Cost of Living in Moscow, Russia

Prices in Moscow

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Consumer Price Index (Excl.Rent): 70.59
Rent Index: 56.74
Groceries Index: 53.24
Restaurants Index: 86.66
Consumer Price Plus Rent Index: 63.88
Local Purchasing Power: 45.42

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Restaurants [Edit] Avg.
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 500.00 руб
Meal for 2, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 2,300.00 руб
Combo Meal at McDonalds or Similar 250.00 руб
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught) 70.00 руб
Imported Beer (0.33 liter bottle) 120.00 руб
Cappuccino (regular) 153.73 руб
Coke/Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle) 43.37 руб
Water (0.33 liter bottle) 35.70 руб
Markets [Edit] Avg.
Milk (regular), (1 liter) 45.65 руб
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g) 26.54 руб
Rice (white), (1kg) 48.13 руб
Eggs (12) 60.23 руб
Local Cheese (1kg) 301.55 руб
Chicken Breasts (Boneless, Skinless), (1kg) 212.72 руб
Apples (1kg) 65.29 руб
Oranges (1kg) 67.07 руб
Tomato (1kg) 96.08 руб
Potato (1kg) 32.57 руб
Lettuce (1 head) 51.18 руб
Water (1.5 liter bottle) 36.39 руб
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range) 350.00 руб
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle) 44.23 руб
Imported Beer (0.33 liter bottle) 93.64 руб
Pack of Cigarettes (Marlboro) 60.00 руб
Transportation [Edit] Avg.
One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 30.00 руб
Monthly Pass (Regular Price) 1,300.00 руб
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) 350.00 руб
Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff) 20.00 руб
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 600.00 руб
Gasoline (1 liter) 31.85 руб
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (Or Equivalent New Car) 700,005.00 руб
Utilities (Monthly) [Edit] Avg.
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Water, Garbage) for 85m2 Apartment 5,532.42 руб
1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans) 2.57 руб
Internet (6 Mbps, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) 383.44 руб
Sports And Leisure [Edit] Avg.
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult 3,085.08 руб
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend) 1,158.33 руб
Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat 350.00 руб
Clothing And Shoes [Edit] Avg.
1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar) 3,814.00 руб
1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, H&M, ...) 2,345.32 руб
1 Pair of Nike Shoes 3,580.21 руб
1 Pair of Men Leather Shoes 4,777.37 руб
Rent Per Month [Edit] Avg.
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre 54,373.13 руб
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre 32,040.54 руб
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre 107,354.17 руб
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre 61,875.00 руб
Buy Apartment Price [Edit] Avg.
Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment in City Centre 238,154.61 руб
Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment Outside of Centre 143,535.16 руб
Salaries And Financing [Edit] Avg.
Average Monthly Disposable Salary (After Tax) 45,466.98 руб
Mortgage Interest Rate in Percentages (%), Yearly 13.50

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Last update: April, 2014

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100 Comments so far

##S on Apr 18, 2014 :
Hi #Borja RUB45K for 1 person is ok as a minimum. Please note that you can not save a dime with such an income
##S on Apr 18, 2014 :
Well, all clothes (lets say from Zara to Zegna price range) in Moscow are 30-50% expensive than in Europe; sports club yearly pass starts from USD800; ticket to cinema - USD10-15
#S on Apr 18, 2014 :
To #BAKA RUB65K = USD1800 (36rub for 1USD)
Monthly expenses for 2 adults& 3 y.o.child will be:
- Food RUB30K as a minimum (without buying good wine etc.)if you buy food once a week in a hypermarket (its cheaper than in food store)
- good quality fruits&vegetables are very expensive
- clothes (zara, h&m) are 30% expensive than in Europe
Bottom line USD1800 is NOT enough to live in Moscow, ask for RUD100K
#Nawid on Apr 17, 2014 :
I have a question, how much will be the cost of living in Moscow without house rent transportation and food per month? i asked just meddle of living cost for clothing,Sport, extra expenses,
#BAKA on Apr 09, 2014 :
Am being offered a position in Moscow for about 1.5 years..
Schooling, medical and acco will be taken care by the company.. and we will get about 65000 RUB in hand after taxes..
Considering I will be moving with family ( wife and 3 yr kid), how much would be the approx monthly expense in your views .. as the expensive items are paid for, basically we need to pay for food / local travelling and other daily misc expenses..
Seek advise..
#Borja on Apr 07, 2014 :
Hi guys, is it enough

48000 rubles plus accomodation to live decently 1 person in Moscow?

