and with wife ater 6 months ?

Thanks for your help

#shine on Jul 13, 2014 :
Hi im anilshine frm india, , so please im poor but I have cost of my skilled, , cooking so give me any opportunity frm all above pls give any job offer pls
#Singaporean on Jul 08, 2014 :
Plenty of Indian and Bangladesh nations here trying to moving out of their country. Can you please tell us why?
I want to warn you guys, the cost of living in Singapore is very high although you can get the salary higher than your country. Earn more spend more and at the end of the day, you will be back to square one. Please do not emigrate to other countries including Australia. You are the top migrants in Australia now. I guess you are the top emigrant in the world other than China.
#Donald Kuok on Jul 08, 2014 :
The disposable income is incorrect after tax. It can be so little. It should be at least 4-5K. May be those participants were low income earners.
#lohar rajesh on May 02, 2014 :
i want to do mba in singapore.....plz tell me cost of living in singapore and cost of mba in singapore full time and part time.
#ParkerSmith on Apr 16, 2014 :
Loved to read your blog. I would like to suggest you that traffic show most people read blogs on Mondays. So it should encourage blogger to write new write ups over the weekend primarily
#laoballa on Apr 10, 2014 :
I make 9K USD a month. Should I buy a house or just rent instead? Moving there in August and have enough for a down payment for a house in Canada.
#Anonymous on Apr 03, 2014 :
I got a job in Singapore with a salary of 2500 Singapore dollar per moth without accommodation and food. Please tell me situation is ok or not at the same time tell me how much amount I am able to save in this situation.
#sandeep on Apr 03, 2014 :
i got a offer of 4800 per month in singapore. is it good package to live with my wife and 2 yrs kid.
#Gaurav on Mar 07, 2014 :
Latest cost of living in Singapore for Expats 2014
#vishal on Mar 07, 2014 :
Hi All,

I am getting an offer of 5000 Singapore Dollors, will it be a good option to accept this opportunity for 1 year contract job
#Indian on Feb 15, 2014 :
@Partick. Thanks for the advise on the deodorant usage. If Singaporeans will learn to brush their teeth or use mouthwash after fishy meals the Indians will also learn how to use deodorants. Your comment was neither asked for nor is appreciated.
#Patrick on Feb 15, 2014 :
I like to offer a suggestion to all the people from India who wants to move to Singapore for work. Please invest in deodorant!! Our public transportation is getting very smelly and we don't need more of you that do not use deodorant. It is just regular hygiene and will save us a lot of discomfort from having to share public transportation with you. Your body odor may be normal and accepted in India, it is definitely not in Singapore. So thank you for taking my advice seriously if you want to be welcome and treated with courtesy in Singapore.
#Sean on Feb 14, 2014 :
Am doing a Pharmacy degree in Europe and thinking of moving here to work as a Pharmacist.

What are the wages like here and how much would I expect to be earning. Would it be worth moving here?
#Aneel on Feb 08, 2014 :
I have 20 years experience in Accounts & Administration.
I want to come singapore for job purpose.
How much minimum amount needed for routine expenses.
How I can get visa.
Is any one, who can suggest me better option or way.
#Peter on Feb 02, 2014 :
Dudes, everybody keeps asking the same questions. PLEASE READ THE POSTS, if you can't read then you shouldn't move to Singapore.

You need at least 6000 - 7000 sgd monthly to live comfortably in Singapore. 10k to be on the safe side - especially if you have family! Anything lower and you'll have problems or will have to downsize on everything. I spent 2yrs in Singapore and wouldn't work there without at least 8k per month. Good luck!
#Jitendra on Jan 29, 2014 :
I have been offered a salary of SGD 1500-1800 per month inclusive acomodation and fooding. I am married but I want to go in Singapore alone so Could anyone please advise me if its sufficient to cover all the costs to stay decently and can I save some money in Singapore. Please please advice me.
#Anonymous on Jan 29, 2014 :
For a lavish lifestyle if i am earning ~ 8K SGD it manageable ... Lavish means once in a week visiting lounge ... maintaining a car ... living in a condo ~ 2000 SGD
#satish on Jan 21, 2014 :
This is for Indian Family Folks (with kids)intending to migrate to Singapore, here's a quick breakdown of the costs involved (currency is S$):
Rental = from 600 to 800 per single room if sharing to 2200 upwards for a full HDB home to 3000 for a 2-3 bedroom private apartment (Condo).
Utilities for a full HDB home or private apartment is 150 to 250 (depending on the Aircon usage).
Telecommunication + Cable TV + Home Broadband = 150 to 250 for 2 mobile phones with data plan, packaged cable TV and High speed broadband.
Food = cooked food at home + twice mid-sized restaurant food = 200 to 300 per week
Schooling = quite expensive. Indian International schools (DPS,NPS,GIIS etc) is easily about 800 per month per kid depending on the class grade. See their websites for details. If you intend to use local schools (whose quality is better than Indian Intl schools), it is slightly cheaper since the government has recently increased the school fees for all international students.
Transportation = approximately S$ 100 for a family of 4 using bus/trains.
#Akash on Jan 21, 2014 :
Hi All,
I came to Singapore a couple of months back, I used this webpage to estimate my cost of living here. And It was very useful as it was very near to correct figures but I personally find this rates little expensive than they are actually here.
For E.g Meal in Inexpensive restaurant which is expressed a 10$. In actual it is :
1) Cheap hawker centre : 2.5 to 4$
2) Decent Food courts : 5 to 6.5$
3) Inexpensive Restaurant : 7 to 10$
4) Nice Ambience restaurant : 10$ to 14$

So one can manage their expenses as and when required.