Thanks a lot.
#Anonymous on Apr 07, 2014 :
guys - we need to put things into perspective here.
For starters I still don't understand why we talk about Italy here..
Since we're at it, this wealth report is skewed
The wealth of Italians is not liquid: the reason why Italy ranks so high is because the majority of Italians own a house and most people own a summer house as well.
Thanks to the Euro, the prices went up and now most homes are worth 3-4 times their original price.
However, in terms of income (salaries), Italy is not on the same level of Germany, England or even France.
#borja on Apr 07, 2014 :
Hi guys, is it enough

48000 rubles plus accomodation to live decently 1 person in Moscow?

Thanks a lot.
#Dmitry on Mar 30, 2014 :
So now 30 march 2014 шт Ьщысщц
the cos of Gasoline (1 liter) not 31.77 руб but approx 33.50 руб
#Anonymous on Mar 23, 2014 :
I wonder how apartment prices per sq. meter have changed in the Moscow center over the past 4-6 months (I mean apartment price per sq. meter in dollars)? Does anyone have any proven information...can anyone help?

#beny on Mar 15, 2014 :
reason of my message is in that don't need trust all this ratings: Greece is a developed country and Turkey is developing country but Turks but much richer than the Greeks. 35-50% russians live not worse italians. Unfortunately in Russia has very poor regions such as Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia and other. There are home for 20% populations. Chechen GDP per capita less $2000.
#beny on Mar 14, 2014 :
Sorry italia in not first world! Southern Italy in general is dirty hole like typical African country. we are talking about moscow and not about all russia. but i think "middle" muscovite is richer "middle" italian. "Monthly Disposable Salary" is greater then 75k rub( ~$2200). Now dollar is growing but 45k rub ( ~$1200) is salary for which asians and other uzbeks does not want to work.
#Tatyana on Mar 14, 2014 :
I don't think so seems all sinking...
#Anonymous on Mar 14, 2014 :
Salary info is not accurate at all. Official salary is 54000 RUR. After tax - 47000 RUR. BUT: still there are too many people get "gray" salary so the real "Monthly Disposable Salary" is much higher. Around 80000-100000 RUR I guess. One can see it clearly when compare prices and see shopping malls/restaurants are full of the people...
#Moderator on Mar 06, 2014 :
Deleted repeated comments under different name originated from IP address 151.40.102.* (details excluded to protect privacy). The reasons for the deletion: irrelevancy to the topic, repeating statements, starting flame war, etc. All further comments from that IP address will be deleted.
#Irina on Mar 05, 2014 :
Anonymuos is the's clear.He wants the last word even if he knows less than you Dasha.This shows how this site is trustble.He deleted me several times.
#Anonymous on Feb 27, 2014 :

The Italy you're referring to does not exist anymore, i'm afraid. or it is slowly disappearing.

The current crisis is destroying the economy and its famous middle class..