One more thing, I want to express, RENT is super expensive here:
Here housing is generally two types :
1) HDB (Government unit) :
a. 1 utility room (very very small) : 450 to 550 $
a. one single room : 650 - 900 $
b. one whole unit (2 bedrooms) : 2100 - 2600 $
c. one whole unit (3 bedrooms) : 2500 $
2) Condos (luxury , lavish units)
a. one single room : 2000 $
b. one whole unit (2 bedrooms) : 4000 - 4500 $
c. one whole unit (3 bedrooms) : 5000 - 6500 $

I must tell that RENTING is the main OCCUPATION of Singapore, like in India (Agriculture) :)
#Sheshant on Dec 07, 2013 :
I am sheshant. I am coming to singapore in mid jan. I am married but in Iinitial phase I am coming alone. I have an offer of 4k sgd per month. wil I be abel to survive in singapore in 4k sgd. and also I am planning to bring my wife and kid in month of september. please let me know the house rent, food expences and travel expenses, will I be abel to survive in 4k sgd per month?
#Expat on Nov 05, 2013 :
if your single with a degree, minimum is $2,200
If you have a wife minimum $4000
If you have a wife plus 2 kids at least of $6,000

if you earn more than those minimum you should survive,

if you spend money as you poop, your Doomed!
#mahroo on Nov 03, 2013 :
I've been planning to move abroad persue my education getting my master in art ,especially photography ,Singapore is one of my choice i can't work there since i can get student visa ,i have to pay on education beside living costs ,can i survive there by pocket money of 1500$ a month ?
#Kashifali on Oct 28, 2013 :
I am software developer getting an offer of S$ 5000 per month, But i need to arrange food and shelter, etc. I have with me, spouse and infant(less than year)
Can anybody help me what is BASIC cost of living in Singapore.

I am neither smoker, nor alcoholic, I go not in Clubs/Pubs/Nightclubs.

1. Room rent (1 room,1 bathroom,1 kitchen) :- ____ S$
2. Room utilities :- ____ S$
3. Food for family(all 3 meals + 2 times dine-out per month) :- ___ S$
4. Monthly Travel :- ___ S$
5. Gym :- _____ S$
6. day-to-day miscellaneous purchasing :- ___ S$
7. Income tax :- _____ S$
8. Total Expense :- ____ S$

Please share experience and let me know whether i can lead good life with great SAVINGS or not.

#CJ Ho on Oct 26, 2013 :
Wow, I sure see a lot of questions regarding the cost of living in Singapore. Well, if you are good with money management and earn >$3k per month, it definitely is more than enough for you.

I even see questions like if $6k is enough. $6K is much more than enough. Any average Singaporean would wish to see that salary on their paycheck.

My mum and I has an average monthly household income of about $1.6k per capita (just the two of us living)and we are pulling through with spare cash to afford some expensive stuff now and then.

Of course, we don't go for branded goods and that is important on helping us keep our money in check.
#phil on Oct 15, 2013 :
I make 6k usd/mo and my wife will be working as a nurse in singapore... we dont have kids yet. Are we going to have a comfortable life with my pay alone?
##newbii on Oct 07, 2013 :
hey, what shall be cost of living, for 3 months in SIngapore. I have to be there for June-July 2014 at NTU for summer internship on self finance basis
#padmanabhan r on Oct 07, 2013 :
my name is padmmanabhan i would like to now the cost of living .. may salary will be 30k per month with accomodation no food .. is feasible to work in singapore pls any body let me now any one
#manish on Oct 01, 2013 :
How much money is required to spend a good life in Singapore with very good savings?
#Pragya on Oct 01, 2013 :
I found this calculator useful.
#shubham on Sep 20, 2013 :
i want to start my small type business like taxi driving or vegetable shop or grain shop or tea and cold drink shop
wt is the good for me
pls reply

#jeyanthi on Sep 16, 2013 :
Hi, My husband is working in muscat we all are in muscat. Country is very good but we need a more salary. He is a System Administer 17 years experience. how we get the job there. My daughter is in K.G.I. Schools how we get admission. pls tell advice for me.

#Mishka on Sep 12, 2013 :
I want to move to Singapore for higher salary and better lifestyle as I belong to India. I have some queries.

What is considered as a good starting salary in Singapore ?

Is event management a good career option in singapore ?

After how many years can I get the citizenship of Singapore ?

Is it possible to have a side business with a job there ?
#Anonymous on Sep 09, 2013 :
Hi i want to know in 1200 singapore doller sallery of one month i can survive easly and can i save 800 $
#anit on Sep 05, 2013 :
I have an offer to work in hotel for 1700 singapore dollar par month. Should i join there plz suggest. fooding lodging is given by company
#Gopal Raj on Sep 05, 2013 :
Hello, I have job Singapore offer $10,000 for me being hotel manager fancy hotel in the Orchard road. Is I come or not for good life with family ?
#Anonymous on Sep 04, 2013 :
Singapore don't need the extra rapist from india to come here to work their magic, we hereby declare that foreign garbage are no longer welcome here.

All true blood singaporeans.
#Kalpana on Sep 01, 2013 :
Hi, My husband is working in leading automobile company for the past 7.5 years and he is Manager now. Can anyone help us in getting job in abroad? Pls I will be very grateful if I get help from u. He is Production Manager in Engine Assembly department. Pls mail to
#Nabeel on Aug 31, 2013 :
i want to come in singapore for working.
any one tell me whats the procedure for getting working visa
#Rupa on Aug 30, 2013 :
Hi my husband is working in singapore from past 20 days n he earn 3500SGD...i wantd to shift thr in 3 or 4 months is it managable fr him to make a seperate shelter fr both of us...even i am a graduate n i have a idea of earning over thr...pls suggest me whethr its managable fr both of us lead life in singapore...and wat is cheast rent house we may get in singapore?...
#arsh deep singh on Aug 29, 2013 :
i am come to singapore in study visa so plz tell me what's price of apartments and how much eat to veg food becoz i am veg , veg is low prices and easy to buy it .
#rohit on Aug 17, 2013 :
hi i must say i wanna go in singapore as a student so if i work there 1 hour how many dollars i can get it
#Christopher on Aug 14, 2013 :
Cost of living in Singapore is extremely high. Housing and cars here are probably the most expensive items as compared to countries all over the world. Average single Singaporean probably have to earn at least $4000 to live comfortably. And most Singaporean would probably need a main job and some sideline in order to earn enough. Can email me at for further enquiries.
#Dharmendra Kumar on Aug 11, 2013 :
Hi All,

I am looking for job in Singapore and done B.Tech/CCNP. I am working as Network Engineer having 5yrs in IT Industry. I dnt know about cost of living there. One for consultancy is providing Job offer in Singapre with SGD4000/month salary whether its reasonable or not for staying there. I also eager to know which Employment pass is suitable for B.Tech professional(with 5 yrs Exp). I am preparing for CCIE Security and want to join there Classes for that along with Job. Whats there institute fee for CCIE Security Written & LAB. What should be atleast salary for Network Professional with 5 yrs Exp. Could anyone let me know these all issue so I can think about my budget to plan to move Singapore? In how much SGD, I can survive monthly and save in my account?
#Siva Rose on Aug 07, 2013 :
Can any one tell me what are the opportunity are there for a good electrical commissioning/technical engineers to get job in singapore.I am presently working in saudi with good salary...but after marriage i cannot stay here for long time because of family-bondage..can any one help me as a good kind humanities..
#Naveen Ranka on Jul 30, 2013 :
I am Naveen I have an offer for a job in Singapore for Accounts they are offering me 2500 singapore dollar. I am single. I am belonging from India. Please suggest is this the right offer for me. I can manage food & rent in this salary.
Please reply
#PG on Jul 18, 2013 :
Singapore maybe a place to work in finance or building trade , not elsewhere . As a career path , Singapore is a deadend . The country is good for rich foreigners doing tax evasion etc but to live and work day to day its no good , the government only being interested in GDP at all costs
#manish on Jul 16, 2013 :

I hv been offered a salary of SGD 12000pm all inclusive. I hv to shift with my family having 2 kids of 8 and 10. Could anyone pls adv if its sufficient to cover all the costs to stay decently. I hv to take medical and other insurance policies prior coming. So the premium adds up to the living cost.

#PG on Jul 13, 2013 :
Singapore is , overrated , overpopulated , noisy , polluted , a good place for tax evasion .
The Singapore of old is fast disappearing , along with its culture and population , and is becoming just another Asian city .
#Jeane on Jul 11, 2013 :
If you are coming to live in Singapore, you must at least have a monthly salary of sgd 4000 if you are single. If you have a family sgd7-8000 at least.
#Amit on Jul 11, 2013 :
For a small family: [Husband+Wife+Kid (less then 1 yr)]

Flat (2 BHK-HDB) = 2200
PUB = 150-250
Food = 600-700 (home cook food mainly + couple of times out as well)
Travel = 200
Other = 300 [movie+weekend outing]
Total: 2200+250+700+200+300 = S$3650 per month [Not included medical expenses]

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