Italy remains rich but unless things improve it will soon be overtaken by other countries.
#Dasha on Feb 25, 2014 :
What i wrote means that an italian is 23 times richer than a russian as net wealth per capita.It's lost lost time comparing.23 times is an abyss. Italian economy started to grow again and € (its currency ) is strong......IT has the 3rd world largest golden reserve after Usa and Germany (EU has the largest one)what are we talking about?
I'd change focusing on Russia,it's lost time comparing Italy or similar countries to Russia.
#Dasha on Feb 25, 2014 :
Italy is a G7 is the 5th wealthiest and developed country in the world as national wealth (more than UK) and can buy 11 times Russia.I study at Moscow university economy and Italy or France or Germany (that have same size of national wealth) can't be compared to Russia that can be compared to poor countries.The italian is 9th as net wealth in the world,he is richer than a british,than a german ,than a canadian and so on.Only a person from Switzerland,Luxemburg,Norway,Australia,Singapore,Belgium,France and Usa (just for a little) can beat an iytalian.Just below him the swedish.
#Anonymous on Feb 24, 2014 :
guys - you are crazy
For starters, why the hell is everyone comparing Russia to bloody Italy?
The comparison doesn't make sense - despite the current crisis which is slowly destroying the economy, the average Italian (in terms of wealth) could buy an average Russian 3-4 times over.
What are we talking about?
Italy is a country with 57m people that has been a member of G7 for 50 years..
#Tatyana on Feb 21, 2014 :
Russia is poor.It's impossible to compare Russia to EU countries like France or Italy.
#Igor on Feb 21, 2014 :
May some people live in another world.Russia can be compared to Ukraine.EU is another world.Travelling is the best thing to realize.
#Erik on Feb 18, 2014 :
I do not think you need to compare Russia with European shit-countries like Italia, Portugal and other. Russia should be compared with Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc. About Russian illegally working in Italy...i think they are not russian but ukrainians, belarussians and other latvians.
#Igor on Jan 31, 2014 :
Max you are ven too optimistic.The reality is that between west and Russia there's an abyss at every level.
#Max on Jan 29, 2014 :
I am living in Zurich, Switzerland. Living costs about the same. Services much better. Average salary 6 times higher. So, draw your own conclusion about living in Moscow.
#Igor on Jan 10, 2014 :
I travelled all world and Russia can't be compared to the US and Italian levels of life.Lost time,just for dreamers and nationalists.
#mike on Jan 10, 2014 :
And before we start judging too harshly on random websites regarding Russians' affinity for status and labels, bear in mind it is somewhat inherited in a macro sense. Though communism was 25+ years ago, these are it's people. Born into a somewhat unextraordinary, banal idealogy, possibilities and wealth were thrown so quickly at it when communism fell that they were somewhat like starving animals grasping at everything without actually sitting down to ponder their own identity first. I in no way mean my analogy to be derogatory. Its a phenomenon evryone sees on somewhat smaller scales, put simply it is new money and old money. It's the reason black when first presented with wealth spend it on rims and other status symbols for others to see. All people value money simply because it is hard to attain, and if not accustomed to it, our first inclination is to spend it flashy and fast. Until we realize our identity and values. Now imagine going through these newfound paradigms almost as a collective and that is the root cause of the ridiculously overbleached and holey jeans they were rocking in 2004, and their VIP socks. But I haven't been there in ten years, have they by any chance learned to actually drive within their lanes over there? And are casinos still legal?
#mike on Jan 10, 2014 :
These prices generally reflect half the cost of living in America. I find it hard to believe standard across the board cost of living in Moscow half that of US.
#fUnSiZe! on Jan 06, 2014 :
Are you serous.... This shit is insane!!! I live in america. Going to travel to Russia. And i have to say..... PRICES ARE OUTRAGEOUS WTF... but there is hot guys there so. Its worth it.
#Igor on Dec 20, 2013 :
Comparing Italy to Russia is lost time.Italian wealth and average living standard can't be compared to the russian ones at every level.
#Sam on Dec 17, 2013 :
@Ironman, I have 2 cousins, working similar jobs, one is in Moscow, the other in Bolzano, and the one in Moscow makes 3 times more money than in Bolzano Italy. And one more thing, Bolzano is too expencive too.
#Ironman on Nov 18, 2013 :
I can't believe some of you compare living standards in Russia to living standards in Italy..
You must be out of your mind..
Italy, in terms of net wealth, is unreachably better off than Russia even now..
If things don't change Russia will overtake Italy in 50 years or so..
#Alex on Nov 15, 2013 :
All prices are correct
#brandon on Nov 02, 2013 :
I've lived in Moscow for 7 years, these prices are wrong, they are too low
#Irene2 on Oct 22, 2013 :
Sharon, yes. I live in Moscow, I agree with the prices.
#Irene on Oct 15, 2013 :
Anyway, guys, don't come to live in Russia. It's not a good place to be, by all means, trust me.
#Irene on Oct 15, 2013 :
U guys gotta understand the psychology of russian ppl... Russians love money, as much as they like wasting them. And definetely, they adore posh&expensive shits. Even if it's not that posh. In Russia u can find a lot of truely ridiculous announcements and ads, such as "VIP taxi", "VIP bar", "VIP socks", for crying out loud. In 99,9% cases all this so-called "VIP" stuff is a regular low-quality crap. Ppl just love feeling as if they were rich and important, especially if they r usual poor-ass motherfuckers.
#Irene on Oct 15, 2013 :
What a bollocks. Moscow is a rly overpriced place, prices there r a lot higher than that. For a sandwich and coffee in some shitty bar in the town centre, u'll pay at least 20 euros.
Also, if u r not a poor ass, and can afford to live in a nice area, it's perfectly safe.
#Ruslan on Sep 30, 2013 :
Sharon, yes, the prices are correct. I'm Russian, but live outside of Moscow (I really don't like huge cities). There are some restaurants which charge WAY MORE than specified here, but you always can find the normal prices. Apartments prices are just OK, I'd rather add $150 or 100 EURO or 5000 RUR, but you can find apartments for the listed price.
You see, the main argument was about the wealth of average man. People even compare "average russian man" to "average italian man". That's a shame :) A good skilled professional will earn more than average in any country. If you're able to find a job with 1500 EURO/2000$ per month, that should be OK. Consider also visiting Saint-Petersburg. It's a very beautiful city, people are more calm and hospitable, there's only one disadvantage - weather.

If you want to purchase a house (wow! you're a millionaire?) or apartment in Moscow (or in Russia, in general), please consider the mortgage rates. They are higher than most of the Europe and North America.
#Sharon on Sep 13, 2013 :

#Mladen Adamovic on Sep 06, 2013 :
Now I feel offended after all those Anonymous comments from IP addresses in Italy which I cannot reveal due to our Privacy Policy. All further entries and comments which we found associated by that person will get deleted.
#Moderator on Sep 06, 2013 :
Both sides posts were deleted, which I found personal and which doesn't help other visitors at the website.
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
We agree for peace.
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
Peace,o..But truth of numbers about the huge difference in net wealth between italian and russian mustn't be hidden .On wealth is beased the everey day life.
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
What Italy is doing in this topic??? I not start this stupid compare, but Italians (obvious is offended by Russian girls).
Italy have better level than Russia nobody talks against of that. But not too much as aggressive promoted in this topic. And I'm showed some facts to compare.
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
As we and my russian friend from St Pt say "The worst truth is better than best lie".
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
Read Global Wealth Report Credit Suisse and Allianz AG report.They report in the correct way all data of Banca d'Italia and of other main central banks.By these reports you realize that what i wrote is true.1 italian=18.5 russians as net wealth (Credit Suisse and Banca D'Italia).1 italian=28 russians as net wealth (Allianz AG and Banca D'Italia).Banca d'Italai publishes all data every year in may.Allianz in this period and Credit Suisse in late september.OECD based in Paris mistook ,in fact many businessmen called it to say about their mistakes on net wealth not only about Russia but also many many countries.
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
You are wrong data. Net wealth in Italy 3.8 times better than Russia, not 18.5. Net wealth in Norway lesser than Italy even Russia. But gold diggers-girl go there also.
In Russia more woman than man and it is big reason for start move. Russian man almost no immigration for work in EU.
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
Tatyana works in Saint Petersburg ,so lower wages than in Moscow.She works in Vosstanya Ulitsa.
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
you are right.They want just money.In Italy is 30 times easier to find a very rich man than in Russia.Even Eugenia from Moscow with 5000/€ wanted to sell all in Russia to live with me in Rimini.That's why net wealth is more important than nominal GDP or income.They change with inflaction and exchange rates too.To build wealth it takes many decades or centuries.All that i wrote about net wealth is the truth and is reported by Banca d'Italia and main financial institutions.When i write 1 italian is 18.5 times richer than a russian is the reality or 28 times ar net we financial wealth.The value of a man anyway isn't in money or weapons,but in culture and real values inside.
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
1350€ above average than Moscow (800€-900€) but not too much . Off course she wants more )) Learn Italian, go to thousands km away from home. FOR THAT!!!??? ))
Italians should be no imagination about Russian girls in Italy. All (or at least most of them) wants only money. Different stay happily in Russia.
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
About russians i can say they aren't rich or have a high level of life.They're proud but not evil.I love Russia and i've about 10000 friends in BKontakte.Who is friend is really friend and kind and generous and honest.
I tell you this about women because it happened to me (like to many other italians that then married or not) that a russian woman tried to have me essentially for money.Tatyana A. P..She gains 1350€ /month as vice director in an insurance.In Russia she is widely above the average.She tried in all the ways to get me because she knew that to gain what i have she would need to live sevral lives.Same for Eugenia that is lawyer in a mine company and gains around 5000€/month.They had clear ideas like many others.
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
Rich people are Italy are 1.2 millions millionaires and in Russia 97000.In Italy like in Russia billionaires are like white flies.Girls target is generally (99.999999999%) the millionaire.The rather Italy only because it's easier to find a millionnaire or a wealthy man.Women are the best sign to realize where wealth is hidden.
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
Of course pretty Russian girls looking for wealthy Italian man. Average (for Italian values) enough and in Russia. But around wealthy Russian man very big competition.
Italian average man who think can buy very pretty Russian girl is 100% looser. Russians girls uses this type of Italians only for the their tricks.
Russia is not such a poor country as many thinks.
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
Many peoples go to Italy illegal from different country (not only Russia). So proportion remains the same. Russian immigrants almost nothing or few compare to the others immigrants.
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
Immigrants include seasonally workers. Please no fake talks
This girls who you know is from 35-40k.
Just a girls especially young & pretty attract more attention than hard workers mens from Macedonia for example.
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
These 207000 russians are people that get visa for tourism ,but in reality act in black or try to find small seasonal jobs.Rimini,Milan,Bologna and other places above all in the middle-north are full of these people.
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
Russian immigrants and Russian diaspora not the same. People in Russian diaspora can have Italy citizenship and live in Italy over tens or even hundreds years.

35-40K Russian immigrants is right data
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
207000 means that you've the probability to meet a russian seasonally worker in Italy every 300 people.Not a low probability.
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
207000 are the russians that work seasonally here.A lot odf women are nurses of old people too.Many worked or works in night clubs or married for money italian people.
Check oalso in Wikipedia "Russian diaspora" article.
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
The first to go out should be you for your behaviour.The data are reported by ISTAT.Here it's full of true russian escorts,prostitutes,barman and so on.A barman i friend of mine,Irina Sergeevna Belova.
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
35-40K (if it is true) for 60mln country and 4-5mln immigrants it is not few, it is almost nothing. And most of them students, rich people with villas in Italy or white collar workers.
Woman in Russia more than men. So some of them marry on foreigners. Many of them want wealth as many woman on the world at all the times.
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
Show the proof or go out
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
I've even shame to tell the "job" of many russian women in Italy.The largest part of russian immigration is female.
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
I neither consider anymore your offending tha well shows the low level of Russia.
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
Russians that live and work steadily in Italy all the year are 35000-40000.Many women of Russia married too in Italy.I'm guessing why???))))Wealth???))))
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
I mean true russian people that work in EU.They are around 200000 that work in Italy all the year or seasonally.
Russia is well compared with second world countries (check also Wikipedia article "Second world").
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
Before call to the Italian Police call to the Italian doctor ))
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
Very few Russians working in EU (especially in Italy) as manual labors. They even not mention in statistics about immigration to Italy ( In reality those who in EU named "Russian" is Russian speakers of ex-USSR countries (Ukrainian and Moldavian mostly). They are manual workers in Russia also along with peoples from Central Asia.
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
Telling that i "dream" you make me an indirect offending.It's the second your penal act for EU laws.I'm really bored.If site won't stop you i'll denounce you.
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
Please links of proof it without your "net wealth" dreams.
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
Russia is lower than many countries in Asia and South America considering net wealth.Russia is lower than Chile,Uruguay,Brazil and even than Colombia and Peru'(ALLIANZ and WB).Russia is at the same level of Argentina.In Asia many countries are beter than Russia.In Europe only Ukraine,Belarus and Moldova are worse as net wealth so as quality of life.Even Turkey is better.
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
In Asia only Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan, Israel better than Russia, city-states and arabic oil-country I'm not consider. Brazil, Uruguay, Chile have the approximately same level as Russia (GDP per capita and all of your indicators) but Brazil have more debts than Russia, higher wealth inequality and crime and their growth not fast as Russia already. Uruguay maybe in the same level. Chile developing faster (by the way Chile is best developing country in the world, after Chile is China and Russia).
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
Dear Moderator you seem russophile,so partialk in your acting.You left all the Anonymous posts that never cite Moscow and deleted mine.Even you deleted his offending ,Italian Postal Police can always find all.I suggest him to stop.
#Anonymous on Sep 05, 2013 :
Level of life depends of whom compare. Russia level better than most of Asia, all Latin America (except Chile) & Africa. Eastern Europe same level as Russia or poorer. And Russia change faster.
#Anonymous on Sep 04, 2013 :
According to Credit Suisse Wealth Report in Russia are only 97000 millioniares ,the 65% of then are in MOSCOW.This shows that the country even it has several billionaires (the greatest part in Moscow) lacks middle class .It confirms the low level of net wealth in Moscow and in Russia 9712$ per capita(221500$ in Italy).
#Moderator on Sep 04, 2013 :
Please no personal attacks - removed several.

The purpose of this comment section is to discuss cost of living in Moscow, not to discuss cost of living in Moscow vs cost of living in Dubai (for example). It's not relevant if one nation is riches or not, or will be richer in 20 years time or not. Irrelevant content or spam will be removed.

#Anonymous on Sep 03, 2013 :
Some mistakes

-GDP growth in last 6 years (World Bank '6-'12 -
Italy -3.1% / Russia +26.3 (Russia is ***2940% faster***)

-Public debt (% by GDP) (CIA '12 (
Italy 127% / Russia 7.7% (Russia is ***1640% better***)
#Anonymous on Sep 03, 2013 :
-=*Gini coefficent (before taxes) (OECD - =-
Italy 0.48 / Russia 0.48 (nobody wins)
*Gini coefficient is used as a measure of inequality of income or wealth

-GDP growth in last 6 years (World Bank '6-'12 -
Italy -3.1% / Russia +26.3 (Russia is 294% faster)

-Public debt (% by GDP) (CIA '12 (
Italy 127% / Russia 7.7% (Russia is 164% better)
Italy has good point to compare in this moment but in near future (10-15 years) Russia have good chance to overtake Italy by GDP per capita.
#Anonymous on Sep 03, 2013 :
Ok. Let's repeat and summary ))

-=Net wealth (OECD '13 -
Net wealth by household - Italy 55.3 / Russia 15.1 (Italy is 366% higher)
Net wealth by householders - Italy 132.7 / Russia 40.8 (Italy is 325% higher)
Global net wealth - Italy 3.2trln / Russia 0.8trln (Italy is 400% higher)

-=*Market capitalization listed (World Bank '12 -
Italy 480bln / Russia 875bln (Russia is 182% higher)

*In household no generation money. Money generation in companies. So this indicator is more important for economic than net wealth. Of course more accurate uses "total capital stock" stats, but I don't find it for Russia. But "market capitalization listed company" show same proportion.

-=GDP stats (CIA '12 -
GDP - Italy 2014bln / Russia 2053bln (Russia is 2% higher)
GDP per capita (nominal) - Italy 32.9 / Russia 14.2 (Italy is 231% higher) !!!MAIN INDICATOR FOR LIVING PEOPLES!!!
#Anonymous on Sep 03, 2013 :
All people in financials noted OECD mistakes in valuing net financial wealth ,in fact now they reported net wealth only for some countries.True datas are given by the central banks and they are reported as net wealth and net financial wealth by Credit Suisse Report Sept 2012 and Allianz Report 31/07/2012.The rest are opinions.About wealth or wages or incomes i'm sorry but there's an abyss btween Italy and Russia.When you talk of Italy you talk of the 7th mightiest state on Earth considering net wealth (after Usa,Japan,China,Germany,UK,France).Italy in fact is in the G7,Russia not.Everyone who reads OECD datas realizes that i'm right about Russia it's very low condition as the same OECD,central banks and other main institutes report.Italy and Russia are 2 different worlds.
#Anonymous on Sep 03, 2013 :
Not a word about wrong data. On the contrary in that page heavily used this data )) Only note: "measures of household wealth should include real assets (e.g. land and dwellings), but such information is currently available for only a small number of OECD countries".
If OECD don't have accurate net wealth stats - it nobody have. But OECD experts estimated. I trust him more than your fantasies. And net wealth is not main indicator.
In Russia also small part of companies listed in stock.
#Anonymous on Sep 03, 2013 :
Italian net wealth and level of life aren't neither comparable to the russian one.Go to read Banca d'Italia,Allianz AG and Credit Suisse report.OECD data presented by you are not corrected.They admitted their mistake.They just rport what i wrote below.About stocks markets in Italy only few companies are listed.May be you don know well italian economic structure.I even lost too much time to consider russian level that is second world.I visited Russia and it confirms all numbers i presented.
#Anonymous on Sep 03, 2013 :
OECD economic statistics is most correct among exist nowadays. If it stats is wrong they not showed it and don't use for calculate its "Better life index" rating.

Russia have 15.3k$ per household and 40.8k$ per housholder (53mln household and 143mln people). So compare to your top secret hide statistics Italy (with 137k$ per householder) is better but not too much.

About "high importance" net wealth indicator.
Norway have much less household net wealth than Italian (even Russian) and Germany also. But I'm not think that their living standard lesser than Italy. It is hilarious joke! ))
"Houshelders net wealth" showed up how much family saves and not more. And people saves much when not wait good days.

For estimate ability make money reasonable uses statistics about market capitalization listed company
Russia have 875bln / Italy have 480bln
It means all RUSSIAN corporation can BUY ALL ITALIAN corporation almost 2 TIMES NOW. Russia have problem with democracy but economics in the right side.
#Moderator on Sep 03, 2013 :
Please do not post the same or similar comment multiple times.
#Anonymous on Sep 03, 2013 :
Just to close Italy owns 1.25 millionnaires according to Credit Suisse in 60 millions people and the y are the strong famous middle class.Average netwealth is another level compared to Russia that lacks totally in millionaires (97000 only according to Credit Suisse)and middle class.Russia is definitely poor.Many russians (not ukranians or similiar ones)are in Italy to work.That' already a sign.
#Anonymous on Sep 03, 2013 :
OECD today just reports that the average household net fiancial wealth in Russia "is considerably lower than the OECD average" of 40516 $.Italy is widely higher than this level.OECD cancelled all datas about households because wrong.An everage italian per capita net financial wealth (as reported from ALLIANZ AG and BANK of ITALY) is 42875€ (so as household and expressed in $ is much higher).In 2012 1€=1.2858$ and and italian families were 24.55 millions.It means that every householder had 137000$ as net financial wealth.No comment on Russia situation.
#Anonymous on Sep 03, 2013 :
Southern Italy has a net wealth that Russia dreams.Lost time talking to propaganda writers.
#Anonymous on Sep 03, 2013 :
OECD statisics have been cancelled because wrong compared to the central banks.The true ones data are in Allianz for net wealth per capita and in Credit Suisse.The site just reports datas for some countries and not Russia.Naples is the poorest town in Italy.The average italian incomes are much higher.You try to compare what's impossible.Russia compared to Italy quality of life and wealth is second world.
#Anonymous on Sep 03, 2013 :
Go to open books of economy.Italy has net wealth much larger than Russia that's why can allow larger debt.You can't do it because you haven't sufficient wealth to guarantee it.An italian is 18.5 times richer than a russian as global net wealth and 28 times richer as net financial wealth.Even Usa have public debt/gdp at 110% but are much richer than Russia.Italy,Usa or many other countries like Spain or other lower ones are richer than Russia.Net wealth means wealth less debt.Please go to open economy books.
#Anonymous on Sep 02, 2013 :
*Russia has 16 times less debts than Italy (% by GDP)
#Anonymous on Sep 02, 2013 :
According to OECD statistics (2013)

Household net wealth - Italy 55.3 / Russia 15.1 (3.8 not 18.5 or 28)
Household net income - Italy 24.2 / Russia 15.3 (1.6)
Personal earnings - Italy 33.4 / Russia 19.7 (1.7)

Italy everywhere better but it absolutely not abyss. But abyss in debts (Russia has 12 times less than Italy) and temp of growth economy (Russia growth 28 times faster than Italy).
Not 20 years, after 10-15 Russia might overtake Italy in general. And today people in Russian cities like Moscow, St.Peterburg or Tumen living not worse than Napoli or other cities in South Italy.
#Anonymous on Aug 29, 2013 :
Compare also Italian public debt and Russia (127% and 8%) and Italian GDP growth and Russian in last 6 years (-3% and +26%)

Less than 20 years Russia might overtake Italy by GDP/per capita.
#Anonymous on Aug 09, 2013 :
Russia living standard compared to western EU levels is a second level world.You try to cover with words what statistic makes clear.231000$ per capita in Italy is real far from less than 13000$ per capita in Russia.42875 € (ITA) of financial net wealth can't be compared with 1549€ (RUS).In Italy many public services are free and social state is much better than in Russia.I'm's impossible to compare.
#Evgeny on Aug 08, 2013 :
GDP does no show much. Not only it does not include the free services but also one needs to look into purchasing power. An average person in Budapest lives a better lifestyle than in London - that is for sure! Even though their GDP per capita seem to be very different.
#Evgeny on Aug 08, 2013 :
The problem with these estimates is that, unlike in Europe, majority of Russians actually own their apartments (around 30 % of Europeans are owners and 80 % of Russians). And also these estimates do not take into consideration that many servies in Russia are still subsidized by the state, like utilities. So one can not compare salaries or net wealth and then based on this make conclusions. AS someone who lived in many European countries, i can say that average Russian has approx. the same if not bigger living space, plus a lot of European higher salaries have to be spent on smth that Russians get almost for free.
#Anonymous on Aug 02, 2013 :
An italian has a net wealth of 231000$ per capita ,10th in the world.A russian just lessthan 13000$.Read Credit Suisse World wealth Repot.You are another planet.In Italy people gain about 2.5/3 times more than in Russia.As net financial wealth (housing excluded) an italian has 42875€ while a russian 1549 € (Allianz AG).What do you want to compare' You can compare 231000 with 200000,but not with 13000.I'm sorry.
#winema on Aug 02, 2013 :
Anonymous, seem to me you have never been to Russia, or been there a long time ago, because your comments are so irrelevant, arrogant and outdated. Where did you got the conclusion "1 italian =18.5 russian as net wealth"? I even looked thru the Credit Suisse wealth world report 2012 - and it is not there. You need provide a link to reliable and easialy verifyable source when you say things like this. According to this website (Numbeo), for Russia today (Sep 1, 2013), the Median Monthly Disposable Salary (After Tax) - 756.94$, the Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment in City Centre - 2,119.42$. For Italy the same numbers are 2,116.68$ and 6,614.63$ respectively. So average salary and apartment cost in Russia are only about 3 times less than in Italy.
#Anonymous on Jul 31, 2013 :
Russian gdp isn't good in fact it's growing only by inflaction and ruble is devaluing.In case of a shock in the stocks markets and a fall of oil Russia would face another 1998or worse.
#Anonymous on Jul 31, 2013 :
GDP crisis in Italy is from 18 months and even russian gdp is good.Gdp it's easy to better in the time,but to change net wealth it takes decades or more.Russia won't ever join Italy as net wealth per capita or EU as global GDP or GDP PPPthat is 8.25 times bigger.Italian net wealth is 8.5 times the russian one.Theoretically Italy could buy Russia 8.5 times.Net financial wealth in Italy is 2.8 trilions € ,in Russia just 0.9 trillions.Only with financial wealth Italy could buy russia around 3 times.

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